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  1. mine is ready, just paid shipping was a whopping 62£
  2. mail to: alanwilson042000@yahoo.co.uk dont know if there are any left
  3. just ordered the manual last week, but before the discount
  4. i am on the list, Alan says i will get one. i am in for the DS sheet
  5. THIS BUILD REALLY MAKES MY DAY! its very rewarding to see someone using my parts, all the work was not in vain... good job, better than my own build
  6. just got a mail from Alan that confirms this, thanx
  7. very cool subject! got a lot of the literature on this one, because i thought there was a vac - but no joy
  8. i´m working on the decals for "Laser Lips Laura"....
  9. glacier like progress: i have "toned down" the rivets on the fuselage with mr.surfacer and attached the wings
  10. i just need one of these hope alan answers my mail soon
  11. watch out, the ip coaming is much too narrow and doesnt look like the real thing. i used an academy ip for my E jakes book is a must (reidair)
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