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  1. Thanks guys! This one is still on-going but I think I'm going to concentrate on the G-6/AS first. Yeah a bit of a paint, to be honest. Some of it was on me like modifying the wing bottoms to backdate the H-1 kit to an H-0. Since both kits are out of production, I really didn't have much of a choice in getting hands on a Z-M Ta152 kit so I got the one that would give me the most headaches: an H-1 molded in black plastic. The way that the external panels rely on the internal structure can be a house of cards. Small deviations in fit on the inside can multiply into major panels having fit issues toward the end. But nothing too serious. It looks like I will have a gap at the upper forward wing roots and for this reason, I'm not as excited to move this project forward and will most likely get the G-6/AS across the finish line first.
  2. Thanks guys! Ok, I'll go forward with the all RLM76 scheme as originally planned. Since I do a lot of multi-colored Luftwaffe subjects, I should take this opportunity to do something a little out of the ordinary. Nope, not too late. I was going to give in to laziness and not address but the modeler OCD got the best of me and the reinforcing strips along the wing root were scribed. At this point, I decided to paint the Barracuda spinner. First comes the base coat in white. Using an Eagle Editions decal sheet as a base, I traced a spiral mask in AutoCAD and cut it out using my Silhouette Portrait cutter. Black was then sprayed over the mask. The minor imperfections such as kinks in the curve and overspray were repaired using bits of masking tape. It's important to get the edges of the spiral really clean. It's hard to see but I painted the spinner backplate as it came from the factory... in Black Green RLM 70 with a quarter panel in white. The spinner was given a wash to highlight the nice detail that Barracuda cast onto the spinner. The completed spinner mounted onto the fuselage.
  3. The clear parts have been riveted, polished and then dipped in Future. Eduard masks were used on the clear parts, which were then glued onto the fuselage. The tail feathers have been glued into place as well. Looks like I'm almost at the painting stage. The question is... do I still want to do the all-RLM76 scheme?
  4. Welcome to LSP, Kirby! Your modeling skills will fit well with the folks here! Looking forward to your work on this vintage kit. I remember those multi-colored Matchbox kits from my childhood.
  5. My scanner is too small but hopefully these digital photos of a few pages from the Dora Volume 2 book will help...
  6. Hey Kirby! What's going on? I think you and your work will be greatly appreciated here. You do fantastic work yourself! I hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing you post more here at LSP!
  7. Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words on this past build! All of my 1/32 builds have been commissions so I don't have any to display! Which is fine with me as I am not one who wants to have a collection of built plastic models. I like working on them and documenting the results with photos. I'm happy to part ways with the models after that!
  8. Thanks guys! It's good to be home again. Like everyone else, still trying to adjust to the new norms. Picked up my two girls from school yesterday where they'll be doing online classes until further notice. Did the SD/SF round trip drive in one day. On the modeling front, continuing work on the G-6/AS. The cleanup work around the cowling has been finished so I've moved forward and glued the wings into place. The joint at the wing roots is good so I won't be having to spend much time here once the glue dries. There will be some work to do on the bottom however. In addition to the gaps to be filled, there is also a step along the joint between the right and left wings. A bit of scraping will be required to make it level.
  9. Such wonderful work Chris! The battle damage is very well executed!
  10. Do you have Jerry Crandall's Dora Volume 2? It has a detailed analysis of Yellow 10's color scheme that contradicts JaPo's interpretation. It's based on grey scale analysis of the black and white photos as well as Mr. Crandall's first hand inspection of the Yellow 10 airframe and specifically refutes the use of RLM81 on Yellow 10. Crandall's Dora book assumes a base camo of 75/76 in contrast to JaPo's 82/81/76. Both interpretations have merit, IMO so it makes the modeler's choice even more confusing.
  11. Looks fantastic to me! Wonderful job on the Birdcage!
  12. What? Done already??? Looks great... the scheme is very eye-catching!
  13. Have never heard of Master Details. It looks like the resin cockpit has outstanding detail.
  14. I use an Iwata HP-C Plus, which has a 0.3mm needle and tip, I believe. The 75/83 colors were Mr Hobby Aqueous thinned with 90% iso alcohol at a 3:1 or 4:1 thinner:paint ratio. I normally spray at about 15 psi and go up and down around that as needed, depending on the paint mixture I'm shooting. For fine mottles, I usually dial down the pressure a little bit.
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