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  1. Hello everybody , after around two months of fun and little pain I have yesterday finished my next Wingnut Wings model , the Salmson 2 in USAF markings. It was one of the most challenging kits from WnW until now , and the hardest task was the rigging , that gave me more problems then usual du to the complexity of the amount of double flying wires. As usual I used not much aftermarket stuff in the build , the only things are HGW belts and the very good Bob's Buckles eyelets. Without too much words , here comes the pictures , hope you like them. Firs
  2. Hi Jeff , the spoke wheels are made from PE-parts included in the kit in combination with plastik parts. They are not easy to make but the result is worth the time spent on it. Following a comparison betwenn the spoke wheels made with PE-parts and the plastik "alternative" , just made with two plastik parts. And completed : Peter
  3. Hi Jeff , That's really good work , like it very much. The kit is great , I have build it some years ago and it was a lot of fun to do. You have found the right balance in weathering it not too much , this looks very realistic to me. Peter
  4. Hello , It's a longer time now since I have postet my last build here. But finally I have made some pictures of my latest Wingnut build and would like to share it with you for discussion. Maybe it is not one of my best ones but it was a lot of fun to build. It was the first time for me to work with "wood decails" and I must say the quality of those included in the kit was really great. Hope you like the result , if not please let me know your recommendation for making it better next time :). Peter
  5. Hi Mark , The cowling metal effect is painted. First airbrushed with Tamiya X-11 Chrome silver than brush painted with Gunze Mr.Metal Color H211 Chrome silver. Peter
  6. Hello , after more or less one and a half months fun I can now show you the pictures of my next finished Wingnut model. The Jeannin Stahltaube ( steel dove ) was one of the first double seater reconnaissance planes that were used on German side. It was an unarmed plane and the only weapon on board was an automatic Luger pistol carried by the observer. The kit is relatively simple to build , the rigging looks complicated but it is not a big thing to do. I would definitely recommend it also to the WW1 model beginner. Following the picture , I hope you like them.
  7. Hello , This is part two of my Battle of Britain duellist combo which I started with the Messerschmidt Me 109 E-4 of Helmut Wick a month ago : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=71809 The Spitfire Mk.I was build based on the new kit from Revell which is designed as a Mk.IIa. Additional part used were : - Eduard Resin Cockpit - Eduard Resin Wheels - Quickboost Resin Exhaust - Yahu Instrument board - HGW belts - Eagle Parts resin oil cooler - Eduard PE-Exterior - Eduard Cockpit Masks - XtraDecal sheet for the markings of Dundas plane It was an easy and f
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