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  1. Ursula Andress! And some airplanes....
  2. LSP_Mike

    Bad news

    Sorry for your loss Harv.
  3. LSP_Mike

    Alaskan plane stolen..crashes.!

    The legend of Skyking... Guy just wanted to do a barrelroll. Probably a little more to this than meets the eye, but he'll be painted as a nutter by the media.
  4. LSP_Mike

    HKM Lancaster 1st Edition (availabilty update)

    How did I know You would be that guy Dean? One BI/BIII, and of course a Dambuster... This is why I want a glass nose B-25: to get a Doolittle Raider. Classics, both
  5. LSP_Mike

    BF 109 walkway markers?

    Keep inmind that during the Battle of Britain time frame, the Germans went from RLM 70/71/65 to RLM 70 with RLM 02, or RLM 71/02 for the uppersurfaces. This might explain the absence of said walkway lines. Of course, when the first Sgt. says: "get some red paint, and add walkway lines" he does care about the correct shade of red, just that they are red.
  6. LSP_Mike

    2018 Phoenix Nat Pictures

    yeah. Most of the comments were about what an unmitigated pig the original kit was, and how he made it such a gem. Chattanooga, then Texas! OH doggies!
  7. LSP_Mike

    2018 Phoenix Nat Pictures

    did they announce the following Year?
  8. LSP_Mike

    2018 Phoenix Nat Pictures

    If the Guy that did the wee Lysander is from Los Angeles are, I saw that at Orange Con, and it is truly a gem. Made from an old Airfix kit; late 60s early 70s. Some very fine work, and I must make it next year, Chattanooga,IIRC?
  9. LSP_Mike

    Phoenix 2018 - T-shirts - NEW ORDER!

    Kudos Tim, for your fine effort. Got my shirts, so even though I could not make it, I can represent LSP when I go to shows here in Texas.
  10. LSP_Mike

    N.California Fires.

    One problem is that the prevailing wisdom for many decades, is that "old growth forests" were the desired goal. After a couple of fires in the late 90s-early 2000, that changed. It was found that fire actually causes a lot of the native plants to bear seeds, and re-germinate. The Flora is very much like down in Melbourne area: dense thickets of brush, oak trees, willow, and Eucalyptus, which was imported from Oz by the railroad barons to try to have a local source of material for rail ties. Wrong species, as the imported trees grow fast, but with a twisted grain, which makes them unsuitable. Very invasive species, and in some areas around San Diego, they dominate: fast growing, and nothing grows below them, much like a pine tree. SanDiego region is very cut up with canyons, arroyos, small valleys that can go for a couple of miles, or a few hundred yards, and be very steep. With waist high brush, one has to try to find a game trail, or cut trail, always a hoot in 100 degree weather. A fire can jump across a canyon, , side to side, in a few seconds. I have friends that have lost houses this way. So, with triple canopy Eucalyptus, waist high brush, and steep hill sides, the only effective recourse is aerial assault of the fire, or to let it burn until it gets to a better location to fight it. Calfire has instituted a policy of only fighting fires where the home owners have cleared a defensible space around their property. A harsh choice, but for the greater good. IF a fire gets hold, you could have as little as 2-3 minutes to get out of your house, and save your own skin. very tough to leave a house knowing that everything in it could be gone in the next 30 minutes. If you could be impacted, be prepared. pet containers, full gas, a "go bag", and pre pack. Airline carry on bags are ideal, as they can hold enough for a few days, and are easy to move. I have been through this, but now live in Texas, where I am learning about Tornados.
  11. LSP_Mike

    WNW Albatros DV 'Richthofen'

    Please post a pic, or a link, I'm curious how much it is comprised of. The Roden kit seems pretty complete to me.
  12. LSP_Mike

    N.California Fires.

    A 37 year old was arrested in California for starting 11 fires. He is being held on 1.1 million dollars bail.
  13. LSP_Mike

    WNW Albatros DV 'Richthofen'

    The Roden kit is very nice, and should be amenable to as much detail as you want to put into it.
  14. LSP_Mike

    Recent find in my family...

    Lee was true to his state, which was a thing at that point in time. Todays lens doesn't work, except to skew history. At Gettysburg, Armisteads brigade fought directly against his good friend Hancocks brigade. They had been garrisoned together in San Diego before the war, but hearing of hostilities, they parted to each do his duty as they saw fit. Armistead died in action against his good friends brigade, and Hancock was severly wounded shortly before. Those were the times. Jens relative was captured, took a pardon, but rejoined the fight. To have gone against his word was surely a thought-provoking choice.
  15. LSP_Mike

    N.California Fires.

    As always, if you are in a fire zone, keep vehicle with at least 1/2 tank of gas, have a can ready, along with a go bag, and some water/food. Better to have a laugh and put it all away, but if needed, you are prepared.