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  1. Thank you Sinuheh! A little tribute to a great ANR historian and more. Ciao Filippo
  2. Hi Ernest, many thanks for your kind words! For what I know, very little remained of "yellow 3. It was found almost completely burned out leaving only the rear fuselage with the "3". Filippo
  3. Hi All, after many years (too many!) I completed my Bf 109 G14/As late in Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana service. The wrecked and abandoned eagle lies in the field in an unidentified airfield in Northern Italy, may 1945. Best historical reference was “The Camouflage & Markings of the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana 1943-45. Classic Publications (2005)” where the authors (F. D’Amico e G. Valentini) produced a report from Us Intelligence source listing wrecked and burn out Bf 109 found lost in the following northern Italy airfields: Orio al Serio, Villafranca, Ghedi and Aviano.
  4. Standing ovation! Superlative ciao Filippo
  5. A truly masterpiecethe weathering is superlative! ciao Filippo
  6. Very nice and what unusual camo. I love the wheel bay cover; it seems true! best compliments ciao Filippo
  7. Superlative work! it is not easy to give realistic weathering on monochrome camo. I love the toned down Decals, too. Fantastic. Numero uno ciao filippo
  8. Very nice work Eric The weathering process is perfectly balanced well done ciao filippo
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