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  1. mattlow

    JaPo KG(J).6 Bf109 Book

    Indeed, and of course, we were talking 74/75 to start with... I think same goes for these colours. Large stockpiles and used extensively until the end if the war - even though those colours were an anathema to camo on the ground. I recall seeing images of complete but undelivered 190s and 109Gs (6, 14 and 10) sat in the two greys. I do wonder if there is a pattern to the use of new vs older colours? To be honest, looking at my 'stock' of 109G-10 images, many if not most of them, be they WNF, ERLA or Regensberg, look like 74/75 - or, more accurately aren't clearly a grey/green combination. Trouble is that 74/75 can be ultra low contrast or pretty high contrast - depending on both the actual paint and the conditions of the photograph and when/how/conditions of light it was taken in... If you have a colour photograph from the period and you can see green/greens it is likely that machines in that production run would also exhibit that/those green/greens. Other than that it is mainly educated interpretation and more that a little guesswork. Matt
  2. mattlow

    JaPo KG(J).6 Bf109 Book

    It's a fascinating subject and one that will probably never be fully resolved (and that's nice in a way.. that there are known unknowns (as Donald Rumsfeld would say). When we're invited to detail the mechanics of the machine to the umpteenth degree of accuracy and fidelity and then find that we don't really know what colour it was painted it can be frustrating, especially when there are 'packs' of experten who'll likely pull your interpretation to pieces whatever way you interpret a scheme. I like JaPo's work because they try to take an overview of the visual evidence, the historical context and make intelligent propositions (remember, these are propositions, not statements of undeniable fact). So 81 and 82 are references to a concept of two shades of green that were designed to fulfil the need for ground camouflage that was seen as greater than the need for aerial camouflage. Most extreme examples being ERLA's G-10s and K-4s that appear either a single or two (very low contrast) darkish greens, many with possibly no camoflage on their lower surfaces at all (no paint except on wooden/fabric/steel parts and putty in joints). Makes sense really. Then between the above and the 'classic' air superiority 74/75/76 lies a range of possible variation as a result of de-centralisation of the industry, a massive rebuild/refurb operation (the Australian 'G-6' being a classic) and a lot of experimentation at unit level. That said, one of JaPo's strengths has been identifying the 'traits' of various factory's colours and patterns and using them to identify the origin of individual aircraft - so the variation is underlain by a high degree of standardisation within any given manufacturer and their associated sub contractors. I agree that 70/71 is often seen as not sexy enough for those late war machines (I still have a twinge of that when considering the camo on a Do 335 or Ar 234 - high tech machine needs cool late war colours.. ). But those bomber factories didn't just shut down, they stopped making bombers and started (or expanded) their fighter production - so fighter assembly + lots of 70/71 is highly likely... and good quality paint (probably significantly better than the new paints) just wasn't going to be shelved. I wouldn't attribute 'school boy' errors to JaPo. I have the MMP book and it is nice but seems to rely on second hand data/evidence (most of the images are off the internet). It is not as scholarly as JaPo's work it even talks about RLM84 which isn't a listed RLM paint code, let alone a recorded colour. Not sure where I was going with this really..? I suppose I wanted to say that if you're seeking certainty Luftwaffe is usually going to disappoint. If you want to have to work hard and make some of your own calls on camo then the Luftwaffe, especially late war, is a joy.. Matt
  3. That's a nice idea John. Very often see just the lower cowl cracked open.. Matt
  4. mattlow

    Interesting Bf 109D relic colors

    I think some of those profiles are available as decals from BarracudaCals in '48th and '32nd... I thought 74/75 for the two main colours on the tail... Matt
  5. mattlow

    Fw 190D-11

    Excellent. Matt
  6. mattlow

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    Hannants have a 10% pre-order discount which must help... no idea what their postage to the US of A is... Also, I suspect that if you order direct from CSM using VISA you are protected by their guarantees...? Matt
  7. mattlow

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    Thanks Petrov27. Very WNW PE offering.... of course not a bad thing. I like the combination of film (though looks thicker than what I'd call film) and the little PE frame.. should work nicely. Matt
  8. mattlow

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    I suppose we'll see the contents soon enough, but I haven't seen any images of whatever the PE included comprises? PE is still mentioned on the CSM website today, but I've never seen it portrayed. I'm very glad to see another high quality manufacturer join WNW in mining the rich seams of WWI subjects out there. These two could keep going for years and not tread on each other's toes. May they both continue to supply top notch 1/32 kits. Matt
  9. Very nice 388 Wouter! All that effort has really paid off. Matt
  10. Iain, shame you won't be there... I shall have something ready (barring disasters)... #1 Phartycr0c Tornado GR4 Op Telic #2 Phartycr0c Tornado F3 11 Sqdn #3 Phartycr0c EE Lightning F3 29 Sqdn #4 Phartycr0c Harrier GR7 #5 Phartycr0c Mosquito HK #6 Phartycr0c Hawker Hurricane 2B #7 Phartycr0c BAE display Hawk #8 Phartycr0c BAE display Hawk #9 Phartycr0c Lancaster? #10 Phartycr0c Tiger Moth trainer #11 Radders Lockheed Hudson 'Tigger Vac' #12 Radders Harrier GR.3 Revell kit converted. #13 Mike Tayt 1/24 scale Typhoon (Bubble Top) #14 Mike Tayt 1/24 scale Mosquito #15 Mike Tayt 1/24 scale Spitfire Mk V (Europe) #16 Mike Tayt 1/32 scale Hurricane Mk1 (Malta) #17 Mike Tayt 1/32 scale Hawker Hunter (RAE) #18 RoyBoy 1/24 scale Spitfire Mk V (Desert) #19 RoyBoy 1/24 scale Hurricane Mk IID (Desert) #20 RoyBoy 1/24 scale Typhoon (Car Door) #21 RoyBoy 1/32 scale B -17 Mk II 100 Group (Special Mission) #22 RoyBoy 1/32 scale Tornado GR1 (RAE) #23 RoyBoy 1/32 Meteor T7 #24 RoyBoy 1/32 scale Westland Lysander. #25 Lothar Bristol Fighter (Post War) #26 Phartycr0c 1/32 Spitfire Mkv (1944) #27 Lothar Bristol F.2.B #28 Mozart Avro Anson #29 Mozart Fairchild Cornell #30 Mozart Harvard #31 Elric Spitfire Mk XI pink [done] #32 Elric Spitfire Mk IX beer run [done] #33 Elric Spitfire Mk XVI [done] #34 Elric Wessex Hc2 18 Sqn [in progress] #35 Elric Hawker Fury I or II #36 Elric Harrier Gr3 #37 TomProbert Handley Page Halifax #38 MikeC Hawk T1 ETPS #39 Matt Low Hawker Hunter F Mk5 Suez WP130 Matt
  11. mattlow

    Sea King GIIC fast revieuw 1/32 (1/38)

    Yep, that's what I meant . The New Ray has been used to create a resin kit... The detail's not bad, just a shame about the scale... Matt
  12. mattlow

    Sea King GIIC fast revieuw 1/32 (1/38)

    I recall a toy-like Sea King, sold as a model railway prop or similar. I wonder if this is a detailed up version of that? Maybe by Newray (saw one on eBay once)... Aha... an interesting article... https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/s62-32/s62-1.htm Matt
  13. mattlow

    PCM FW 190A-4 follow-on kit....

    Apart from the wing racks, you can get all these components elsewhere (AM or raiding other kits)... So, it depends on how good the racks are? Are they included in any of the Trumpeter Ju 87 boxings? Matt
  14. mattlow

    TA-152 use of Wood Panels

    I think most of the tail is wood. There was also a metal version (differentiate by lack of panel lines on the wooden one). The MW 50 access panel could be wood. Not sure about the landing flaps, we know the D-9 could have wooden landing flaps but they weren't liked and warped under field use... Instrument panel and side consoles could be wood. Maybe the large panel covering the fuel tanks beneath the cockpit. Matt