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  1. thanx mark, its not two part, but the first time i used it, there was some clear fluid at the top of the pack. just mixing this into the pastier substance deeper in didnt cut it, it never hardened. now i only used the paste and it worked properly
  2. harolds nose (an absolute must) was now attached to the front. the kit intake has very strange locating tabs at the front that have to be removed, a gap all around has to be filled on the inside. i used tamiya light-curing putty for this, it adheres nicely to plastic and resin. in the past i didnt have good results with this product, but tried it again since i found it in the toolbox. you have to make sure its mixed properly to get it to work, it then hardens very good in a miunte in direct sunlight and thereafter and can be scribed like plastic
  3. then the fuselage was carfully closed up to keep everything aligned
  4. the tub was now glued to the stbd side of the fuselage, as was the (reworked) tailpipe
  5. i hope all of the people i sent the decals and masks have now gotten theirs. just shoot me a short PM with "got it". if not, just let me know too, i wll send out another set for free. You can get spares for only shipping too. lets see some build pics, pretty please.... 11 of the 18 members have stood by their word to purchase the decals. one member backed down and i can understand that, no hard feelings. 6 members didnt even answer my PM
  6. just wanted to thank the mods for their work, i like it here
  7. i have the decals for the tigermeet, i can go find them next week. they are yours for shipping where do you get the tamiya canopy? i need a f15 c canopy
  8. i used the canpy from the academy kit ( it comed with two). works pretty god after surgery on the spine and leaving it open. my biuild is somewhere on here
  9. very nice work on the exhausts!!
  10. some more paint, decals and a wash
  11. my wife is working as a therapist and psychatric nurse and is confonted with all kinds of abuse. you wouldnt believe how high the percentage of kids is that have to go through this. its not only poverty, some of the young minds are just cruely distroyed - and this shows in later life. therapy is the only way to get out, its not always a matter of chioce what you get into. ....and i do not defend what these idiots did. i would sentence them to a day in the week where they would have to help rebuild the model railway, as long as it may take - maybe the hobby grows on them....
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