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  1. 1to1scale

    On the Road Repair Kit for Contest Models

    the last contest i did was just CA glue and a small screwdriver. If anymore damage, I would have withdrawn.
  2. 1to1scale

    Nichimo 1/20 Cessna 172

    In my opinion, if there is an emotional bond, then build it. If not keep it for resale later. You probably paid a little too much if its an investment to resell it right away. I have recently see a few sell for $125 to $175, but not on ebay. As the supply slowly dries up, it will go up in value, just make sure its sealed and preserved.
  3. 1to1scale

    Tamiya 60325: F4U-1A Corsair

    I used three of the decals from the 1D kit, before I scrapped the idea and bought aftermarket and masks. Tamiya for some unexplainable reason makes horrible decals, and being newer decals does not matter, they all suck. If you buy a Tamiya Corsair, plan on buying decals. The rest of the kit is beautiful.
  4. 1to1scale

    New bridge or big Voodoo?

    My interpretation looking at the pics, I think 5hey are bringing a 1/32 Voodoo to Chattanooga next year. Yup, I will buy one.
  5. 1to1scale

    Omani Hunter

    Looking great, you have proven that you dont need PE to make a nice cockpit.
  6. 1to1scale

    You ever have a ebay night you regret?

    I don’t usually bid on that many items...I have no excuse, I wasn’t even drinking.
  7. 1to1scale

    You ever have a ebay night you regret?

    I’ll spill my secret....I actually have a plan. This is why I have been buying up as many P-40s as i can. My next build is actually going to be a production line, I am building 3 x P-40Es, 2 x P-40Ks, 2 P-40Ns, and 2 P-40B/Cs. I’m planning on doing a model and country from all theaters of the war, I even am considering doing a Turkish and Canadian P-40 too. I’m doing them all simultaneously, since all but 2 are Hasegawa, I should be able to address any build issues efficiently. Most will be OOB, except for a few pieces of PE and resin. I plan to also do a similar FW-190 production line, building a 1, 3, 5, 7, A8, F8, D9, and a D-13, although these will have more AM bits. This is not the first time I have done a project like this, I built 4 1/72 FW-190’s and and a BF-109 at the same time. Then I did 6 1/72 Japanese aircraft at the same time. I found that I can build 3-4 times as fast when I build this way, and keep the quality up.
  8. 1to1scale

    You ever have a ebay night you regret?

    I got another P-40E, that makes 4 or 5 now, not sure, have to see what shows up at the door! Plus I got high bids on another P-40E, an FW-190A5, N1K2, a Sturmtiger, and a miniart building. Not to mention the two or three P-40s I bought that are in the mail, plus a Trump MiG 21. My stash is rapidly approaching 150 1/32 aircraft kits, not counting the 50 or so 1/35 kits. I think I have a problem.
  9. Last night I was cruising eBay, and I kept finding kits I wanted for a very good starting bid, well, this morning I am the winning 5 auctions right now, and just paid for another one an hour ago....this may get expensive....
  10. I mixed my own from Tamiya These are some popular paint mixes for Tamiya paints, the one I used is in the middle, it looked the most right to me, with a slight sun fading, the one on the left would be appropriate for a highly faded GSB, on the right, just looked to blackish, without the Blue tint to it. I also tested several stock paints, but none looked very GSB. A lot of people like the Model Master, but I felt it looked more appropriate to Korean War. Here is my build thread
  11. 1to1scale


    Funny thing, I still have your white and black swastikas, as well as you rivet decals. Good stuff!
  12. 1to1scale

    Alclad help

    Wutcha bildin’?
  13. 1to1scale

    Coffee Table Display Cabinet for LSP’s

    Yes, unfortunately, you have to build around whats available.
  14. 1to1scale

    Coffee Table Display Cabinet for LSP’s

    I have been looking, but commercial cases are usually 18-20 inched deep. To accommodate a B-17 or Lanc, you need at least 29" deep.
  15. 1to1scale

    Coffee Table Display Cabinet for LSP’s

    I actually found that the cheapest way is to find an IKEA or similar cabinet with a bunch of glass, and build a cabinet using that glass. I am planning a custom display case using cheap IKEA glass.