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  1. mattlow

    PCM FW 190A-4 follow-on kit....

    Apart from the wing racks, you can get all these components elsewhere (AM or raiding other kits)... So, it depends on how good the racks are? Are they included in any of the Trumpeter Ju 87 boxings? Matt
  2. mattlow

    TA-152 use of Wood Panels

    I think most of the tail is wood. There was also a metal version (differentiate by lack of panel lines on the wooden one). The MW 50 access panel could be wood. Not sure about the landing flaps, we know the D-9 could have wooden landing flaps but they weren't liked and warped under field use... Instrument panel and side consoles could be wood. Maybe the large panel covering the fuel tanks beneath the cockpit. Matt
  3. mattlow

    Artful69's Birthday !

    Happy birthday Rog. Matt
  4. mattlow

    Sets for modellers with wider tastes...

    I'd be very cautious about vacforms... I reckon there are less folk than ever actually willing to do these. If you did, they'd have to be really good, I mean Dynavector good+. Peoples' expectations are much higher these days - though I suppose it depends how many you'd want/expect to sell. I think vehicles would be potentially more lucrative. Things like the Jeep, Austin Tilly, the little fordson (?) tractor that pulls aircraft and ordnance around airfields in WW2, similar equipment for Luftwaffe. I can see the appeal of classic aircraft/car combos, but I think a range of airfield vehicles would have much wider appeal.. whether that floats your boat to actually master and produce is, of course, a different matter... Matt
  5. mattlow

    a debate about the Fw 190A-4

    Yes, do an A-4 from the A-4 kit and an A-5 from the A-5 kit... sorta makes sense... Matt
  6. mattlow

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    Yes, its just a bit of a jumble of CAD bits and bobs.... I think they do no favours to themselves calling it an A-5 and showing this 'hybrid mix' but it shouldn't be considered as representing what they'd put in a box and call an A-5... It's just another placeholder... It's possible that KH needs a big volume selling kit to help fund the more esoteric kits they produce.
  7. mattlow

    1/32 Mk XVIII Tse-Tse Mosquito

    Most of this conversation is from 2010! AFAIK, Paragon hasn't re-emerged from hibernation... always hope.. Matt
  8. mattlow

    Aussie target tug Mustang

    Different Derek Maru.. This Mustang conversion is Derek Buckmaster's work. Interesting project Derek, interesting website as well... Matt
  9. mattlow

    Kinetic 1/24 P-47D Razorback Thunderbolt

    Nice. Great effect. matt
  10. mattlow

    1:32 scale SPAD XIII C.1 of Frank Luke Jnr

    Great build and result. The PDFs on your website are really very useful. Will your other builds feature these or will it just be a feature of subsequent builds? Cheers Matt
  11. mattlow

    Kinetic 1/24 P-47D Razorback Thunderbolt

    Very, very nice... Are you going to show the prop spinning (or whatever those wires power up?) Nice. Matt
  12. Excellent build, you are getting the measure of these WWI kites.... what's next in the Great War theme from you? Matt
  13. mattlow

    USS Missouri Trumpeter 1:200

    Thanks Gigant. Flag stuff is rather interesting. The SC-1 is a great looking aircraft. That's something I'd like to do in 1/32... Matt
  14. mattlow

    USS Missouri Trumpeter 1:200

    Well, never heard of either... live and learn..
  15. mattlow

    Ta 152C-1 W.Nr.110028, Stab JG 301

    A beauty.. Matt