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  1. Cool, looking forward to it!
  2. Ohhh that brought back some memories! mine shipped as well the other day. Unfortunately the pattern is full right now it’ll be summer before I can start…
  3. I’m anxious to see a SWS kit built. Have thought about buying one on occasion.
  4. Wow sorry to hear that. It was looking good in the pics above. Hope you move on to something you really like and share the wip with us again.
  5. One of the guys who has IMGur I’m sure will weigh in and help out. I know that they don’t use BB code on here anymore. It’s outdated. I have SmugMug and what I have to do is copy the JPEG link and then paste it here.
  6. The fisher sea fury! Corsair as the backup :-)
  7. Well, decision made - It’s going to be all out of the box. Dragged the kit along to my hotel for work this week. I’ve been back and forth on whether to buy some aftermarket. I need 2 wing tanks for sure. Have come close to pulling the trigger on some Kopecky scale models gear for sure, even loaded up the cart but my daughter’s college bill is in so i have to stay strong, nothing but box builds for awhile. im working those intakes 1 seam at a time to try and get them as close to flush as i can. 4 nights in the hotel, 4 seams, should be good to go by the time i get home. Thinking about trying some automotive putty in them. Worst case back to my tried and true latex paint option. That’s worked well for me in the past. Ohh so spoiled with seamless intake spending over the last few years
  8. masks on my Silhouette cutter :-) the Platz 1/72 Eagle showed up and the decals are absolutely stunningly done. By Cartograph of course. I’ve scanned them at 2400 dpi and they fit perfect and I’ve got good print resolution. Now the Kanji I have to do some experiments with. I am toying with the idea of hand stenciling them on in gold.mohh boy, where do i get these crazy ideas! The scan of the Kanji is crystal clear, they are just so fine. I just picked up DXM’s 1/32 JASDF Aggressors stencil set. Lucky to find something to replace these heavy Tamiya decals it seems. They were a bear to find. Also printed by Cartograph!
  9. Almost all the bomb noses will be the circles. I can’t think of any that aren’t as the stripe is generally straight around the circumference but I’m leaving an opening for the exceptions that are probably out there as I’m not familiar with everything parabolas to me are harder because it’s tough to get the info needed to get the shape right. Circles and ellipses are closed shapes, whereas parabolas are open. So, trying to draw the curve with an equation becomes harder to guess at the slope of the line as it changes with both the width and length of the legs. So to me drawing them from your shape is easier then trying to fit a curve to it, especially in 3d where it’s harder to find all the coordinates in x, y, and z for it. I googled a drawing to see if something was out there to help with this thought… hopefully that helps show the complexity I’m trying to present in creating a parabola for a 3d object like a nose cone where there isn’t already a cad drawing done that we can take the info from.
  10. And the lettering turned out perfect! No touch ups here and no issue with paint lifting. There must have been some mold release or something on the lower fuselage. Next time I will give it a Dawn bath 1st, or a full wipe with ISO 1st. once it hardens, by tomorrow, I can sand the ridge off the edge of the lettering, put on a clear coat and let it all dry while i travel over the week. Next weekend will start assembly.I’ve been painting and doing up the gear doors, landing gear, ladder, and miscellaneous bits and bobs for a couple weeks now…every time i got crosseyed looking at blue digi
  11. Holy cow that way was a ton of work. Sure looks like you’re getting it sorted!
  12. Dude you’re right, that wheel thingy is hilarious!
  13. Wow that moved along fast. This is gonna look really good in that five color camo. You’ve done such a great job of prepping it
  14. Lots of little stuff getting done lately. Not really much to show that's interesting or that you guys haven't seen before ;-) I finished up the 4 stars and bars this weekend. They are ok, but looking at the close up pics I may do some touch ups because the patterns just seem odd done in such a small scale. I'm working on the lettering now. Once that is done I'll be ready to finish the assembly. Then a few decals that I need to draw up and print. I've tried a couple things to allow me to paint the grey shadow of the ship used on the flaps and fuselage but none of them look good in scale.
  15. red Dog here is my solution! Now if you really want to do it yourself you can use a compass for the simple circles; draw 2 circles that are separated by the width of the yellow line you want to draw around the circumference of the bomb. I think that's probably what you need if you are doing a standard bomb. For others you would use the equation for an ellipse or a parabola. I would do them on graph paper and then transfer with tracing paper to your final medium. ellipse: x^2 / a^2 + y^2 / b^2 = 1 where a is half the length and b is half the width of the ellipse you want. graph paper is your friend here if not doing this in CAD or Excel. parabola: way more complex. If you want to try this I need a few pages and some graph paper ;-) For reference if you want to know where these apply to, the ellipse and parabola would be used if you are dividing a nose cone along it's length instead of around the circumference. The projection is generally a parabola. I've never done it with equations. I was trained as a draftman many many years ago and we learned how to do these by drawing 3 view diagrams. Now it's all done in CAD.
  16. I really love your interpretation of the paint!
  17. Oh I thought it was gonna be a motorcycle OK just kidding. Going to be a cool looking kit as you go through it. How are you gonna weather it?
  18. Awesome camo scheme. I think turning Japanese is going to really be ALL ABOUT THE PAINT
  19. Inserting my place-holder now - She will be all out of the box with a strong emphasis on PAINT! I pulled the trigger on the only game in town for a camo pattern that I've been waiting 4 or 5 years to do. Hasegawa did a limited release in 1/72 scale. I plan to scan and create a set of masks for the 305SQ Commemorative scheme "Ume-gumi"! This will definitely take all 6 months of this GB to finish. I think I can master this now. My mini Ume-Gumi kit below... I can't believe I'm going to jump into this as I finish up the F/A-18F DigiHell but I gotta do it. I always said it was waiting for an LSP group build to execute on. Opened my kit and found a broken windscreen. Heard back from Tamiya USA and they are sending a replacement completely free of charge! What a great organization. I've pulled some cockpit parts off the sprue so I'll start posting pics this weekend I expect.
  20. I'm in for both recipient and donor. Here are 3 separate donoations:
  21. Very cool. That metal in the cockpit on the seat and the door looks so real, like it’s just lightweight aluminum
  22. My preference is the Hasegawa Shiden Kai with the wing cannons and the underbelly tank (at least it appears that way). Very different, plus I just love cannons on fighters :-)
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