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  1. Phantom2 brings us a classic Matchbox kit, the Lysander. Top notch job on this one Stefan. Link to build thread;
  2. As the title suggests, it is any and all aircraft in Japanese markings. Captured aircraft in Japanese markings and those on the civil register are included. Hope to see you in the group build!
  3. Yes the 4th is Hasegawa LSP's.
  4. Updated or 2023's group builds.
  5. Thanks all for voting. The winners are; Aces High - any pilots with 5+ victories from any conflict. Turning Japanese - Japanese aircraft from any time period. On The Nose (Art) - nose art on any aircraft, shark mouths included I will get dates out soon.
  6. Only a few days left to get your votes in guys.
  7. Not much around for the D-9. There are of course the JV 44 airfield defence flight with the red and white striped lower surfaces, there are a couple of captured examples that ended up in US markings, or in the case of FE 121, was repainted in a strange colour scheme back in the US. Of course there was the dozen or so Russian aircraft, but they were just German colours with big Russian stars.
  8. Dpgsbody55 brings us another single engine night hunter, this time something very British with a Hurricane. Great work as always mate. Link to build thread;
  9. Keep plugging away tehre mate its looking nice.
  10. @Archimedes Yes it does, although I was hoping to get models with more substantial artwork.
  11. Not limited by manufacturer.
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