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  1. You can't maybe sand and polish it up a bit?
  2. Almost worth putting something like woodlands scenic magic water into these window areas. I believe that the woodlands stuff doesn't shrink.
  3. Don't worry about masks, you should see the daggers that get shot at my parents if I happen to be out with them. Mum is an asthmatic and in the cold she can have an audible wheeze and seem a bit short of breath while talking, she's actually had to say on several occasions to store staff "it's just my asthma I'm not sick". Dad also tends to cough a little due to having slightly weak throat muscles, the looks he gotten sometimes you'd think he just flipped off the Queen or something.....
  4. Immediately after the end of hostilities in Europe, the allied powers scoured Germany for the remnants of their advanced technology. The American's set up 'Project LUSTY, which stood for LUftwaffe Secert TechnologY. Col Harold E Watson, a qualified test pilot was selected to head the mission. He picked a number of pilots, all combat veteran's and all Thunderbolt pilots, experienced ground crew, both American and German along with several experienced German pilots. He also carried a signed pass by Dwight D Eisenhower, stating that no senior officer or military police could impede him in his work. Two teams formed, one went after the piston engine aircraft, the other, jets. It was the jet pilots who were named the 'Watson's Wizzers' and adopted the squadron embalm of Donald Duck flying around the Earth on a Juno 004 engine. Me 262A-1a/U3 'White 30' was captured at Lechfeld. It was named Marge by the 54th ADS, and then Lady Jess IV while with the Wizzers with the aircraft being the mount of Captain Kenneth Dahlstrom. Declared surplus, it was transferred to the US Navy and designated 121443. State side, the aircraft was turned over to the Tactical Test Division at NAS Patuxent River where she was made airworthy and attempted to be flown on November 7th 1945. Failing to become airborne, it crashed into trees at the end of the runway and was subsequently written off. Because of this accident, no further attempts to fly Me 262's was made by the TTD. This is the 1/48 Dragon kit, which is the reboxing of the 1990's Trimaster kit, but this did not include any photo etch parts. The molds are still holding up well although there was some cleaning up of the lower wing required. These kits are well detailed but do require some work with the engine nacelles being a well known tricky part of this model. Test fit everything before committing glue and you shouldn't have too many problems. Decals come from Cutting Edge's Crossdressing Stormbirds and the seatbelts from Lions Roar.
  5. Nick (Cheetah11) is next up with a really nice large scale F-15 Eagle. Great work mate. Link to build thread;
  6. Looks great mate, I will add you to the gallery
  7. Sure it's not the flory wash eating through your gloss and causing issues?
  8. I don't really understand that kind of thinking. A friend of mine who is Jewish refuses to build any model of a German aircraft, although he had to concede the point that his countrymen of years past didn't have such hang ups when they were flying Avia S 199's and but for a small twist of fate would have been flying Bf 109G-10s. Besides which I wonder if you've applied such thinking into the other aspects of your life. Your mobile/iphone, probably made in China, who are clearly an enemy of the Western world. Those pants you bought, probably made in an Indian sweat shop by a worker paid cents an hour. You car, probably Japanese. White goods in your house, could be Italian....also why didn't you mention the Italians, or the Spanish? Finns also, they were German allies, how about the Hungarians, the only ally of German not to switch sides? What about Russian aircraft, Stalin wasn't exactly a nice guy....and on and on and on....
  9. For the GB it would have to be painted as one of the specific aircraft that appeared in the movie.
  10. You also have the old Monogram kit, there's the Trumpeter and Airfix 1/24 kits too
  11. In 1/32 you have kits of; Bf 109E Me 110C Ju 88A Heinkel 111P and H CR 42 Fiat G 50 Spitfire MK 1/2 Hurricane Mk 1 Beaufighter Mk 1 Ju 87B Gladiator Lysandor Martlett Mk 1 Miles Magister
  12. Thanks all for participating once again, Battle of Britain is up next. Cold War jets is still going too, for all those kerosene burners out there. If you'd like your in progress thread moved to continue with it in the 'in progress' forum, please let me or one of the mods know.
  13. chrish knocks out this really nice 109K in just 4 days to squeeze in just before the finish line. Great work, love the camo job! Link to build thread;
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