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  1. Welcome! Great way to introduce yourself, with a Spitfire that's a little bit different. Enjoy it! The Revell kit still has lots to offer for the price, and builds up nicely. ...and I know what you mean about having eyes that no longer like the smaller scales. Richard
  2. What a great post! Excellent background history, a superb model and an outstanding display stand ( I think your armour modelling skills give you away there, the groundwork is very convincing ) You should definitely try aircraft more often. Thanks for sharing that! Richard
  3. I feel the same. It's been very clear from the beginning that they specialize in First World War aircraft. I also thought it was finally understood that the Lancaster was a happy anomaly because of Mr. Jackson's personal interest and pursuit of his own film/television series dealing with the Dambusters. Once the Lancaster news was released though many people projected their own interests into what WNW should or shouldn't pursue...more Second World War aircraft, between-the-wars, and racers, etc. They don't owe modellers anything. The idea that they are there to serve us somehow is odd. It's his company, and they're doing quite well I'm sure with what they are producing. And it sounds like there are more interesting subjects to come. Richard
  4. Now that is seriously different! It will be stunning in that scheme and configuration. it should cause some head-scratching and questions once it is done. Looking forward to following your progress. Richard
  5. Thank you for sharing those! It's fascinating to be able look back with tangible material like this, makes things so real. The notes taken at the time by your father are fun and interesting too. Even the movies seen. :-) The level of knowledge of aircraft identification at the time is revealing too. I guess they weren't any less determined to know as much as was possible than we are now. Even to breaking down FW 190 subtypes. Thanks for that! Richard
  6. Wow! Excellent build. You are a weathering artist! Apart from the finish itself, you have a real talent for bringing it to the next level with convincing stains and scratches that bring it to life. Love it! Richard
  7. Those wings look incredibly thin and fragile! Excellent work so far. The pilot looks great too! Should add some scale and life to the model. Richard
  8. My goodness!! Those are gorgeous! The amount of work you did to improve the Roden kit is impressive and I'm sure it is really obvious in close-ups. The olive streaking is the best I think I've ever seen. Looking forward to seeing how they fit into one of your amazing dioramas. Thanks for sharing those. Richard
  9. Wow! Excellent detail work, so precise and convincing! Looking forward to seeing more of this one. Richard
  10. According to Steve from ModelMonkey, the wheelwell was designed using dimensions from North American Aviation drawings, and then tweaked and adjusted to fit in the Airfix wing. It should fit just fine...and it looks simply amazing. No way I could scratch build that! As for timing, yeah, I could have used this a couple years ago too. Just means I'll have to build another one using all the ModelMonkey 1/24 Mustang correction parts. Richard
  11. Oh my! That is an astonishing amount of detail worked into that correction! Speaking only for myself, but there is no way I could have reproduced that. Thank you so much! Might you consider doing the inner doors eventually? I know you're busy working on many projects, but it would be nice to match the wheel wells with a decent looking set of doors mounted right beside it. Here is what you get in the kit compared with ones I scratch-built (and they're not entirely accurate either): Just a thought. Thanks again, will be ordering shortly. Richard
  12. Trainers sounds great. I've collected everything I need for a MiG 15UTI/SB Lim2 conversion, based on the thread mentioned by Kagemusha. Now, whether a six month group build is enough time for me is another question. I'm still working on one I started three years ago lol... Richard
  13. That's gorgeous! Beautiful finish on a rarely seen kit. Not an easy build either from what I understand. Thanks for that. Richard
  14. I love all three of the proposed Group Builds. Gives scope for all eras of aircraft from First War to late Cold War. A suggestion for the last slot: In Borrowed Skies: Exiles, Volunteers and Mercenaries It could include things like: -Americans in the Lafeyette Escadrille, the Eagle Squadrons, and the fledgling Israeli Air Force. -All the foreign pilots that flew with the RAF; Poles, Czechoslovaks, French, Belgians, etc... -Russians in North Korea -Wars in Latin America, Africa, Asia I'm sure others can think of more examples. Just a thought. Richard
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