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  1. what model of printer was the cheap one and is it usable?
  2. working on the landinggears, wheels just stuck on
  3. have you tried automotive high build primer? i used that on my Pucará and it worked nicely. you may have to decrease the size of the parts about 0.5mm to incorporate a thick layer if the surface is very rough. lay the piece down on a flat surface and only prime the horizontal surface at one session, high build primer will run off quickly if you tilt the part. you may have to do multiple sessions. the nice part is, its easy to sand off and scribe very cool project, watching closely!
  4. i had the same experience with a minigun for a huey (1/35, even smaller)
  5. i have the "Bordwaffen" und do think i have the photo report i´m outa town this weekend, but will look
  6. well it seems i didnt get it when the kit came out i would habe been 5 then.
  7. does that qualify me as oldfart?
  8. i still remeber the 72 revell kt with the container and the 105mm howitzer....that was 40 years ago....or more?
  9. that would be a must have, sigh the one with the 1.000.000 lb bomb with fuse extender
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