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  1. Wow, when you take on a project you don't go half way. It all looks incredible.
  2. You sure do some nice work. That lost part will show up as soon as you finish making a replacement. It's happened to me a couple of times.
  3. I love it. I'm building the Tamiya kit right now and I hope it comes out nearly as nice. The Tamiya kit is fantastic BTW. I plan to get a second one.
  4. The 90% alcohol seems pretty effective. It's safe and cheap. Why bother with anything else?
  5. I'm guilty of listening to the media reports I guess. I agree that it's not something to take lightly for sure. I just hope the get a handle on it before it gets much worse.
  6. I highly recommend getting the flu shot every year. It's painless and can save a lot of misery. As far as this Corona virus goes, the thing that bother me is China's unwillingness to freely share their data. I'm not sure we really know how bad it is over there. A closed society is not a good thing for many reasons.
  7. Beautiful build and I love the Aussie markings.
  8. The first couple I used I removed the clear film because to me the instructions were not clear on that. I had similar problems that others had but once I figured out how to use them it all worked great so I think your post hit the nail on the head.
  9. I used them for stencil data on a P-47 build and they worked great. What everyone is saying about following the instructions exactly and waiting several hours before peeling the film is critical. They look great and are worth the effort in my opinion.
  10. Not cheap but a fantastic tool that will last forever. It will cut tiny little circles nice and clean and repeatable. You'll find lots of use for it.
  11. I just used some for the first time in the last few days and I'm pretty happy with the way they came out. It was on a 1/48 Bf109. I just followed the directions on the website. I sprayed the white in the general area of the marking then placed the whole mask on using tape to keep them together and removed the mask where the black goes. I then sprayed the black and when dry put the mask back where the black is and removed the outside part leaving the marking completely covered. Then I went ahead and painted the camo. When I peeled off the masks I had decent looking markings. Pretty easy. Like everyone said, go as easy as possible on the paint to keep it thin. I'll be using them again for sure.
  12. I'll try the few drops of clear gloss trick and start using the Mr. Color leveling thinner from now on. I'm tired of the problems with the water based stuff. It just seems too hit or miss.
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