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  1. That's a good one Tolga! Does the Revell/Hasegawa kit include the early (non bulged) canopy? I'm planning to do a Mk.I conversion somewhat in the future and that's on my list of necessary parts. Cheers Joachim
  2. You're absolutley right Alain - thanks for your input. I found some more pictures of spanish I-16s and already wondered about the canopy. And now that you mentioned it, I can't unsee the raised spine! So much for a quick and easy build Cheers Joachim
  3. Ah, the coincidence. I almost happened to order a Sea Gladiator yesterday
  4. Chosen subject Unusually I've already settled for one particular airframe before I touched the plastic. It's C.8-25 from Morón aviation school (please note the accent ). There are some colour pictures from a museum but that seems to be just a replica. After some hours without any results I finally found pictures from the original airframe. It's upposed to be painted in the standard light blue/green scheme, oversprayed with a sand colour in a squiggly matter. Eduard in their 1/48 kit and ICM depict the colour scheme as sand base with green mottle which makes no
  5. It's not forgotten Aaron! As soon as I finish my zipper; I'll crave for some scratch builing (still have to do the camera mounts). Neither did I! The Spanish AF did use a lot of WW2 props (Ju 52 and He 111) until 1957. I think you will enjoy your build. It really is a beautiful kit. Max - I couldn't let you storm ahead with your entries and just sit there and watch
  6. Sets up chair in the front row, prepares popcorn and cold beer, waits for the show to start
  7. I've been going back and forth wether to participate in this GB or not. There are some trainers in my stash (e.g. the Bü 131) but my main topic is recon planes and therfor most trainers will be build as liaison planes. Speaking of recon birds: my FR IXc Spit is still sitting on the shelf waiting for completion... Anyway I chose a rather simple subject: A Polikarpov Type 10 in the (post war) colours of the Spanish Airforce. Some of the former republican Ratas were used as training aircraft at Moron airbase until mid fiftys! I bought the ICM decals some time
  8. You're being too kind Lothar . On the other hand one build without a major boo boo would be nice. There is good and there is bad news. The latter up front: Unfortunately cutting the serial number and surrounding with my Silhouette proved to be nearly impossible. Even with the slowest setting and loest possible force where there was still a cut, the masks got butchered. Some letters (like the M in Marine) went fairly well but rather complex letters (A, R, 5 and 9) ended up torn apart. I guess letters with a height of 1.5 mm are and maybe will remain in the decal domain.
  9. Finally the moment of truth I pulled all the masks yesterday and it mostly went as planned. There are some small defects I need to fix but that was what I expected. Remember my stupid paint spill? - Well it haunts me for another time The MFG2 patch on the tailplane isn't perfect but I guess aceptable (I have a spare decal) The A in Marine is somewhat crooked. I habve no idea how that happened since I used frisket film to transfer the mask (not going to fix that). The overall look from starboard and from port The
  10. Yesterday the port side recieved its touch ups. Unfortunately photographing them with artificial light didn't work out as planned. The contrast between the touch ups and the base paint is a little bit higher than in the pictures. Clos up from the tail. Inspired by 27+79 and the starboard side of "my" zipper 27+81. The upper and front fuselage is made up from a combination of 27+79 and some artistic license. In the next step the radome recieved its colour: ADC grey and this time the AK real color seems to be spot on. I couldn't res
  11. Thank you very much Derek - that helps a lot! My plan is now to use 27+79 as a guide for the touch ups since it seemed to be in y comparable condition and there are several good shots from the port side: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Germany-Navy/Lockheed-TF-104G-Starfighter/2618622/L?qsp=eJxtjrEOglAMRf%2BlMwuQALLB4qiDP9D0VXwJwktbEwnh361onNzae5p7ugLNk/HTLktiaEEZhW6QQULBu0K7AkYhwav1qJE%2BZ03e5NkPHHli%2BY%2BgLYuq8kB4iGqCFuepI3vg6LKirg%2Bu0lmsX3wPaNwRcTIO3/wkgeWNWGn/anCH9yWW8z5DWXkeoqYR9w42jCNs2wtrXUfc I'll try to create the faded spine and upper fuse in a later stage with light
  12. Thanks Olivier. You might want to adjust the mix to get the contrast to the underside colour right. Th undersides on my zipper seem to be too dark. Back to the bench. I promised touch ups in my last post and well there are some. But not what you guys might expect. Some idiot spilled paint on the finished port wing. Well - out with the sanding stick and some black primer. It's not perfect (sanding around the mask was nearly impossible) but it'll do with some grey on it: Now onto the simulated touch ups! The beautiful side view of the real d
  13. It's time for an update! Despite spending a lot of time reading/watching alle those nice builds here on LSP I couldn't motivate myself to get to the bench again. Today I felt the need to shoot some paint and here's teh result. I started with the usual marbel base coat thingy. Once again the idea was to get something inbetween the "pre-shade look" and a completely random finish. My final mix for the basalt grey consists of 70% MRP basalt grey, 20% MRP marking blue and 10% Tamiya black. The marble coat looked quite blueish and at that moment I w
  14. Thanks for your input chek - I try to remember that on my mext build
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