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  1. i will always love the lines of this aircraft! nice work!
  2. i toyed with the idea of doing a quick "trainig day" build, but stopping in the middle of this may make it even harder to finish it, so i didnt... what slows me a little is that the parts i mastered and Harold cast for me still didnt make it across the pond (not his fault, they were shipped weeks ago) without the seats i cant start the cockpit, without the wheels no landinggear and without prop blades, i cant do the spinners. oh well, maybe they will show up today thanx for all the likes karl
  3. didnt have much mojo lately (but who told me to build a kit where i have to scratch 97% of the parts....) some detail on the tail: stiffeners and the bosses for the position lights
  4. i like it! are you going to do the guided version too?
  5. very nice work are you going to correct the ip angle of the pit?
  6. ...and peace on earth. to you Maru and everyone else happy holidays. Karl
  7. i can relate.... my wife is a nurse. she is not in direct contact, but imagne the people coming into psychiatry these days i could never do that - thanx to all who can and do.
  8. i can add some interest to the fin at least by tilting it to the side....
  9. i had to scratch the rudder itself out of plasticcard and sprue. its just easier to work with
  10. i cant work on the pit because i am still waiting on the seats, so i started to remove the rudder from the fin. there is a pretty prominent crease between the two on the real thing. its hard to get a lean cut on the joined parts, i should have done this before assembling the tail
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