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  1. First of all I wanted to thank everyone who has ordered a Quinta Studios set (or anything else) from my store, www.hobbynutmodels.com , the amount of these I ship is just staggering, I typically sell out half my restock order every time I order. My goal is to stock the entire lineup, as well as the matching kits (proving much more difficult to get ahold of), so Ill keep sharing new releases and try to keep everyone updated with stock levels. Don't forget to check out the 1/48 offerings as well! Also, I just wanted to remind you I carry the full range and I usually stock everything
  2. And #32046 for the Trumpeter kit... https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/products/1-32-quinta-studio-bf-109g-10-3d-printed-interior-for-trumpeter-32046
  3. Set #32045 for the Revell Kit... https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/products/1-32-quinta-studio-bf-109g-10-3d-printed-interior-for-revell-32045
  4. BF-109G6 by Quinta Studios for 1/32 Revell and a teaser of new sets coming! www.hobbynutmodels.com https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/collections/3d-print-detail/products/1-32-quinta-studio-bf-109g-6-3d-printed-interior-for-revell-32029
  5. Updated Quinta Stock List. I just got a new order in this evening, looking pretty good on stock now. I'm still waiting on the A6M5 sets, they will be here in a couple weeks. I also have many of the matching kits to these sets, check them out. Quinta sets at HobbyNut Models.com 1/32 A-10A 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Trumpeter kit) QD32008 1/32 F-16C 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Academy kit) QD32021 1/32 F-16D 3D-Printed & coloured Interior (fo
  6. I really do want you guys to let me know if there is a problem, unfortunately, if the cart is giving you an issue, that is bad for me. I would like to get it fixed when there is a problem. A screenshot of the error message emailed to me would help greatly!
  7. Bill, please give me a call so we can figure this out, I have a preorder for this already so it should be letting you checkout as long as you are in the US or Canada.
  8. Thank you for letting me know there was a problem. I went and ran through an order for myself and actually paying with my credit card using Safari on my iPad, and I was able to complete an order all the way (yes, i just bought myself a Quinta set!) Since it did work just fine this morning, I suspect there was an issue that was temporary through the payment company. My cart goes through a 3rd party secure payment service, so my website is completely separate from the payment part, I suspect there was an issue yesterday and it was resolved today. Could have something to do with apple pushing thr
  9. Yes, I actually have a couple on order right now.
  10. From HobbyNut Models QUINTA A6M5 (MITSUBISHI) 3D-INTERIOR (FOR TAMIYA) 32026
  11. From HobbyNut Models QUINTA A6M5 (NAKAJIMA) 3D-INTERIOR (FOR TAMIYA) 32027
  12. Get from HobbyNut Models 1/32 QUINTA STUDIO F-16I 3D-INTERIOR (ACADEMY) QD32031
  13. New from Quinta Studios in 1/32 scale! Available from HobbyNut Models Meng Me163B QD32017
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