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  1. Well my wife, kiddos and a few close friends have their direction if I have an early and untimely departure. If anyone in my family wants anything they get first pick.Then my close friends have their pick of the unbuilt stash and the rest will be sold off. As for the built stuff, same deal but the majority of them will be going to the USAF academy in Colorado Springs, USAF museum in Dayton Ohio and a few other local AIr museums. Or at least that is the plan...
  2. I was wondering if there are anyone in the US capable of doing IM kit tooling and/or production? With all the stuff going on around the world I am surprised there isn't any kit production coming back to the US. Only thing I would assume is that either there isn't any viable solutions or more than likely it's too expensive...
  3. Cool video! I wonder how many will end up flying is some rich mans collection to fly at air shows.
  4. x2.. ^^ Unless you are hurting for money I say build em! That's what they were originally intended for. FWIW IF i were to sell off my WnW stash I could pay off my real car and have a few bucks left over but instead I recently decided to start another Gotha bomber...
  5. bummer man.. I agree on the hauling it off budget style though.... Well at least it has some good company on the way to the new home. 69 Camaro SS restomod 4x4 style . PS: It seems that when a gear head sell off a car like this its a comparable feeling to and grown child leaving home for the last time out on their own...
  6. Very cool bud but sad to see it go.. One word of advice if I may... Unless it is a widely known shop or reputable dealer/person do the transaction at or through your bank to make sure any cash or a check are legit. Nothing would suck more than hand over a title in exchange for a fraudulent check or counterfeit cash. I had that happen once to me a long time ago luckily it was 'only' $500.
  7. Nice car! I guess you need to sell it to afford a WnW trilogy kit. The sale price should get you close! I've had dozens of muscle cars over the years. It got to the point where I was paranoid to drive them because folks around here would key it just because it was a nicer car than theirs so I got out of that scene years ago. I miss it but then again I don't, I had more fun building them than driving because another thing was I couldn't comfortably drive them for long because I was a big dude in a smaller sports car.
  8. The Dude


    x2 for building it Damian! These kits are so awesome to build and the $$ to fun ratio is hard to beat. I had no interest in WWI AC before WnW came along. Now 60%ish of my display case is filled with 15 of them because the kits are so much fun to do with a lot more in the queue..
  9. The Dude


    Interesting and depressing read for sure. I was on ebay earlier and looking at the prices of kits that are being bid on... OMG it is totally insane. I know where some of the stimulus checks are being spent. I did a quick tally on my stash vs the ebay prices. My stash is worth a little under $7k based on fleabay bidding prices. Too bad I plan on building all of them.
  10. More nice cars! Restoring/maintaining a 928 isn't a labor of love, its a labor of money and finding impossible to find parts.
  11. Yup, Many years ago I sold off 60% of my stash to raise a few bucks and to trim the fat so to speak. About 3-4 years later when I got back into the hobby I ended up buying back most of the stuff I sold off at a higher price than when I sold it. I have a fair amount of WnW kits, probably enough to make 3-4 house payments in ebay prices but I too bought them to build not an investment. I've seen too many collectors loose there butts because of a reissue. Remember the atomic cannon from renwall?
  12. very cool! I had an 04 and an 05 Pontiac GTO over the years. I loved those cars!
  13. nice car! Man in todays market that ought to be worth 1 WnW gotha G.IV, a felixstowe, 3 W-29s and 4 Fokker dVII's,, fo' shure'...
  14. Wonderful build! Any new build updates? I was looking forward to adding this one to my stash but alas..
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