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  1. I just got done with the color coat on my 1/32 P47-D. I primed it in Mr. Color black primer thinned with Leveling Thinner and used Tamiya acrylic thinned with the same Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. I tried black basing for the first time and am pretty happy with it. Since I'm using this model to get back to the hobby and learn some new techniques I decided I want to paint the markings using Montex masks. My question is, should I put any sort of clear coat over my color coat before I mask and paint the markings? Thanks for helping out this old recycled newbie.
  2. Yes they did do it on a D. VII.
  3. I'm sure giving it strong consideration. Yours is absolutely beautiful and tilts me toward getting one. I think with the stubby fuselage it will not be too hard to find a place for it although it will take up the better part of a whole shelf.
  4. I've been slowly adding to my collection of WNW kits as a builder not collector or "investor". I have a few 2 seater's but have avoided bombers because of display size. I'm currently building a 1/32 P47-D and looking at the dimensions of both I see the AEG. G4 has only abut a 6-1/2" larger wingspan. That's really not too bad. Is the kit a fairly reasonable size for display?
  5. How long does it usually take from an announcement like we just had to seeing parts trees, markings and instructions? From what I've seen in my limited experience we might see two or three other kits released before mid 2020.
  6. Heck, it will go by so quick you won't even realize it. Besides I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
  7. The Werner Voss story is enough to sell me on the Dr. 1. It's not just about the airplane for me, it's about the men who had the courage to go up in these old crates and fight for their country. It's also the attempts to make a better machine. Heck, even in 1918 flight was a new science.
  8. Some nice looking goodies. I would for sure pick up that turbo-supercharger kit if I had not glued mine in already. I'll get one for sure when I get the kit for my Aires cockpit. I think I'll slowly work on this cockpit while waiting for paint to dry and stuff. I can just set it aside for later. It will be good practice anyway. This was my first resin cockpit and my first shot at doing any real level of detail work.
  9. Looks great. Looks like a fun kit.
  10. Hey guys, guess what came in the mail today. I got my part. Why I never saw a reply email I don't know. Darn, now I need another P-47.
  11. I sure hope your right. The Se.5a is on top of my want list and I missed it last time around. No way I'm paying $250 for one off of ebay.
  12. Just the news I wanted to hear. I guess I better get in as soon as they offer the pre-sale. Otherwise the speculators who will buy them by the dozens and leave us poor modelers who only want one or maybe two out in the cold.
  13. You guys are sure getting me excited. I've been buying a kit or so a month and only have a couple left before I have everything I want from what currently available. I want the newly re-released Hannover and a Harry Tate. What amazes me is just how many planes there were in WW1. I hope it's something really early and maybe a bit obscure.
  14. Is that a Pfalz D.III behind the Pup? I sure would like to see a re-release of that. I know it wasn't the best plane of the war but it's a good looking plane and was built in fairly large numbers. Is there any relation between what they show in the background of the box art and future releases?
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