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  1. some more paint and decals. the lightning bolt and number are self made. the stars are from the kit sheet. it would have been nice to know that these are printd on a solid sheet and have to be cut out. i damaged one because i had to cut the wet decal.
  2. thta the exact one i am doing, only red 01
  3. this is gunze metallizer silver
  4. minimal filling and sanding, just squirted on, its a joy to work with a resin kit so perfect....
  5. a coat of silver...
  6. i had contact to trumpeter because of F-100 parts (i need the tanks and pylons) and they said there are no parts from this kit availible
  7. the "G" kit was what brought me back to the hobby 15 years ago
  8. panel lines are not rescribed, its just stuck together
  9. in primer. it seems the original was painted in some kind of dull aluminum or light grey. no period colour pics i am aware of. some birds seem to be a darker grey (or green?).... i will use aluminum and a dullcoat i think
  10. Hi Troy, thank you for appreciating my builds. did you post a WIP of your Ta-183, i´d love to see it. on the mig - minimal filler on the wing and tailjoints required:
  11. do vintage cars count? mine: http://cal-look.no/lounge/index.php/topic,27456.0.html http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=465022
  12. very nice work, Mark! this is model building....
  13. you are going fast! the wooden "skeleton" is interesting....
  14. i hope i can resolve this with him, i had all the files that had the right colours. on my first try with the other printer the colours came out right, just the printing technique wasnt usable.
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