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  1. Thanks for the interesting video Alain! Håkan
  2. Thank you Alain! I've heard about that too, so it could be possible. Think I'm sticking with what I've done. Can do it differently on another kit. Håkan
  3. Thanks guys! Interesting info! Should be no greater problem repainting the bays in aluminium. I finished detailing the engine with some bits of plastic rod. I then painted the engine in the suggested mix of black and steel. It looked to bright to my taste, and I did a black wash on some parts. I repainted some parts with a darker mix. Which I think looked much better. It turned out that the "black" colour in the set, actually was a very dark metal. Perhaps I should have used that one instead, but I'll leave it as it is as it creates a bit of contrast. The guns also got some metallic paint. Next I'll assemble the engine, and then I'll decide if I'll repaint the engine bay before mounting the engine. Håkan
  4. Looks very nice! Good luck with the build! Håkan
  5. A few wires added to the engine couldn't hurt, right? While that is setting, I painted some parts in RLM02. Need to touch some spots a bit. Lastly I assembled some bombs and pylons. Next I'll sort the other ends of the wires and paint the engine. Håkan
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