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  1. Thanks for the link to the Chunuk Bair diorama. Quite a testimony to brave men on both sides. The accuracy is hard to descibe, one runs out of superlatives quickly.
  2. Ah yes. Still have a few of those bottles. Pactra introduced a line of paints, as did a new player on the block: Humbrol. With the fancy tins with the papar insert showing the color, and code.
  3. Yeah the whole thing stinks, no pun intended.
  4. Seems he should be able to assess that without big government. Makes me wonder what was used in the house construction to make it toxic after a fire. Any bets they still want the tax?
  5. Wishing for the release of WNW kits is understandable. They raised and set the bar for plastic model kits, and created fantastic kits of previously little known aircraft; they are their own trade currency. That said, if you missed them, you have limited options. Would I like to see them again? Of course. I do not expect to anytime soon.
  6. Yes. Wait right there. It will be along any time now, just wait there...
  7. LSP_Mike


    I always thought the old Revell kit was a solid starting point. 21st C did a simpler but accurate kit as well?
  8. That. I'm of the opinion that PJ retains the rights to his creation,WNW. The intellectual property alone is a substantial body of work.
  9. The old Monogram Close-up was the first book I remember to try to define the F series of aircraft. The book by Prien and Rodeike is, I think one of the more comprehensive studies out there, and Ritgers 109 modellers Datafiles are full of good data as well. Am I missing something ?
  10. Doesn't the F2 use a smaller prop than the F4? Closer to Emil whereas the F4 prop was closer to the G?
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