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  1. I have been patiently waiting since August, I already bought their decals, now I just need the nesher parts.
  2. Did you use water and a brush, or did you poke at it with a toothpick?
  3. I would like to see Doogs respond here then, as I believe he uses the salt method. edit: I just watched his “P-47 Build Log 03”, I stand corrected, it appears that is you do work at it hard enough, it will chip. Good to know.
  4. Yes, I just opened the two trumpeter Mig-15’s I had to build, sprues sealed in bags. As I was sanding the wing to fit the first one, I noticed it was not even close to fitting The fuselage, then I noticed it had three wing fences. ??? Wait a minute, it’s a Mig-17 wing! I opened the second box, it had the correct Mig-15 wing in it. I went to my stash closet and pulled out the Mig-17 I had, guess what, it had the correct wing for a Mig-17. So, somehow, this kit shipped new with Mig-15 fuselage, and Mig-17 wings. The rest of the parts were common sprues. As these kits are currently selling for $16.99 each, it’s not worth the effort to try to fix it. Unless I can find someone with a Mig 15 wing or Mig 17 fuselage, I’m just going to let it be a spray test model. also, I forgot about the dragon Bf-109E4 I bought, it had every decal dragon made for every version, that kit had E3, E4, E4B, and E-7trop sheets. Cool bonus, but the wheel well inserts were crumbled to dust.
  5. I’m not sure how you can even chip a lacquer, the whole point of hairspray chipping, is that the hairspray mixes with the acrylic and creates a weak top coat that can be washed away with water. That is why you need to clear coat acrylic after. I would love to have someone prove me wrong, but I had not seen lacquer chipped this way. I have seen people use masking fluid, salt, and “other” things to aid in removing lacquer after painting.
  6. Very nice paint, love the oil staining!
  7. Best bet would be to try something you can remove if not happy.
  8. Debonder is basically acetone, don’t use it, like Ryan said, try twisting until it snaps loose?
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