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  1. Nice work Chuck. I'm really enjoying this build. Please try not to over-do it after your surgery. You don't want to take any unnecessary chances.
  2. Lucky you. I call mine my electronic leash.
  3. No problem here. I have always just let the updates install and have never had a problem. In fact there have been a couple of times its been an improvement with issues I was having.
  4. Thanks for the input. I understand these are the correct seats for the J model. Looking at the larger pictures I see they need a bit of touch up but that's a piece of cake.
  5. Ok guys, I need an honest opinion on the seats. These are the Quickboost seats with molded in seatbelts. I still have the Aires seats and PE belts that I can still paint up and use. Also have a set of Eduards painted PE belts I could use with the Aires seats.
  6. One thing I might suggest is drilling a hole at the end of the "crack" to stop it from splitting further down the line. It's something machinists do when the have a stress crack in a part. Then you can fill the hole as necessary but the crack will not go beyond the hole.
  7. Looks nice Rick. It’s always good to get the paint on.
  8. Congratulations on finishing a fantastic build. It's been an inspiration.
  9. Don't worry about the slight thread drift. It adds context to the build. It's all about learning for me and I hope other get something from it as well.
  10. Yes, progress is progress and is all good. Sometimes I only get a half hour session but it helps keep it fresh in the mind and see thing after being away for a bit. Your rivet detail is superb.
  11. Thanks for that bit of history. Would they consider that plane repairable? It does not look like any real structural damage aside from the tail fin being ripped off.
  12. Nice work so far Kevin and a great choice of subject. This will be a great project to follow.
  13. OK, I won't say it but that is another great weathering reference. Thanks Chuck.
  14. Where do you guys find all these great photos? I must have looked at 1000 photos and didn’t see anything like these. Is there search method?
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