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    Where I belong: East Texas.
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    Well,1/32 planes, 1/35 armor, select boaty stuff, 120mm figures, egg planes,and similar caricature type subjects, and looking for a project truck.

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  1. Well, he had a very full life, leaves a good legacy, and no doubt influenced more than a few guitar players. Not a bad thing. R.I.P. thanks for the memories.
  2. What? No gnashing of teeth, tearing of cloth, agonizing over FS color and the precise alignment of panel lines per the drawing? Well done Mike. Looks good from here.
  3. No worries, Ken. Jump in, the waters fine.
  4. The thing I enjoy the most is watching members grow their skillset to be among the best. That said, there will always be modelers with more and less talent, building/ painting strategies, and time spent per build. Welcome. Pull up a chair, enjoy.
  5. So is she at Gillespie, or downtown?
  6. Too bad Dan, you've some good work to put on the table.
  7. Nice progress Gaz. You are beating this thing into submission, which we all must do sometimes. Nice figgys too.
  8. Let's keep this to going/ not going as much as possible. This has the potential to be a volatile subject. Let's avoid that.
  9. Yeah, good read. 20 year project with almost no help, then the Brit gov't glommed onto it. A sad end to an interesting story.
  10. Yep, thanks for taking one for the team.
  11. Mitsubishi Pete....
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