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  1. ther rear part is still removable to get a snug fit. a lot of parts have little flanges as this rear fairing, along with the nacelles and wings, this makes getting a clean joint easier 35 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  2. thanx to get an idea of the cockpit opening i cut off the fairingparts front and rear that arev part of the vac canopy. i scratched it, but thankfully tigger supplies two canopys 34 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  3. blackbetty

    Vallejo Matt and Gloss airbrush varnish

    the mattcoat works great, never tried gloss
  4. blackbetty

    MiG-19 issues?

    the landinggear is all messed up, the main legs are too long, the door mount at a wrong angle. the plane sits tail up when assembled, i tried to correct it, but failed https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/59446-pakistani-shenyang-f-6-trumpy-finished-sort-of/
  5. blackbetty

    SU-11 Fishpot?

    i meant maybe he will do it
  6. blackbetty

    SU-11 Fishpot?

    maybe LEM?
  7. i have started scribing on the nose radome and the area between the engine nacelles 33 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  8. fuselage is now joined and has dried over the weekend 32 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  9. blackbetty

    Undersize Trump. MiG-21 MF Fuselage?

    depending on the price i would maybe be in for an MF would the nose fit a UB?
  10. blackbetty

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    you are on the list
  11. i have now glued the pit into the starboard side of the fuselage, i will be able to close the fuselage soon. but first i scratched the consoles, footrest and main controlstick actuator. the ip is next 29 by karl holubar, auf Flickr 30 by karl holubar, auf Flickr 31 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  12. blackbetty

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    talked to them, this is a possibility but for the price i quoted i have to get it cheaper
  13. blackbetty

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    and this is the problem, finding someone to print white....
  14. blackbetty

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    i have made the decals myself for my build, that is not really the problem. but i cant print white, so what i did is i printed solid light blue and had my cutter cut out the markings. this does not work for the mission marks and the bu.no. of the plane, these are just too small. i could make masks, no problem, but again it is impossible to cut the small things. can your cutter cut the mission marks and small numbers? for the build i printed with a black surrounding and blended it into the paintjob. its not easyly seen, but you can notice it...
  15. blackbetty

    AMS F4U-5N Conversion for the Trumpeter F4U-4

    i still have two sets of -7 parts, but not complete. i thought about mastering an AU-1. but all this is cost prohibitive, Harold sais he wil never get even.....