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    Where I belong: East Texas.
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    Well,1/32 planes, 1/35 armor, select boaty stuff, 120mm figures, egg planes,and similar caricature type subjects, and looking for a project truck.

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  1. AFV did a US and British bofors, towed.
  2. Thanks D, I'm pretty sure he wants to just keep it. The VIN decoder says 273 v8, he was told 318. Regardless, a 69 with less than 61000 miles is rare. He is 25, and appreciates the vintage car mindset.
  3. Dean, basic American engine stuff. What many of us grew up tinkering with.
  4. Yeah, a mild cam, get some ruppity- cup noises. Any way to figure total models left?
  5. Car is green/green interior. 4 door, Bone stock. Think hubcaps. What our Grandparents drove. To start, I said maybe port/polish, headers/ dual exhuast, 4 bbl carb. Get some horses and fuel economy, yet leave the car stock which will only appreciate because everyone wants to race them. If he wants a racer, find one and go from there. Made me wonder how many might still be on the road?
  6. My son just bought a 1969 Dodge Dart. 318/ 2bbl, auto, bench seats, no air, bone stock. 60740 miles. Pretty clean interior, real straight, no crashes, he is the third owner. Thoughts/ value?/ rarity?
  7. Nice project Oliver! A rare bird in our scale.
  8. Guys, cool it. There is a lot of very conflicting evidence regarding this COVID 19. It can be fatal. It is serious, but, let's keep LSP a place for civil discussion. Emotions can run high so show each other some courtesy and respect. We may all want and need that in time.
  9. Wowza. An Iowa class would be a natural, as would a Tirpitz.
  10. A striking similarity Dean, to my garage. Very...homey.
  11. Why? Because you have 6? Tosh. You are extending your life. You could have some German bombers in formation, with Hurris and Spittys climbing to meet them. A couple of odd 109s flashing about. All on the ceiling of the model den.
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