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  1. FWIW, I highly recommend that all negative comments here be terminated. Whoever hacked this site can obviously read them and since chaos and turmoil is what they are seeking, why give them another reason to hack us again? My company has been hacked twice and after getting advice from experts, this is what they recommend. Don't give these guys the gratification of recognition. Cheers, Chuck
  2. Just came upon this at your KLP website. Congratulations Kevin! As scary as this new venture might seem, all success stories started with some risk- and dedication to the job at hand. I'm sure you'll do great! Cheers, Chuck
  3. Really, really nice model Jan! Great paint finish and that weathering and chipping is perfect! Cheers, Chuck
  4. It looks like you had a few very talented modelers help you with this book. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. All the best Pig, Chuck
  5. Your weathering is so interesting and mesmerizing. Great job! Cheers, Chuck
  6. Stunning!! That bird is a real beauty and your modeling skills are at Master Class level. Congrats. Cheers, Chuck
  7. Yup, which is why I likely never will attend the Nats, especially living in Canada. All of my models are 1/32 (or larger) and I can't imagine bringing my F-15C or F-4E on an airplane. I have enough trouble driving them to a local show without breaking something (and usually do!). When I look at some of these pics a bit closer, you can tell that there was some incredible work put into these models and I bet the owners thought they had category winner for sure- or at least a top 3 placement. Most of course didn't win anything, so I'm sure it was very disappointing for many. With that many high quality 1/32 models, you obviously can't go in with those expectations. On the flip side at our local model contests, you might get about 8 entries in each 1/32 category, so picking the top 3 is usually pretty easy. Cheers, Chuck
  8. Thank you very much for posting! A few of my quick thoughts: Although most of these models are some of the best in North America, many of the builds here at LSP could compete very well with most of them Like Anthony mentioned, that F-4S paint job is awesome and it really grabs me. I bet the rest of the model is fantastic too, but it's hard to tell from a distance I'm really glad I'm not a judge! With the quality of modeling so high, picking one or two over the others would be very, very difficult Cheers, Chuck
  9. Happy Birthday Kev, and again thanks for all you do for LSP! Cheers, Chuck
  10. Thanks guys! It’s been a busy week for me and I obviously missed this. Much appreciated! Cheers Chuck
  11. Not to rain on this F-4 parade, but we've seen stuff like this many times before that never made it to the finish line. Computer generated schematics are nice to look at, but until we see actual plastic or resin parts that fit together nicely, I will reserve my judgement. Having said that, this is the future of modeling with so much 3D printing looking and fitting terrific already. Cheers, Chuck
  12. Meticulous modeling Wolf, just like you always do, seemingly with ease. Congrats on building another contest winning stunner! Cheers, Chuck
  13. Fantastic build Woody! Those famous decal rivets of yours really makes this build “pop” away from the crowd and the chipping is outstanding. Cheers, Chuck
  14. Really, really well done! What I particularly like is the weathering, which looks very natural and not overdone. Excellent model in every way, Congrat's! Cheers, Chuck
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