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  1. BradG

    Can you believe this???

    Why was there ammunition in the gun? I imagine that most military aircraft are not armed up in peace time...or maybe they are?
  2. BradG

    Ships of the Desert Group Build Gallery

    Erwin has been in the zone lately, bringing us another completion, his Mk 1 Beaufighter from Revell. Gear work mate. Link to build thread;
  3. BradG

    Beaufighter: FINISHED.

    On a roll mate. Nice work indeed. I will add you to the gallery!
  4. BradG

    In The Pale Moonlight Group Build Gallery

    Erwin is back, this time with a 1/24 Mosquito NF. Very menacing in the black mate. Link to build thread;
  5. Nice one mate. I will put you in the gallery.
  6. BradG

    Ships of the Desert Group Build Gallery

    Andre (dora9) brings us his really nice Hunter in the wrap around colours of Oman. Great work. Link to build thread;
  7. BradG

    Omani Hunter, Call her done!

    Looks cool mate. I will add you to the gallery.
  8. BradG

    In The Pale Moonlight Group Build Gallery

    Erwin is next up with his Mosquito Mk IV night bomber. Great work mate. Link to build thread;
  9. Nice one mate. Sorry I missed this yesterday. I shall add you to the gallery.
  10. There is the second GB that is run too, so there will be options available.
  11. I just noticed there is a mistake in the GB; In the Pale Moonlight doesn't end until November 31st. It was a 6 month GB, with the option for another month should some people be close to finishing. If everyone is still keen for Multi Engined GB come November time I have no objection to it, however perhaps consider the time frame. I noticed a lot of 12 month GB's tend to die on the vine. If enthusiasm dies a little, I can always put it up as an option in a poll.
  12. BradG

    Weathering your Heinkel

    I assume Eric is talking about the preshading fad with the panel lines that gives Heinkel 111's a checkerboard look.
  13. Not a bad kit. The plastic comes from the 1990's TriMaster molds.
  14. BradG

    Beaufighter: FINISHED.

    Great work. I recall the fit of my wingtip lights was pretty poor, not sure if you've managed to get a better fit of them.
  15. BradG

    P-40K 1LT R. Johnson, Tunisia 1943.

    Cool. Welcome. Make sure you take pictures of your work as you progress, post them up in this thread and tell us what you've done. I look forward to seeing your modelling.