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  1. Thanks Matt. Yes it's a very nice kit. Well detailed and it goes together great. When I bought the Zero paint I also got the set set for the black version so I may be building a second one.
  2. Hi Matt, Thanks for your help and guidance on my first motorcycle and some new materials. I did make a few little mistakes but for the most part I am very happy with the results. Everything I learned will make the next one easier. Here are a couple of pictures as requested.
  3. I'm going to have to learn on a paint mule before I try that but will. Right now I have the MRP 2k but will eventually try the one from Zero and maybe others. I've been doing each step on an old wing before the bike. Will do the same with 2k and polishing.
  4. Thanks again Matt. This is sure more involved than aircraft but very rewarding to see the gloss come out. I have a set of guitar polish I plan to try. It finishes with swirl remover that really puts a great shine on a lacquer finish.
  5. Thanks Matt, that's exactly how I will go. The 1k looks pretty nice but it doesn't have that deep crystal clear look that I think the 2k will. I'll do decals tomorrow then give it a day or two and try the 2k. I'll let you guys know how it goes and maybe post a couple of pictures.
  6. I had a bit of a setback with the MRP gloss clear. I sprayed it over Zero Paints lacquer and the clear coat went hazy. It may have been my fault for not letting the color coat dry enough. I gave it 24 hours. If that was not the issue I don't know what to say about it. It may have been my technique too. I sprayed a couple of light coats to give it something to hold on to then went with a heavier coat to give it its gloss. I've ended up stripping the paint on the parts and will give it another go but maybe with a different clear coat. BTW this is on a 1/12 motorcycle kit.
  7. An inspirational build. Really well done.
  8. I was wondering the same thing and will be fining out in the next day or two. I'll let you know how I do. I will be using Tamiya decals though.
  9. I just sprayed my first Zero Paints today and they went down absolutely beautifully. The Italian Red is a great color too. Tomorrow I'll see how the clear coating goes. I have MRP Super Gloss, Mr. Paint gloss and a 2k gloss from MRP. I was thinking of using one of the 1k clears for the pre-decal coat then do the final finish with the 2k stuff. Don't tell the hard core LSP guys but this motorcycle kit has been a blast and I have since bought a few more bike kits and even started a collection of aftermarket goodies.
  10. I'm not familiar with a couple that you guys mention but I would have to say Band of Brothers for me.
  11. I thought 1917 was very good. I try to watch Blue Max at least once a year. Aside from being a good story with airplanes Ursala Andress is in it.
  12. Thanks Alex. The thinning paint effect was what I was after. Looking at pictures of these planes they were pretty beat up operating from islands with the abrasive coral sand. As far as aftermarket I agree that resin wheels are a good thing to change on the Tamiya kits. I'm not a big fan of the kit rubber tires.
  13. Thank you for your kind words. I stepped away from this one for a few days to take a break from the more complicated kit. I'm currently building a Tamiya 1/12 motorcycle and am really enjoying it. I'll be back to the Corsair pretty soon.
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