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  1. Thunnus

    Revel P-51D Lou IV: Blue and Green

    Great progress on the Mustang build, Chris. Thank you for your review on the MM exhausts... it's neat to start seeing more 3D printing products for modeling. You may already know this but Mr Surfacer shrinks a lot so it is advisable to check on your fills 2-3 days after.
  2. Thunnus

    Icaerodesign Extra 330-SC

    I'm sorry to hear about the setback on this build, Brian! I can totally feel your frustration as it can be a difficult situation trying to address a structural issue with putty. Hope you find the right project to get back in the fun frame of mind.
  3. Thunnus

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    Thank you Ernest! The Trumpeter 262 kit is a good one. Not great as there are some issues that need attention but nothing too major. I think it is one of Trumpeter's better models.
  4. Thunnus

    Not another Mustang!

    Thanks Bruce... we are birds of the same feather. I love learning about new techniques and tools from other people's builds and I hope people find my builds useful. Is there any particular way you use the Gator Grip stuff? I have that thin blend and I can't get it to secure anything. Elmer's White Glue is offers more adhesion. I've heard good things about Gator Grip so maybe I am using it wrong or have a bad bottle.
  5. Thunnus

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    Always tons to learn on your builds, Peter! Thank you for sharing!
  6. Thunnus

    Birdcage Corsair the Hard Way!

    Congrats on the publication!
  7. Thunnus

    Not another Mustang!

    Wonderful work Bruce! I didn't realize from the title that this was a B... just assumed it was another Revell D. Very interesting to see this one come together.
  8. Thunnus

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    Thank you for the comment, Roger! No, I am not sure about that line. There is some variance in the scale drawings that I have seen. Some show a vertical panel line in front of that small air scoop... Mushroom Model Publications Squadron Signal While others do not... Kagero I can see the panel line, looking at the restored Me 262 at Hendon, but it is much less prominent than the edges of the removable cowling. I'll see if I can reduce the panel line in prominence but that is sometimes tricky to do.
  9. Thunnus

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    The offending panel lines have been filled with putty. I still need to restore some of the rivet detail. Here are some photos of the cleanup work on the engine nacelles... I'm almost at the point where I can attach the wings to the fuselage. You can see the sliver of white at the wing roots where I've added a shim. Even with the shim, there are some slight gaps.
  10. Thunnus

    Bf 109 F4 in Regia Aeronautica service

    Excellent work Filippo! I can tell that this will be a great build by all of the attention that you are giving to the small details!
  11. Thunnus

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    Perfect thank you! I checked a set of plans and you are absolutely correct... no panel line there. I'm taking care of it now. Thanks so much for that important observation!
  12. Thunnus

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    Hello Werner! Thank you for the kind words! I'm not a great modeler but I really like sharing my builds with others and also learning things from watching other builders. Thank you! Can I trouble you to explain a little further about the extra panel line(s)? I'm not 100% familiar with the 262 and I have trouble identifying the panel line in question by comparing the two photos that you've shown.
  13. Thunnus

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    Thank you Dan! I'm jumping between this one and another 1/32 190D-9 that I'm sharing on another site so progress on each has been slower than normal. May's a busy month for me outside of modeling so I'm not sure I'll get to the painting soon but I'll get there eventually. And yes... I am having fun with this one! Bondic is the name of one of them but I bought a cheaper generic called 5 Second Fix.
  14. Thunnus

    AIMS Ju388 L1 conversion - Finished!

    Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! I love the finish on this one!
  15. Thunnus

    Bf 109 F4 in Regia Aeronautica service

    You can call me John, Filippo. I'm not sure it would make a difference... MDC vs. Airscale. I doubt that the MDC decals would line up any better than the Airscale decals. I don't think I'd try to use either on the kit instrument panel. Why not use instrument panel decal that is included in the kit. If that is not good enough, I'd think about replacing it altogether. Here is the Yahu instrument panel for 109G.