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  1. R Palimaka

    How You Feel About Documented Builds

    I often try to find something different, but it always has to be documented and as accurate as i can make it with my limited skills. If I have to make decals or masks I will do that. I love to match the story of a pilot with a model I'm building, researching the history is half the fun. Often my model choices are driven by books I've read. I admire those people who do what-ifs, and modify kits or markings to the story they have created for the build. Some of them are very plausible and clever. I just don't get enough time to build models of the historical subjects I want, let alone devising something that might have/could have existed. It's a big hobby, room for everyone. Richard
  2. R Palimaka

    1/32 P-51B SCR-522A radio complete rack

    I should think that the Barracuda set will work perfectly. You would have to make the Dynamotor (item #5 in the diagram above), which is hidden down below in the "D". Richard
  3. R Palimaka

    Trumpeter Swordfish 1:32

    Welcome to the LSP family, and your English is just fine! Looking forward to following this one, take your time and have fun with it. Be sure to post your progress, and if you have problems there are lots of wonderful people here who have experience and great suggestions. Richard
  4. What 1to1 said...they are perfect for all those reasons. And definitely stay away from Zoukei Mura kits, this year anyway. Richard
  5. R Palimaka

    A Wee Side Project: 1/24 Cardoor Tiffie

    That looks fabulous! Spraying the markings really does make a difference, especially in this scale. Those close-up shots look amazing. Is the serial number sprayed too? What a huge beautiful beast!
  6. Goodness Brian...that sounds excruciating! Hard to enough to concentrate on parts that tiny and intricate, never mind doing it while in that kind of pain....and then the manufacturer throws you curve balls. I hope you heal soon, or at least find something that gives you relief!
  7. Wow, just wow. Finally walked through your whole build thread and you clearly love this aircraft...if not always the kit. I was going to run out of "likes". The patience and time and skill you've expended on this is remarkable, but it's paying off. Frustrations for sure, but you've been pushing through with some clever solutions, despite some nasty surprises. I am no longer going to complain about the 1/24 Airfix Mustang. Thanks for the ride so far. Richard
  8. R Palimaka

    A Wee Side Project: 1/24 Cardoor Tiffie

    Wow! Just went through your whole build! Spectacular job, and fast! I kept going back to look at the cockpit, you did such convincing work in there. Makes me want to go pick this kit up. Richard
  9. R Palimaka

    Dambusters lives on !! ... (more) ...

    You're probably right, in the big picture it did not make as big an impact as the planners may have hoped. But it's the first part of your statement that makes it remarkable and of interest to someone looking to make a film that would grip the general public. Those of us who have researched and read the history, and met and talked to the men of Bomber Command, don't need to be told of their deeds and heroic experience in that long grinding campaign. Unfortunately for us, film-makers need a hook. The spectacular will always win out on the big screen. There are so many stories that we think would make good movies, but we're not "normal"...as some of my friends like to tease. The Dams Raid was an extraordinary feat, a gathering of the best, employing unusual technology, and that will always carry more appeal to a scriptwriter. Not that I don't agree with you, just that some stories do stand out. There are stories I would love to see told; Boleslaw "Mike" Gladych, George Beurling, or Dieppe...but I don't have Peter Jackson's money. Richard
  10. R Palimaka

    Rules of the Road

    Hmmmm...very curious now.
  11. R Palimaka

    Rules of the Road

    I've not been very successful finishing a group build in time, but a year might be enough. This one sounds like fun so I'd like to try one or the other of two possibilities. John Wilkes of Tigger Models is optimistic he can release a 1/32 Fairey Gannet soon, it's a double turboprop with far too many propeller blades so I think it counts. If that is available in the next couple of months I'll go with that. Otherwise it will be a Trumpeter MiG-29A of the Polish Air Force.
  12. Thank you so much Anthony! I was tempted to leave it alone just so I could finally move ahead and finish this model, but I had put so much work into the rest of it that it seemed wrong not to correct it . The top of the cowling out of the box is an almost perfectly round cylindrical shape, which isn't correct. This isn't perfect either, but looks more muscular and closer to the real thing. I've had two more sessions of sanding, refining and priming this area, and have blended in the corrections to the exhaust opening. I'm happy with how it all looks now. Some re-scribing of panel lines and rivets is next. In the end it wasn't that difficult a job really, once I got over the fright of smearing putty all over the nose. One thing I do need to do is put black backing plates behind the perforated carburetor intakes, and a representation of the intake tunnel behind the chin intake...to prevent the see-through effect. I should have done that before joining the fuselage halves, but got too excited. Fortunately, the design of the kit still allows me to reach in the nose to do that. Once that's done I can finally mate the wings to the fuselage, which is another frightening step! Thanks for following and the encouraging comments! Richard
  13. R Palimaka


    I saw Clunkmeister over on LSM very recently. It sounds like he had some issues.
  14. R Palimaka

    RAF P-39D

    Wow!! That looks so sharp! The colours turned out perfectly, I wouldn't have worried about the grey, it's spot on.
  15. You must love this aircraft, and it shows. The work you have done is just astonishing; the details, the painting and the finish so far. I am enjoying following this one very much!! Richard