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  1. Ciao Maw1963, grazie! The chains are photoetched but I don’t remember if it come from an Aires or a Eduard F4 set. Filippo
  2. Too kind, Andy! now is time to made the seat, the old one similar to that on Bf 109 E. ciao Filippo
  3. Hi friends, many thanks for your appreciation! Ciao Filippo
  4. Hi All. Here some wip pics of cockpit. Hope you like Ciao Filippo.
  5. What a masterpiece. I'm speechless. Only add two nuts on red/white antenna. Bravissimo I'm looking for your next project. Ciao Filippo
  6. Fw 190 nightfighter with a black cat. Nice Ciao Filippo
  7. Wow, too nice. I the winter camo on Fw190 and the kitty on 109 tail Welcome. Ciao Fiippo
  8. Take a look to these two books. Absolutely helpfull! Ciao Filippo
  9. I'm working on the same model. Very nice kit with many options. I'll follow you with great interest. Ciao
  10. Better and better. IMHO replace the kit fixed tabs on tail with more realistic ones. Ciao! Filippo
  11. The riveting is absolutely perfect! All lines are aligned each others. Tell us your secret . Bravissimo. Ciao Filippo
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