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  1. If it looks right it is right, thats my motto. Awesome 3D printing effort
  2. I understand the build I'd argument. But when a kit costs over 200 dollars it should be right. Not wasting time fixing a lazy companies poor effort. I own a 3d3pdrinter and shouldnt need to make parts to fix what l pay for already. Its not hard do it right then do it once.
  3. ill wait, been waiting 30 years now.......
  4. Sorry, love the plane, this is simply unforgivable in this age.....
  5. References on the finish in white. A very good point. E th though simple the weathering would be quite difficult to achieve given the various fluids leaking. Mud dirt and dust would still embed in linen even when painted l assume
  6. No it's a WW1 Subject. This forum is about these models and many others models from all periods. Politics is not for discussion. Many war crimes were committed and these evil crimes and their perpetrators are for another forum.
  7. https://www.awm.gov.au/articles/blog/who-killed-the-red-baron-2. Fairly matter of fact. I have had the pleasure of seeing parts of his a.c. both in NZ and Australia. Yes May was no doubt going to be shot down but not flying across a line of as gunners. Anyway thats all ill say on the matter. The model markings will no doubt be popular
  8. Brown LOL. all he did was saw the Rittmeister shot by Aussie gunners which is proven by the bullet that killed him
  9. Goering or not its a WNW D.V11 with a WW1 ace not interested in war criminal drivel there were plenty of those on both sides in WW2 and this is based on events long before then.
  10. I do not want to divulge too much information just yet, hope to in the next 2-3 weeks have some further details. (Just in case you do not know me and or my products, you can find me at aerocraftmodels.com)i already have some undercarriage and tyre options for the Hellcat. I intend to order these marvelous pieces as well but you now have me intrigued. I will await the new release and puta arger order in. I hope F3 windows
  11. Anyone got good close up of rear cockpit window. Will make up a mask
  12. https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/4779-hgw-stencil-advice-please/
  13. We all know it will be ww2. P40 or maybe a Blenheim would be awesome but expendive
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