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  1. i think its a bit a jump and miss with aires, the mig 23 cockpit fit flawlessly if i recall correctly
  2. you can only use the hood, the windscreen of the BN is differnt, because the nose of that version slopes down at a sharper angle
  3. i have been there with my dad in 1995. we restored an epitaph that remebers the sailors killed by natives in an expedition of the Austro-Hungarian Navy 1895-98. have been to the war memorials US und Japanese, both impressive. I still rember an old AA gun in front of the Honiara airport still have slides somewhere...
  4. the Mig 23 has all kinds of problems (nose, Canopy, landinggear) there is a thread on here that corrects most of the mistakes. my build still isnt finished, but i corrected the nose and got a resin canopy from HPH that worked great. just have to find the time to finish it https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/66537-mig-23-flogger-b-in-cuban-markings/
  5. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/81718-32nd-scale-b-52-from-hph/&tab=comments#comment-1151509
  6. dont shoot the messenger, i just did what Heinz asked me to do....
  7. our former member Heinz (Vulcan32) contacted me by phone yesterday. he always had and still has a very good contact to HPH. he asked me to post that HPH was considering a 32nd scale B-52, they would have to sell 100 kits at a price of 1200$. if interrested, send them a mail or post here.
  8. after my F3D vac i know what you are going through. even if the outcome is not perfect (as on my build) it deserves to be shown....
  9. my second wife (when i was married the first time i just was a horny idiot) is moderately supportive of my hobbies and even bought me some kits years ago. she sometimes is a little annoyed when i spend a lot of time in the garage (my other hobby), but never says a word when i drag home another box or wreck to restore. she knits a lot in her free time and is really good at it, so she knows how it is to have a passion. i cant relate to the money thing. we both have our incomes and share the living/kids cost. what i do with the rest of my money, like spend it on models/cars or my house on the island is none of her buisness. like its not of my buisness what i continiually trip over/bang my head against in the house/garden (one of her hobbies).....
  10. luckily i found out that quickboost makes resin geardoors. the kit parts are armorplates, much too thick. these are a must since the front door is in prominent view i also worked on the tanks, getting rid of the seams, still have to rescribe
  11. its up on its legs and some weight added behind the pit to prevent a tailsitter
  12. very nice! reminds me a little of my phantom centerline tank turned sampan from way back when.....
  13. if the brass tube runs through the fuselage, how are you getting the exhaust in?
  14. since the ip is a resin part from Harold i had to make it fit anyway, dont know if you can fit the kit part after closing the fuselage, sorry
  15. this is the third model with this technique, but i dont use a clearcoat. i just dont touch it anymore after i finish it
  16. these are modelmaster and gunze metallizers applied with a stiff brush over darker and lighter base. it gives worn look and the decal film disappears completely. sometimes i use some flat clear on certain panels too
  17. just the fit of the stripes could be a problem. i made them one piece, but that didnt work, so i have to print more also the red on yellow are twopart (yellow cut out of yellow paper, red printed on clear) - but i think it works....
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