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  1. Looks awesome!!! Nice work and keep it up! Chris
  2. Welcome and looking forward to checking out your catalog. Good luck! Chris
  3. I'm happy to not purchase another box to recycle or take up space as long as I'm sure that all the bits and bobs are there in the bag. As Rick and others have already mentioned, love the Eduard Overtrees which is not exactly the same thing, but close enough. I have SOO MANY EXTRA DECALS, or else I'll buy a specific set separately so don't need the kit decals anyway.
  4. Excellent work and a joy to review - nicely done! The under side of the wings is terrific - I've never seen that before. You did amazing work on it - thanks for show it off so well, the photographs are excellent. Chris
  5. Just beautiful! I'm building the same kit now and no way am I posting pictures after seeing THIS beauty!! Question, how did you do the fuselage camo? Base coat, camo, then very light overspray with the base coat? Thanks! Chris
  6. I found a bunch of pics of the box online, what size/resolution do you need? CN
  7. Hi Joe, I just picked up the same kit last weekend and will be starting it pretty soon. No AM for me on this build - at least for now. But mine will be dressed as a captured US bird. Looking forward to your build! Chris
  8. Sounds good. If you want to ship a 'late-preproduction' set for 'field testing' let me know. Happy to be the guinea pig. What is your target price for these? CN
  9. I'm building this kit RIGHT NOW! How long till a set becomes available? (I need to start a build thread....). Chris
  10. I'll be patiently waiting! I just did the Italeri Starfighter as well, mostly as a diversion - in flight so no landing gear, got to paint the pilot figures. That is a LONG plane!!! Good luck!
  11. Buying Kevin's book is a must. I have it and it was EXTREMELY helpful, definitely worth it. I think there are two big problem areas to address with the Revell kit, and then some detail places where you can play. I've built two of the Tamiya and two of the Revell Mustangs. For the Revell builds Passion Wagon is my latest build and I also did Lou IV if you want to take a look at those. Problem areas: 1. The canopy and windscreen needs to be replaced, and the Tamiya canopies fit ok but you will need the Revell piece at the back of the canopy since that is one area
  12. Thank you Mike M! Much appreciated! Thanks Mike! So, when are we going to see yours, my friend?!
  13. Thank you and good to hear from you Maru! Hope your trip is going well, or is this a more permanent relocation? Any time to build?? Chris
  14. Ok, finally moved this over to the RFI thread. Sorry that took so long! Thanks for following along. Chris
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