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  1. I have different decals I am going to use too. I will be using the superscale Int. sheet that has Porky II and an early Pudgy., they have been sitting in my decal pile for a loooong time. lol
  2. As much as I hate to say it but $50 is probably going to be a second hand kit an individual is selling and taking a loss. Sprue-Mart, the universal benchmark for all cheap kit pricing, is selling it for $64 and they practically give their stuff away. I have had one for quite awhile and it is a very nice kit, well worth the $65-$75 they will go for. IMHO
  3. and quickboost although Zactomans is much nicer IMO
  4. Awesome finish! I think you nailed that one, best Hind model I have seen yet. Excellent work!
  5. Hell, If I am not crapping my pants or forgetting where I am at when I am 65 I'll be happy. 103??? That is a little more than twice my age, props to that guy!
  6. If your paypal account is tied to your credit card you will have to contact your CC company and let them know you are doing an out of country transaction. Its a security thing, I had that happen awhile back with the Gotha G1's. As for the Albatrii's I am covered on the kits and decals, but I might get one just because.
  7. That is an awesome picture for many other reasons other than the camo pattern discussion. Thanks for posting it.
  8. Hopefully you can get the mojo back! I gave up super detailing years ago and build mostly OOTB with maybe a resin seat at the most. I've noticed many Uber super builds get started but rarely finished on most forums. My average builds take about 2 months to complete with several overlapping projects l. I do build 1/48 as well because that is what I started off building many years ago. Don't feel bad about building Braille scale because there are so many wonderful kits also to be had in 1/48. Build for yourself and have fun.
  9. I am sure that there are at least 100 people that would want a 1/32 b-52. Reaching them would be the hard part as most people with the space/money/time for such a massive project are generally not on internet modelling forums (At least in my area). I for one wouldn't be interested in a 1/32 buff, its too big even for my vast modeling space and budget.
  10. Yeah that's the one. I knew it was running but still thought it was a cool shot.
  11. I guess I stand corrected, I do have way more of pix of them with closed intakes on the ground. I even have one with one open and one closed,. Luckily Brian can do his fulcrum either way and it won't (shouldn't?) be inaccurate.
  12. Unless you do a -29 in flight, the intake doors are closed on the ground. The upper flapper intakes open when the engine is running but the main intake doors are still closed until its airborne. Back OT, I don't think squadron made any money on this flash sale ..
  13. Cool! Man the HB D1 is one fugly airpane but I will still build one just because it is so different.
  14. Hopefully he finished his workshop and imersed himself in power building all his models!
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