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  1. Just goes to show how talent can do domething a huge company cant. Im building a full fize b9 robot.
  2. Bought the 1/16 Panther. Its pretty awesome.
  3. Men do 1/32. 1/48 is more a toddlers scale.
  4. oooh I expect the Hellcat one will be nice
  5. ill have a bottle of what your drinking
  6. How good would a Blenheim be? Still think Gladiator is a good bet
  7. An F3 conversion is coming and will open up a mountain of marking options
  8. Thats called HKM lol. Seriously Hobbyboss will release the lanc as a halifax.
  9. Looks like the new hobbyboss marauder lol
  10. Same Cant pay for the hk kit that even though impressive just lacks that wnw wow.
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