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  1. well i started with the open one. i carefully cut out the lower petals and inserted small wedges. dont forget the top petals, these sag too. if i remember correctly i used the wedges cut from the top to insert at the bottom. fiddly work, but in the end it looked ok (but aybe not to your standerds)
  2. on my build i modified the aires nozzle for the assymetric shape: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/66537-mig-23-flogger-b-in-cuban-markings/page/2/
  3. the nose is too pointy and the fin is wrong in chord in the kit. i have seen kits oob, but with the corrections it looks way more like a Thud
  4. didnt notice that, thanx Thierry. i corrected my 23 nose with Florins resin part
  5. cool stuff Andy. my french is barely good enough for this and the mirage thread....
  6. did i miss something or how does the trumpy fuselage compare?
  7. that was my first full build after a twenty year hiatus too! you might want to look into the GT resin corrections. i used an older resin set thats long OOP.
  8. stop posting these pics or i have to buy one....
  9. i can relate a little bit, my wife is also a psychiatric nurse.... hang in there, Mark
  10. i actually had to look up "furloughed" we are shut down completely, but i can go to work, the archive has its own building and i am alone in there. my wife is a nurse and you cant imagine things happening at the moment...definitely scary and downright dangerous for the personell. i have a cough, but not serious, actually makes me wonder if i have the "light symptoms" variety. talked to a lot of friends on the phone and a lot of them are having employment problems. in times like this a house and garden is really a treat, so when the weather is warm you can enjoy outside. there was TP shortage last week, but now you get most of the things. couldnt plant my spring potatoes on the island, cant even go there because slovenia and croatia closed the borders, hope i can at least vintage my wine in August take care, stay safe, stay home
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