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  1. Only did that once with my HB P-61 with resin props, interior, turrets, nose, wheels, and all brass barrels, and a few decal sets. BUT NO PE! I also did it with my Trumpy Mig 15 and 17, but considering these kits go for $15, its hard NOT to spend more on a single item.
  2. I have been looking for a deep cabinet for a while, at least 28”, but I have not found any yet. My only solution is to custom build, but my lazy butt has not gotten around to it yet.
  3. Just to be clear, I am not bashing, defending, or condoning anything, I just happened to see the notice on his website and passed it along, nothing more, nothing less.
  4. Here is an update on his site, as of May 25, 2019. https://www.civilizedmodels.com/single-post/2019/05/25/Civilizedmodelscom-Project-Update Civilizedmodels.com Project Update... May 25, 2019 | Civilized Models Well I hope everyone is having a good weekend and taking a minute or two to remember our fallen.... Here is the project update and maybe a little bit more then that...I am inlcuding a list of out standing models as of the most recent sold list per the shopping cart on the website. I will say i am not perfect so the count could be off a kit or two in total. I am listing the kit in scale and in one name that will cover all of the options for the kit in total. I will give status as to where it is and when i think it will get done give or take as i am not good at pinpointing these things. I will say that if you bought it you will get it. A lot of the delays are based on a few issues in regards to particular planes but the funds diverted to fix issues has taken from everything else and truth be told money moves the projects.I do pre orders to get a feel for a project and what kind of support the project will get. You can judge for yourself the support, I am doing everything i can to move the projects in hopes that they might pick up steam when completed, but im finding that the market is really little, as i have chosen not to push with advertising or reviews because i always have been behind, but with the changes i am making the kits will be done before i push so maybe that will be better. Im not sure most of you know what it takes to put out a kit at what i consider a high level but trust me its a lot to do by yourself. I thank all of you for your support and understanding and I hope it continues. I feel it is time to lay everything on the line and just let it be what it is. There are a lot of things i am pushing to get done and almost all of it requires help. So here is the list of outstanding orders including pre orders... 1/72 Pond 6 1/48 Pond 5 1/32 Pond 7 1/72 Tsunami 15 1/48 Tsunami 17 1/32 Tsunami 7 1/32 Foxy Early 13 1/32 Foxy Late 6 1/72 Sorceress 4 1/48 Sorceress 3 1/32 Sorceress 2 1/48 Voodoo 4 1/32 Glasair 2 1/48 Super Corsair 13 1/48 Dreadnought 5 Egg 2 1/48 Strega 5 1/48 Dago 2 1/48 T-20 2 1/48 FB11 2 1/48 Critical mass/ BMB 5 1/48 Furias 3 1/48 Sept Fury 3 1/72 GBZ 9 1/48 GBZ 7 Now there are some 72nd sclae racers as well but those are either ready to go or being finished up as they are mostly attached to orders that include items that are not ready yet. As you can see not a ton of interest and i took it upon myself to slow things down and focus on getting caught up. I did take on a job to help with the expenses as most of the kits havent covered the cost to cast them let alone my time for making the masters or packaging or resin but it is what it is, i comitted and they will get done..I am moving as fast as money will let me move... but none the less I wanted to touch base and let eveyone know whats going on...but i hope that you all can understand i am not trying to drag this out im trying to get us all squared up and like i have always said just call me if you have questions. Ok enough of the fun stuff here is the status on the projects Pond/Tsunami/Sorceress: All of the files are getting close to being done and then i can move on to getting the gear done at SAC and send the canopies off to Falcon in NZ I will get an artist update around the 1st 1/32 Foxy ( Both): The landing gear is real expensive and so is the decals and packaging...Its a real large kit I have to buy a large quanity of these things to get a break and I am getting closer to having them done...I have been close but i am trying to put together capitol I dont think it will be much longer. All of the new 1/48th sclale racers FB-11 and T-20 : These are both ready to start casting...Just need gear and packaging oh and orders...lol All the Furies: are ready for rubber: I need to put together capitol to finish them up also most of the common accessories are ready to go Stangs and Corsair: Ready for rubber need gear and packaging... Everything is moving in the right direction. I am pushing very hard to get this stuff done and out as fast as i can. The goal is to get most of ths done and out of here by the end of July... a lot of it sooner then that as I can, now July is in total and im not sure about Tsunami and pond as i am not in contrl of it but they are moving. They still need printing and a lot of other stuff..I am thinking that by the time that happens i will be free of all the other kits and be able to focus on them getting finished... Im busy working to put together the money i need to get all the things i am going to need to get all of this out of here... So there it is...it may not be what you want to hear but its where i am at...I am the closest i have been to getting caught up as i have been behind since day one. If there is anything that is on this list that you may want then please let me know because the sooner i get some capitol together the sooner this all gets finished and we can move on to new and exciting things... Im not trying to piss people off, im not tryig to make excuses I am just trying to put us all on the same page. I have removed most everything off the website and I can say that most of the 1//72 scale stuff wont be back. If you have something on order it will get to you but i have pulled everything down to focus on getting current. I wont do anymore preorders. I will only do 50 of anything from here out and there are others that were on this list with no support that are now scrubbed... Its about a clean slate for me and i want you all to be secure and comfortable ordering from me in the future... Have a great rest of the weekend. If you have questions please feel free to call or text or email me tomorrow...I am going to go to work now.... Gary 714 341 8721 gary@civilizedmodels.com
  5. Check out the links below in my sig, the P-40, 109, P-51A, Ki-84, and F4U were all Montex masks, I personally prefer to put down the base color first, usually white, then paint the outermost color of the marking, apply the outer mask, then paint the model, this gives the best results for me. The type of marking and background color can make a difference, also, if you are using chipping fluid, that can affect the order.
  6. Oh no, that’s only some! Not in the picture is a Hasegawa/Grey Matter P-40L in the same state, a lightly started Trump P-40F (8 in progress), a completed P-40B, and I have three more in the stash, and I sold off 6 more! I think I had 16 or 17 at one time!
  7. Here is an idea, make the batteries like a flashlight tube, all four in a row, then make them removable from the tailpipe. use a 2 pin molex connector at the end so it can be unplugged (cut off the retaining tang), and the whole shebang is attached to the stand. You can buy styrene tube in large enough diameter to put AA or AAA batteries inside.
  8. A method is to get a sheet of masking material (Tamiya) and apply the decal to it, then cut with a hobby knife. For insignia and letters, you can purchase those from companies like Maketar and DN models.
  9. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Palmdale
  10. Those are unmanned target drones, so I imagine it had something to do with that. I don’t think it was fuel, those tanks are too small, not worth effort to fill them with fuel. I am guessing it had something to do with remote control.
  11. I believe this version also includes an extended forward fuselage with a non-recce nose cone.
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