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  1. From what I understand she’s ready, just waiting for paperwork clearance. COVID has delayed a lot of admin work with the government. Hopefully this summer.
  2. I think the Polikarpov PO-2 would be an excellent choice, fits into what they've been up to in 1/32. Crazy thought...how about a PZL Wilga? Small aircraft, interesting design and used all over the world in military and civilian roles. There is even a turboprop version. Maybe too obscure... OK, it was crazy. Richard
  3. You're right about the PCM kits, I think they're still worth having and building. This one especially still builds into a fine model of the Tempest, and at the time it was the only injection moulded option. Please do post the photos you've got, I'm certain we'd be happy to see and read how you got her to this point. Thanks for this. Richard
  4. Don't know how I missed this one. Absolutely brilliant job, and brave of you to do the kitbashing! Beautiful result. Richard
  5. Superb job on a model we are not likely to see built very often. All the details and finish are done to such subtle and realistic effect. The figures and setting are wonderful too!! Richard
  6. Wow! Excellent work! The finish and weathering is a work of art. Beautiful. Richard
  7. What a superb build! The post-war scheme seems to have given you a perfect canvas for some absolutely perfect weathering. I just love how subtle and totally convincing the whole effect is. Thanks for sharing that...now I'm going back to take a longer look at your photos!! Richard
  8. Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum was doing that for a few years. They would change the nose art and codes on the port side (that's predominantly where nose art was done during wartime) to represent other significant RCAF Lancasters. First was "Ropey", VR-R of 419 Squadron in 2014: In 2015 they did "X-Terminator", VR-X from 419 Squadron: And the last one was in 2016, "Lady Orchid" WL-O from 434 Squadron: Hopefully they will continue the tradition once things open up again safely. Richard
  9. There are some great movies mentioned here that I'd forgotten about. I wouldn't even know how to start a list of my favourite Second World War movies, but here are some thoughts: Battle of Britain ... I can only imagine what it would cost to film that now, with real aircraft...but fun to think about. Dark Blue World ...thought-provoking film about Czechoslovak pilots and their war, and their sad fate post-war Saving Private Ryan ... Saw it with military friends and their wives...it was pretty sobering Cruel Sea ... such a typically British war film, understated, hone
  10. ...and Tom...my Mustang is more like the never-ending model! Richard
  11. Thanks very much everybody! It was a quiet but relaxing day, lots of virtual contact with distant family and friends. I do miss pubs though... Richard
  12. Thank you very much! It's going to be a very different celebration, but this next year has to be better...right? Richard
  13. Yes, please try to post photos! I'm sure there are many of us here who would like to see that, especially with all the effort you put into it. It's always been one of my favourite aircraft. It's so...British. Richard
  14. Wow, I've just been catching up on your build and you've done some seriously detailed and accurate work. I think you've nailed the new Martin turret fairing and surrounding structure. It may be too late but I found these photos I hope might help you at least confirm what you've done. They were taken from the rooftop observation deck at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. These were from 2015, and I believe they have refined the shroud around the turret since. There was also this from the inside, I got an 90 minute long flight a few years a
  15. Hoo boy! That's a risky move, but it does make a huge difference to the way it sits. The landing gear has to be shortened by about 1/4", which is quite a lot. It would all come from the sliding "oleo" part between the collars. You would have to reposition the scissor links too. With a Mustang at full load, in 1/24 scale, the sliding oleo section is just over 1/8". If you carefully cut the oleo section to the right length, you can then drill into either end of the remaining legs and insert a pin to connect the two ends more securely. You would have to be very careful lining them u
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