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  1. I will be joining in soon, mum bought me this (aren't mums great!)
  2. Alright, onto my favourite part, the paint. Now I'm doing one of the camouflaged El Salvadoran aircraft of the 100 hours, or Soccer War. I am lacking bomb racks and rocket rails, but oh well. First up was the undersurface that got an appropriate light grey colour. I decided to put her on her gear to make things easier to paint. Also attached the windscreen. By the looks of it, the undercarriage was dark blue, probably not repainted from when the aircraft was bought. So I went nuts with the camo. The base is dark green, with olive drab to break it up, black green mottle and light grey green larger mottle. I'm happy with it. A pic of the real thing that I'm going for. I believe this picture was taken several years after the conflict.
  3. Looking for faults here, didn't do too bad, just a couple of areas to fix up. Formation lights were a poor fit so I had to slather them with gel super glue and sand it all down. After working it over with some 2000 grit sand paper, I think I'm almost ready to start with the paint.
  4. Reminds me of a story about Johnny Johnson when he visited Australia. He was being shown around by a Corporal and a couple of high ranking officers when he turned to the Corporal and said " Do you really have to put up with these f***wits?". lol
  5. Tail and outer wings are now glued on. I only managed to screw up a little bit here, so that's good. The engine and cowling are also glued. The latter clipped on nicely.
  6. Looking great. I liked the weathering alot.
  7. A little more work. Fit of the center wing to fuselage is nice, just a little clean up needed. Outer wings are drying, so far so good.
  8. I've done a little more work, not as much as I was hoping for as I've been feeling unwell the last week and a half. Fit so far is pretty reasonable for the kits age, the fuselage to wing joint looks ok too.
  9. I've managed to make a start after finishing up cricket for the year...lost the Grand Final...oh well. The interior is pretty sparse, so I've pulled a pilot figure from the stash to stick in there and take up some room. I've decided to build an El Salvadorian aircraft from the 100 Hours War, otherwise known as the Soccer War. They were FG-1's, but it's close enough. I don't have any rocket rails but at least one was fitted with bombs.
  10. Nice. That etch adds a fair bit to the cockpit, I might consider some for mine.
  11. themongoose is nxet over the line with his coverted T-38A Talon. Great wokrk.'' Link to build thread; https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/78269-132-t-38a-thunderbird-completed/
  12. Nice work mate. I will add yo to the GB gallery. Sorry about the late add, had a massive weekend.
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