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  1. The most aftermarket I use in 99% of my builds are seats and decals. Anything else is going to be a 'Epic' build and I only have 2 of those. Otherwise It will never get done.
  2. Terrible news. My condolences to Judy and the rest of his family. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Jerry many times at numerous modeling contests and shows, He was a great person to talk to, always pleasant, very knowledgeable in Luftwaffe subjects and he will be greatly missed. God Speed Jerry!
  3. Well, I have a solution to the manufacturing cost problem.. Someone get a hold of Elon Musk and get him interested in build plastic models.. Problem solved .
  4. This is a photo of the real plane isn't it? Your Corsair project is the best scratch work I have ever seen.
  5. Have fun here in NM! Just wise word, anything south of Raton lock your car doors and everything else for that matter!
  6. Yes it is. Its actually not too bad of a kit with a little work.
  7. Stay safe out there! We had a rare weather event this morning too. There was this wet, watery stuff that fell outta the sky.. Someone said it was called "Rain".
  8. I am in for one of these! I built one of their Lancs and enjoyed the build. I built the 1/48 Tamiya grand slam 25+ years ago and think it would be awesome to scale it up a little.
  9. I'm sure that would be a couple of bucks lol.
  10. I personally don't think Border models will have any problem selling 5000+ of the Ex-WnW lancs worldwide There are more than enough people out there who will buy one or even two of the kit. Most of those folks aren't on any modeling forums and if they want it- they will buy it.
  11. Yeah have noticed a unusual uptick in similar email spam since the hack as well..
  12. Sad to see them go, my brother and I had been customers continuously since the late '70's until their demise. I pretty much blame the last CEO for 90% of the reason they went Tango Uniform. She had no clue at all how to run that place properly and as I dropped by there many, many times and wander around the place, I could see things going down hill a lot in the last several years. I believe it could've been easily avoided but it almost seemed like it was a orchestrated demise to me. Just my .02.... PS. I'd be willing to bet that Sprue bros will grab pretty much all Squadrons left over stuff in those auctions.
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