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  1. maybe do a „research“ section to pin this kind of thread?
  2. some paint at last some paint at last
  3. mods, is all this still not worth a sticky?
  4. wow, makes me want to start another vac...
  5. i was in contact with them a few months ago (or is it years?) pretty cool stuff, i thought about th skycrane. you can get different strenghts of vacmaterial, even normal sheet if you order it (if i remeber correctly) i ditched the thought because of too many projects.....
  6. thats the same incident? i cant imagine that... very sad
  7. wow - i am a "grand master" only questinon is: of what? it sure isnt my modeling
  8. i built an A out of the hard to find C kit and have another one in the stash. quite like it
  9. amazing work! excuse my ignorance, but would it be possibel to build a US navy seabat from these parts?
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