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  1. 87 euro is the price i got back from them. Couldn’t find it on fb or their website.
  2. Oh soooo nice! Beautiful job on those invasion stripes. Gotta agree with you on the panel lines. The toned down look is good and the comparison to the bottom made it really obvious.
  3. Perfect work on that leather seat! OVerall a great showpiece!
  4. That was way different then i expected. For some reason i missed the fact that the model was 3d! Video was the way to go showing the spinning prop. The build looks excellent!
  5. Kevin i’ve got this one on ebay if you’re in the market for one pm me and we’ll work something out. chris
  6. My other big task is canopy cleanup. Both kits have scratched clear parts so doesn’t matter which i use. I’ve been using the Novus polish for some time now but haven’t been happy with the results. Called my buddy who loves it and asked how he does it. Turns out the difference is I was using microfiber towels and he is using cotton t-shirts. I switched and no more fine little hazy scratches left after polishing. both of the above were polished with Novus and microfiber towels. The scratches obviously needed sandpaper. Was hoping not to but oh well. I started with 6k but went backward to 4k to get then out. Then moved from 4k to 6k to 8k to 12k. Followed by Novus 3, 2, 1 and here’s the final look
  7. Many thx gentlemen! working on the cockpit yesterday and today amongst misc other sanding tasks. Just about ready to close up the fuselage. i used bondic drops to create the glass. I think the big one over the radar scope needs a touchup tho under magnification. All original, just like Revell wanted it. Let me know what you think about the paint. I don’t want it to dirty for sure, just wondering if maybe a glaze or a couple coats of glaze might blend things together more. It’s pretty barren like this but if I’m to keep to this basic kit build mentality I must fight the inner demons calling for extras, know what i mean! Let me know what you think?
  8. Too hard to get parts from overseas. Supply chain totally unreliable. Shipping costs escalating exponentially. Can’t tell you the number of times lately I’ve been ‘Monday morning quarter-backed’ about how I’m responsible for suppliers that miss a delivery or default on an order at the last minute. Time to bring it home again. Those higher costs of labor are worth it when you know the parts are in your control. end result, i bet we get a better model
  9. ohhh this is superb!! Figures are looking good. Gonna be a stunner on the base when you finish it for sure
  10. Working some of the individual parts today. Taking the revell text off destroyed a few panel lines and “some” sanding took out a few more. Put them back on with CA. next up the center seam while i was at it. Needs sanded and cleaned up from here and while not worth a pic it’s interesting to note how much scuffing happens to the fuselage over 40 years in the box. I probably sanded half of the fuse with 1500 grit paper to clean it up. Both models showed all the same type scratching. Definitely required motivation… working on cleaning up the jet engine and painting the cockpit. Hope to work those around high school graduation this weekend!
  11. Beautiful! ive found a number of guys have the Tamiya stands from their F-16 available. Picked up 6 of them a few years back and am down to my last one. I just posted a want ad here for them. They may be handy for what you want.
  12. Super unique display approach, kudos to you!
  13. Ok gang here’s where I’m at with the build. Jason liked to build out of the box so I’m going to keep that intent here with this Phantom. IPMS has a new basic kit build category. My intent will be to keep to that theme and build it good enough to compete. Omaha is drivable for me this year so if I can finish this without rushing it I’ll bring it along! let me tell you this will be a challenge. Check out this shot, you can tell these molds were shot shot shot it’s clamp heaven for every assembly Another challenge I’m imposing is the build the kit just like Revell wanted us kids at the time to build it. So you’ll see the engine assembled and with some glazing putty on it, the wings fold (this is a story unto itself, probably 1hr each with a file deepening the winglet joint so it would work). No kid could ever do it. You’d have to pick a position. i broke each of the pivot arms once but cement seems to make it stronger then before. ok, you’re all caught up! Lots of sanding and finish work to do of course. Later this weekend I’ll get back to the cockpit now that I have all the parts.
  14. Thierry you are so right. This combo kit is seldom seen. I bought it at the Regional Show here in Ohio. Normally going for $150 the vendor gave me a steal on it as long as I sent her pics of the commemorative build once I finished. I tried the canopies from the new mold version and they don’t even look right open. You can just tell the lines are different, you know.
  15. Hey Kev! Yep the one I have is old - 1983 is the year for my box. It’s #4747. It’s different from the 1976 boxing in 1 major way. The folding wing tips on the ‘76 version have mounting points for slats. The ‘83 boxing i started with, the combo kit, has clean folding wing tips although the slats are in the box. Here’s the ‘76 A big thanks to one of the guys from the Wright Field Scale Modelers who donated this kit to me so I would have everything needed to finish this build. Decals are good, all the stores will fill out my Turkish Phantom and best of all the canopies are perfect!
  16. Hey LSP, this build is for a fellow modeler, great guy, and Vet! He had cool build all worked up, a Turkish F-4E Phantom in the Kara Sahin, Black Falcon, markings. Unfortunately he left us before he got to finish it. For that reason I hope you’ll excuse my rather long intro. Jason had a set of decals for the scheme but the largest they came in was 1/48th. Enter LSP. He put the word out he wanted to try masks and do some painting of the falcon. We ended up getting together on the project and chatting a bunch over the following year. He had the Revell F-4E Phantom to use. After I drafted everything up he sent my the left half of the plane lol and I used it to finish up the final layout and sizing of the masks. Wrote him up a set of instructions on how to place them and he was off. For this build I had been looking around for the Revell Phantom. I found the combo kit, Phantom and Mig The box was a mess, and in the end I had to throw it away due to the musty, moldy, smell it had! Supposedly all the pieces were there…if you counted the weapons and fuel tank sprues as separate haha. Also found the canopy was broken. It split about an 1/8” from the bottom edge and I hadn’t noticed it till I got everything out to start it. Well that slowed things down. I held off on posting a wip till I found all the parts I was going to need. So I’ll kick the build off in the next post. I’ve got a mix of things done based on what I had to work with. Here’s to Jason (USMC Herc) wherever you are I hope you know this finally came together for you.
  17. Today i was just rifling thru some misc bins at our local club meeting. One of the guys is a vendor and brings out a few tables for the monthly meeting. Guess what i found in a bin with mostly 1/48 and 1/72 stuff in it… i committed to an Animal themed group build awhile back but hadn’t gotten the kit in the queue yet. Well now I have to. It’s FROG camo time now that I have this piece of unobtainium!
  18. So far I’ve found everything made for the Hase kit fits the KittyHawk kit. I’m on my 3rd KH. Used the BelcherBits kit to make my T-38A. Awesome piece of work that BB kit!
  19. Oooh, i was looking for your wip and couldn’t find it. I can’t find the milk in the fridge tho, but just in case it’s really not up yet here’s some motivational speaking the decals in the kit are great. I did the F, looking forward to your E. Just wish they had some guidelines for the stripes. pm me if you need anything. Chris
  20. Ha! Maru I’m going to have to update that avatar! It’s my AH-1Z Viper. Obviously too fuzzy when I shrank it down to the required pixel size.
  21. NICE Looks like a Desert Storm bug!! These things seem to get almost as dirty as an F-14
  22. That’s tons for a first thread! Looks great, especially like the tone of your black.
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