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  1. Ah welcome fellow comrade of the People's Glorious Democratic Republic of Victoria. I almost broke cerfew last night putting my bin out, phew close call I might have ended up on the nightly news!
  2. There's one on ebay now for 30 bucks plus post out of the UK. Also there's heaps written on the Finns, granted quite a lot on WW2, just google and you'll get a wide variety of whats out there, including stuff like this which I think is something you're after. https://www.amazon.com/Finnish-Tehtava-taivaalla-Suomen-Ilmavoimat/dp/9522291862
  3. It's not like I hid this fact, it was written there in my initial post explaining the topics.
  4. Yes, as we've done two seaters in the not too distant past.
  5. I understand your enthusiasm and can see you have a good deal of knowledge about this era of aircraft and that's great, I might be this way about a WW2 aircarft. In the end though mate I have to say that the inaccuracies don't really worry me.
  6. This is not a what-if, I simply built it out of the box with what I had. As far as I can tell from the few pictures I've seen the decals are pretty close to correct. I don't know what intake you are referring to and as for the fin and armament, that was the fin in the kit and I just followed the instructions for the armament. Sorry you don't think I am correct, but I wasn't interested in buying hundreds of dollars worth of books and doing hours of research to get a 100% correct in every detail model.
  7. chrish is up next with his very nice Bf 109E-3. Super work as always mate. Link to build thread;
  8. Oh never mind, they showed up. Must have been a glitch in the update. Very nice mate, don't sell yourself short!
  9. Failing this forum, try on facebook with some of the dedicated aircraft pages. I know there are quite a few ex thud pilots and ground crew on the F-105 facebook page.
  10. Nice one, make sure you test fit the verlinden resin, I don't think I've ever found a Verlinden resin that's actually fit where intended.
  11. Oh yeh that kinda helps. Just to get your vote in if you're planning to take part.
  12. Yeh it's looking that way, but you know, no rush. @LSP_Kevin Would appreciate if this could get a mention in the next update and the FB page.
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