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  1. The two out in Australia were recently up for sale for about 300K each, man if I just had the cash, would look killer in the driveway!
  2. Cool, I have his autograph on some Me 262 art hanging in my bedroom.
  3. Had it on my toast this morning. Nutella, now there's something disgusting. Had a friend in high school who would eat it by the spoon full though.
  4. Going to have to rule out Coastal Command for as I understand it, they came under the RAF banner not the FAA. Sorry.
  5. Yeh mate I'm always watching too.
  6. Not surprising really, the sun is pretty quiet at the moment, less sun spots means cooler weather. Even summer down here in Melbourne has been pretty mild.
  7. I thought the same when Aeromaster Luftwaffe paints went under, but then there are multiple other paint manufacturers around in their wake the do Luftwaffe colours. Where there is a gap in the market, someone else is sure to fill it eventually.
  8. A couple of weeks until Naval GB starts, I will have to get back in the saddle here planning on contributing an old Revell Martlet Mk V that I picked up cheap.
  9. Padubon finishes up a very nice scooter inTop Gun aggressor livery. Great work mate. Link to build thread;
  10. That's pretty sharp, will add to the gallery nicely.
  11. I wouldn't worry too much about the list, aircraft are very rarely perfectly straight and considering the conditions this would have been built in, god knows if it was aligned properly. The fuselage of the Me 262 in the Australian War Memorial is about 4cm out of alignment from nose to tail, so I think you're good!
  12. Panzerwomble with a hat trick this Group Build, bring us his very nicely backdated Revell Spitfire Mk 1a. Super stuff mate. Link to build thread;
  13. Yes if the price is right. Got the Revell 1/32 190D-9 for 10 bucks bagged and the Revell 1/72 U boat type VII for $40 bagged at swap and sells. Also picked up numerous 1/72 kits for dollars.
  14. Panzerwomble is back with his Priller double build, this time the aces Bf 109E mount. Great work again mate. Link to build thread;
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