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  1. That's coming along nicely Max. I'm very much looking forward to the finished Stieglitz!
  2. Nice fix and if you're already at it: The carburettor air intake on the Revell kit is a litle short and too blunt. I'll replace the front lip with a Tamiya part but some thinning down the kit part might do the trick, too.
  3. A recon plane? - count me in!
  4. You may take a look into Miroslav's WiP:
  5. Oh no - that's bad news but we'll be waiting for you to get back! Maybe I'll start a nightfighter until then?
  6. Beautiful work on the prop! I'm lloking forrward to the next photos from your build.
  7. I'm not really into biplanes but oh my that looks tasty!
  8. Did the dutch Spits have the armour plates behind the seat installed? Revell simply forgot to include one in their kit.. The Revell seat depicts a post war seat cushion which may apply to your Spit. Nice fix on the wings. I'm taking notes for my build!
  9. Thanks for watching Max. Hopefully there will be a colourful update soon. Then some small stuff and I'll have this one wrapped up! Shawn - your nightfighter is waiting for you. I hope you can get back to it soon? Thanks a lot Chris. I really envy the speed and precision of your builds. That's my spirit
  10. Nice start - now I want to revisit my stalled Revell Spit build Are you planning to add any aftermarket parts? The seat cushion begs for a replacement seat!
  11. Finally an update! Modelling is limited to the weekends right now but there is progress. Masks apllied for the wing crosses: Followed by a coat of greyish black (50:50 Tamiya XF-69 and X-18) And the first mask pulled on the fuselage codes (ignore the two black spots; they're already gone) It's still missing the fuselage crosses but apart from that all insignia is painted and prepped for the next colour - RLM78 for the undesides. Stay tuned and be patient Cheers Joachim
  12. Nice one Lothar. The italian markings are really appealing. I have a Revell G-6 waiting for the same treatment
  13. Guess how I found out that applying them like decals is not the best idea.. It took a lot of courage to polish the edges of the insignia on my Bf109 after painting the white at last. We'll see how these here will turn out. No new pictures so far, but I started applying the masks and hopefully I can set up my new workbench after my vacation next week!
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