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  1. They didn't always carry the wing plyons, in any case I don't have any that fit. I've also found a picture of an aircraft that didn't have the drag chute conversion, so I might just do that one if I can find the right red numbers for the nose.
  2. I will see what I can do with the rear end to make it look a little better, at least I can have something resembling a jet pipe pop out of the end.
  3. I'm thinking Polish, they had some nice 3 tone schemes at the training schools in the mid 80's, plus I found one that did not have the drag chute conversion to the tail. Although I've been working on perhaps making that conversion.
  4. I pulled a spare tail keel from a MiG 21 kit and cut it down a bit. It's not perfect but it's better than the kit offering which is none.
  5. Dad said seeing a Lightning fly was the single most impressive airshow performance he's ever seen. He said the pilot brought it over the field on the deck, stood it on it's tail and went until you couldn't hear or see him anymore. Impressive.
  6. I put some paint on the interior, such as it is. A blue grey colour, it seemed to vary a lot in the pictures I looked at.
  7. yeh I reckon that's well under the 25% rule. Go for it.
  8. My reference says metal. As for the light, I couldn't find any information on it, but looking at pictures I can see 170059 and 071 don't, but '065 does. 170047 looks to have been retrofitted with the tadpole camouflaged wooden tail that lacks the light too. Seems like some of the 500 and 110 block lacked the light while others had a clear cut out at the base of the rudder.
  9. I do like a good thud. Shame I never got to see one fly, they were retired before I was born!
  10. Doesn't look too bad, does this picture make you feel better? The inverted engines leak crap everywhere!
  11. It wouldn't be the Russian Front without a flying tank, David (dukie99) brings us the Hobby Boss IL-2M3. Nice looking model mate. Link to build thread;
  12. I keep looking at my MiG 17 in disappointment, I'll get back to it thought right after I finish this little Pak 40 diorama, just finishing up the figures now.
  13. I drank 4 beers for lunch...I guess that counts as doing someting.
  14. That's cool, I never knew that about the MiG 29 but I guess it makes sense if you're operating off a makeshift runway and where the intakes are located.
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