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  1. Take ordinary pencil lead, and ground it up; apply with Mk-I finger, blow excess off. I add a bit to grab handles as well to simulate well worn metal. Looks good BTW. Really like the zimmerit.
  2. ... about how you are stuck in Nigeria, and have a recently deceased "rich" relative that left you their estate, and you just need a "loan" to get the money....
  3. His is the only IM company to step into the 1920s with 1/32 plane kits. Since WNW has become the benchmark for 1/32, I can think of many aircraft I'd like to see by them. The Wright Flyer would be at the top, along with the Spirit of St. Louis.
  4. The rumors of WNW demise are greatly exaggerated..... They could release 3 kits a year for a few years just doing seaplanes.
  5. I've several of Jerrys books, and a couple of his prints, including one signed by Hartmann and a few others. Jerry is very much a gracious host, as is his wonderful wife Judy.
  6. ah, the never-ending quest. I'm still locked into humbrol paints.
  7. Too bad you feel that way Vince, but your choice.
  8. Keep in mind the Albie originally had a headrest, so, given the approx. location of the pilots head /coaming height, and shoulder height/width, you may actually be better than you think. You may also consider the pics. of flying clothes he wore; bulky stuff. Nice grain effects.
  9. I would think "For display only" is fine. I want to see more work on the tables whether in competition or not.
  10. I did a double-take when I saw that, but have the Bandai 1/24th kit, so passed. I will look in on your build though.
  11. Chabuduo. The Chinese expression for: "it's good enough" trumpy has earned a reputation for what many now call the A, B and C team efforts. in our scale, the SBD, TBM, and swordfish are all stellar kits. The initial Wildcat, the P-40, and a few others suffer.....inaccuracies we'll say. Chabuduo. Not too sure about jets as I have only a few, but I did spring for a MiG-29a. That said, they produce ships, tanks, subs, and planes in a variety of scales, and I have a fair sampling of their kits; I shop carefully when considering their products though.
  12. PM's on that lads.... But for me, I'll scribe the lines deeper.
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