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  1. A truly masterpiecethe weathering is superlative! ciao Filippo
  2. Very nice and what unusual camo. I love the wheel bay cover; it seems true! best compliments ciao Filippo
  3. Superlative work! it is not easy to give realistic weathering on monochrome camo. I love the toned down Decals, too. Fantastic. Numero uno ciao filippo
  4. Very nice work Eric The weathering process is perfectly balanced well done ciao filippo
  5. Interesting project, John! Ciao
  6. Oh man! This is the real "Hun". Superlative weathering Great details on cockpit Ciao Filippo
  7. Subtile camo! Very nice. Geschwader code and emblems handmade? Tell us how! Ciao Filippo
  8. Superlative 109. My eyes betray me or fuselage have a light different color from wings? If so it is absolutely fantastic. Standing ovation. Ciao filippo
  9. A different Mosquito. Well done. Ciao Filippo
  10. Excellent painting and weathering. . Bravo. Filippo
  11. Great work, I love your stencil. One of my favourite 109 Well done ciao Filippo
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