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  1. blackbetty

    Omani Hunter

    very nice, did an omani hunter a while back: any pics of the sheme you want to do?
  2. blackbetty

    Does the plastic kits are made from age?

    yes, it does, on assembled kits most of the time gearparts fail first, canopys yellow. i have an F-4 kit (revell) from the seventies unassembled, always in box and still the plastic is more brittle than a new kit
  3. blackbetty

    Mig-23 ML in Angola

    very nice! i love it!
  4. blackbetty

    F4U-5N, Guy Bordellon, Korea 1953

    thanx all, i will try to get more pics up when finished with the pylons and fueltank. unfortunately that may take a while since i will have surgery next month
  5. wings and fuselage temporarily joint. there is a locating spar inside and a bulkhead in the middle to keep everything square. glue is now drying overnight, then i will drill locating pins into the wings from the inside 011 by karl holubar, auf Flickr 012 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  6. blackbetty

    F4U-5N, Guy Bordellon, Korea 1953

    thanx guys - and especially John for sending me the g-factor gear for free!
  7. blackbetty

    F4U-5N, Guy Bordellon, Korea 1953

    most small details are on, as the antenna wires, step etc. i am just missing the inner wing pylons and a fuel tank... and the nav lights 65 by karl holubar, auf Flickr 64 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  8. for finding the right spot to fix the wings i think i will construct a spar that also fixes the dihedral of the wings. so next i cut out the wings and the main wheel wells. the wells will be boxed in for strenght and to have a locating point for the spar 010 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  9. i will construct the main parts first and then start detailing them these are the walls of the pit 009 by karl holubar, auf Flickr inserted into the fuselage they give the front part the needed strenght. lower part is the wheelwell/gun compartment 008 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  10. blackbetty

    Revell releasing new 1/32 F/A-18E Super Hornet?

    the academy kit is a legacy hornet, the revell/trumpy supers are different planes....
  11. i want to locate the wings and the cockpit next and make the cutouts for these 006 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  12. the fuselage is a circle, so i searched for round plastic parts for spars and locating tabs 007 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  13. started to fit the engine nacelles 005 by karl holubar, auf Flickr
  14. i want to do WF-17, because it has mission marks and was used on a Mig 15 kill. i dont know the number of the aircraft, as its very hard to find these out. i made an excel sheet with all known planes, their names, mission marks and stars as well as numbers if they are availible. here is the pic: 6083_Night_Wings_USMC_Night_Fighters_1942-1953 by karl holubar, auf Flickr can anyone read the names? these are not the pilot names (these are known - no pilot names were painted on the aircraft), they seem the be the crewchiefs
  15. last, but not least the references. i collected a lot of pics, but wartime photos are scarce. the restos of the doorguards and museum planes have to be used with a grain of salt, most are later electronic warfare aircraft just painted black. the books (all very necessairy): 004 by karl holubar, auf Flickr havent built a full airplane vac in large scale (only 72 and armor), so this will be quite a challenge