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  1. Avro Anson in Blenheim. Like new and totally authentic
  2. All good. I think it's wonderful. A real work of art. If l had the kit l would but this definitely.
  3. Cant see a manufacturer keeping kits if sold out. I would love them to do WW2 odd bods too. An Anson. Beaufort. Defiant. Halifax would sell handsomely
  4. Awesome Result. Prop is impressive
  5. WNW Lancaster will sell out very quickly, The cockpit section hopefully will inspire a set of those alone. Imagine a Halifax, Stirling and Lanc together Might see some early ww2 oddities pop up. Martin Balitmore, Beaufiort, Whitley, Wellington, Battle, etc
  6. Unfortunately they are nearing the end of their run, 2045 will be a bad year for WNW.
  7. Would be better off as a biennial event and certianly needs to include more working displays such as airbrushing etc, even model masterclasses would be awesome which included a kit and weathering etc.
  8. Maybe the 1/35 Team might have taken the time to make it right. Its easy to make it wrong. WNW never seem to have a problem after the J1. I would love to have this to match the one we have in Werribee but alas Ill pass and wait out. Im sure there are many here who will make this and do an excellent job. Not spending 300 AU for that qhwhen we have a WNW 1/32 Lanc coming for 100 more Where 3D examples exist scanning is now automatic. Give me an Anson and Ill make it work
  9. Cost 390 AUD as a preorder so that hurt.
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