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  1. Azgaron

    P-38 Lightning, Revell 1/32

    Not much built now with X-mas day coming full speed ahead! Got myself som Blue Stuff and putty and had to test it. Making the mold was fairly easy, and it looked like this. Just put in hot water for about 3 minutes and the press the part to be molded in it. Let cool a bit and then do the top half. The putty/clay was pretty stiff, sticky and hard to work with, but using water to make it let go of your fingers, helped. After hardening over night, I took out the new part. Test fit after cleaning it up a bit. I think it turned out good enough to be used, and I'll will try to make new propeller blades with it later. HÃ¥kan
  2. Azgaron

    Revell F-15E built as a JASDF Aggressor

    Looking good! HÃ¥kan
  3. Nice radiator grill. HÃ¥kan
  4. Very nice work so far! HÃ¥kan
  5. Azgaron

    Beaufighter 252 Squadron 1942

    Looking good! HÃ¥kan
  6. Azgaron

    56 squadron Typhoon 1B (Revell)

    Very nice paint job! HÃ¥kan
  7. Azgaron

    Hasegawa F6F-3/5 Hellcat...

    Looking good! HÃ¥kan
  8. Azgaron

    CF-104 - Hasegawa

    Looks very nice! HÃ¥kan
  9. Azgaron

    Fieseler Storch in Swiss service

    Very nice work! Looks beautiful! HÃ¥kan
  10. Azgaron

    jack's JACK is Done...what color is that spinner?

    Nice work so far! HÃ¥kan
  11. Azgaron

    Hasegawa P-51D Sveedish J 26

    Nice work! HÃ¥kan
  12. Azgaron

    1/32 hasegawa oscar

    Nice work! Good looking IP! HÃ¥kan
  13. Azgaron

    Gee Bee R-1 & R2. Why make it simple, when ...?

    Nice framework! HÃ¥kan
  14. Azgaron

    Hasegawa P-51D Sveedish J 26

    Lovely, a Swedish Mustang! HÃ¥kan