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    Mostly WWII aircraft including the B-17, P-39/P-400 and the P-51, but now getting into WWI aircraft - different a lot more colorful and FUN!. Dabbled with small scale tanks as well.

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  1. CANicoll

    Plastic Winter show - Bratislava - Gallery

    Thanks for sharing the gallery! it is really helpful to see models from all around the world, and to see the different techniques and styles. The skill exhibited by people in our hobby, and especially by people here on LSP is inspirational (and daunting!). Chris
  2. CANicoll

    TELFORD 2019

    Sorry to be late - Maru is right - IF you can get into the Premier Inn International Centre (NOT the one by the train station) you will see MANY Telford attendees at breakfast. I heard the Travelodge is, how do I say this, 'less than brilliant' from some folks who stayed there this year. But book NOW. I always book for the next year before I leave. :-) Dave - I MAY see about bringing something over but will reserve judgement for now. I have the Hasegawa HellCat in my closet. Now if I can just figure out to transport the beast I might be able to work something out. Will keep you posted. Oh, you probably meant ROYAL NAVY, didn't you, mate?
  3. I've been trying to find what the post-war RAF desert camo schemes looked like, between WWII and say, the Korean conflict (50's)? Any idea folks? Thanks! Chris
  4. CANicoll

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    I sent the GoFund me link to my club back in the states and am trying to get it published in our Dec newsletter. Our next meeting is the Christmas dinner so hoping everyone will be in a generous mood. I am proud to be part of this community that bands together to help those of us in need. Well done folks! Chris
  5. CANicoll

    London hobby shop recommendations please!

    Thanks for the restaurant suggestion! So far this week I've had Lebanese, Chinese, Thai so working my way around the world. :-) Camden Town is a bit away - but might hit it on my way back from Cambridge, if I make it up there tomorrow. ;-) I do like Camden Town, very weird, in a pleasant kind of way... Cheers! Chris
  6. CANicoll

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    JUST found the thread, still in the UK after Teford SMW. Thanks for setting this up! Chris
  7. CANicoll

    London hobby shop recommendations please!

    Maru: I ended up doing more than a bit of work this morning (and well into this afternoon), but hopefully will wrap up soon and go find somewhere interesting to take the camera. :-) Hope you are feeling better!
  8. CANicoll

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    I was at Airscale a couple of times, and glanced at the CSM guys, but didn't see anything that caught my eye. Sorry!!
  9. CANicoll

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    Ray: I was talking to Airscale with phartycroc about their new HK Lanc IP, and the guys there were working on SOMETHING, but I didn't see a build Nieuport or that would have caught my eye. Not sure if they had it with them or not, which would seem like huge 'miss' if it was not there. But none of the guys I talked to (a few dozen anyway) said anything about it. Of course, the 'big news' (pardon the pun) was the 1/24 HellCat from Airfix and the two 1/32 Lancasters from HK and WNW. Chris
  10. CANicoll

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    I've had bad experience with their one of their decal sets, yes, but great experience with the customer service as I mentioned before. They replaced the set quickly and with no questions. I've place two different order through them, I use PayPal and have not had any problems. Kicking myself in the arse for not spending the time at their table, which was RIGHT NEXT TO Airscales. Crap!!
  11. CANicoll

    London hobby shop recommendations please!

    Thanks. Only 3 1/2 hours by train so that is very doable to get to the coast. Cheers.
  12. CANicoll

    London hobby shop recommendations please!

    Dr Russ, Thanks but I used to work in London and have been here many times, so trying something new, as it were. ;-) Just was at Scale Model World in Telford for my second time and that was a blast. I thought about a run up to Hannants but as you pointed out, they have more in the online store. No worries. Best, Chris
  13. Hi folks: I may have a bit of time this weekend and trying to figure out what to do with it. If I don't head to the coast - what are the good hobby shops in London worth checking out? I'm over by the ExCel Center/Canary Wharf area. Cheers guys! Chris
  14. CANicoll

    Luftwaffe Tyre Colours

    Richard: I actually use the German Black Gray 71.055 RLM66 Schwarzgrau from Vallejo as my 'tire black' and that seems to come across nicely. Doesn't hurt to drybrush a bit of lighter gray if you want a really older look. But that is my go-to choice for tyres. :-) Chris
  15. CANicoll

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    I kind of saw the kit on their table at Telford but to be honest completely forgot this was coming out or I would have stopped and asked them about it. I have had good luck with CSM customer service in the past. I have two WNW kits (well, the Green Tailed Trilogy and the Richthofen Albatross) to build, but not sure I'd go for the CSM Nieuport. If it gets good reviews I might give it a go. I'm kind of burned out on WWI subjects due to HobbyCraft/Roden build issues but hoping WNW revitalizes me. Chris