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  1. love it, hope mine turns out half as nice
  2. very nice work! i use my Badger 150 since 1985
  3. the french version of scalemates is very detailed about the kit, with all acessories mentioned etc. the english version is very basic (as is the german version). my french is good enough to get all the info, but i didnt know the contents in different languages vary so much
  4. Living in Austria i know the tax problem first hand, even if its not as bad as in Belgium i think. Cant complain about public transportation here, i use the train to get to work every day, we b!tch if its late for 5 minutes once a month. greater Vienna has one of the best systems in the world, you can even use the subway as a female at night without getting raped. looking at taxes/social security, these take about 35% of my income, but its worth it. not perfect, but a working system.
  5. started decalling. homemade stuff works as advertised...
  6. i rolled mine a little with a brushhandle (because it tapers) against some not too soft material. be very carefull while positioning it and be sure you have the right part to the right space
  7. thinking about it i may try to use the airbrake parts as a master to vacform parts that wrap around the existing tail and afterwards add the detail
  8. Thierry, care to share the picture? i think about using the bomb bay part as a master and vacform the bay. i should be then easier to mount.
  9. still seems to beat cutting off the thing
  10. uh-oh... no way in hell i am going to cut off the tail and fit the replacement brake
  11. very, very nice! outstanding job!
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