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    Where I belong: East Texas.
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    Well,1/32 planes, 1/35 armor, select boaty stuff, 120mm figures, egg planes,and similar caricature type subjects, and looking for a project truck.

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  1. Nice work Iain. I figured you'd like WNW kits. Got a wee fan? Try moving some air across the oils.
  2. Yep. Want to add a couple planes, and ships.
  3. The physical space required for my stash is 8x8 and still 4 boxes in the barn. Well.....5.
  4. I bought the book on sale at RZM some years back. Great stuff.
  5. OK, done. 1 set overtrees, 1 weekend kit, 2 LOOK PE sets. 108 shipped
  6. So one could get 109E overtrees, enogh for a model? Any savings? Lord knows I have enough 109 decals...
  7. No interest to me, but others may want it, and some competition for Tamiya would not hurt. Now, a 1/48 PBY 5A? Love to see that. I'm guessing a Dambusters Lanc would be part of the plan?
  8. Mike, a Dinah would be an ideal kit in my mind. Such a graceful airframe. I am looking forward to the Val though. I think most of the Japanese WWII fighters have been covered, it would be nice to see a few twins. Of course, I'd like to see a couple float planes as well.
  9. It seems like it would be a good choice. Wait, so does a 1/32 WWII Jeep.
  10. Welcome Dan. I think find lots to interest you.
  11. Zero x2 F 16 Mustang Spitfire x3? Corsair x2 Mosquito That said, a 109 F or G to their current standard would be great.
  12. Italeri had some 1/35 medical bits from long ago. Might be worth checking.
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