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  1. Yep, Its easy to tell that he enjoyed playing. As said earlier a large piece of my child hood gone too, There will never be another like EVH. Rock on Eddie, Legends never die!
  2. Speaking of BDA photos, I have one of many BDA photos of Koblenz Germany in my collection where a lot of my family went to during and after the war. Here it the 'old' part of town from the aftermath from bombing raids in '44 and '45. The blue arrow is the local air raid shelter and the red circle was were my grandparents apartment was/is. I remember walking around the shelter as a kid but couldn't go in due to it being off limits and fenced off. I remember it being really big, a very dark green and scary then. When I got older and started to get into the cities history more in depth, I w
  3. Yeah, My mom was born in 1937 and uncle was born 2 years later and they were also a multiple home city bombing survivors in WWII. She told me a bunch of stories about her travels and tribulations as a little girl and moving around trying to avoid air raids and such. Very interesting stories as she got older and opened up more about them. She said they lost a lot of family members to air raids and said the night bombings were the worst because they couldn't see where the bombers were coming from on top of being separated from her parents for extended length of times. That is a lot for 7 and 5 y
  4. Looks fantastic! Loved the finish on it!
  5. Looks good! I need to start mine soon. Looking forward to seeing more progress on this one! You'll have it done by next weekend, right?
  6. My first sight of a WnW kit was a Albatross at the 2010 IPMS nationals. I thought it was a roden kit at first so I talked to the builder and he was praising the kit at every turn and said it was a new company from NZ. Up to that that point I had very little interest in any WWI subject but I did like the Albie, so I ordered one. I built it not long after I got it and there was a rare moment where the modeling world lined up. It was something different, it wasn't ghost gray jets, It fit awesome, didn't take long to make, it looked cool and I enjoyed the build. I have built 17 WnW kits in the l
  7. I do like the rare 'dually' wheel field mod though!
  8. Well most people will love it or hate it. One thing is for sure it will most likely be the definitive 109 kit in 1/32. IF its true, i'll take a couple please.
  9. Do Bass Players count? Here is my current axe, its a Jackson X series spectra. Started playing guitar when I was 16 but quickly changed to bass because the guitar fret board was too small for my meat hooks. I played in a band right out of high school from 1990 till about '98. I quit playing after I got married and played off and on for fun over the years. Circa 1993, I'm the blond dude:
  10. Well my wife, kiddos and a few close friends have their direction if I have an early and untimely departure. If anyone in my family wants anything they get first pick.Then my close friends have their pick of the unbuilt stash and the rest will be sold off. As for the built stuff, same deal but the majority of them will be going to the USAF academy in Colorado Springs, USAF museum in Dayton Ohio and a few other local AIr museums. Or at least that is the plan...
  11. I was wondering if there are anyone in the US capable of doing IM kit tooling and/or production? With all the stuff going on around the world I am surprised there isn't any kit production coming back to the US. Only thing I would assume is that either there isn't any viable solutions or more than likely it's too expensive...
  12. Cool video! I wonder how many will end up flying is some rich mans collection to fly at air shows.
  13. x2.. ^^ Unless you are hurting for money I say build em! That's what they were originally intended for. FWIW IF i were to sell off my WnW stash I could pay off my real car and have a few bucks left over but instead I recently decided to start another Gotha bomber...
  14. bummer man.. I agree on the hauling it off budget style though.... Well at least it has some good company on the way to the new home. 69 Camaro SS restomod 4x4 style . PS: It seems that when a gear head sell off a car like this its a comparable feeling to and grown child leaving home for the last time out on their own...
  15. Very cool bud but sad to see it go.. One word of advice if I may... Unless it is a widely known shop or reputable dealer/person do the transaction at or through your bank to make sure any cash or a check are legit. Nothing would suck more than hand over a title in exchange for a fraudulent check or counterfeit cash. I had that happen once to me a long time ago luckily it was 'only' $500.
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