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  1. Fantastic work VinceWhen can we buy all these great details from MDC? Ciao Filippo
  2. Hi All, the superlative F-4E on this site has this detail. I do not remember who made it. Any help? Many thanks Ciao Filippo
  3. Rod, what a beautiful Emil The cockpit is superlative and the pictures ... Whaw ...Just in front of the Channel Bravo Bravo. Ciao Filippo
  4. Great weathering job!What's wrong on pics? Ciao Filippo
  5. I love it. A F4 is always welcome. I'm looking for the camo! Ciao F
  6. Very nice. Smocking is dangerous but not for the Kommodore! Ciao F
  7. Very nice. Imho, if you can, faded down the red label in front of stick. It is enough a little buff over spray. Ciao F
  8. Superlative 262! It is not easy the weathering on monochrome camo. Best compliments. ciao Filippo
  9. Hi Helmsman, unfortunately I lost the ebay fight for one pound! Ciao. F
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