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  1. Robthepom is next up, with his mightily impressive Wing Nut Wings Felixstowe flying boat. Fantastic work! Link to build thread;
  2. That looks super. I wish I could do such a job on a model of this size. I think you should be very proud of it. I'm sorry for the delay but I will put you up in the gallery now.
  3. Ok want to hear a funny story? So a woman gets brought into the share room with appendix issues, comes back from surgery this afternoon and herb for comes in, opens my curtain by mistake and says with shock "errr Brad?". I look up and say "Josh?"....turns out one of my best mates from high school, his missus is in the bed next to me! We lost contact years ago, how's that for strange?
  4. Gunna be in two more days, I had an infection in the gallbladder and the doc wants to make sure that it is good ne before releasing me. In the mean time I have a lovey couple in the bed next to me making kissey talk and smoochy noises all day.........man I'm sick enough!!!!! She then told her bf that I snore when I coughed....ummmm I heard you last night hunny lol im really looking forward to getting home.
  5. Thanks all, I got my op at 8am this morning. I should be home tomorrow minus one gallbladder and stones, not sure how many. I think I'm going to start my 1/32su-25 for the multi engine gb when I'm home!
  6. Oh yeh it felt like someone was twisting a knife in my stomach and side. I spent about 3 hours waiting to see a doctor and another 19 in emergency waiting for either treatment or a bed.
  7. Hey guys just to update I am still awaiting my operation. I need my gallbladder out and a stone fished out of a duct, but apparently in Epping a lot of idiots keep breaking limbs and just now they bumped me for an emergency apindectamy. So me and another guy from the weekend draw the short straw and wait. My friend said I should go fall out the window so they have to treat me and a few more days of this and it might look like a good idea!!!! plz send beer, pizza and/or some go go dancers, I'm gunna go insane soon!
  8. Haha he did, smashed them all over but the wifi here wasnt good enough to stream so had to settle for score updates
  9. Ugh might not be today either just had the doctor in and he said there are critical patients above me in line.
  10. Oh I will, you're one too aren't you?
  11. It was really busy, got stuck on a bed way too small for 6'1 me as they were short. Yeh they pumped me full of penacillin but only as a precaution as th ct scan and blood test showed no infection. Was meant to get an ultrasound too but they said it wasn't needed, but they had me fasting since 2am Sunday morning for it so I ended up 16 without a drink until I begged the nurse for some water and a sandwich tonight
  12. Ummm it's not that small, maybe because it's the weekend there was less staff on, I'm not sure. It's in the suburbs of Melbourne, maybe as I went through emergency right from the gp..?
  13. Wow they said I had several and one has partially blocked the main bile duct so I turned a bit yellow. Just call me the Simpsons haha. I have to say I'm not too fond of being cut open, but the pain I was in was crippling.
  14. I think they are waiting on a surgeon that specialises in this type of thing. I had a meeting with the surgery team on today and he said he doesn't do this one so after sitting 22 hours in emergency which really sucked, they chucked me in a bed for at least tonight. They said it should be keyhole but if they need to make a small cut I might be in few days more.
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