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  1. Not to mention all of those missile options too!!
  2. Mike S has been working his 3D printing magic and there should be announcements coming out of Nats about distribution - I've sadly not been able to keep up with the news/pics/threads this time to know if it has been released or not, but I saw at our last club meeting what he's been doing and it is AWESOME... I'll see what I can bring to Telford. How did the LSP meet yesterday go? We DEFINITELY need some pictures of the guilty parties!. Chris
  3. Yes! Will see you in Telford (pending any further dramatics!)
  4. Thanks everyone! Just got her home yesterday and the appointment to meet the surgeon and discuss plans is this afternoon. Thinking of you all in Chattanooga!
  5. Folks, I am VERY sorry to say that I will miss Chattanooga. My 83 year old mother took her first flight in 30 years to see my oldest son and visit Portland, Maine. Less than 6 hours after arriving, getting the scenic tour by my son, she mis-stepped off a curb and broke her leg in 3 places. I'm currently in Portland, bringing her home tomorrow (Monday), but I'll have to stay around for a few days to get her settled and get her surgery scheduled (she wanted to come home to Virginia for the surgery). Really sorry to miss Nationals and seeing you guys but I hope to see you all next time. Telford maybe? Looking forward to seeing LOTS of pictures and hearing your stories. Who is getting Eduard's Mustang???? Cheers, guys. Chris
  6. Really looks AMAZING!!!! Super nice work and the detail is terrific. LOVE the Airscale adds actually. Nice stuff that you did exceptional work with. That seat and belts are a work of art onto themselves... Not to mention the IP....and Cockpit.. and.......
  7. I'm in for the Friday dinner, hoping judging doesn't go all freaking evening. Let me know when/where. Chris
  8. Somehow I missed that this aircraft you are building is from the 447th BG out of Rattlesden. A close friend of mine was a pilot with the 447th (The Blue Hen Chick of my avatar) and I have a lot of his materials, including copy of his mission log , the group's published history book, and a post-war 447th BG calendar from the 447th BG association. Let me know if you need anything. Chris
  9. Mike: Looking forward to the pictures!
  10. Thanks Maru. Guess will have to wait to see you until November in Telford. Not taking any excuses this year - you HAVE to make the trip!
  11. This weekend is supposed to have killer heat and humidity across most of the US. Sounds like the PERFECT excuse to stay in and get on our builds (and by 'our' I really mean 'mine')....
  12. Yeah yeah yeah. 'I got married' ... SUCH a lame excuse.... Brian, Actually, thrilled for you and congrats!! Definitely will miss seeing you this year. Just means you have to come to Telford to make up for it. Tell your new bride you are taking her on a trip to London in the fall.
  13. I'll be driving down, so there Tuesday - Saturday (judging Friday). Do we have a LSP group meeting planned again or a lunch/dinner/drinks? Sorry, have not browsed all the pages of this thread so might have missed it. Sadly - my Duchess Arlene is not near complete so not bringing her down, but my club, NovaIPMS will have a display table so I'll bring a few things down for that. Please stop by and say hi or hopefully will run into everyone at the LSP meeting. Anyone going to the space center on Thursday (kills an ENTIRE DAY!!)? My SO is flying back on Friday so I'm free Friday evening after judging... Chris
  14. Bring what you have and put it on the LSP table for everyone to gawk at. Give 'em (and us!) a preview for next year!
  15. Amazing work! LOVE following along. Are we going to see this beauty at Telford this year? Chris
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