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  1. Thanks for all your time and dedication Kev! Wish you all the best! Håkan
  2. Thank you Dutik and Gaz! Yes, I also think it's the same molds. I have a Frog A8 kit, also same kit but horrible green plastic! After some glueing and holding. puttying and sanding, the wings looks a lot better! Hard place to sand and some rivets lost, but I'm not gonna bother very much. I added a pair of plastic rods in the wheel wells. With some colour and some imagination it can be mistaken for gun barrels! Soon time to mask the canopy and check which other parts that needs to go on before primer and paint. Håkan
  3. Very nice work with the small switches and hinges! Håkan
  4. Thank you Nick! At that time I mostly built cars and Tamiya tanks and figures! Not even sure if those kits were available here at that time. Back then I only built one kit at the time! Håkan
  5. The wings doesn't fit well against the root. I test fitted the wings and it looks like this. It's a little better on the underside. I tried to push wings and root together, and sure it closed the gap, but it also tilted the body and made it near impossible to close the gap on the other side. So I took some plastic sheet and inserted, and then glued and pushed both sides together. It became better, but I think some more plastic shims might be needed. I'll do that next and then shape them right and fill the rest with putty. Håkan
  6. A few other builds had my stray away from this one a while! Now I've finally mounted the engine and exhaust pipes into the fuselage. Not perfect fit, and perhaps I could have mounted the exhaust pipes before I mounted the engine, and also mounted the rear engine part to the brakets. I then put the cover in place and glued the guns. My plan is to have the covers removable, and maybe even cut the lids open. I've started planning how to best get the wings in place. The instructions says to glue the lower part first, insert gears and then glue the upper parts. I've checked and it seems possible to insert the gear legs afterwards and I hope it works if I assemble the wing parts first before glueing them to the body. Håkan
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