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  1. I masked up the wings and tail surfaces first for paint. Gunze RLM 74 and 75 used and airbrushed freehand.
  2. I can deal with a bit of heat, but that kinda cold would see me not get out of bed all winter.
  3. Flaps, slats and other bits and bobs put on, along with some nicer weather today, some RLM 76 blue. I will probably stick the gear on too once dry to make painting and handling a bit easier.
  4. Working on some of the smaller and interior sections. RLM 02 being sprayed i the gear wells and on the under carriage legs also inside the radiator flaps. I also painted the prop and spinner. The white is meant to be a bit untidy along with the overspray on the pro blade which was there on the aircraft.
  5. Nice progress, I've built it and can tell you that the supplied weight is enough, no need for extra.
  6. SG4 fought from mid/late 1944 out of Czech territory against the Russians, before that they were engaged against the Western allies in Italy, but SG10 fought almost all the war in Southern Russia, so both those options should be good to go in the 190 kit.
  7. Nah, I just glue 109's together then run a little sand paper over the seam line and leave it. It's only a very fine line on the real thing and not always that visible, so it doesn't really need a scribing.
  8. Yeh, I probably should have done it that way, ah well, it didn't take long to knock off that step on the lower surface.
  9. You also have Gundam Plus at 417 Riversdale Road, you can get a tram from the CBD direct to Darryl's front door. Hobby HQ is in Thomastown near my house but Bills opening hours are a bit odd, might have to ring ahead or check him out on Facebook to know when he is open Don't forget to visit the Australian National Aviation Museum in Moorabbin - the largest collection of Australian designed and/or build aircraft anywhere in the world. Aircraft on display include; Beaufighter, Sabre, Mirage, Gannet, Sea Venom, Kiowa, Canberra plus many others. RAAF Museum, Point Cook. National museum of the RAAF. You will need a car to get there though as it's a bit out of the way.
  10. Wings and tail now on, prepping for some further paint. Looking good so far. I do like Hasegawa instrument panel decals, they always fit well and settle down nicely. I'll do a bit more clean up and make sure the joints are all nice and smooth then it should be on to some more paint. I do like these Hasegawa 109's!
  11. I had some issues with the wings and the wheel well inserts so take your time there. Otherwise it was not a bad model. That said mine sat on the shelf of doom for about 3 years until I finished it.
  12. Dad remembers when he was modelling there was barely anything aftermarket, you had to buy models like the Airfix Sterling to get bomb trolleys and airfield equipment and aftermarket decals were not heard of.
  13. Slowly goes it. Ok, fuselage looks pretty good on the upper surface. ...and not so good on the lower. Not sure how this happened, will require a larger hammer I think. Well I'll let that sit for a minute and put the wings together. Need to shim the inner part of the radiator flaps to clean up the gap. A little sanding here after the glue dries should do the trick.
  14. Out of the blocks fast is chrish with his ripping 1/24 Bf 109K. Great work. Link to build thread;
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