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  1. The 1/32 blenheim falling over was a loss.
  2. Aerocraft will be releasing an F3 conversion. Its in the wind
  3. Was surprised to see you need to buy the aftermarket for the gunner position to open. Looks good
  4. Yes the aftermarket need on this as everything exposed.
  5. Just bought the avenger kit for 100 dollars Australian. Thats about 70 us dollars. Those wheels are a godsend
  6. Lucky Model pre order is 81 as well for blue max edition.
  7. Well Meng releasing a 1/24 DR1. Already ordered it for 81 us dollars.
  8. KA Models makes toggle switches in various scales.
  9. Its fuselage is way too long. Worst error unforgivable in this scale.
  10. So nothing resembling 1/32 aircraft in 2021, same release schedule as hobbyboss lol.
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