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  1. blackbetty

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    well since there will be no more resin sets the canopy problem has solved itself. i have sent two sets of canopys in bulk to Harold, just the last two sets he sold he ran out of canopys. as for the decals, shipping of an envelope is not so bad, even from Europe. bad news is profimodeller didnt answer my request as of now, even though he invites customers for printing on his website
  2. blackbetty

    MiG-29A in Luftwaffe Service

    yes, i love to watch your work. i have been thinking about doing the trumpy kit, but the sides of the front fuselage really dissapoint me, its so hard to correct. looking forward to see how you tackle it. wasnt there talk about a whole new front fuselage for the revell kit in resin from somebody (cold war studio?).... cant remember....
  3. blackbetty

    MiG-29A in Luftwaffe Service

    airbrake looks stunning!
  4. blackbetty

    Rules of the Road

    i´ll do the resin mig-9
  5. blackbetty

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    i would like to donate an Aires F-100 cockpit set and a set of F-14 tomcat decals (cutting edge,desert storm aera) please enter me in the raffle too
  6. no spar, just thick locating pins. tiggers plastic is so thick it works. there are locatingspars left and right, but nothing going through. see above
  7. blackbetty

    Lone Star Models/Cobra Company news

    i will be satisfied with a B conversion for the academy kit!
  8. so this is where i´m at now: 66 by karl holubar, auf Flickr as for the next assembly steps i decided to not mount the tail now. i want to flip the assembly and determine the position of the landinggear and scratch it. this will allow me to get the thing to sit right. when mounting the tail a lot of weight will be placed at the rear, so i will have to insert weight through the exhaust holes. the exhausts will be last on the agenda. we will see how that turns out....
  9. some force was used to hold the skin on the tail 65 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  10. i made a template to get the right dihedral of the wings, decided to flip it on its spine to get a good fit 63 by karl holubar, auf Flickr 64 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  11. blackbetty

    SAC Landing Gear / ARC Reviews

    zone-five.net put on a helmet
  12. instead i cut a thick sheet core for keeping everything square that i will skin with sheet. 62 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  13. i decided to not use the vacformed tailplane due to shape and width issues 60 by karl holubar, auf Flickr 61 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  14. blackbetty

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    i have now sent pavel from profimodeller a mail, Heinz (ex Vulkan 32) talked to him last weekend at the slovakian show, he should be able to make them maybe i will have a christmas present for you all just FYI, i will keep you posted
  15. blackbetty

    Christmas Raffle?

    are we going to have one this year? i have a couple of items to donate...