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  1. BradG

    Another LHS closing...sign of the times

    We've lost 3 hobby shops in Melbourne, but it was due to the owners being sick or passing away. The good news is a friend of mine (and of many modellers in Melbourne) opened his own shop that appears to be doing really well.
  2. BradG

    Melbourne Model Expo question

    There are a lot of empty tables, especially the last few years. Not sure what they can really do about it though as you never know how many kits will turn up in categories.
  3. BradG

    Melbourne Model Expo question

    Ask them; expoinfo@modelexpo.com.au. Also; so what if you enter a lot of kits trying to win? You pay your money and you roll the dice just like all entrants. I've seen some people enter lots of models and not win a cracker.
  4. Looks good mate. Is it my imagination or does the older Revell kit look....chunky?
  5. BradG

    Rules of the Road

    1 month extension guys. Go for it David!
  6. BradG

    Rules of the Road

    Good question, hang tight I'll have an answer.
  7. BradG

    Multi-Engine Group Build Gallery

    Erwin is back, this time with something a little out of left field, with his Me 117P Adler, that started life as the Italeri F-117. Very imaginative mate. Link to build thread.
  8. BradG

    Rules of the Road

    Welcome to LSP mate. Scratchbuilds are most welcome, anything that flies in 1/35 and above. You don't have to tell people what you are going to do ahead of time, but many of us do. We all like to read what others are planning. To participate in the Group Build (and be eligible for the raffle prizes at it's conclusion) you do require a thread where you document your progress in the build, but if you just wanted to show some pictures of your completed model(s), you are welcome to post your pictures in the 'Ready for Inspection' forum. If you wanted to document your build in a thread that is not part of the Group Build, you can start a post in the 'Works in Progress' forum. If you're not sure what large scale kits are available, the link below is to the sites kit database for all LSP's that have been produced. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/kitdb/list.php
  9. BradG

    Rules of the Road

    Dooooooooooooooo it Troy. I might have to visit the hobby shop as I don't have any twin engine LSP's in the stash!
  10. Erwin starts off our Anniversary GB with his Revell Bf 110G day fighter. Nice work mate in less than two weeks! Link to build thread;
  11. That's fast mate. I'll set the gallery up now
  12. BradG

    Ships of the Desert Group Build Gallery

    Padubon is next up with his very nicely done P-40K based in Tunisia. Link to build thread;
  13. BradG

    P-40K 1LT R. Johnson, Tunisia 1943.

    Very nice mate, I'll put you up in the gallery.
  14. BradG

    Revell He-111P-1

    You can't see any of the injector pin marks unless you start to open up the fuselage.
  15. BradG

    Short Sunderland MkII

    You could float it in your pool, if you got one!