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  1. BradG

    Black 4 Bf 109E4 10.NJG 1 1940-41

    Super. If you want to take some shots with your weathering on I will include them in the gallery.
  2. BradG

    Rules of the Road

    It is kinda camouflagy, if that's a word and I'll lean on the side of inclusion and say yes, because it was repainted for the specific operation.
  3. BradG

    F-15c Desert Aggressor

    Sweet, I like aggressors.
  4. It was a Hasegawa kit, stored for the last 12 years in my wardrobe.
  5. As in start to lose some cohesion or integrity after time? I only as as just recently I've had two kits start to crumble when even a small amount of pressure was used to clamp parts. They started to crumble like cheese, clumps started falling off around where it was clamped, it was weird. It wasn't clamped very hard either. I've never had this happen before in a kit. Maybe there was something wrong or a contaminate in the plastic?
  6. BradG


    I had to saw the tops of the cylinders off to get my engines to fit with the cowlings on.
  7. BradG

    Rules of the Road

    Albatros D III of the Turkish War of Independence, at least one of them was camouflaged although there is much speculation what those colours were.
  8. BradG

    Libyan Mig-23MF, 0200 Tripoli August 2005

    Super stuff.
  9. BradG

    F-14A Alicat

    Sweet. I have one of these to build in 1/48.
  10. BradG

    Hurricane MK.IID of

    Good choice.
  11. BradG

    Messerschmitt Bf109G-6

    Definitely going to require those brass gear legs with all that resin!
  12. BradG


    Cool. If you like check out my build thread in last years 'Clear the Shelf of Doom' GB. The wings in particular need quite a bit of work....and don't even think of trying to fir the cowlings closed with the engines in.
  13. BradG

    Rules of the Road

    The sand, green and brown, yes.