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  1. Some really stellar work going on here John, and good for you sorting out the late Mustang cockpit and radio installations. Also impressed with your efforts to make her look well-used. I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised when you get all the decals applied in the cockpit. That will really bring everything to life! Looking forward to seeing the progress! Richard
  2. Superb work on that kit! What a beautiful aircraft, and you're doing a splendid job. Thanks also for the comparison photos of the kit nose/Barracuda nose. They make the difference in accuracy very clear and visible. Richard PS: I hate masking too!!
  3. No worries at all Barney, and I'm really sorry to hear about your continuing health issues. Don't worry about the 1/24 Airfix Mustang, I checked my stash and discovered I have three more of them! As much as I'd like to give it a loving home, I've got enough to keep me busy with Mustangs for a while. Richard
  4. Have to agree that a RNZAF Mustang would look fabulous beside the Mosquito... Having seen your jaw-dropping Mosquito detail work, the Mustang would be much easier...plus it has only one engine. All the ModelMonkey parts would save many hours of work and frustration...seriously. I should get a commission for pushing these Mustang parts lol. Finish that Mosquito first though. Richard
  5. Thank you again, Anthony, for the very kind words! I just did the same thing with your thread and realized I hadn't looked at your updates for a while. What you are doing with that Mosquito is stunning. So maybe your build just did the same for me, and now that cooler weather might be returning I can get started again. THe summer has been very humid and I was a little anxious about what that would do to airbrushing and spraying paint...ok no, that's a lie...I've been sailing and enjoying the outdoors, and airshows. Thank you, and time for both of us to get back at it! Richard
  6. Excellent! Clean and sharp work Kevin. Keep up the good fight! Richard
  7. Wow! Talk about returning with a bang! The model is looking fantastic. You've done an amazing job matching a particular aircraft. The fact that it is your grandfather's is all the more poignant, and I am sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for sharing all of this. It is always so satisfying to connect a build to a particular person or crew, but when you have a family connection, that puts it at another level. Enjoy the rest of the build! We are. Richard
  8. Or even more "out there"...a Spanish built plane designed to imitate a German plane, made up to look like a British plane in Polish squadron markings...heavily weathered. Richard
  9. Looking forward to seeing your 1/24 Mustang wheel wells! That will save hours of work and fiddling for anyone building that classic but still very worthwhile kit. I've already started preparing another build in anticipation of purchasing all your Mustang parts. Thanks so much! Richard
  10. Very nice!!! Superb build of a unique aircraft. Very convincing finish and weathering. Love the French camouflage. Thank you for sharing that. Richard
  11. LIke I said, far better photographers than I am will be there!! Here is the link to the Experimental Aircraft Association's 2019 photo album...26 pages of aviation porn!!! It'll give you an idea of the scope of the event. I don't know why I waited so long to attend. https://www.flickr.com/photos/eaaairven ... 5521/page1 Richard
  12. Nice!! Thanks for sharing that!
  13. Some random stuff: T-28s warming up P-51H I would love a 1/32 scale kit of the Wilga! And Lope's Hope was there, an incredibly meticulous restoration...and just a beautiful sight.
  14. I've just arrived home after a 16 hour drive. Still trying to absorb everything I saw! I got the chance to meet Carl (BloorwestSiR) and we had a great time just walking the lines and talking models. Photos just can't possibly give you an idea of the massive scope of the show, but here is just a random selection. I haven't had time yet to upload and edit my photos, but here are some highlights for me: The XP-82...what a beast. Some of the warbirds from the flying display. Oddly enough, when it came to the mass launch of the 18 Mustangs, I didn't take may photos of it. I just wanted to really listen and experience the whole thing. I figured there will be much better photographers than I am posting their efforts on line. I just wanted to be in the moment, and imagine what my father would have heard 75 years ago. Bud Anderson taken out to meet the arrival of the two versions of OLD CROW: And for an aircraft I consider to be butt ugly, I sure took a lot of photos of it. I had never seen one before (that didn't change my opinion, but it is impressive): And an overview of most of the Warbird area, taken from one of the Bell 47 helicopters that offers rides over the whole venue. It won't be sharp enough for you to pick out some of the aircraft, but there are two Mig 17s, one of which put on a tremendous display at the night show.
  15. Yes, three P-51B/C, Old Crow, Lope's Hope and the Tuskeegee bird. Plus the P-51H. 17 Mustangs on the field so far...haven't been over this morning yet. One Mosquito, Firefly, Sea Fury, 2x Bearcats, 2x Skyraider, Spitfire IX, Hellcat, Avenger, dozens of T-28s...I can't even list all the types. I will post photos later this week when I get home, they're on my camera. The vintage stuff is fun too, two Trimotors giving rides. Too much fun. Richard
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