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  1. ... i know https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/30312-mig-29a/
  2. i remeber shipping my F4U masters to Harold, it took time and was expensive....
  3. just caught up, Dan - i still really dig watching all your problem solving, very nice job! after my skyknight it will be a while, but someday i will start the hawkeye i have from tigger....
  4. did you reinforce from the inside or is the plastic thick enough?
  5. wow, love the front fuselage shape! how did you do it?
  6. will follow closely! i still have a soft spot for the 29, even after the revell kit...
  7. one of your masterpieces again! wish i could do so clean work....
  8. is it possible to do a seabat with this conversion? (sorry - speaking of ingnorance)
  9. dont you love it when they only ship tp US zips?
  10. cool pic, never noticed these steel aircraft shelters in Nam
  11. i often use vinyl cut with my Roland, i wetsand it before i cut it, so the paint adheres better
  12. lets talk him into printing the Do-X.....
  13. that shold be doable.... thanx again
  14. the revell kit doesnt seem to have the etch....
  15. me too, it just schows problem solving and good old school modelling. it floats my boat more than the umpteenth tamiya F-? stuck together with a ton of aftermarket (no disrespect - to each his own)
  16. i have seen a pic where the deflector is open to the outside, but that is a mirage 2000 i think
  17. that looks very nice, well worth the effort
  18. be careful that you have the right leg. i modified mine after pics only to find out the kit one is correct and i made another version....
  19. good pic, thats enough for locating the barrels
  20. i found this pic on your build the mirage seems to have this muzzle brake. does the barrel extend through the holes?
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