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  1. A while back I put together a 4 part article for our local modelling magazine called 'Box Top Bloopers;, here's a few of the funniest. Some quality trolling from Hasegawa, with a Japanese helicopter carrier sinking a Chinese fleet carrier. Those are Chinese soldiers. Whoops, forgot my tail. Spelling matters! The little know battlefield tactical vostok missile with German troops and 70;s helicopter...cease fire they're shooting cosmonauts at me.
  2. I'm not a huge aftermarket person, but when I do buy that stuff I try to buy things that add significantly to the build. Decals, weapons and for ships, railings and turned barrels. I gave up long ago buying up cockpit sets and wheel wells etc, I can usually live with what's inside these days.
  3. mc65 has bought the cavalry with him, finishing a very nice Mustang in famous markings. Great job mate. Link to build thread;
  4. Good choice I was hoping someone would join in with a CR 42!
  5. Nocturnal Activities is up an running guys.
  6. John B crosses the finish line with his very nicely done early Mk Spitfire. Great stuff. Link to build thread:
  7. Great stuff John, I will add you to the gallery.
  8. For something like an F-117, it's obvious, but as I said, for something like an F-15, it needs to be a specific aircraft that engaged in a night operation. In the 160th SOAR's case, they are in as they specialise in night engagements. I'm sure there will be some grey areas, but we can address them if and when they pop up.
  9. LANTIRN equipped aircraft are in. As for the Tornado, yes as long as that aircraft engaged in night operations. Providing it's a GR1 that served into the later stages of the conflict when they moved away from low level daylight attacks on airfields then it almost certainly dropped laser guided weapons at night. I don't know much about the G3s that were deployed.
  10. Any aircraft that engaged in night time missions. Dedicated night fighters of course, but don't forget night bombing (anyone got a Lancaster to build?), special missions like agent pick ups (Lysanders) or even up to modern aircraft. The only caveat is you have to build an aircraft you can show was used in a night mission. Most of this is easy, but consider Luftwaffe 'Wild Boar' single seat day fighters used at night, or even modern aircraft that have engaged in a night time mission. An example there would be Cesar Rodriguez's F-15 in which he shot down a Yugoslav Mig 29 during the night of March 24, 1999. As always have fun, any questions fire away.
  11. Kicking off the gallery is Dpgsbody55, with one of the enemy; a very nice BF 109G-4. Link to build thread;
  12. Great model mate, I will add you to the gallery.
  13. I'm going to have to so no as Malta is, I think, classed as part of Southern Europe.
  14. Chrish's desk will be extra clear with his second completed kit, a very nice Russian front Stuka. Great work mate. Link to build thread;
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