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  1. PM me your mailadress, then you can send me the file and i will see what i can do
  2. what do you need? i did a lot of decals for myself and others
  3. whlie waiting for all of the stuff to dry on the cockpit parts i started to fit the main parts, as the tail
  4. will do, Colin. how much did you add?
  5. i shimmed the pit tub lightly in front to get the sidepanels to fit properly, then i made a spacer to fit the front gear well against the tub it makes slipping it into the recess on the bottom a breeze (this is all just a test fit)
  6. dremeled out the pit area for fitting the sidewalls. the materail is actually a dream to work with
  7. some more work done to the pit with mr.dissolved putty and primer i concentrated on the areas that are not hidden by the seats and the IPs themselves the seats are actually not that bad, some more holes to close. i will use these, as my painting is not that great anyway, so they will do
  8. i´d like an iraqi one, saw combat and lots of different loadouts.....
  9. good to hear, hope the project comes to fruition
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