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  1. I missed out on the Snipe when they were available before. I'll jump on that one for sure. Probably get the other one too. I have a D.VII but another won't hurt.
  2. Just got an email from WnW. They are shipping a replacement Fokker D.VII later this week. In earlier email they said my brown box Camouflage Albatros kit is on the way too.
  3. Looks great Bob. Nice to see you building since you spend so much time helping the rest of us between your products and guidance on the forums. As a beginner string bagger it's very much appreciated.
  4. Yes, but it was shipped 6 weeks ago (when they were is stock) and I got a tracking number which never showed movement. The tracking number is now gone and no longer available.
  5. Just got my brown box Bavarians Albatros. Very nice for sure. Still waiting for the Fokker D.VII that was ordered almost 2 months ago though. I'm about ready to submit a PayPal claim on it.
  6. High Road to China is a fun movie with some good flying scenes. It's one of Tom Selleck's early movies.
  7. Looks great. I'm a little behind you on the WnW MVR Albatros and your build is a great guide and inspiration.
  8. I have the shipping email dated 9/9/2019 with a tracking number but NZ Post says no information available. The new order with the Abatros is showing with the airline. My hope is they are packed together but I probably not.
  9. Or get lost. The Abatros is moving well through the NZ Post system. I ordered a Fokker D.VII from WNW more than 6 weeks ago and it shows no movement at all as if it never even left the warehouse. They claim to be looking for it with NZ post but at this point they should just call it lost replace it.
  10. Just got notice a few minutes ago from WNW that my Bavarians Abatros D.V has shipped.
  11. And a week after they sell out they will be going for $150 on ebay. I hope they limit the number a person can buy so more people get a shot at one. I know people will want to buy 10 in hopes of making a huge profit.
  12. Congratulations, I'm still waiting for mine after over 5 weeks. It still says preparing for shipping and tracking number says no information. They said they are looking for it. I wonder at what point they ship a replacement.
  13. I'm sure that's the case. I finally had an email to Dave at WNW not bounce back as undeliverable. Maybe they can track it and just let me know it's on the way. It's probably too early to worry. Next I'm I'll order from Sprue Brothers though.
  14. I wish I had but they were out of stock on it for quite some time. I thought it might have been discontinued so I thought WNW was the best bet. Should have waited.
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