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  1. I've started with painiting the details - mostly the easy stuff like the MG15 and the rear seat. More of that later today. But I'm really struggling to find good pictures of the interior showing which box/part was in RLM02, black, or grey. Has anyone useful pictures and is willing to share them?
  2. Fanes

    Dragon BF 110 D

    That's looking good! What reference did you use for the detail painting? I hope I'll get my build to the same stage soon.
  3. 1/24 isn't actually my scale but I'm slowly considering to get that Airfix kit with that beautiful IP!
  4. The cockpit arrived at the painting stage. I started with a black base (Tamiya X-18) but didn't take any pictures - well it was black. Then I went on to the interior base colour. There are several possibilities for the Bf 110 with various combinations of RLM02 and 66. I 'm heading for an overall RLM02 to avoid the typical black hole aka RLM66. As you can see - it's not an uniform coat because I wanted to show the structures inside a little more. This wil be further enhanced with detail painting and adding some lights to the upper surfaces. Here's a little teaser with the cockpit floor: The next step will be painting all the small and not so small things in the cockpit. Finding the "right" colour for each part will take some time. I'll check all my references and the WiPs on this forum, too.
  5. Yes - me too! But please no spoilers, at least until tonight
  6. After sorting out the fit issue I went on to painting the whole thing. Well beforehand I wanted to clean up some flaws and cracked the whole thing. With a lot of patience and silent screaming the reconstruction was once again succesful! But I'm not gonna touch any flaws again on this beast! On to the better news: The frame itself recieved a coat with Gunze off-white. and I started the detail painting. While the frames are a light cream colour on all pictures, the cameras vary a bit. There are pictures of grey-green (maybe RLM02) cameras, dark grey with a RLM02 lens and somewhere I read something about a blue-grey camera colour. That's what I went with: Well I'm not 100% sure/happy about it. Has anyone more information regarding RB50/30 camera colours?
  7. Again very nice painting! I'm thrilled to see the final result. SInce I haven't seen it in the pictures - did you include the camera port on the underside?
  8. I ripped the box of after my post and it'll be thinned down 1-2mm. The overly thick cockpit walls will for sure lead to more problems with the auxillary Units for the camera. Especially the Motor which is located on the floor between the camera and the sidewall.
  9. I agree - the software upgrade is for sure the best solution! For those who don't want to upgrade the .dxf import may be a compomise between drawing everything in the Silhouette software and investing money in software.
  10. Picture delivery as promised: From behind: And here's the one and only picture from the original I could find: (source: bundesarchiv.de) The height of the camera seems perfectly good to me, but there's certainly not enough space to the sides.
  11. I have to disagree! It's possible to import .dxf files which can be exported from Inkscape. The vector graphic needs to be rescale in the Studio Software but that's easily done.
  12. I'm (obviously) a beginner with the Silhouette Software but my take is that using a vector graphics program like Inkscape is more intuitive and provides more flexibility.
  13. I already had the Tamiya masking sheet and since I really liked their tapes for masking, my naive thought was that they would work as masks, too. Well then Oramask it is - I'll try ordering one roll in the evening. Thanks for your Input mates!
  14. I got myself a little present yesterday: I finally found an affordable Silhouette Portrait for sale and luckily it was only 2km away from my workplace. In the last days I prepared my drawings in Inkscape - basically just a sketch over the scanned decal sheet from Eagle Cals. First test plot on Tamiya masking sheet turned out not too bad, but a little shallow: Getting mask over on the model was quite painful since the Tamiya sheet is a little bit too tacky which made positioning pretty hard. Somehow the mask turned out too big. The scanned crosses are 28mm in height, so is the drawing and that was the size in Silhouette Studio. Well the mask for the cross is 30mm high - before pulling it of the backing sheet. I've now scaled them down (26mm in height) and they turned out like they should with exactly 28mm - WTF?
  15. It's not over yet. I shot some primer today and it unforgivingly revealed all the flaws: So there will be a lot of careful scraping and sanding tomorrow. And there's another issue to fix: The installed camera fits the cockpit floor quite well but collides with a box on the upper left sidewall (picture will follow). I have no idea if that box was fitted to the recon 110s and if it maybe had been relocated.
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