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  1. R Palimaka

    Travelling to Old Quebec City

    Quebec City is one of my favourite places on this planet. A gorgeous city, with so much going on; a little bit of Europe in North America. You won't have a shortage of things to see and do...or and eat and drink. Plains of Abraham, and the Citadel are worth a visit. The lower city is lovely to walk around. Hmmm...makes me think it's time for a road trip.
  2. Possibly the new Trumpeter MiG-29A, Silver Wings Jak-9, and WNW Sopwith Dolphin. Unless there are some surprises...HK P-51B/C maybe, or Tamiya P-51D late version...
  3. R Palimaka

    Wing Commander Tom Neil

    There can't be many of The Few left? The Wikipedia page said there were eight as of November 2017, I think two have died since, including Tom Neil. The last Pole died a while ago, and I'm not sure if any of the Canadians are still with us. This reminds me of the sadness felt when the last of the First World War pilots were disappearing a couple decades ago. It's difficult for those of us of a certain age, who grew up reading their stories, and meeting and talking to them, to see how few there are now. That direct connection with those incredible and dangerous days is getting thinner. Remarkable men in remarkable times. Richard
  4. R Palimaka

    The slog fest thread where you can talk about anything

    Sooo...where did Jennings go anyway? He threw a grenade into the room and ducked out. Hope he's ok... Richard
  5. R Palimaka

    1/32 or 1/35 WWII Refuelling Trucks

    What about the RAF?
  6. R Palimaka

    JJ-5 to MiG-15UTI

    Oops...sorry Kagemusha!! The link I posted is the same as the one you provided! Richard
  7. R Palimaka

    JJ-5 to MiG-15UTI

    The JJ-5 is a derivative of the MiG-17, so there are some differences, the MiG-17 has a longer fuselage, and more wing sweep. I once saw a conversion done by a modeller who took the cockpit area of the Trumpeter JJ-5 and grafted it onto a Trumpeter MiG-15. It turned out to look good, and not really too much work. I bought both kits at a model show here for $30 combined, so I'm not too afraid to start cutting. That's my next project once I finish that 1/24 Mustang IV...eventually. Found the link: https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/mig17-32/mig17.htm Hope it still works for you. Richard
  8. R Palimaka

    D-Day June 6 1944

    A remarkable colour photo from a series taken on Juno Beach that day seventy-four years ago, from the National Archives in Ottawa. I believe it shows the 7th Brigade area, Mike-Green beach and the Canadian Scottish Regiment and Royal Winnipeg Rifles landing just west of Courselles-sur-Mer.
  9. As an added treat there is a USMC Harrier at the end, well, for a couple of seconds. Hmmm....don't normally build jets, but... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcS_NfZ8Hsg
  10. R Palimaka

    USAAF pilots/crew figures for PTO

    ...or a glut of Luftwaffe. Seems like you can get everything down to a Luftwaffe payroll clerk, or a self-propelled Bavarian espresso maker signed by Hans Ulrich Rudel...but an RAF engine mechanic, or Second World War Fleet Air Arm pilot, or an RAF tractor...nope. And yes, with some of the subjects released lately, some USAAF PTO pilots and crew, and ground equipment would be very helpful. 1950s stuff would be nice too. I guess it's a matter of economics and demand, and support from us, but there are lots of holes in the selection of figures. I suppose it's also not our money being invested in creating molds and manufacturing. Figure painting is a different skill, but they do add a lot to a model and bring them alive. Richard
  11. R Palimaka

    Not another Mustang!

    What a difference! She looks great, and I love what you've done with the wings. Looking forward to the finish...as I'm sure you must be. Richard
  12. R Palimaka

    Memorial Day

    Thanks Iain for the photos of the Hethel chapel. My father was at Hethel after it was handed over to the RAF, he was with 303 Kosciuszko (Polish) Squadron on Mustangs. The Squadron was disbanded from there. It's one of the only airfields Dad was at that I haven't had a chance to visit. Possibly this year... Richard
  13. A few more... And a nice memento of a master scratch-builder gone too soon. A 1/24 Gloster Gamecock by the late Ron Lowry.
  14. Just some photos of the LSP entries that were still there during the award presentations. Quick snaps with my phone, sorry for the quality.