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  1. bstachel

    1/32 WnW Halberstadt CI.II (Late)

    Thanks for the kind comments regarding Aviattic decals Andy! Great to see your progress with this lovely kit - surprisingly small for a two-seater?! You'll be amused to hear that I am currently working on tailored lozenge and "stipple" camo options for the kit - lozenge to be announced this week - stipple to follow soon!...sorry! Richard
  2. bstachel

    WNW Albatros D.V Jasta 17

    aviatticsales@gmail.com Thank you!
  3. bstachel

    1:32 Hansa-Brandenburg W.29

    Terrific, Mike - congratulations! Could you forward those pics for the Aviattic website, please? aviatticsales@gmail.com Many thanks Richard
  4. bstachel

    WNW Albatros D.V Jasta 17

    Beautiful result! Could you email me the pics for the Aviattic website? Best wishes, Richard
  5. bstachel

    Junkers Diorama

    Karim - the "stripped" wings are Aviattic Fokker DVII wings - 3d printed items, available from the Aviattic Shapeways page. Link on the Aviattic website. The stripped Fokker DR.I rudder is also an Aviattic item - available from the website. www.aviattic.co.uk
  6. bstachel

    1:32 Nieuport-Delage NiD 29 C1

    Do you have any photos to share of the test kit mock-up? Regards Richard
  7. bstachel

    P38 F5 st exupery 1/32

    Lovely - which issue is it to appear in?
  8. www.luftkrieg1919.com Go, Mike! Regards, Richard
  9. The Baron, depicted as he was dressed for his last patrol. Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi, pre-order now for delivery May 2018 (casters schedule allowing) Optional heads and hands, carrying the "Geschwaderstock" - which became a tradition into WW2 being handed down to subsequent Geschwader commanders. For pics and info visit: https://www.aviattic.co.uk/new.html Best wishes, Richard
  10. Designed for the beautiful Wingnut Wings kit Aviattic now offer a choice of three doped linen "upper" surface colours and two linens for the undersides, mix and match to your preference! Printing and dispatching this week - for details visit: https://www.aviattic.co.uk/132-sopwith-dolphin.html Best wishes, Richard
  11. bstachel

    WNW W.12 '1407'

    Congrats, Karim - beautiful.. Richard
  12. bstachel

    Gotha G.IV colours

    The Gothas on the WNW site exhibit various (modellers own colours!) hexagon painted effects - not what is commonly described as "lozenge".. regards Richard
  13. Nice progress Karim! Regarding the hex camo on the ply areas - I have put forward the explanation that these could have been painted, as was early practice, or hex printed linen doped on which would have created a different, darker appearance which explains the look in some period photos on horizontal stabiliser and turtledeck. Wingnuts chose to explain this as two different printed colour ways which is "interesting" but makes no real sense. Only one directive gave the instructions for painted hex colours (grey blue, grey brown and grey lilac) and no such instructions have ever come to light regarding the printing dye mixes, which we can only assume to have followed the guidelines. My decals, both "linen" and "painted" effect reflect this Idflieg instructions. To revert you linen look decals in these areas to "painted" I'll happily send you a section of the painted effect decals (i.e. no fabric effect) - or follow the doped on linen theory and merely darken the varnish over the areas to simulate linen doped onto a solid surface. Let me know - aviatticsales@gmail.com best wishes, Richard
  14. bstachel

    Gotha G.IV colours

    GIV's were not originally designed for night operations and were "sky" camo'd in white dope with pale blue scumble, plain white (off white for a scale model) dope or later GIVs in the series did indeed have the "early" regular 5 colour "lozenge" pattern printed flax. Disastrous losses meant that the campaign was moved to night operations and any available airframes were re-finished - hence the hand painted hex and irregular polygon patterns and dark blue dope overpainted "lozenge" effect (which rendered the bright "day" colours virtually indistinguishable. This has led to the belief that there was a specially printed palette of "night" colours - I don't believe this to be true. Don't you just love it when someone trots out a statement they've pulled off the internet? regards Richard