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  1. LSP_Mike

    Do 17

    The Do 17 is arguably more complex, but, the desire to see it done might be enough LOVE to see WNW do one.
  2. Valid points, but I would rather see one of the other Japanese planes. Val, Kate, Pete, Dinah! And while most of the main fighter types have been covered, there are a lot of unrepresented planes to do.
  3. LSP_Mike

    Do 17

    I'd venture to say that if a model company wanted the Do 17, we'd have one. Maybe hobbyboss/trumpeter.
  4. Because they were announced. Lighten up just a tad. Back on track.... the Ohka not so interesting, unless one wants to model that particular aspect of the WWII Japanese military mindset. I'd rather see almost anything else from that time frame.
  5. Interesting. Sort of looking for a No. Africa star to complete my collection. Eagle Editions has German aircraft parts for sale on their website. You might try that.
  6. PE microsaws. Use them more and more as the parts get smaller and more delicate.
  7. Nice work Alex. This is the new wave of modeling. How far we have come! Can a 3d printer do the surface detail, or would it be better to take a part, detail it, and resin cast it? Also, is it possible to 3d print a master to clear cast resin turrets from? That would solve a lot of problems for some.
  8. Thanks Troy. And yes, it is.
  9. Ok, the P 40B sounds good. Cannot be worser than the trumpy kit. I can get some AVG planes going.
  10. Where is the news regarding the PETE? But, yes, remembering the "good old days" is misleading. I came across Scale Models International, May, 1995. The 1/32 "new" kits for '95 are: Hasegawa F 86, F-104. Monogram Phantom Mustang 50th ann. Revell Beaufighter, Me-262 anti tank, F4f Phantom, Bell Uh-1d, SA-330 Puma, and the Eurocopter Revell also debuted the 1/28 Fokker DVII SO, that was the selection for us, back then. HK, ZM, ICM, Special Hobby,Azure, Roden, WNW, all in the future.
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