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  1. Azgaron

    20th Aussieversary Hornet

    Nice looking intakes! Håkan
  2. Azgaron

    CF-18 color bird

    Very nice paint job! Håkan
  3. Nice work with the primer and nice looking missiles! Håkan
  4. Azgaron

    1/32 Intruder A

    Looking good! Don't overheat your compressor! Håkan
  5. Azgaron

    Yet another HK Lancaster

    Nice work with the turrets and tail surfaces! Håkan
  6. Azgaron

    P-38J Lightning - Revell 1/32

    Thanks Tim and Alain! I have to see if I can find that info somewhere. Could work! I'll see what I do and how it turns out! Håkan
  7. Azgaron

    Revell 1/32 Lockheed P-38J Lightning

    Nice choice and good start! Håkan
  8. Azgaron

    20th Aussieversary Hornet

    Looks interesting! Good luck with the build! Håkan
  9. Azgaron

    Bf 110E-3/trop 2.(H)/14 North Africa

    Nice work! Those dials looks great! Håkan
  10. Azgaron

    P-38J Lightning - Revell 1/32

    I managed to figure out that the compressiblity flaps appeared on the J version and that L flew during D-day. The rockets on the "christmas tree" was introduced with the L version, but I'm not sure if they where used during the invasion. Håkan
  11. Azgaron

    1/32 Intruder A

    Looking good! Awaiting paint! Håkan
  12. Azgaron

    CF-18 color bird

    Nice work and interesting masking method! Looks great! Have to try that method some time! Håkan
  13. Azgaron

    Tamiya F-15E

    Nice work filling that slope! Håkan
  14. Azgaron

    P-38J Lightning - Revell 1/32

    All "bottoms" done. Just the actuators and lids left to finish. Thinking a bit on how to handle the main wells. Adding stuff to an empty wheel bay would have been easier. Now I need to remove or hide what Revell have done and make new and hopefully better looking plumbing. The alternative is to just add a few cables and paint the rest as it is. I think the hinges need some attention as well. Either thinning them down, or make something a bit more like the real thing (if I can). A few other things I need to figure is loadout for D-day, compressibility dive flaps, fixed pylons, landing light position. Håkan