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  1. Wow. Even the hardcopy at $65 is decent for 432 pages. Have to do this. And how did I not know Monforton was Canadian?! Richard
  2. Apologies if this is old news, I searched the forums to see if I could find any mention of this. In the June 2020 Newsletter from Special Hobby, this was buried at the bottom of the update: In the pipeline, we also have some CMK sets for the Airfix 1/48 DH-82 Tiger Moth, namely the cockpit correction set, very nicely detailed resin cast engine and a few more to move the levels of detail even higher. All of these is based on the data gathered while preparing our forthcoming 1/32 scale Tiger Moth kit. And we are also working really hard on finishing the 1/32 Westland Whirlwind which should get released sometimes this autumn.
  3. That is very cool!! Looking forward to this one. Richard
  4. Lone Star Models had a beautiful Malcolm Hood, with rails and chain track mechanism. Not sure if it’s still in his catalogue. Richard
  5. I think the difference is that the Vulcan was privately owned, and the Snowbirds are a regular force RCAF squadron, and the Forces' demonstration team no less. There are many spare airframes and a large parts inventory to keep them going, and you can be sure that they are highly maintained by the best. To speculate on what caused the accident would be just that, speculation and irresponsible. In the meantime, here is a photo of Capt. Jenn Casey. I met her in connection with a Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum event. She was highly qualified and an excellent PAO, and loved her job. THis is an enormous loss to the team, the RCAF and the Forces...as well as the province of Nova Scotia which has suffered a lot of pain recently. Condolences to her family, friends and colleagues: Richard
  6. There's obviously a lot of love in that build, so much detail added! Well done on an outstanding result! The diorama looks especially effective too. That's an impressive way to introduce yourself. And yes, the Harrier looks better in greens. Thanks for sharing and welcome to LSP! RIchard
  7. Wow!! Now this is an ambitious project! Definitely following this one. Amazing start to this!! Richard
  8. That is beautiful Mariusz!! The build, the finish, the weathering are outstanding...and the photography too. And you did it so quickly!! Can't wait to start mine, I hope it comes out half as nice as yours. Excellent workmanship! Richard
  9. Saw this on another website and thought I'd share it here, especially with one of the "Ready for Inspection" builds being Andy's "Hammy" Grey's Corsair. Some fabulous stuff from a fleet that doesn't get much attention. Hope the link works. Description: GV's of British Fleet at sea. Various shots of Naval ships, destroyers, etc being re-fuelled at sea. Transferring pilots by breeches buoy. Crew aboard aircraft carrier pulling rope connected to breeches. Destroyer alongside aircraft carrier. GV of an aircraft carrier in hull coming right our o fthe water, of the 'Indefatigable' class. GV of King George V battleship. Aboard carrier men fencing to keep fit. Others overhaul plane engines, load with ammunition and bombs also torpedoes. Corsair plane on elevator rising to flight deck. Pilots being briefed. Pilots board their planes. Corsairs, engines starts, taxi and take off, several take offs. Avengers ditto. Planes in formation fly overhead. GV King George V. Jap suicide (kamikaze pilot) plane attacks fleet, pom poms, small ack ack open fire on same. Two Kamikazes seen to fall in sea. Crew hold up rubber dinghy captured from Jap prisoner. Planes return at dusk, silhouettes of Avengers landing, caught by arrester gear. Corsairs landing, one hits superstructure catches fire and foam played on same. Pilots walk along flight deck. Corsair wreck thrown overboard. CU sailors, watching for other planes returning. CU one looking thru binoculars, LS planes returning, signaller with lights attached to his arms he signals planes into land, same landing. GV at dusk of fleet at sea. British Pacific Fleet in action Richard
  10. Good question, and I've often wondered the same thing. I really enjoy watching the depth to which people engage in their passion, even if it's not an area I'm interested in. My main focus is the history of the Polish Air Force right from 1918 to the present, which gives me scope to do some unusual and unappreciated aircraft alongside the iconic types. I also slip into occasional forays into Canadian and Fleet Air Arm subjects, and I haven't met a Mustang I didn't like. Although I prefer to have an accurate model, and will do some work to achieve that, I'm much more interested in colours and markings...which is interesting because painting is the one aspect of building models that makes me really nervous. I like to represent the aircraft of a particular individual and I enjoy the research as much as the building. Richard
  11. Goodness! That is gorgeous! The detailing is superb but I also spent a lot of time looking at the weathering. So fine and subtle, and yet it definitely alters the finish. Well done!! Oddly, what really caught my eye was the splatter pattern of mud from the wheels! Completely convincing. A small thing, but it adds so much. Richard
  12. Thanks Michael! I've been at it for over three years as well, but it's so close to the end. I've run into a couple of frustrating little puzzles that have paused the build temporarily. I'll sort them out this week. As for the wheel bay, a better solution if you prefer, would be the 3D printed parts from Model Monkey. They are spectacular, and are designed to fit the Airfix Mustang. The detail is far better than I could ever have done, and will save so much time and cussing. You may have to wait a bit for them, but they would be worth it. https://www.model-monkey.com/product-page/1-24-p-51d-p-51k-and-mustang-mk-iv-wheel-well-inserts-for-airfix-kits In the meantime, here is the rough drawing I did. They are just hand-drawn and I've put a scale on them so you can confirm the dimensions if you print them out. I can send it to you in an attachment to your email. You can send me a message here at LSP. All of that stuff above in place: Richard
  13. That is gorgeous, your builds are always stunning! I love the special markings that the Polish Air Force applied to the MiG 29s, and it is especially good to see Skalski's face on the tail. Perfect build, completely convincing weathering..she just looks "right". Thank you for sharing this!! Richard
  14. Cool idea. awesome work everyone! I also love cockpits and trying to dress them up. It's really the heart of the whole aircraft. This is the only one for which I have photos. It's the Airfix 1/24 Mustang cockpit stepped up a bit.
  15. I have been following more FB groups too, but I would not say I've been migrating away from forums to any degree at all. My observation is that people are more willing to share their work on FB and it seems there are many more ready for inspection builds shown. I think it's interesting to see the work people are doing, but I don't learn as much on FB. I tend to watch without participating much. I agree with the generally poor level of knowledge and research on FB. There seem to be many younger modellers, which is good, but they don't come with the depth of historical or model building background. There also is a tendency to arguments, not that we don't get into it here as well, but it is more intense on FB. Just my opinion, and maybe it's my age, but I prefer the pace on forums. They are a better resource, one can ask a question and get a reliable answer or advice, and I trust the members. Or maybe I am just spoiled by LSP? Richard
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