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  1. Thanks Kevin! Some of the "look" is due to unintended staining after the wash. Since the HGW belts are fabric and somewhat absorbent, you really have to douse them with clear to make them non-absorbent but then you will lose the very subtle stitching details. So I have learned to utilize this staining as part of the weathering process. Thanks Mark! I don't know about talent but I am passionate about this hobby. I think the passion helps fuel the hours that I spend on my modeling bench obsessing over very small details. Thanks Pete!
  2. The nacelles look awesome! Nice work to overcome the HpH's faulty execution. Can't believe the engine mount issue... are we sure that the actual engine mounts are in fact mirrored? Maybe left and right are identical?
  3. I know I've posted a lot of build updates this weekend. That's what happens when normal Thanksgiving activities have been cancelled and your adult children have elected to stay at school instead of coming home. I actually spent most of today putting together the HGW seatbelts. This is a two-seater so twice the fun, eh? Although I love them and use them on most of my builds, I'm still of the opinion that the HGW harnesses are a bit overscale. I wish they were consistent and made the harness attachment loops (Part #6) overscale. They are way too small for me
  4. Thanks Alan! I'm glad you liked my little detour to the Pacific Theater! It's now back to skies of Europe for me! Thank you sir! Greatly appreciate it!
  5. Perhaps but I'm rather encouraged by my dry-fitting exercises up to this point. See my update below. Yes, tell me about it! I love my tools! The photoetch Revi 16B gun sight has been finished. Instead of the supplied clear acetate, I used a slightly thicker acetate sheet for the reflector glass. That way, I can highlight the edges of the rear glass with clear blue/green. Some more dry-fitting... this time I added the nose gear wheel wells to the underside of the gun station. Actually, the fit of the these frontal exte
  6. Thanks Kev and Mark! The cockpit is connected to the main wheel wells, which requires a bit more thought and preparation. The gun compartment and the nose gear well are similarly connected. I'm just starting to look at these areas and trying to form a strategy. Adding details like wiring can be difficult when construction is modular like this. And I have to start looking for places to place weight to keep the model from tail sitting. Like most of my builds, my preference is to preserve the lines of the Me262 and close all panels and canopies. But that hasn't stopped
  7. Oh dear! Just what I needed... another tool! Before I go shopping, what are some of the dangers of the steel blade that the ceramic avoids?
  8. Continuing on with today's work... The kit wheels are very nice and compare very favorably to the resin ones from Barracuda Studios. Where the kit wheels lose points is along the seam line. The tread detail loses significant definition at the join edges. What little detail there is will be eroded even further when it comes time to clean up that joint. So the resin wins hands down in this comparison. A similar comparison of the nose wheel results in a different verdict. This time, the casting irregularities on the resin wheel near the cas
  9. Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback! I agree! It's a bit awkward to receive information that I will not be incorporating but as I long as Johnie doesn't mind, I don't mind and I sincerely appreciate the information as a resource for others. There are going to be LOTS of things that are not representative of a real Me262 or missing altogether from this build. My intention is not to build an accurate-as-possible Me 262. I just want to produce something that seems authentic and towards that end, I try to be accurate but accuracy is not what drives my work. Obvi
  10. Really? It felt like I was going snail slow for a while. Not much to do this Thanksgiving without the kids at home and under stay-at-home guidelines... more time for modeling!
  11. Alright! Now I have some company to bounce ideas off of! You are still a bit ahead of me but I'm catching up fast! The seats look great!
  12. Thanks Rod! I appreciate the comment! Now it's on to the next one!
  13. Bravo Chuck! Another masterpiece! Can't wait for your next opus!
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