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  1. Interesting to hear about the maintenance cost aspect of warbirds... I looked into getting a ride in a Mig-15UTI trainer but the flight company said I was too big to fly in it. At 6'8" and 310 pounds I guess they are probably right and just as well.
  2. Cool! I will be watching this build. This was a 'holy grail' kit for me back in the early '80s when I discovered 1/32 scale models. I finally got my hands on one and built it in North Vietnamese markings and was my pride and joy for a few years. I built a few more after that and wouldn't mind doing another one under the nostalgia build guidelines, AKA out of the box, not worried about AMS kicking in problems, just a good ole fun build.
  3. Well I too have now joined the ranks of the furloughed. My new title is 'Mr Mom' until April 10th lol. Working retail I figured it would happen sooner or later. Luckily I am financially solid and able to handle it for awhile (learned that hard lesson many years ago) and have the stash to keep me busy. Also i'm lucky my wife works in a financial institution so is an 'essential' worker. She has little contact with the general public so that is a major plus in this uncertain times. we shall see how this plays out.....
  4. Just think if the news media were to report the numbers from all the people dying from diabetes from overeating/poor diet, cirrhossis of the liver from excessive alcohol consumption, cancer from smoking, the flu and doing just generally stupid stuff ( here hold my beer!) the general public's head would just literally explode from overload. Right now I am more worried about getting shot and killed in a robbery at my work than the kung fu flu.
  5. Looks fantastic, excellent job on the finish! What colors did you use on it?
  6. For the tamiya paints i always use tamiya xf86 flat clear, good stuff and can be airbrushed.
  7. Yeah, that is why I don't watch the national news anymore. Too much over-saturation and hype to wallow through. I sometime watch the local news but even that is not too often. I have a teenage daughter that makes mountains outta mole hills, that is already and enough drama to deal with...
  8. Tamiya Fine is what I use for a rattle can primer. A quick pass with 2000 grit wet sanding after and its perfect.
  9. I need the got out to there ASAFP, soooo many cool and rare planes.
  10. Looks cool! I always like to see the do-335 done up in WIF schemes. Well done.
  11. IIRC correctly the early zero props were silver with black back side to cut down the spinning glare for the pilot. The later ones A6m5 (?) were a red brown, probably a primer if I were to guess.
  12. Yeah one of the many projects I am working on is a 1/32 academy hornet and I am using CAM decals. Those are hit or miss although more miss than hit IMO. I bought 2 of the same sheets just in case I had problems and of course I did. Glad I got 2 because I needed them. I agree anything made by cartograf is the best available.
  13. Cool! I can't wait to get a hold of one of these. The rigging is going to put more than one person in the loonie farm, I better start training some spiders to help rig this beast.
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