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  1. I do like the camo on the pictured 6010. I don't think any two were the same (same as their Lim-6 / MiG-17)
  2. "paint scheme screaming to be replicated" I'd be screaming mad to attempt it! I've got a 1/48 kit, and it's going to be a simple green over grey Croatian one! Nice fixes on the tail btw
  3. I'm tempted too....Yugoslav partisan MkII or post war Yugoslavia.
  4. Hey Michael...where did you order yours from? High shipping cost has always stopped me from getting a single ZM kit (I'm in NZ) Paul
  5. That is lovely! Just the right amount of weathering....excellent job! Paul
  6. Really like to see the surface textures on this, given it'll be NMF for most..........
  7. That's a great paint job.......very difficult to pull winter whitewash off (at lest for me!), but that has nailed it 100%
  8. Anthony.......I wouldn't worry, they should send you one to build to show how good it is! Plenty of lockdown building today? Paul
  9. https://www.bnamodelworld.com/1-man-army Kiwis helping the Aussies again!
  10. They wanted like 35 euros to ship it to me in the US. The set was 4 euros. Jennings...if you get to the checkout, there's an option to change this. But yes I agree it's not clear and put me off ordering for ages until someone mentioned this point!
  11. Nice one! I love those retouched photos from the 30s and 40s..........pretty much the CAD images of their day! Cheers paul
  12. Here you go Mike........one per side of course! Eduard part, then plans from AirDoc. It's one place where PE is probably the best!
  13. Managed to get an F-86K from BNA in Oz. Only the Norwegian can be done OOB, as the large scoop is missing from this boxing (it's in the F-86D). Eduard is one way to get it, but it's expensive and I hate PE, especially long folds like this entails. Going to have to try it in this plastic sheet. Paul in balmy Hawke's Bay
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