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  1. nice job on the stripes! they were very difficult for me to do on my build: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/48020-candy-cane-a-an-eagle-from-the-revell-kit-finished/
  2. i lowered the rear floor, now the seat sits as it should, cutouts for the canopy hinges were made and partially boxed in, later they will be trimmed to fit the rear turtledeck is a piece of a mig 29 engine. instrument panels and the devider between the pits are next
  3. thanx Maru, yes all is well, hope on your side too....
  4. Harolds seats are the main parts here. i think i made the rear pit too shallow, i may have to deepen it a little stay tuned....
  5. the layout of the IPs is printed on some paper to get an idea of the positionig of the instruments
  6. so i started on the front pit. it really isnt easy to positon the seats and rear wall of the front pit only after pics. the drawings i have are also guesswork
  7. some more work on the gearlegs and wheelwells (lots of guesswork) led me to the conclusion that i better do the pit next, because the plane is easier to handle with out the legs
  8. that looks very nice.... i am tempted by the Ouragan they want to do
  9. only shipping inside Germany (????) can someone there maybe order for me (small amount) and forward to me in Austria? this is like a shop in new york not shippping to new jersey....
  10. its two pack bondo used for repairs of cars, it comes in different grades. i use the normal (not fiber reinforced) for creating masters, the fine grade i use for putty work on PLA 3D prints
  11. very nice work! i had sucsess with using carputty for masters, these polish up very nicely and dont transfer imperfections to the pull easily.
  12. i may have to add more weight in front, even though the pit and canopy parts are still missing
  13. how did i miss this? stellar work, Mark
  14. i wish i´d "suck" at scribing like you.....
  15. late to the party, but alles Gute! and gute Besserung!
  16. i have one at my office. Heinz brought it so i can do some Skyblazers decals for it looks like the kinetic kit a little toy like but lots of space for detailing
  17. more partrs from harold arrived. The seats, wheels and propblades are availible from him for those who also bought the kit
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