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  1. i dont want to rivet the vinyl and paint sticks to it if you sand it before cutting
  2. i will use a combination of methods: i have drawn certain panels in illustrator to cut them from thin vinyl. i will scribe other panellines and use a rivet wheel where applicable. stay tuned
  3. 150 grams of tireweight will do, more so because the pit assembly, resin seats, canopy and props will ad to the forward weight
  4. since the pucará has a very long tail, it is a tailsitter, as anticipated
  5. i taped the fuselage and wings/tail assembly together and mounted a "main gear" next to get an idea of the center of gravity for the noseweight
  6. with a deeper, rounded front to recess the front wheel when retracted if you ask me how i know how the well looks, i dont. i have no pics so this is guesswork....
  7. on said floor as a base i boxed the well in with sheet
  8. modification of the front gearwell was next its to narrow as printed, so i cut around it and hogged out the structure that wass in its way, being carefull to not damage the cockpit floor
  9. some carputty and a coat of filler later....
  10. i can give you the mailadress of the guy who sold me the model PM me
  11. the lower 20mm gunports are not depicted on the model, so i drilled recesses and also inserted a sturdier inner pice of styrene pipe and a drinking straw outer part to get the diameter right i used uhu twopack glue, but bought the wrong one (5minute). i am also experimenting with putty, i think i will use the fine grade carputty the material is not easy to work with, since the fuselage is hollow you have to be very carefull with cuts
  12. he plans arrived at last and i started to investigate what kind of modifications to the basid 3D structure i wanted to do first i modified the gunports on the sides with inserted drinking straw sections t
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