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  1. Brian, outstanding work on an extremely interesting subject and on which you are just killing it. I keep going back though the threads to review what you have done. SO this WILL be at Chattanooga right???
  2. Try the Sigma Zoom 17-70mm f/2.8-4.0 DC Macro OS HSM, from their Contemporary line. Around $USD 400 at B&H or Adorama but some places have it cheaper. I use it for all of my model photography. Very useful lens at a reasonable price!
  3. That is ALL of our challenges! Good luck! Chris
  4. Photo box is definitely the way to go for smaller models, but hard to find one large enough for seamless 1/32 builds. But more it is the lighting that matters. I use three lights on my set up (which is taken down at the moment) a ring light on top) through the fabric top which removes the hotspots, and two LED side lights also through the fabric sides which also takes out the hotspots. Sometimes I'll use a fourth light if I'm trying to light the underside or get into the cockpit. Nice new setup - the lighting looks spot on. Chris
  5. Getting close to the finish line finally. Have the D mostly completed - have not yet glued the wing onto the fuselage yet, and the clear canopy keeps separating from the canopy base but I think the resin wheels (Painted Black Grey with dark brown mud in between the treads) are a nice touch. Here is the D on the Bases by Bill custom base made for the 1/32 Mustang I'm working (slowly) on, the B/C should come tomorrow. Showing the wing is not glued to the fuselage yet. Elevators are the same color as the fuselage but seem to be a shade off. Yellow wing bands are painted on. A bit of a wash on the flap and aileron lines. Beautiful base done by Bases by Bill for me. Thanks for looking! Chris
  6. I'm with Tim on the P-38 but I'm also hungering for a really nice B-26 like Brandon posted earlier. What about Revell coming out with their own low-price line building on the success of the P-51 (and how about the filet-less tail for THAT kit?) so Spitfire, Corsair, etc. And what if someone did a complete nose-to-tail P-39 that actually FIT and had the engine and nose armament available? The SH P-39 is really nice, minus the engine and nose guns. Just dreaming... Chris
  7. Thanks Gaz! There are some things I could have done better, but mostly just looking to use the Alclad and MRP Paints on before I do the Tamiya 1/32 Duchess Arlene which I'm hoping to bring to Nationals - we'll see if I can get there. Hope you are doing well! Chris
  8. OK, have not completely dropped off the face of the earth!! Been busy with work and life but trying to get these two across the finish line so I can concentrate on the Tamiya 1/32 Duchess Arlene. Pretty much finished with the decaling - did not go crazy with the stencils, esp in this scale. What I thought was interesting is how the Academy decals appear on the plane, as opposed to the Tamiya decals. The Academy have a lot of carrier film and it appears as something like a halo around the decal - NOT attractive. Glad this is a test!! See the information plate below: Used some Flory's Dark wash on the B/C Mustang (and Flory's Black on the D). I'm behind masking the clear parts for the B/C (no masks). Has any one used the Molotow masking markers? I used the masking pen to draw a camo pattern onto the nose of my paint mule, over painted it to see how well it would work. Ignore the rubbed off part on top, I got impatient. Sorry, should have taken a picture before over-painting. The pen is incredibly easy to use. The line is actually pretty clean. Tried using a cotton bud to rub off but that didnt really work. Fingernail is too rough, but rubbing with a finger worked pretty well actually. I'll try this again. Interesting how the yellow bands evolved over time from closer to the wingtips (and wider) into narrower bands inside the guns. You can see the difference in the information plate (and I'm REALLY hoping the decal is not this messed up!!!) but even looking at the other decals, you can see that there is not the halo around them like on the Academy plane. But also, notice how different the red is on the spinner. I don't think I used the same base color. I'm learning ALL sorts of lessons using the MRP paints! Resin tires and wheels are now painted (and drying) so that is next, then the gear doors. Landing light is a nice touch with the Tamiya kit. Thanks for looking, and of course comments welcomed! Chris
  9. Looking great Miloslav! Super fine work and thanks for sharing with us. Chris
  10. Amazon has it, in all of its different sizes. Know that EZLine is flatter, while Uschi is round so that may sway your choice. I have both and do tend to use them interchangeably, except on WWI rigging. Good luck! Chris
  11. Thanks for sharing and this looks to be a very cool technique! I'm a big fan of black basing and this is another way to make that more effective. Cheers, Chris
  12. Strongly suggest you find a very cheap kit (any 1/72 or 1/48 B-17 kit works for this) and practice on the wings (LOTS of flat surface) and fuselage before you tackle the WNW painting. I actually use the wings from the old Mongram B-17G kit and a built 1/48 Mustang for this exact purpose. Helps you to perfect the technique before applying to an expensive kit. Hope this helps and post your results! Chris
  13. Next update. Doing some detail painting and some of the decaling as well. Trying to do mostly paint instead of decals but didn't really want to take the time to do this nose band...Eventually the decal settled down better than appears here. Cut the decal out for the D and used it to create a tape mask: The red is Vallejo Model Air which darkens compared to applying over a white base. The Tamiya decals are taking some work to get down into the panel lines (oh, and the wing root join is not glued on yet. Just fitted) but still working with the MicroSol. Really liking the Alclad however, and the MRP paints I'm using. Just need to sell my car so I can afford a full set! Chris
  14. Back from the world's largest mobile trade show (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona and contracted the creeping crud. YUCK. Hope to make some progress this week and will keep you posted. Sorry for the delay - work does sometime (often) interferes with the hobby! Chris
  15. Wolf, Really striking job on the Tiger and it is very cool to see you doing a different subject. I wonder if any made it to the field 'half painted' such as in your pictures - turret and wheels but not the body? That would be a visually interesting tank! Did the kit decals shatter or some AM ones you are using? I've been frustrated with the old WWI planes decals shattering but had not heard of a Tiger's decals doing the same thing. I figured you'd go freehand instead. :-) Looking forward to the next installment! Chris
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