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  1. One thing about the Tamiya kit is you get a number of different canopies to use, if you are not terribly choosy about Dallas hood, etc. I still have two of the Revell kits (from a couple of years ago) and both canopies are rippled. Still, love the Revell kits. Chris
  2. LOL. Hope all is well in Florida. Hang in there! Chris
  3. Ryan, where in North Florida are you? I went to school in Tallahassee... Chris
  4. Gazzas, that is brilliant! Saving that one for later... Don't be surprised if you see that one on my Mustang build... I even have a few types of BMF...
  5. Hang in there Steve. Good luck! Chris
  6. Sorry to start the mess again, but thanks for the info Jennings and Radu. Hope everyone is well and stays well. Chris
  7. Hey Radu, By any chance do you have a diagram showing the puttied areas? Or a correction to Jennings' drawing? I'm a day away from working on my Mustang's wings so this is why I asked the question in the first place. Thanks, Chris
  8. Jennings, I had saved somewhere the drawings you had that showed where the wings were puttied but now cannot find where I stuck them. The result of my (in)famous filing system. I'm sure I will find them in 2022 or there abouts. Would you mind reposting your diagrams or send them to me in a private message? Thank you! Chris
  9. Hey Sean, That radial engine looks the bomb! Have the old Eduard FW 190 A-8 Master Class kit (two of them actually) and just.could.not figure out that radial engine and ended up just putting it away. The second kit is there waiting for me to get it sorted. Question, not being familiar with the Zero kit - when you masked the cockpit (such a clean job by the way) is the seat in there or you add that after painting everything? With all the levers and handles and such that I've already installed in my Mustang cockpit, I can't mask the same way as much as I would love to. I tend to just use a spare canopy with white glue to tack it into place and use that as the mask. Keep it coming - looks fantastic! Chris
  10. Making a bit of progress, got the landing gear wheel well together but my compressor pressure regulator failed today so won't be spraying anything until I get a replacement. Apologize for the poor lighting on the photography. Just don't have that set up yet. Found two more cockpit decals that I missed, however one will end up behind the seat so not doing that one. I did put on the one for the map case. I don't think I have ever seen that sign in a cockpitThe Barracuda sidewalls are really detailed and look terrific paired with the Barracuda cockpit stencils: Also got the gun sight together, first time I've put all of this into the K-14 sight. This is also the Eduard resin and PE sight. The reflector glass is actually cut from the clear acetate sheet from the Barracuda instrument panel sheet. There is plenty of clear sheet left and there is a black border around the sheet that makes measuring and cutting much easier. Can't see that black line here though as I used it at the base. And actually, in the right light, the ''glass" really does reflect the image below it! I have seen pictures that show 'No Handhold' on top of the gun sight sunshade so will look to see if I have a decal that will fit. This is the first time I've used the PE adjustment chain on the left side of the sight - bottom picture. Working on the elevators and wings tomorrow. I think I'm going to use the AMUR Reaver resin flaps. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Chris
  11. After more decades of use than I can think, my pressure regulator decided to NOT to regulate pressure anymore and spraying anything at 40psi is probably not going to work. I give Micromark a lot of credit - this thing has lasted well over 20 years. Any suggestions? Do I go cheap (Amazon - $25) or something better? Thoughts are welcomed! Chris
  12. I'm still in catch-up mode but for your book to sway someone's opinion so strongly is a HUGE testament to the hard work your authors, in the case Jan, and you put into what you create and publish. Love this part of his review: My conclusion is, that if someone from Revell’s team is reading this: Hey guys, you should put this book as a link with a QR code on your boxes. Enough of the mediocre builds that you show on the small pictures on the side! You ruin the perception of your models. And I am serious. This should be on Revell’s box. It is the perfect reference. Because if it can convince me that Revell’s worth the money, while already in possession of Tamiya’s 32nd scale P-51, well… Verdict: It is the perfect reference for building the Revell P-51D-5NA. It is work like your books (I did buy the Revell one as soon as you published it) that I think help keep the hobby alive. The tips and lessons learned passed on are just so useful to adding a lot of satisfaction to one's builds. I don't follow all of the tips, but the ones I do I REALLY like. Congrats and great work Kev!
  13. Hey Sean, amazing work and attention to detail, very cool! Love the work but also agree with Tim that the hand-painted effect is really cool too. That three part mask really did the trick and looks amazing - keep it up! I have had the same problem with Vallejo Model Air paints too - they just are not very accurate when it comes to replicating the color they are supposed to. Frustrating. Chris
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