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  1. if its like the buccaneer, which i assume, you get everyhting beside the loadout you want.
  2. same with the phantom for me. i did two testbuilds, but have three more with all the AM
  3. not labor intensitive at all, i just fill the vacpart with carputty i still regret not following my own advice with the A-7 canopy from Chris. i used it for a build and am now stuck with a second kit without canopy...
  4. very nice work, Dan. of very hard to find vacparts i always make a master before i work with them, so i can pull copies if i mess up. these may not be as perfect as Chris┬┤parts, but what good is a perfect part i cant get? i have a flanker kit with all of zactomans parts except the canopy, but haven been able to get my hands on one. i have been in contact with Chris a long time ago, but he wont make any more copies because he sais these are not producible to his standards.....
  5. that interior looks very nice!
  6. sure, i still have tools my grandfather used in the fifties for a wooden helicopter model, as well as scale modelling literature from thet aera. and i still use my badger 150 from 1986, my first airbrush
  7. i cringe when i think of chucks models ending up in the trash more than if mine do but being an archivist has its advantages, so mine get archived, even though not one is perfect
  8. seen my build, Derek? https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/75844-willie-the-whale-finished/ there are a couple of references, if you cant get them, i will be happy to provide scans
  9. x2... very nice cockpit, extremly clean work!
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