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  1. Roughness is only that, its very lightly textured for cast effect, not as ablative coating, which would be a LOT thicker. Also its a good way to cheat out of filling seams between the bomb halves - I just ran thinned Bondo putty all over
  2. Not counting some spare pilots from an Academy/Tamiya 1/32 kit, and maybe a canopy mask set, this will be the only aftermarket I'm using for the kit: Oh and the main pylons are nearly done. Need to add a few more fuel hoses and slightly sand the sway brace attachments, plus seam cleanup. You'll notice I cut the DECM antennas off since the early A-6As didn't have them. Now, back to modifying the MERs.
  3. cib2265

    Acrylic rod bending

    What size rod are you using with this method? I find up to 9mm is fine with a heat gun, but I'm using an 18mm for my A-6 project...might try the boiling water method
  4. cib2265

    CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat”

    Nice work Eric!
  5. First update. I built the 12 supplied Mk82 slicks in the kit, plus four more. Will try casting the six more required next for total 22. Fins were reshaped to be a lot thinner, plus added texture to the front half with Bondo putty. Fuses to be painted separately: Chicken and egg problem next - I want to detail up the MERs but I needed to work out the proper sway brace locations and see if the weapon pylons inner details were visible (theyre not a flat filled edge with notches for the sway braces as Trumpeter molds them). Was easy to modify, just cut away the lip, insert a 2mm wide piece of styrene channel and add various channel/nuts/wire detail inside for 3D effect. Needs some seam cleanup, but I'm more concerned about the piano hinge, Im thinking of either replacing or just carefully adding more cuts in between the molded detail. also I cut the panel line straight through on the ends: I actually started with the separate ejector racks, these hang on the lower portion of the MERs and out of the box are okay. I drilled out underneath, added the lugs that are absent, plus replaced the flat detail with Meng nuts, plus the arming (?) detail on the top. Seven more of these to do! The sway braces will need attention next, Im hoping to replace the cups with some punched discs and the soft nut details. I've almost finished modifying the first MER, but need to add the arming wires, that will be next update. I'm thinking I should have just bought resin drop in replacements, but this is a good exercise, I've never done this to an aircraft kit before...
  6. cib2265

    CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat”

    Great work Eric - looking forward to seeing this at club!
  7. thanks chaps, Im doing this way out of sequence, finishing the weapons and pylons first, then the inflight base. I've got 16 Mk 82 bombs together, need to mold another 6 using Blue Stuff to make a "full" 22 load on four MERs. As Trumpeter only supplies 2 in the kit - but a shedload of other useless weapons for an A-6A loadout - I raided the cupboard and found 2 more in my Trumpeter AV-8B kit, plus 4 Mk 82 slicks (only 12 in the kit, again, disappointed Trumpeter!) I'm halfway through detailing the first one and will post an update soon, have a 1/48 Tamiya F-14 on the bench that needs clearing first.
  8. Alright let's try this with Imgur instead:
  9. Im using Google Photos to link the images....mmmm
  10. I originally found the scheme as a what-if in a video game forum, a RAAF Intruder (i.e leased as an interim strike aircraft while waiting for the F-111 delivery), then google-fuing found this example. The details out of the box are pretty good - but I've gone down the rabbit hole in terms of accurising. Already started cutting up the MERs to detail them...more to follow when Ive finished that part of the build - I'm doing the weapons/pylons/base first so it's out of the way and done.
  11. After finishing my usual summer double-time work I can finally get to the modelling bench for 2019, and with Eric G's encouragement I'd thought I'd enter this GB. My entry will be Trumpeter's A-6A Intruder, with an unusual camouflage pattern - not quite SEA, but almost. Here's the historical texture behind the specific aircraft I want to do, taken from Rick Morgan's A-6 Intruder units of the Vietnam War: The profile from the book: And the only two reference pictures of it (post VA-85 deployment and now back at VA42 Oceana - notice the different drop tanks) that I've found so far: I intend on doing this out-of-the-box, or I should clarify, without any aftermarket, apart from some Tamiya/Academy 1/32 pilot figures, as it will be inflight. I'm leaning on the superlative builds here at LSP for clues on how to improve the kit from the box. Wish me luck, I've never done a jet in 1/32 before...this should be interesting!
  12. cib2265

    The way we look at models ?

    Id rather see dynamic shots of aircraft - inflight preferably, since they are aircraft and not cars. Taken at ground level is boring, but that's my opinion.
  13. Really? It looks like the same one from 2013?
  14. cib2265

    Nürnberg 2019 LSP list

    So the Trumpeter A-6A sitting on their display table is just a build for build's sake and not a new tool/new decal variant? I note that list doesn't include the 1/16 Tamiya Sheridan or Classy Hobby M5A1...
  15. cib2265

    HpH Macchi M5

    really looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh Brent!