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  1. Bryant and his 4 daughters. My sympathies to his wife.
  2. "Tanks " for the pics Ray. Nice looking models. Not seen the hedgerow cutter on one of these, but covered with gear and netting....yes.
  3. You may find some parts at a show as well. I see people selling built ups all the time.
  4. New tool Cromwell in 1/35th? Did they do a Centaur as well?
  5. IIRC,napalm is pretty stable, until its not.
  6. Oh, so deleted cowl guns, and added into wings. I could use a spare 109 g4 (trop) for this.
  7. I think those are just for the side facing away from the pilot. The prop tip decals, that is.
  8. Yes, RIP. A very funny man, and great talent
  9. You might use what looks most proportionate to the rocket size.
  10. For those not familiar, IBG does some very nice 1/35th trucks. IBG, Miniart and ICM all do some exquisite stuff in 1/35. Mostly late 30s and WWII trucks. I am very happy to see them branching into 1/32 planes.
  11. The Italian stuff is good to see. I hope they do something like a Pete.
  12. We have a great varied membership, all with their own interests and views. The common one being a love of aviation, history and modelling in the One True Scale. That said, we have a lot of members that diversify in their building and step away from the site to take a break. It's all good. So, welcome back, enjoy!
  13. How does that look next to the original Testors brown? Not to be pedantic, just curious.
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