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  1. I personally don't think Border models will have any problem selling 5000+ of the Ex-WnW lancs worldwide There are more than enough people out there who will buy one or even two of the kit. Most of those folks aren't on any modeling forums and if they want it- they will buy it.
  2. Alas most people don't remember his failed business venture...
  3. Yeah have noticed a unusual uptick in similar email spam since the hack as well..
  4. Sad to see them go, my brother and I had been customers continuously since the late '70's until their demise. I pretty much blame the last CEO for 90% of the reason they went Tango Uniform. She had no clue at all how to run that place properly and as I dropped by there many, many times and wander around the place, I could see things going down hill a lot in the last several years. I believe it could've been easily avoided but it almost seemed like it was a orchestrated demise to me. Just my .02.... PS. I'd be willing to bet that Sprue bros will grab pretty much all Squadrons left over stuff in those auctions.
  5. Looks good! The first picture looked like a air to air shot of it coming in for a tanker refueling.
  6. Hey now, that only happened once! I learned my lesson!
  7. My wife passes by my not-so-modest stash almost daily and doesn't ever say a word because she knows there are worse things to be into. When we were dating back in the mid '90's I was heavy into drag racing. Chasing that last tenth of a second costs way more as you get faster. Popped 2 motors the last season I raced, $5k later to get the cars back up and running I gave that hobby up and never went back to the track. I learned that drag racing is for people who hate money and love hard work. I still have my hot rods but no more racing.
  8. Yup, meatball was the dogs name, ironically it was a male dog sometimes but most of the time it was a female dog which made it funny when the pilot would call "Here meatball, here boy!" And Red West's character was named Andy Micklin. He called all the pilots and most of the officers "college boy" which i though was funny with the contempt he had for them. He was a good add on IMO. They also had a crow named Spaghetti, The series really started to get pretty campy when they added the nurses as regulars towards the end and it finally died when Peter Framptom was in an episode called 'a little bit of England' as a Coast watcher.
  9. I watched that series too as a kid. That was one of favorite shows back then and is one of the reasons I started to get into airplanes! I have the complete Black Sheep series on DVD and Is usually the main thing I have going on the back ground TV as I build models. Embarrassingly enough I know most of the dialog from each episode almost by heart. The real Boyington has a few other cameos as the General in a couple of other episodes if you keep your eye out for him. Sadly half the cast in Black Sheep have passed on.
  10. Looks great! You got it spot on of the 1/1 scale! I do find it funny that the millionaire friend wouldn't spend the money on an awesome replica of his plane, I guess that's how he became a millionaire lol. Heck $400 probably is how much filling up that plane halfway with fuel would be.
  11. Yup, That why it was exotic to me- at the time, lol.
  12. I would like to get this version of the old revell 1/32 mig 21. This was the first 'exotic' kit i bought when i was about 14 years old.
  13. Tamiya 1/32 Corsair series Tamiya 1/32 mustang series Anything wingnut wings Revell 1/32 he-111 and ju-88 series
  14. Mig-25 and a good mig-17. There is plenty of paint schemes and countries to do the mig-17 up in.
  15. Very cool photos! I also see a Fairey Battle build in the very near future..
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