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  1. luckily i found out that quickboost makes resin geardoors. the kit parts are armorplates, much too thick. these are a must since the front door is in prominent view i also worked on the tanks, getting rid of the seams, still have to rescribe
  2. its up on its legs and some weight added behind the pit to prevent a tailsitter
  3. very nice! reminds me a little of my phantom centerline tank turned sampan from way back when.....
  4. if the brass tube runs through the fuselage, how are you getting the exhaust in?
  5. since the ip is a resin part from Harold i had to make it fit anyway, dont know if you can fit the kit part after closing the fuselage, sorry
  6. this is the third model with this technique, but i dont use a clearcoat. i just dont touch it anymore after i finish it
  7. these are modelmaster and gunze metallizers applied with a stiff brush over darker and lighter base. it gives worn look and the decal film disappears completely. sometimes i use some flat clear on certain panels too
  8. just the fit of the stripes could be a problem. i made them one piece, but that didnt work, so i have to print more also the red on yellow are twopart (yellow cut out of yellow paper, red printed on clear) - but i think it works....
  9. how about a tomcat mor topgun group-build?
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