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  1. Biggest disappointment in the last couple of years was the B-24J from hobby boss, I was one of the very first people to get one, when I opened the box I was so disappointed to see the front turret. I was assured that replacement AM turrets were on the way soon, so I pressed on and scratchbuilt many interior details, added new engines, now, almost 2 years later, still no turrets on the horizon. I wished I had waited for the D model.
  2. Oh come on...trumpeter promised to bring it out this year...you don’t believe them?
  3. Very nice, a model I always wanted, but will never get. Great build.
  4. Mike, I am also coming to the end of my first P-51 build, and i had so much pleasure, i now have 2 more planned. I had very similar issues you did, however I left all features working, I found the fit of all the moveable features working very well, and did not experience some alignment issues some had with a few pieces, but I also understand how tolerances stack, and I just got lucky. As I said, I built my first with ALL of the features working. However, I did have issues with removing the lower cowl and with the ailerons, unfortunately, they both droop down, I may see if I can put a little gl
  5. Typically, Korean War planes varied a bit, but most all had black from the side switch panels up. The bottom of the cockpits were some type of chromate green paint, colors varied by manufacturer a bit. That sky raider looks like everything was black, but usually you would see chipping with green and aluminum showing through. And as t8me went on, they painted the whole cockpit black. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/458010
  6. I still prefer Tamiya as the best acrylic paintFor airbrushing, they are alcohol/water based, so they have some smell (alcohol), but it’s not harmful and it dissipates fast. You CAN brush paint Tamiya, but you will need to add retarder, but you have to get the part coated first time, as it can pull up the dried paint when you brush a second coat. My favorite for brush painting is Vallejo, by far the best I have found.
  7. I would wait, I thought I read that they were going to honor orders before they shut down the ordering. PayPal usually gives you 90 days or more to file a claim, so you might as well wait until the last day, as you will never get that kit for $129 again.
  8. or, how about an RF-4E or F-4G?
  9. It can be fixed to make a nice kit, I did it with my MIG-15. This was just sanding and dry fit, no glue.
  10. This is one of the ones I have been waiting for, I want to do mine in French trainer scheme.
  11. Love it, every once n a while I get the urge to pull this out of the stash.
  12. Don't forget that Trumpeter will announce a new tool Devastator for the 20th year in a row!
  13. So, if I understand correctly, does this mean that any aircraft by NATO or Soviets until 9 November 1989?
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