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  1. I've enjoyed following your build. The results are absolutely spectacular.
  2. That's a beautiful build but it must be huge. Something to be proud of for sure.
  3. Looks like a great project. Looking forward to updates.
  4. This is all temporary. Commerce has a way of going on. As far as the stash goes, I'm good for at least 30 or 40 years.
  5. Hi Petr, Yes, thank you. I want to try my first bare metal finish soon and yours is a great example. All the best, Al
  6. Beautiful Jug. The bare metal finish is perfect. Can you give some more specific's on how you achieved it? Does it have any clear coat over it? Thanks
  7. Great. I'm looking forward to seeing this beauty come together. I looked through my hi-tech version again and it scared me a bit. There sure is a bunch of resin and I think I need a bit more experience before I jump on it. Maybe you'll give me some incentive to get over the fear.
  8. I completely agree with you, especially if you use lacquer based paints. It's one of the big reasons I got away from spraying water based acrylic paints. Water based acrylics will clog a nozzle and require needle removal. Once they dry they are a pain to clear out.
  9. Whatever kit you decide to go with I agree with your sentiment. A distraction is a good thing these days. I know people that have no hobbies and they spend more time being unhappy then they should. When I'm at my modeling desk nothing else matters. It's a time to just put everything else aside for a few hours. Especially now that there is no hockey.
  10. My vote is for the Tempest. It's just a beautiful plane. Beside I have the kit and would love to see another build before I tackle mine. I have the High Tech one and it sure looks like a project.
  11. I love the Vietnam era US jets with SEA camouflage and yours looks amazing.
  12. Great advice for sure. I always have a spare nozzle on hand too. You never know when you might damage it or it gets eaten by the carpet monster.
  13. I have recently been using Alclad Matt clear coat and so far I really like it. It's base is mineral spirits and it stinks but it's no worse than most solvent based stuff. It sprays well and is pretty darn flat.
  14. I have the same airbrush and use mostly Mr. Color lacquer thinned with their leveling thinner or Tamiya thinned with the same. I also clean with hardware store lacquer thinner. I don't seem to have to take it down to clean it often as long as I flush it well after use but when I do I remove the tiny nozzle. I have one of those sets of airbrush cleaning brushes and scrub and flush the area between the nozzle and cup until it's clean. I don't use any lube and the needle never really sticks. Sometimes if it's been sitting a couple of days I'll do a quick spray with thinner to get it going.
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