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  1. un-be-lievable! and i am just looking at it with my phone
  2. Hi Dax, yes i forgot to ask you thank you, i think i will live with them as they are now
  3. i saw the pic of the kinetic pit, its not correct regarding the ip angle i will ad some more detail, this is just a construction shot
  4. more work on the pit there are still details missing on the seats
  5. would that be an iron hand loadout?
  6. this is the best modeling i have seen so far, Peter!
  7. added the canopy breakers and some belts, and violá, it looks more like a pucará seat
  8. this box has all kinds of angles and sits at an angle, the lower part of the seat has longer sides
  9. i used a resin pouring block to shape the box-like part
  10. i`m slow, i know there are reasons though, i am reseraching as i go and have lots of problems to solve. take the seats for instance. purchased resin MB Mk 6 from Harold, these are really nice, i thought these should be the same as in the argentinian Mirages... looking at pics of the pit i tried to ignore that they looked completly different. i started to investigate and found out: these are Mk 6, but of the APO-6A subtype. very hard to find pics of them on the net, i was only able to find two that were of use. the main difference is the headrest, so i removed t
  11. thanx Les, that actually helps with the top of the middle coaming what i can immedeately see is that they got the ip angle wrong with the kit
  12. nice work! for your next canopy do yourself a favor and build a vac-box, its so much easier to use
  13. i was working on the main IP, printed some dials on paper, sandwiched some clear sheet inbetween it and the black vinyl cut with the plotter front and rear are pretty similar
  14. work on the pit is slow and exhausting. everything has to be constructed using photos and guesswork. most of the drawings i have are also guesswork
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