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  1. I'm thinking the same thing. I'll have to see what else I have on the MiG-15 family. I don't want this project to get too bogged down with "Advanced Modeller Syndrome"...although I'm not all that "advanced".
  2. Thank you so much Thierry! That thread will be incredibly useful! Not sure I want to start cutting canopies though... Some excellent and detailed information in there. I'll have to sit down and see how far I want to go with this. Meindert's conversion looked so much simpler...but, I am stubborn! Again, thank you!! Richard
  3. Spectacular result, even though it fought you. The NMF finish and the interior detail work is completely convincing. Thanks for sharing this, excellent work! Richard
  4. Superb build! Thank you for sharing the background too. As Jeroen said, it always makes it special to have a connection to the subject. Excellent work! Richard
  5. That would be amazing and welcome, and a lot of people will follow along. No one will think for a second that you are a "know-it-all". That's the great thing about this website, people are very supportive and happy to learn from others who have a technique or method that gives great results. I've done one pilot figure so far, based on some experience painting wargaming figures I did sometime in the last century. Turned out not too badly, but I'm ready to learn to create something like you have above! I don't think a separate tutorial on painting figures would be outside the scope of LSP. I think well-painted figures beside a model bring it to life. Looking forward to it. Richard
  6. Took me a second too..."step by step". Richard
  7. Exactly! I found that one about the intake too. It may be the easiest way to fix the intake and build a new wheel well for the nose gear. That has to be fixed for sure. Too bad about the resin intake splitter. It's solid resin and would be a lot of work to drill out and deepen the gear well.
  8. Funny, but I've had that kit for years too. Don't know why the aircraft appeals to me so much. One of the camouflage schemes I'm looking at matches this one. Thanks for that! I hope you're able to get started on your project too, maybe this one will show you how not to do it! A Mig-15UTI Group Build... Richard
  9. Thank you Thierry! I can see now that perhaps the "corrected" tail is based on the 4+ drawings, and that the kit tail is not so wrong. I still believe the kit tail is too narrow and not right to my eye, but I'll have to think about how to address that one. My plan is to just correct what I can without going too far into the "rabbit hole". I've been looking online for a build or review that describes all the faults, but haven't found much so far. A lot of threads that state that the kit is a disaster without describing how. I think I'll just follow Meinert's approach and be happy with what I can fix. I'm just hoping that in the end I'll have something that looks like a SB Lim-2, and fool most people. Thank you for your advice so far too, I appreciate your input. Richard
  10. Wow! That is superb! Amazing detail work, and the finish is perfect. Although I enjoyed all the photos, the one with the oil staining on the undersides really caught my eye. Love it! Richard
  11. That is simply magnificent. The "Claude" itself is stunning, perfectly weathered and convincing, but the figures catch your attention too. The poses are so relaxed and realistic, with none of the stiffness of most figures. I almost expect them to start speaking to one another. Beautiful work and the vignette has frozen a moment in time. Richard
  12. You are definitely not boring anyone with posts about painting the figures! I think most of us would like to add figures beside our builds, and your explanations are a great tutorial on how to do it. The leather is completely convincing. I would be interested in your techniques for painting figures with acrylics. Excellent work and very clear explanations. As for the SE5a...that's very spectacular work so far! The WNW kits are almost perfect but you've taken it a step further. You've presented some great information and techniques here. Beautiful! Richard
  13. Thank you Maru. That being said, I will try to do that. I love to drive and Kitchener/Waterloo is on the way home to where my father and family lives. I admire that they repainted it in Polish Air Force markings earlier this year after Russia invaded Ukraine. Although I like how clean the aircraft looks in the lacquered aluminum finish, I'm not brave enough to try it with this build! It's going to be too much of a Frankenstein with all the cutting and cross-kitting.
  14. The wings also have their own mix of issues. The dimensions and shape are very close, but the area around the aileron needs attention. The aileron itself is too long spanwise, and in the wrong position. The panels in front and inboard will have to be enlarged to the correct shape and re-scribed. along with the wingtips. I'm also a bit worried that attaching the wing to the wing root may change the angle of sweep on the wing. Have to be careful, and I might have to insert a small wedge at the leading edge of the wing at the root. I guess I'll see when I get there.
  15. Just to follow up, here are some photos of the parts against 1/32 scale drawings (enlarged from the 1/48 scale plans from 4+, and assuming they are correct ) As for the tail, I'm not sure which solution would be easier, using the resin correction tail, or trying to modify the kit tail. Both have their issues. Trying to modify the kit part would require re-aligning the slots and fairings for the horizontal stabilizers, along with making sure everything else aligned in the end. Using the resin part has its issues too, making sure it is secure and square. I think I'll go with the resin correction part, as you said, I have it and it already has the proper shape.
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