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  1. Cockpit comes up nice under some paint. Detail is adequate, the seat and seatbelts could be better, I believe there is a replacement on the market should you wish to buy it, but for me this was fine. As mentioned there isn't a whole lot in the cockpit anyway and once together much of it is difficult to see.
  2. Up next is TimW with a very nice Hunter FGA 9. Nicely done there. Link to build thread;
  3. Sharp work there mate, I will add you to the gallery.
  4. Made a start on this and so far so good. These are the main cockpit and forward wheel well sections. Detail is ok, there are some upgrades available but I'm just going OOB for the plastic here. The parts above now installed in the fuselage. Also given is one open gun bay but I will be closing this up. I also strangely had an issue positioning one of the side consoles for the cockpit but some removal of plastic made the section fit. She's pretty basic inside, but so was the real thing. Main wheel well bay fits nice and snug too.
  5. What are the costs of picking and packing I am wondering. I'd do click and collect but it's outside the current restrictions on our movements here.
  6. In my dads early working days he was at Ford Motor Company and worked with a man who flew the 109 in Switzerland. He mentioned that the E models were quite nice, but the G's were piles of rubbish with poor manufacturing and serviceability.
  7. Kicking off the gallery in style is chrish with his very nice Piper 18 floatplane. Tremendous. Link to build thread;
  8. Damn that was fast and really well done too. I guess I'll start the gallery!
  9. I've always liked the '162, it's a pretty sleek looking jet. It appears that it was a rather good aircraft to fly, with Eric Brown noting that it was manoeuvrable and fast. If it wasn't for the fact that dodgy glue led to parts falling off them, sometime with fatal consequences, it might have been an excellent fighter. Another short coming was it's limited fuel endurance. The Revell kit appears to be basic, but nice enough. I haven't decided on a French of captured Air Min aircraft yet. I also transferred the plastic to a better box as the Revell side opening ones are not the best.
  10. Randell Wilson is an artist out here in Australia and is commissioned regularly by Trumpeter for his naval box art. If you go to his website you can by a large print of most of them.
  11. This is a very nice kit, the detail is great, fit is near perfect and the decals are extremely nice, all 200+ of them. My only gripe is there was not enough room for me to get the nose weighted down, so I made up a little base for her to sit on. I really like Tiger Meet special markings and this is a cracker of a kit. It's painted in overall RLM 04 yellow, weathering kept down as she looked pretty good when on display. It seems this aircraft was kept in her tiger colours and put on a pole outside an airbase hanger.
  12. Start a thread in this Group Build and take pictures as you progress showing what you've done and give us some text explaining what you did, troubles you had, points to look out for etc. You will also need a picture hosting, here is a link explaining how to do that if you don't know. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/forum/91-posting-images/ When you finish, post up some completed pics and I will add them into the gallery for you.
  13. Very nice. A couple of points for you; it looks like there is no bomb rack. The mules were fitted with a ETC50 4 station bomb rack under the fuselage, but because of weight restrictions only ever mounted 2 bombs. Also the conversion gives you the late style wing blisters for the wheel wells but using the kit upper wings still leaves you with the early style wheels wells and the narrow G-6 kit wheels. Since the Avias were G-10 conversions they used the later style larger wheels. Not sure how into the details you are but just FYI if you are.
  14. Those brass gear legs look great. It's certainly a possible weak point in the kit. I'm not sure how long mine will last before the eventually collapse.
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