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  1. I think I just cried a little. It looks superb! At least a couple will find their way into my stash. There have been some very pleasant surprise announcements for LSP builders lately. Some "fringe but important" aircraft have finally been kitted. Things are pretty darn good, even without anything new from Tamiya. Richard
  2. Have to echo Alan's comment above...impressive way to introduce yourself! Excellent job on the PCM Spitfire! It may have been a challenge but it's still a nice kit and you've done a superb job. Welcome to LSP (and to another Canadian)!! Hope to see more of your work. Richard
  3. Beautiful work, and I love how you have researched all the differences for this particular machine. Getting very close to the end. Such a unique scheme!! Richard
  4. I'd forgotten about this one! What an incredible project. Hopefully you can find the time to start this one up again. Richard
  5. Thanks so much Anthony, Barney and Brian!! You guys are so kind and keep me going. There has been a bit more progress, but I have family with me for a while and they have been staying in my "workshop". I've added the bomb pylons and rockets stubs, the exhausts, the code letters and many stencils. At one point I accidentally snapped off the port landing gear leg. After a lot of cussing, I had to drill it out and reinforce it with a brass pin...hopefully it should be even stronger than before. It's been an interesting learning experience with the stencils. Seems like there are several generations of stencils on Canadian Mustangs, depending on the time period. I've had to try to print my own, and at least now I have them all documented from 1947 to 1956. I will try to sneak into the room and retrieve the model for a few more photos. Richard
  6. Hmmm...very interesting. This is the first time I've heard of USAF Mustang fuselages being painted, but because it comes from Christian I would at least consider it. I trust him, he has proven to be an expert on Mustangs and his information is usually spot on. RCAF Mustangs were often sprayed in aluminum lacquer after winterization and "Canadianization", but the Canadian finish has a metallic sheen to it. Looking at that photo, and enlarging portions of it, I might be convinced. The line of rivets under the canopy rail especially, they are dimpled and look like they have been painted over, to my eye anyway. There are a couple of other rows of rivets that look the same. And the way some of the rivets look chipped darker, and yes, the scratches too. Makes you look at the photos differently, and sometimes it's hard to dismiss preconceptions. An overall painted finish would certainly make painting the model somewhat easier I suppose, apart from all that weathering! I don't know, definitely something to think about. Another great post John! Richard
  7. Wow. What a superb result, all of it! The Tripe itself is brilliant, convincing finish and great colour scheme, but the display base and the figure make it an instant story. I love the determined look on the pilot's face. Great work! Richard
  8. Thanks Ray for all of that! If the wing engineering is the difference between the two kits, then I should be ok. After the 1/24 Airfix Mustang..."I ain't afraid of no seams" Richard
  9. Thanks Brian! That's very kind! However I got a very quick reply from UMM-USA and they still offer the spoked wheels. They order as needed and can still supply them. I'll give them a try but if they can't come through I'll let you know. I love this site! Richard
  10. Hi Kag...not sure if you accidentally left out some links or photos? Or could it be my computer network not seeing them. I found some from a company called Scalespokes which are only available from UMM-USA, but all their products show as "out of stock". Not sure if the company is still in business. I also found a gentleman in Australia who does spoked wheels, but they are $100 a set which, although beautiful, are 3x what I paid for the kit. RIchard
  11. Sadly, no. I have seen reviews of aftermarket spoked wheels somewhere, just have to track them down. Richard
  12. Great choice! Something unique, especially in Finnish markings. Richard
  13. Thanks Brian! I had that Battle Axe kit and got rid of it too...what a beast. I heard the MikroMir kit corrected the Avis wing, but I'm not clear on what the issue was. Don't know as much about First World War aircraft as I could. I'll probably just leave it alone, I just want a pleasant build. Richard
  14. My 1/24 RCAF Mustang IV is very close to being finished (from a group build from three years ago!), so I thought I would join in here. I hope not to get too far from "out of the box" so I can finish this one on time...at least that's the plan. It'll be an aircraft from the Polish-Soviet War, 1919-1920, so a different "Eastern Front". I'm building the Avis 1/32 Fokker E.V, which I found in my stash. The box is a little crushed, but the contents were all intact, nothing broken or missing. It will be in these markings (the colour guide below is from a 1/72 scale kit, but represents the latest research on the markings of this aircraft). Pheon has a sheet which covers this aircraft, and I'll be ordering that. Aviattic has a sheet of lozenge decals fitted to this kit, as well as a replacement cowling, both of which I will order. I already have the Master 1/32 brass Spandau machine guns. Pheon has kindly posted a link to a beautiful build of the kit which looks like a huge help. Photos to follow when there is something more to show. Richard
  15. Goodness! That is beautiful, the colour scheme is spectacular. The build was great fun to follow. I love what you've done with the finish. An overall black scheme is not easy to carry off without it looking toy-like, but there is none of that in yours. The sheen is perfect, and the chipped rivets add a touch of wear without being overwhelming at all, and they're barely visible in the photos from viewing distance. Totally convincing. Well done! Richard
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