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  1. Cool mate, just start a thread or if you need one moved from the WIP section let me know.
  2. Fujimi's kit in 1/72, straight from the box.
  3. Highlander above has the link, they are always in the same spot. I did watch the cricket and I was a little disappointed that it didn't go later into the 3rd day because my cricket club was one picked to do the 'bash for cash' in the lunch break. Actually yours truly nearly ended up on TV but one of my team mates ended up going to do it. The idea was that out of a few clubs, the person to hit the ball the longest distance would get 1000 dollars for their local club. However as the test was over before lunch, they never got to go on so they just gave each of the 4 clubs competing 250 bucks.
  4. Stokey Pete is first to clear the doom shelf with his very nice F-15 Strike Eagle. Great work mate. Link to build thread;
  5. Great work mate, I'll start the gallery!
  6. Kensar is up next with another nicely done glider, complete with pilots. Super stuff! Link to build thread;
  7. Very nice mate, I will add you to the gallery.
  8. Bummer looks like the resin has shrunk a bit.
  9. Also note that they only ever carried 2 bombs on the rack. She would have trouble getting off the ground with 4.
  10. Could I go into the raffle plz.
  11. dmthamade brings us a blue nose P-51 from a blue box. Great work mate, I really liked the weathering. Link to build thread;
  12. Great work as always mate, I will add you to the gallery.
  13. Good choice this definitely deserves to be finished.
  14. I'm going to have to say no to this one, sorry.
  15. Ok guys time to dust them off, Clear the Shelf of Doom Again will be up and running shortly.
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