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  1. So, the little Falco is all finished up and sitting in its display cabinet. Unfortunately the rainy weather prevents any beauty shots
  2. Did I hear something like unofficial Hurricane group build?
  3. Same for me - I just placed my order at Artscale. Can't wait for Christmas now
  4. Fantastic work, Quang! I really like the contrast form the camouflage to your roundels and the white origami is the icing on the cake
  5. Oh well, I've been (obviously) using it wrong for quite some time now Thanks for the help - I'll try again once I have repaired the clear coat!
  6. Filters it is Because an acyrcilc filter couldn't be wiped of, I decided to use oils. I mixed up neutral grey, umber and burnt umber with Liquin medium und some thinner. And here we have them applied to the fuselage decals. I started with the darker tones and finished with the Grey. You can see some beach marks from the oils. They were supposed to diasppear under another flat coat. Guess what: Everything worked fine except for one part: the flat coatr frosted like hell and I now have to repair that as well
  7. Great work Scott! Since you're already rebuilding the firewall: Do you plan to correct the openings of the wheel wells?
  8. Do you know about this one? https://scaleworx.com/product/mirage-f1-cz-complete-resin-kit/ There's a fantastic WiP documenting the prototype build as well
  9. Fair point Quang, it's definitely the blue. If I only had any spare decals to cut accordingly and replace the ones already applied My best idea so far: dabble grey and brown oils over the blue regions to make them less vibrant.
  10. To oil filter, or not to filter I'll start with two black on black photos: That's where I'm at with a black panel line wash (barely visible, as it should be) and with a flat coat (Gunze UV cut - great stuff) applied. I plan on applying a dead flat acrylic coat to the cowling and all the panels in front of the windscreen. Before that, I'd usually put on an oil filter to get some varaition and to pull the camo colours together. Right now the decals seem a tad too bright to my eye. What do you think?
  11. Great work Max, I'm enjoying and taking notes for the time I dare to start my first all resin kit. How did you paint the Townend ring?
  12. Wow - thank you so much for posting your work here. It's a pleasure to watch! Is it me, or do some of the mottles on the port fuselage look darker than the rest?
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