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  1. Very cool! If it was mine, I'd get to work on restoring it. What is the glass made of? Can it be polished clear again? Cheers, Chuck
  2. Very nice Daniel! You have done a super job. I'm going to build this same this kit soon, so I am very interested in other similar builds, especially if they are Canadian. À votre santé Chuck
  3. Geez, thanks Jay! I just wish I had half of your scratch made skills. Your work is always amazing and a joy to witness. There was a local model contest in September, but I passed due to Covid. At 66 years of age, there's no use taking any unnecessary chances and unfortunately, not everybody "gets it" when it comes to this dangerous virus and how to behave accordingly. Enough said. Cheers, Chuck
  4. Chris, Look towards the bottom of my build thread on October 29th for True Earth Metaliners below. It's all there with the following comment: Each successive layer of weathering tends to diminish the one before it, so what you see at this stage has been backed off by salt weathering and other staining later. As a result I tend to overdo each layer, with the hopes that the final weathering is a nice complex sum of all the layers (if that makes any sense). True Earth Metaliners Cheers, Chuck
  5. Thank you everyone very, very much! This kit was exactly what I needed during this challenging pandemic, which was mostly good accuracy, but enough flaws to keep me interested in correcting them. BTW, something wasn't quite right with my original photography of the finished model, so I redid most of them, both here and the Ready for Inspection forum here: Ready for Inspection Cheers, Chuck
  6. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your kind comments. So "Starfighter", guess what my next build will be? I'm not only going for a bare metal finish, but a weathered and scratched BMF. Just look at the tops of those birds from aircrew sliding all around! Cheers, Chuck
  7. REALLY nice execution and highly skilled start! I will be very interested in future updates. Cheers, Chuck
  8. Nothing ugly about that bird's nest of wiring Jay! It looks like complex engineering in the hands of a skilled engineer. Great work! Cheers, Chuck
  9. My experience as well. It's sure fun to play around with all these colors though! Top notch modeling Brett! With my Tempest put to bed, I can now peruse the forums a little more and discover more fantastic builds like this one. Cheers, Chuck
  10. Thanks Guys! Thanks John! Kevin has correctly identified that some of this to HDR (High Dynamic Range) lighting, which I use all the time. The reason I like it is that for close-ups and strong lighting, the camera smooths out the high lighting contrasts to create a more balanced photo of my subject. My Nikon camera effectively takes a picture that's exposed properly for very bright areas, takes another that's exposed properly for the dark areas, then stitches them together into one photo- all on a timer and tri-pod to avoid camera shake. When I'm taking all
  11. Thank you everyone! It is very kind comments like these from Rod above that make it all worthwhile. I'm finding that due to the pandemic and working from home, I have more time for modeling and more time for explaining how I do certain things, which has been a very welcome distraction from the pandemic. We are all so lucky to have this hobby which lends itself to remaining in our homes to help keep us safe and as sane as possible. Model on boys! Chuck
  12. Awesome exhaust area! It really looks the part. Cheers, Chuck
  13. November 24/20 I’m DONE!! After fighting with all the landing gear doors, hinges and other little bits over the last few days, this Tempest is finally finished. There are lots of challenges to attaching these parts and I was going to document a few of them, but in the end, I decided I’ve had enough of this model and I just want it over with, so I focused on completion instead. I started this project on April 28th, so 7 months later, I can slip this in my display cabinet and start another model, which after 2 prop builds in a row, will be an Italeri CF-104 Starfighter
  14. November 24/20 After 7 months I have finally finished the 1/32 Special Hobby “High Tech” Tempest Mk V, kit number 32052. This kit has some really nice additions in the box already, like several resin parts, photo-etch parts and even some fabric seat belts, so you don’t need too much for aftermarket accessories if you want to “Kick It Up A Notch”, like I always try to do. Still, I did add the following: #32234 Barracuda Nose Correction Set with Props #32141 Barracuda Intake Ring #32239 CMK Exhaust Set #32122 Maketar Paint Masks for all in
  15. Well that sucks, but there is no need to strip anything. Just lightly sand the paint and re-spray it and while you're at it, this will give you a chance to apply different shades of the paint all over to give it a weathered look. As for the masks, try them on something else and practice, because they can be tricky to apply. Good luck! Cheers, Chuck
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