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  1. Great subject and really nice work! Thanks for sharing. Chris
  2. Would love to see you do a tutorial on how you do your trees and such. They look amazing. Chris
  3. Dan, Thanks for sharing! Love your vignettes and your work is terrific! I've been doing some 1/72 aircraft for the same reason - they take no time at all to build, some of the kits are amazingly well detailed so very satisfying to build, and its just fun to quickly get to the paint-and-decal stage without taking weeks or months to do it. Definitely keep them coming, I really enjoyed flipping through your pictures. Chris
  4. I'm done with this thread as well. Sadly, it definitely went sideways too. Delete, delete, delete....
  5. Agree with Radu and Peter. Don't be.. you know...and just stay on topic. The moderators do a great job and as I said before, I'd rather they err on the side of caution and keep this an interesting and friendly site. Yes, it is a bit of an escape. I can get 'real world' on CNN and NYTimes, BBC, etc. Are we done with this topic yet? Chris
  6. Looking good Sepp, your work is terrific and I'm envious of the Cricut. LOVE those muzzles. Who makes those please? Chris
  7. Jumping in late here after reading all of the thread. I much prefer to keep the content here on-topic as it relates to modeling, modeling research and information and the general, fun, light-hearted stuff I think most of us enjoy. You want to start a general discussion about your furry modeling partner or an impending nuptials? - go for it. We all have lives and I'll probably throw a 'like' in there myself. Debates on if it was 'blue or green' are ideal (most of you know what I'm talking about here) and help further what we do. Whatever the moderators lock or delete - I'm fine with - I trust their judgement and listen, this is not life and death and we all have other forums to voice our non-modeling related opinions on. The moderators history since I've been here has been really good and consistent. I'd rather they err on the side of caution, rather than let a toxic thread continue. FWIW. Arguments on Boeing vs Airbus or the such are not what I'm here for and hopefully people who want to engage in those discussions can do so privately or on another forum. Do I want to know what is really going on with the 737MAX issue - since I fly a lot - absolutely, but ideally not at LargeScalePlanes, and yes, we have some amazingly well informed people but hopefully we can take advantage of that often-inside knowledge via a link to somewhere else where the issues are debated, etc rather than hash it out here. The moderators have a difficult, expansive and unpaid role here making this a terrifically friendly and informative forum. Hopefully ALL of the moderators know we (the Royal 'we') greatly appreciate the job you all are doing. I do get turned-off when attacks become personal, confrontational or political, and that tends to drive me away for a while. I guess I''m not good at segmenting - just simply ignoring controversial threads. 'Arguments' on Spitfire vs Mustang vs Me-109 vs Yak - cool. I can identify a Yak 6 out of 10 times although often I think they are Bison. Back to a sunny, hot, Virginia Saturday and Happy Modeling to one and all! Chris
  8. Your work on these books is amazing. Love to have it sooner rather than later, but frankly, I'll take it when you have it ready - I know it will be THAT good. Chris
  9. I have two more in my stash so definitely looking forward to this one!
  10. Thanks gentlemen! I REALLY want to get this to Chattanooga so I have to get my sorry arse in gear here... More to come! Chris
  11. Another update - so many details to add here in the cockpit it seems like I'm hardly making any progress at all. Sigh. Definitely getting closer to closing this baby up finally however. One of the detail items was adding a paper 'map' and then a paper flight report form to the respective bins. Was going to and find a scale paper map but maybe next time. The strap holding the map is actually painted paper. The paper I used is the paper the separates cheese from the deli. Hey, use what you got huh? And here is the sidewall almost complete (bomb release lever needs to be added but won't do that until I attach this sidewall to the aircraft fuselage - otherwise I just know I'll knock it off (like I did the canopy ejection lever). The carburator air lever (long handle) is a mix of a Tamiya PE 'arm' and a piece of styrene from a kit part I'm not using while the carb heat lever (short on the right) is an Eduard PE piece that I added a glob of black paint to simulate the knob. Need to touch up that red knob a bit I see. Better view of the paper strap and the papers in the bins. Neither is full depth Finished up the IP with the armament selection knob finally in place - a resin piece from the Barracuda IP set. Bad view but it sits nicely above the panel. Sadly, this is the only piece I used from that amazing set, but I just could not see putting on all those IP bezels onto the flat IP panel, and then all the knobs, etc. But I still want to at some point for a build - maybe one of my Revell kits? Test-fitted the cockpit floor and the resin Barrcuda sidewalls to see how it all fit (before fitting the Carb levers). Really well actually but I will trip the bottom of the right side sidewall maybe 1-2mm just to get on top of the floor. Have the right size wire to do the battery and radio, but wrong color - don't think yellow will cut it and don't really want to paint it. Neither SprueBrothers or Squadron carry the Detail Master wire that I have so off to the hardware store and hope they have the wire I need. That's it for now! Chris
  12. Welcome to one of the most helpful and friendliest modeling websites on the web. No matter where you are from, this is a great site - lots of incredibly knowledgeable people on the site (aside from a few dodgy characters out there that we all know and love!). If you come state-side for holiday or business and end up in the Washington DC area, let me know. Udvar-Hazy is a great flight museum near Dulles Airport and happy to show you around. Cheers, Chris
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