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  1. I have to stop building... my country is at war.
  2. I assembled the air intakes and glued them to the fuselage. Inside I made an imitation of cloth plugs. Wings. Stabilizers. Central pylon. External pylons and Mavericks. Sidewinders (ResKit)
  3. Assembled all the painted parts together. And assembled the fuselage.
  4. Took a short break before the final painting and assembly. Now it remains to assemble the front part and dock with the back.
  5. Thanks Chuck! In the kit of version F with consoles everything is fine, I checked. Apparently they fixed the error. The only thing, they forgot to make the boxes for the maps on the right consoles. I made them, it's not difficult.
  6. Thanks for the question. In the last photos, all this is assembled without glue. Therefore, everything will be unassembled and painting by airbrush. The inner and outer transparent surfaces of the canopy will be covered with masks.
  7. The mechanism for raising the rear light is somewhat more complicated.
  8. thanks, but I was hoping for the opposite effect )))
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