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  1. Beautifully done, Mike! Richard
  2. Terrific stuff and love your "brave" weathering!
  3. Thanks for the kind comments regarding Aviattic decals Andy! Great to see your progress with this lovely kit - surprisingly small for a two-seater?! You'll be amused to hear that I am currently working on tailored lozenge and "stipple" camo options for the kit - lozenge to be announced this week - stipple to follow soon!...sorry! Richard
  4. Terrific, Mike - congratulations! Could you forward those pics for the Aviattic website, please? aviatticsales@gmail.com Many thanks Richard
  5. Beautiful result! Could you email me the pics for the Aviattic website? Best wishes, Richard
  6. Karim - the "stripped" wings are Aviattic Fokker DVII wings - 3d printed items, available from the Aviattic Shapeways page. Link on the Aviattic website. The stripped Fokker DR.I rudder is also an Aviattic item - available from the website. www.aviattic.co.uk
  7. Do you have any photos to share of the test kit mock-up? Regards Richard
  8. Lovely - which issue is it to appear in?
  9. The Baron, depicted as he was dressed for his last patrol. Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi, pre-order now for delivery May 2018 (casters schedule allowing) Optional heads and hands, carrying the "Geschwaderstock" - which became a tradition into WW2 being handed down to subsequent Geschwader commanders. For pics and info visit: https://www.aviattic.co.uk/new.html Best wishes, Richard
  10. Designed for the beautiful Wingnut Wings kit Aviattic now offer a choice of three doped linen "upper" surface colours and two linens for the undersides, mix and match to your preference! Printing and dispatching this week - for details visit: https://www.aviattic.co.uk/132-sopwith-dolphin.html Best wishes, Richard
  11. Congrats, Karim - beautiful.. Richard
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