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  1. PM me your mailadress, then you can send me the file and i will see what i can do
  2. what do you need? i did a lot of decals for myself and others
  3. whlie waiting for all of the stuff to dry on the cockpit parts i started to fit the main parts, as the tail
  4. will do, Colin. how much did you add?
  5. i shimmed the pit tub lightly in front to get the sidepanels to fit properly, then i made a spacer to fit the front gear well against the tub it makes slipping it into the recess on the bottom a breeze (this is all just a test fit)
  6. dremeled out the pit area for fitting the sidewalls. the materail is actually a dream to work with
  7. some more work done to the pit with mr.dissolved putty and primer i concentrated on the areas that are not hidden by the seats and the IPs themselves the seats are actually not that bad, some more holes to close. i will use these, as my painting is not that great anyway, so they will do
  8. i´d like an iraqi one, saw combat and lots of different loadouts.....
  9. good to hear, hope the project comes to fruition
  10. Hi Alan, i am just building your Buc.... any plans for the Jaguar?
  11. can only confirm wat the guys said but Italy borders Austria, so i have no overseas shipping experience be prepared for a sticker shock, i just sent pete a vac canopy in a tiny box and paid 19€ to the US
  12. are you sure the centerline bombs are M117s? they look smaller and a little different shapewise...
  13. Colin, you used other aftermarket seats, would you care to tell me what seats? i sanded the fuselage halves at the joint on a sanding board i made for the hawkeye vac. one side has 80 grit, the other 240, that works nicely
  14. the sidewalls of the fuselage will have to be thinned to be able to put the pit sidewalls in place. no too much, there seems to be plenty of space
  15. some trial fit after scraping of the flash around the cockpit area
  16. i think about reconstructing the whole thing from sheet
  17. thanx Colin, i will staring at the pit at the moment and figuring out a way to get rid of the zillion airbubbles
  18. grabbed three xtracrylix desert pink bottles just before brexit i am still working on the pave spike pod, trying to get it without paying 30€ for a stupid resin stick. Andy (wink, wink) will hook me up with one .... still a long way to go till i need a pod ...and i have Colins pylons. will be Miss Jolly Roger in desert pink (not Laser lips Laura as previously thought)
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