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    Well,1/32 planes, 1/35 armor, select boaty stuff, 120mm figures, egg planes,and similar caricature type subjects, and looking for a project truck.

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  1. AVG! I somehow wound up with a signed "Kittyhawks over the sand"- might be some interesting profiles there as well
  2. Review what you can that is just a product review. Pretty straightforward, and possibly a way to get back in stride. I've pulled 6 kits out of the stash and not got on to any; I may just paint a bust or something just to get back to my bench.
  3. I have the Revell kit. I'll start with that.
  4. It would be interesting to do some Jv 44 birds, but I think it was more a collection of planes and pilots, not assigned planes to pilots. Hartmanns bird would look nice next to a 109, but would likely just be a camo'd 262 with a number on it.
  5. Chris, SPR was based on actual events, and was uniquely American in that sense. The Niland brothers. Debating monty is a waste, each side has arguements, just as with MacArthur; so many factors play into any discussion .
  6. Sopwith Baby? The lineage grows more complete. Some early war stuff is welcome.
  7. We share one want. I'm wanting a 1/16 T34/85, trumpy kit.
  8. I understand Rick. I'm very selective of ships; a few sailing ships, and maybe 7-8 modern vessels. Parts exist to convert Arizona to Pennsylvania.
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