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  1. It was a bit fiddly to get the fuselage together. For some reason I installed the canards according to the instruction. It didn't take long before they broke off, one after the other. I have to put them in a proper angle later. Usually they're tilted forward according to many of the pics I've seen. I've assembled the engine, nose and radar dish. Not sure if I'm going to expose the engine or the radar, even if the nose has a hinge to make it movable. I've also started re-scribing the wing halves. A bit hard to see in the pic though. Not many panel lines to re-scribe, which makes it fairly easy. I have some filling and sanding to do on the fuselage, then I'll glue the wings. I just hope the small stubbs on the body is enough, even if the contact area is pretty large. Håkan
  2. Very nice looking main gears! Håkan
  3. Looks very cool in black! Håkan
  4. I did a wash and some dirtying up (very little) of the cockpit. I noticed I missed a little when trimming the decals. I'll sort that asap. Other than that I think I'll consider the cockpit done and will start putting the fuselage together. There are two decals for the black side panels, that I'm considering as there's no detail to pick out with dry brushing. Or just leave them black as they are. Speaking of decals, I've decided not to use the kit ones. Instead I'm considering a set for the BoB paint scheme. Could look nice I think. Håkan
  5. Looks like a nice kit with lots of extras to go! Håkan
  6. Very nice looking missiles! Håkan
  7. I've been doing some work since last time. First the seat got some paint and the cockpit tub got re-painted. No pics on that though. Then I improved the kit control stick somehat (hopefully). I made some rudders and glued into place. The stick got some paint. Perhaps a tad big, but I can live with that. Instrument panel painted i grey. Then I added some detail paint in black and added the instrument decals. Lastly I did a quick test fit of the cockpit parts. Wash and some dirt and it'll look a lot better than it did from the start. Håkan
  8. Very nice work! Looks great with the figures in the seats! Håkan
  9. Very nice work! It looks awesome! Take care and get better soon! Håkan
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