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  1. Here is the simple math, 1/32 kits don’t sell as well as smaller scale, and the larger scales cost more to produce because of higher detail needed. Also fewer kits mean higher cost, and less sales. We have to accept that there will never be some kits produced in this scale, we can only hope someone sees a need for Raptor in. This scale. Personally, I have always wanted a Val or Kate, but still nothing.
  2. Wow, this kit is Revell’s worst effort in a while, you are a saint for tackling this kit.
  3. The first round of these sold out in a the US, I’m waiting for the next ones to hit the US.
  4. I believe they are just water slide decals, not wet transfers. I have a couple sets and they are definitely water slide decals
  5. For anyone in doubt about these, check out my F4U-1D build, only 3 decals on the whole plane, everything else was paint and HGW transfers.
  6. I just got my F-16 transfers yesterday, looks like im ordering some more now! Thank you for these sets! They are more work than decals, but give far superior results.
  7. I have only ever found 2 K’s for sale, and I bought them both. It would be nice. But honestly, someone needs to retool these kit, the amount of filling that needs to be done and detail lost all over the Hasegawa kits is terrible. It would be nice if Hasegawa retooled the E, K, and N fuselage. There is a good business case, as this is the most sought after, and will continue to be for years to come.
  8. I almost forgot, another option is to find someone with leftover N canopy parts, and combine them with an M. The M’s are a little easier to find since they were not as popular. And with the odds that someone built an Early N with the Eduard kit are about 50/50, so you should be able to find a canopy cheap or free.
  9. That’s a false in-stock. You can make an early N out of the M kit. They came out of the plant with 4 wing guns, but all were field modified back to 6. The very late N’s were given the new high visibility canopy, but the early ones had much more interesting paint schemes. I have a P-40M I’m willing to sell if you are interested. I have build a few, so I don’t really need the last one.
  10. You might want to look for some generic decals, as finding the old out of production MIG-15 sets are getting very difficult. CAM 32-A029 Russian stars decals
  11. Holy flippin Sea Dragons! We are truly entering a new era of modelling. Pretty soon we will be printing our own kits!
  12. Great job so far! Ferry, before you get too far in, check the fit of the radios and if they interfere with the rear canopy, the Eduard PE is taller and may cause them to hit the insides.
  13. Be patient, there is already talk of clear resin turrets within the next two months, i cant tell you the source, but I have heard from two separate respectable sources that they will be announced in the next 30-60 days..
  14. Lol, that definitely varies on my end. When I came back to the hobby in 2016, i completed 8 kits, in 2017...12 kits, 2018...7 (but have 11 started), so far in 2019 I have completed 2 armor kit, and have 11 I’m working on, soon to start the Beaufighter too. But this year is on track for finishing at least 14. Although I do take in more than I build, my stash is leveling off, since my bucket list of kits in nearly full, except for new kits coming out.
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