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  1. CANicoll

    Thank you, Barracuda!

    We know that there are a number of vendors who support our hobby and the LSP folks are really good at highlighting the (mostly) good and the (sometimes) bad of our hobby. This is the 'good' part. Like most people here I'll acquire a kit and then the various bits and bobs of aftermarket I want to go with it, and this may take a year or two (or longer) before I actually open boxes, and start the build process. That is the case of my latest build where I picked up from SprueBrothers some Barracudacast bits for my Tamiya 1/32 Mustang as well as directly in Phoenix at Nationals. Low and behold, I started building and realized I was missing one of the main resin pieces for the cockpit. Oh crap! After doing an exhaustive search to make sure I didn't just drop it behind my table or that it got hidden under something I contacted Barracuda Customer Service. I explained what I had purchased, and from whom and as close to when as I could cobble together and asked if they could send the missing piece. If you have done business with Barracuda before you already know the answer: of course! It is on its way as we speak. This only my second experience with their customer service. The first was when I had ordered the Tempest nose correction, and a few weeks after receiving the part, I received another one as the first apparently had some molding issues that I had not even noticed with the first bit. (And I've STILL not started that build!). Thank you Shelly at Barracuda! Chris
  2. Since this is my first foray into Alclad I thought I would throw the question to my esteems colleagues here at LSP to get your thoughts on using Setting Solutions like Micro Sol and MicroSet with un-coated Alclad. I've seen a few articles online and some say good, others say seal it first with a clear coat. What do you all think? Wrong answers get a piece of coal at Christmas. Thanks! Chris
  3. CANicoll

    Mustang Red Tails - 1/72 Duchess Arlene B/C and D

    Made a bit more progress but have also started the 1/32 Tamiya Duchess Arlene so splitting time between the three. Hoping to wrap up the 1/72s this week but not sure if I will have time before a big conference at the end of the month. We will see! Facinating the difference between the Academy and the Tamiya kits in all sorts of ways: sprue attachments, size and degree of details, fit. VERY interesting to have them side by side during build. I try and do a bunch of painting at one time so this round was Mr Color Yellow and Black (trim tab), Vallejo Metal Color (for the P-51D frame not pictured), Vallejo Black Gray for an overspray on the 1/32 fuselage tank to make it more of a rubber color, Vallejo Black (NOT the primer shown below) + clear matt for flat black nose panel and cockpit bits on the 1/32 Mustang, Vallejo White Primer, and Model Master Acryl Interior Green (1/32 Mustang again). Whew! Masking for the black rudder trip and the nose panel - I seem to have horrible luck with overspray, hence the full coverage. I've seen OD and black nose panels so went with the flat black. I've seen OD and black nose panels so went with the flat black. Mr Color gloss black trim tab on the rudder: Wing is just dry fitted at the moment. Underneath, sprayed some white Vallejo primer over the red landing gear covers to prevent the red from bleeding through. Both planes for comparison. Tamiya left, Academy right. Much more detail on the Tamiya kit. That's it for now! Thanks for looking and comments are welcomed. Chris
  4. CANicoll

    Vallejo RLM Confusion

    I like the Vallejo acrylics but their color naming and labeling is a huge mess and not just with the RLM series. Their Green Zinc Chromate I use as an interior green, their Interior Green looks olive drab to me and their Olive Drab is just brown. As much as I have invested in these paints, now that I've used a few MRP and Mr Color paints I hope to continue the switch over. I actually have four different Vallejo 'reds' just to get to something I could use on a Fokker Tri-plane and the 332nd group Mustangs. Even now I tend to put a drop of each into a white dish just so I can see what color 'red' I want. I will say that I LOVE the Vallejo metal colors. But even with that, I'm switching over to Alclad for the larger surface areas (now using Vallejo for brush painting or for quick paint jobs). I have a vented spray booth and a 3M Respirator and that keeps my lungs clean. Vallejo could be more successful if they could get their color naming straightened out.
  5. CANicoll

    Duchess Arlene Tamiya P-51D

    Here is what the desk looks like when you have too many kits and too much stuff in process:
  6. CANicoll

    Mustang Red Tails - 1/72 Duchess Arlene B/C and D

    Making some progress with the Red Tails, and here is where I'm comparing the MRP to the Vallejo paints. Originally thought that they were two different colors, but actually they are pretty close. BIG difference is that the MRP is glossy (Right) and the Vallejo is very flat/matte (Left) as shown here: Also notice the difference between Tamiya (left) and Academy (right) when it comes to sprue attachment points... Here are the fuselages. Working on getting the elevators attached but have to so some touch-up and respraying on the Academy elevators. Some Duraluminum around the exhausts. More to come! Chris
  7. CANicoll

    Duchess Arlene Tamiya P-51D

    Thanks Kev!! Took me a minute but that was the squadron creed. Whew!!
  8. CANicoll

    You know you have a problem when.....

    I have no concept of the 'problem' that Tim is talking about... Nope.. I see the snowstorm coming and I make sure I have paint, primer and glue. That is what overnight shipping is for, right? And batteries in case the lights go out. Just sayin'... Chris
  9. It has begun. Took me about a year, but finally got started. This will be Duchess Arlene and the intent is to bring it to Nationals in Chattanooga. We'll see if it goes on the contest table or the club table, or the Display table. We all know the box: And here is the aftermarket of which I'll be using bits and pieces - mostly for the cockpit. I have some duplicates (Brassin and Barracuda and tires for one) so am looking to mix and match. Mustangs were supposedly known for having mismatched tires (although I've seen very few pictures of that). I've already sorted through most of that Big Ed batch and won't be using any of the Engine bits (more on that in a minute) or the machine gun bays. I have 3 options for the IP actually. Bases by Bill did a custom base for me and it is amazing. The name tag actually has its own little stand as well and I purchased the appropriate medal for Lt. Williams. I mentioned I have three options for the IP: the Kit, Eduard and Barracuda. I'm going to see if I can build all 3 as kind of a comparison and will post that separately but will show some of it here as well. The Barracuda IP intrigues me the most, but also looks like an amazing amount of work. Hmmm... Not as big a fan of the self-adhesive Eduard but the detail is nice. I have the Barracuda cockpit placards as well. MIGHT look at a combo of Eduard and Barracuda. We'll see. Oh, I have a piece of Tamiya tape on the Barracuda IP as I get it ready for primer. I have already removed the outer pouring casings but not the base yet. I'm not going with the removable engine panels so the engine is only what is needed to secure the prop and exhausts (which don't actually attach to the engine on this kit): Hopefully more tomorrow. Ciao! Chris
  10. CANicoll

    Mustang Red Tails - 1/72 Duchess Arlene B/C and D

    Making a bit of progress. Been trying to wrap up my Revell P-61 and I think I may just give up on it. I have so much weight in the nose cone it won't stay on and the seams are a mess everywhere. May try and dig out the liquid gravity and just use the clear peg in the kit, we'll see. In the mean time, having a blast with the Alclad and a little bit of spraying MRP as well. OMG, where has this been all my life? Other than needing a perfect undercoat - it sprays, as Brian and everyone says, beautifully and sooo thin. I'm using the P-51 B/C as kind of a test mule and trying to do better with the D as I am just getting started on the Tamiya 1/32 Duchess Arlene (I'll connect to that build thread when I get it started). Got the base coats down finally on the B/C: Underside is a mix of Vallejo Aluminum on the outer wings and Alclad Duraluminum and Aluminum. I'm planning on picking a few panels out (esp the exhaust area) since the Alclad seems to mask beautifully. Oversprayed most of the fuselage and inner wings with the Alclad. The red is MRP. The D got its base coat of Alclad Aluminum. I forgot to put my respirator on till I got to the D, but I guess that means my spray booth does a nice job extracting fumes! Its the clean up that seems to smell everything up. Looks like I may need to respray under the cockpit area. Red Tail should be going onto the D tomorrow - might have to use the Vallejo Red for that. Thanks! Chris
  11. CANicoll

    Happy birthday Bill Cross and others

    Very happy B-Day folks!! Wishes for many more years of happy model building! Chris
  12. Jeff, That is gorgeous! Well worth the time and you made an excellent kit look even better - nice work! Chris
  13. CANicoll

    Melbourne Model Expo question

    I think more of the folks running more of the shows are warming up to the idea that 'display' or club tables are actually a good idea. At the US Nationals in Chattanooga this year they will have both display-only and club tables (and are actively encouraging people to populate both). Not sure what the folks down-under are up to, but definitely post pictures so that those of us who can't make the show can see what you all are up to. Thanks! Chris
  14. CANicoll

    Mustang Red Tails - 1/72 Duchess Arlene B/C and D

    Making progress and learning how to spray the MRP and Alclad paints. Also now NOT to contaminate the entire rest of my place with the fumes. Holy cow. The respirator is a must, but works amazingly well. I need to pick up a supply of pipettes and some of the lacquer thinner, cleaner but I've also learned that the Mr Color Leveler REALLY cleans out the airbrush. WOW. I thought I was keeping my Iwata really clean but running some of that through the airbrush and it is REALLY clean now. I could not believe what it washed out. Ok, here is what I've done lately with the MRP and the Alclad paints. Mostly a learning exercise. Here is the masking for the yellow wing stripes, which interestingly enough are in vastly different locations on the B/C and the D models. This is the wing for the B/C. The D stripes are inboard of the guns while the B/C stripes are much further out. Gotta love Dilbert calendars for wide area masking. Here is the masking for the B/C Red Tail, which is also very different from the B/C to the D aircraft. And the nose anti-glare panel and the wingtips (red). I used the flexible Tamiya tape (white) for the shape then backed it with regular yellow Tamiya tape. Was not overly careful about ensuring everything was perfectly symmetrical: And the 'Insignia Red' MRP paint. I still think it looks more orange to me. For my purposes here, wanting a faded, worn look, this is not too bad. And the underside, getting Duraluminum to set off the central panels. And Olive Drab on the nose (MRP there) Here is the desired metal effect on the D wings, Duraluminum on the center section, Aluminum on the rest of the bottom wing, Wing tops are Dull Aluminum including the tips (for now). Flaps and ailerons are white aluminum (all Alclad). Wheel wells are too dark, will probably lighten them up a bit. Stay tuned! Chris