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  1. BradG

    How You Feel About Documented Builds

    I try to be different and in the stuff I like to build, often I only have a handful of black and white pictures to work with. So there's a bit of guess work that goes into what colours and markings, but it means I can put different things on the table or website for people to see. I will also go off the rails entirely and just build something as a what if, but I tend to invent a plausible story for it.
  2. BradG

    Lancaster today, Liberator Monday!

    Ah all these stories of how the wife cuts up when you buy models just reinforces my MGTOW lifestyle.
  3. Don't load them with nuclear weapons, fill the bomb bay with toilet paper. I hear there is a major shortage.....ahhh what a country.
  4. BradG

    Rules of the Road

    Looks like I will have to go to the LHS.
  5. BradG

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    Just thinking out loud here, but is it possible for those of us that have Fisher products to get one of each to Paul so he could more easily reproduce his molds and thus quickly get back to selling product? Sadly I don't own any unbuilt Fisher products but I'd happily loan it back to be copied if I did, if it made things easier.
  6. BradG

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    Count me in the raffle plz K2.
  7. BradG

    Rules of the Road

    Cool, an extra month it is.
  8. BradG

    Rules of the Road

    That's what I figured Kev.
  9. BradG

    Rules of the Road

    Would an extra month help anyone finish?
  10. BradG

    In The Pale Moonlight Group Build Gallery

    Next up is Shawn M with his magnificent Revell Heinkel 219 in flight. Really super stuff. Link to build thread;
  11. BradG

    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    Really impressive work.
  12. BradG

    In The Pale Moonlight Group Build Gallery

    Wackyracer brings us another single seat nightfighter, a Bf 109G-6/R6 from JG 300. The kit is from Trumpeter. Great job mate. Link to build thread;
  13. BradG

    In The Pale Moonlight Group Build Gallery

    David (Dukie99) brings us his big, bad MH 47 Chinook from the 160th SOAR Night Stalkers. Very impressive. Link to build thread;
  14. This is the Fujimi kit in 1/72. It's painted in gunze Japanese orange yellow with the Manchukuo roundels masked and painted with my compass cutter. It's not a bad little kit, but some attention needs to be paid to the windscreen which is probably the worst fitting part in the kit, but it scrubs up alright with some elbow grease. It certainly is bright, so I won't lose this on a contest table!