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  1. Plug on mate, a little filler and away it goes!
  2. Two week heads up guys, Air Superiority is to end and Target for Today will begin. What are your build plans?
  3. Artoor_k is over the finish line with another very brightly coloured WW1 aircraft, this time the iconic DR 1. Great work mate. Link to build thread;
  4. I think it looks really great mate, well done.
  5. Olgerd83 is up next with his eye catching Albatros DIII. Wonderful work mate. Link to build thread;
  6. Nice work mate. I will wait for your updated pics before adding to the gallery.
  7. RLWP is up next, with his scratchbuilt, yes that's right, Sopwith Tabliod racer pressed into military service. Really great stuff. Link to build thread;
  8. Superb modelling mate, will add you to the gallery.
  9. Buy a nice Tamiya kit and just build it, write a review and just dive in. I found that you can talk yourself out of your skills, eg; I play cricket, I'm a batsman. I don't play a winter sport so from April to September I don't have any sport going. Now that first game, it's easy to say to yourself, hey it's game 1, I haven't played in 6 months I'm going to be rusty, when in fact, you have not forgotten how to play. The day I stopped telling myself that and just said to myself "you haven't forgotten how to bat just go out there and do it" I smashed 96 in round 1. Just like the sk
  10. Don crosses the finish line with his very nice Luftwaffe F-104. Great job once again mate. Link to build thread;
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