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  1. Great choice Bill! I love my Portrait and can't imagine needing the wider cutting bed that differentiates the Cameo from the Portrait.
  2. This is an ongoing issue for me. I rivet my aircraft (using a rolling rivet tool) before major components are glued together. The sanding excess, especially after putty/primer, will clog the rivets and panel lines. For cleanup of large areas, I take the part to a sink and use a toothbrush on the surface under running water. For smaller parts, a paint brush with stiff bristles is a more efficient. Stipple brushes like these from Humbrol work well for this purpose... I will trim the bristles shorter to increase the stiffness on brushes that I have set aside specific
  3. Beautiful work on the paint job, Andy! I'll have to remember adding clear gloss the next time I spray Tamiya flats.
  4. Jaw-droppingly beautiful work as always, Peter! I love the subtle grain on the prop!
  5. Always a pleasure to follow your work, Chuck! The Hellcat cockpit looks great and the extra bits add a lot of fidelity.
  6. Great work Woody! I love the comparisons between the mask and decal... great summary of the advantages/disadvantages of each. It should be fairly easy clean up the slight overspray using inverse masks. I assume that you used the circular hole mask to spray the blue. You could use the interior parts of the mask to mask off the blue circle and touch up the blue-grey around that mask. The blue overspray on the white star can be touched up with masking tape since it is a straight edge. What is F-word?
  7. Gaps or not, it looks pretty in the all-black primer!
  8. Hey Tom! We were just talking about the Minibase kit weren't we? And now you've gone off and bought it! Very jealous... I may just have to buy it just to marvel at the molding quality. It DOES look a bit intimidating but you are off to a great start. Never seen a more complete and intricate seat right out of the box.
  9. Thanks Bill! I was really aiming for the painted on look and wasn't 100% successful but I'm ok with the result. Using a knife on decals is a bit tricky and sometimes you end up pulling decal material up and off the model instead of cutting through it. The wash helps cover this but I had to resort to some micro-spray repairs with the airbrush on some areas. Not gonna say where! Thank you Peter! And I wanna be able to manipulate metal materials to create complex parts from scratch! Yeah, the salt fading is kind of a p
  10. Thanks guys! The wheels have been glued into place. Again using JB Kwik Weld to allow me time to set the wheels so that the flat spots are flush with the ground. I'm still playing around with the finish. The combination of the flat coat and salt fading have reduced the panel line wash effect in certain places so I am reinforcing that. Adding chipping effects here and there.
  11. Thanks guys! Trying to squeeze in some modeling work in between family obligations. Got my two daughters, a niece and a brother-in-law visiting so I'll probably not have a lot of time at the bench this weekend. I did manage to get a salt fade layer onto the model. Sometimes used as a chipping technique, I like to use it to impart some fade wear onto the surface of the model. It kind of resembles the water marks left by rain on things stored outside. The dried salt crystals form a random pattern mask over which a very watery light color (Tamiya Deck Tan in this case) is sprayed.
  12. Thanks guys! Just inching along here! The flat coat has been sprayed onto the D-13. I use Model Master Flat Clear Acryl for my flat coats.
  13. Hey, no worries! I use other people's builds for reference and inspiration as well! The engine plug looks great and the additional wiring work fills up that area nicely!
  14. The FF-888 and USAF would be very easy to produce masks for. I'd be happy to give it try. Is it possible for you to scan the decal sheet (jpg format) and email it to me with the exact dimensions of the decal sheet? The masks would be cut on Oramask 810 material. Contact me via PM if you are interested.
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