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  1. Ready job can see here https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/85540-at-33a-t-bird-132-special-hobby/
  2. My new project - AT-33A, No.721, Escuadrilla Acrobatico "Los Quetzales", based at La Aurora, Guatemalan Air Force, 1970. WIP here
  3. I corrected the nose strut gear and made a folding mechanism for the nose gear.
  4. I was hoping that my work will stimulate, and not vice versa)))
  5. On the fuselage, the metallic turned out to be too contrast. Corrected. Also painted identification marks. little problem further - weathering
  6. Not the easy way, but is right, I think...
  7. Just need a thin brush, patience and good eyesight. And yet, the base of LG is painted with Mr. Color, and for the brush - enamel. If there are a lot of details in a wheel bay, then it is easier to paint them separately. Like in this case.
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