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  1. In a perhaps related topic, I noticed Tamiya Extra Thin made more of a mess of my latest Eduard 1/48 MiG-21 compared to the older one I built. Instead of a ghost mark, more a tide mark. Plastic looks the same, but feels a bit softer. Maybe I got a bad 'un?
  2. Check out Doogs latest on youtube......Trump A-6. He uses them (to amazing effect) in the cockpit.
  3. Mine's just arrived! What everyone says above is right........superb. Possibly the only tricky bit is the bottom fuselage strengthening strip....you'll have to join the fuselage and carefully get rid of the seam without reducing the actual strip itself (doesn't make much sense until you look at the part!) Paul
  4. Need someone to start a WIP before mine arrives here in NZ Sorely tempted to do a Yugoslav "what could have been"....maybe on one side, but that kinda precludes the attractive 3 tone camo they used at the time.
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