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  1. Looks great! You got it spot on of the 1/1 scale! I do find it funny that the millionaire friend wouldn't spend the money on an awesome replica of his plane, I guess that's how he became a millionaire lol. Heck $400 probably is how much filling up that plane halfway with fuel would be.
  2. Yup, That why it was exotic to me- at the time, lol.
  3. I would like to get this version of the old revell 1/32 mig 21. This was the first 'exotic' kit i bought when i was about 14 years old.
  4. Tamiya 1/32 Corsair series Tamiya 1/32 mustang series Anything wingnut wings Revell 1/32 he-111 and ju-88 series
  5. Mig-25 and a good mig-17. There is plenty of paint schemes and countries to do the mig-17 up in.
  6. Very cool photos! I also see a Fairey Battle build in the very near future..
  7. Looks great! I like to see the big revell twin bombers built up. Thanks for posting.
  8. Kinda surprising they are abandoning the He-111/Ju-88's. I thought they were good sellers back in the day? As was mentioned earlier they were a smoking value for the prices.
  9. It's possible, I've been looking for a KH mirage 2000n and f-5f and they too have vanished.
  10. Great job! I like the finish on it, what paint brand and colors did you use?
  11. I've built a few of the tamiya spitfires.. The only big issue I had with the kit was the cowling fit. The first one I glued the firewall/engine mount (part #G6) in place and the cowls didn't line up at all due to the fire wall being slightly tweaked when I installed the engine . The subsequent builds I left the mount loose until I was ready to close up all the cowl panels so it had enough movement to line everything up then I glued it.
  12. Man, I vowed to stay away from flight sims years ago. I have to actually because if I were to get back into them I would go poor from getting all the good stuff to make them worthwhile and end up divorced because I would be so involved playing them and forget about the family. It was bad enough I completely submerged myself in World of Tanks years ago (Marder II tank destroyer with 3200+ kills) these screen shots aren't helping either, thanks guys..
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