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  1. Very cool project with lots of extras! This will be fun to follow. Richard
  2. Superb work! The paint finish and the light weathering is perfect! Richard
  3. The original version was published in 1972 by Neville Spearman Publishers. It have a copy and it's a very different book. It's still available from used and antiquarian book dealers: Aces and Wingmen by Danny Morris, 1972 I hadn't realized that a second volume was released of the revised version, Aces and Wingmen II. Might have to get a copy, they don't seem too unreasonably priced. I worked in publishing for years so by default I prefer print books, especially since many older books and some reference titles will never be digitized. I just find they are mu
  4. I like where this is going... Very clean and brave start! Richard
  5. Thanks for sharing that video Don. Exactly! What an opportunity for you! I'm guessing your formation caused more than a few double-takes from people on the ground in Toronto. It was such a pleasure talking to you before the arrival! Here are a few photos from Saturday. The weather looked pretty wicked at times, but the pilots in attendance knew what was possible. In front of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Cleared Customs finally, and on the way home after a long trip up from Florida. Note the Tiger badge on the
  6. Thank you Pascal. She is supposed to be brought home to Canada sometime this week. I’ll get to see our work up close soon. Richard
  7. Not to take away the excitement about the three aircraft they have announced, but has their Hansa Brandenburg D.1 Starstrutter been pushed back again? There was a bit of a buzz a long while back about the possibility of two being released at the same time, one by WNW and one by Copper State. But with the demise of WNW, there has been little news about the Copper State kit. Last I remember was it was intended for release in 2022. I apologize if it has been answered earlier somewhere. Richard
  8. Thank you Alain! It was amazing, and it helped me fill out some information in my RCAF Mustang research. I have a much better understanding of the markings, and equipment, on our Mustangs. The owner should be bringing it up to Canada shortly, looking forward to seeing the final result of the work. RIchard
  9. Lol, yes, Canadian but not quite Canadian. I'm hoping that this Mustang and the real 9253 meet up at an airshow somewhere. Thanks Chuck, it's been the coolest and most interesting project I've been involved with, and now we're in discussions with another. We spent almost two years ensuring the markings for BA@S were correct down to the individual stencils. In the end the polished fuselage was a compromise the owner wanted, but have to admit she is gorgeous. The owner is hoping to have her back up here in Canada in the next few weeks and I'm excited to get the chance to see the fi
  10. Just a quick video follow up. The Mustang had its airshow debut at Sun N Fun in Lakeland, Florida last week. It was awarded the Grand Champion Warbird by the EAA judges! 44-72059 debuts at Sun N Fun 2021
  11. That is spectacular! What beautiful work, and a superb metal finish! Richard
  12. The next updates should be more interesting, sorry. I just thought if I posted the little I've done in the last few days it will pressure me to finish. A little bit of light weathering, final coats and then all the dangly bits attached. I think once I got the canopy finished and close to what I had in mind, it removed the one barrier that was making me hesitate. Richard
  13. The most frustrating part of the whole build was the sliding portion of the canopy. I've rebuilt it several times now. I wanted to eliminate the step at the bottom of the kit clear part, which fit into the skirt around the bottom. The front frame on the kit part also didn't sit properly against the opening of the bubble, leaving small gaps on the side and top. I sanded the entire step off the bubble, which required adding a strip on the inside of the skirt to hold it. Once I was happy with that the bubble had to be polished and dipped in Future. Once the bubble was attached I had to build the
  14. OK, four and a half years should have been long enough to finish this. This wont be a very exciting update, sorry, but it makes me feel like I'm near the end. We are now in a stay-at-home posture in Ontario, and so I'll be working from home for the next 28 days. I'd like to finish it this weekend, and have been slowly attending to all the fiddly bits to attach once the weathering and final coats are applied. First, all the lights that will go on once things are cured and dry. The navigation lights were a case of "whittling down a tree to make toothpicks." I used two
  15. Very impressive build, and the finish is superb! Such a subtle and masterful mottling technique. Brilliant work! Richard
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