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  1. my list is based of what I have built over the years Best: 1) tie -Tamiya/WnW. when I buy their kits I know it will most likely be a fun and good fitting project. Only built a few tamiya kits that weren't that great mostly older stuff. The only WnW kit i've done that was 'challenging fit' was the J1 and even that was still better than most. 2) Hasegawa. Mostly because they have nice and comparatively simpler builds and make into good shelf fodder. 3) Great Wall Hobby. Their jets specifically the 1/48 scale Mig-29 and Su-35 are the bomb diggity! honorable mentions, Revell of germany affordable kits and decent quality. HK, AMK, new ICM and ZM nice molds and cool subjects and good fit. Trumpeter because of the mass amounts of 1/32 they put out that no one ever considered and generally good fit on the newer stuff. 99% of my finished models on the shelves are all of these companies listed above. bottom ones. 1)Matchbox; Even as a novice builder when I was a kid i remember they sucked. 2)MPC see above 3) heller see above honorable mentions, Airfix, see above but I will admit the new stuff they are doing are redeeming themselves quickly.
  2. Trust me IF I had the money I would start my own model company. The problem is labor here would be way to expensive to be viable for very long. Kit prices would be too high for most to recover the cost in a reasonable time.
  3. i didn't think they were that rare?
  4. Hi Bill, I am still local. Call me, PM sent...
  5. Yup got it too. I pre-orded one of each! Giggity
  6. Looks great! I like how it came out and all the surgery you did made it look even better. Excellent job.
  7. Well I guess it qualifies as a rumor. When one of our club guys was In Japan a few weeks ago he toured tamiya's facility he saw what looked like a test shot of a 1/32 P-38 port boom on one of the desks in one of the offices.
  8. What a terrible loss, my condolences to her family. Section 8 is my online 'go to' place when I can't get it locally. I talked to her a few months ago on an order I did an she was very helpful. She will be missed.
  9. That looks like the same 'eggplant' scheme that is on the early su-35's. Not sure on the MRP colors but Akan has it. https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/p1164/AKAN73166.html the lower color looks like the standard -29 over all color https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/p311/AKAN63092.html
  10. I have several of the 1/100 entex/nitto/doyusha airliners and they are pretty good even for today's standards albeit a little soft on details/ I/E. no rear engine intake duct on the l-1011. I think the main reason they don't sell as well is they don't carry bombs or missiles and for the most part in bigger scale they are real estate intensive subjects. However I would like to see a later 737 series in 1/72!
  11. Bummer to hear, I hope they will be around for while longer. I want to fly in one from Dallas to Sydney on Qantas Air Lines one of these days.
  12. Looks awesome! I may have to borrow some of the techniques you are using. I'll be following this build.
  13. Well how about a 1/32 scale section of the Mohne Dam? If we are working off Lancaster angle...
  14. Eeek. it actually looks like an A-7 and an F-22's offspring.
  15. I am sure they will be around for awhile longer... I had very little interest in WWI until WnW came onto the scene. At the 2010 IPMS nats in Phoenix I spotted a cool 1/32 albatros on the contest table and made the comment that ' someone did a nice job with the Roden kit'. Fortunately the builder was standing across the table from corrected me and filled me in on the kit. I decided to try an alby since it was the only WWI plane I had any passing interest in at the the time. I built it and was hooked. Now this is what that day turned into...
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