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  1. mustang1989

    1:48 Mauve P-40N "Lope's Hope"

    Progress is lookin' good KUROK. I hear you on the household chores. It's one reason I get up early in the morning to build as my wife never interrupts me at 4 a.m. LOL!
  2. mustang1989

    AM/Revell 1/48 SB2C-4E Helldiver

    I've always had a soft spot for these unusual looking aircraft. Very well built and painted aircraft Michael.
  3. mustang1989

    Revell '41 Willy's - "Demon II"-Progress 16 July

    Well guys I've been working on this one on and off this week. Engine build is under way. As mentioned earlier, I've decided to NOT go the blower route and go with a dual quad super stock motor. I'll be using the heads, rocker covers, intake and timing cover out of the 68 Hemi Dart kit (which I'll have to replace because I do want to build a Hemi Dart) and retaining the block and transmission from the Willys Street rod kit so as to keep the mods to fit the engine into the frame to a minimum. I had to modify the timing cover and intake slightly to get them to fit together on this engine block. I've been doing a lot of studying on this particular powerplant because I want to replicate the fuel delivery system and throttle linkage. Here's the base build up as of earlier in the week: and here we are with it as of now: another thing that has caught my interest are the two piece aluminum wheels that are available these days. I actually acquired these wheels some time back but the rear wheels were so wide that I didn't have a tire wide enough to mount them in. So I took both of the wheel sleeves into a machine shop and had them cut the sleeve to the depth I wanted and "Walla!" , I've got myself a set of usable Pro Street wheels now. I'll have the wheel studs and lug nuts installed in a few days. Here's where we're gonna go with the tire and wheel set up:
  4. mustang1989

    1/48 Eduard Bf 109G-5 Maj. Walter Dahl, December 1943

    I hear you on that Kent!! Sometimes I think I'm the inventor of a new curse word just about every day when I'm doing tedious stuff like this!! Model on brutha......you're bringin' this one to life.
  5. mustang1989

    My latest distraction

    Good progress on this beast so far Scott!!
  6. mustang1989

    Revell '41 Willy's - "Demon II"-Progress 16 July

    Youve got my vote Kevin!
  7. mustang1989

    Revell '41 Willy's - "Demon II"-Progress 16 July

    Oh HELL yeah!!! I'll be watching for the thread.
  8. mustang1989

    Revell '41 Willy's - "Demon II"-Progress 16 July

    These engines are monsters!! I'm going to have a lot of fun building it.
  9. mustang1989

    My latest distraction

    Believe me pal..... I know the feeling. Looking forward to your progress.
  10. mustang1989

    Revell '41 Willy's - "Demon II"-Progress 16 July

    You learn after a few trial and errors Gaz. It's like second nature now. lol Thanks BTW. Thanks Peter! Do it.............you KNOW you want to.
  11. mustang1989

    Revell 1/48 Ju 52m3 Winter in Russia Scheme

    Man..................................that looks good! Fantastic build Michael.
  12. mustang1989

    B-2 SPIRIT | 1:72

    Man this is going to look superb with paint on it. I can hardly wait to see this.
  13. mustang1989

    KHM 1/48 Su-17M4

    This build is lookin' sweet so far Ernie. Looking forward to more.
  14. mustang1989

    Revell '41 Willy's - "Demon II"-Progress 16 July

    I've got the chassis mostly finished up except for the brake rotors up front and the exhaust system. I've also gotta tweak the toe in setting on the front end to keep the excessive toe in look from happening on the front wheels when fully assembled. I narrowed the rear axle to get the wider tires underneath the rear fenders and lowered the front suspension a good 1/8" to make it an even drop all the way around. I did acquire the only PE piece made for this kit which will help the front end out ALOT. Sorry Revell..................that's good for OOB but it aint gonna cut it on this build. I'm currently working on the engine which will take me a bit because of the detail I want to throw at this beast. I'll be robbing a lot of the parts except for the base engine block and transmission (which I'll leave OOB) from the Revell Hemi Dart kit. I was going to post some engine progress pics as well but the Spaz Stix clear doesn't work well with Model Master acrylic paint. Turned it white in the crevices so I'll be shooting another thin coat of orange on the block and re-coating the clear with Tamiya clear like I usually do the next time around. Learning curve complete.
  15. mustang1989

    Revell '41 Willy's - "Demon II"-Progress 16 July

    Thanks Gaz! These are pretty cool rides and I've always had an eye for them. This kit comes with a blown 426 Hemi but I don't like that nasty blower intake coming up out of the hood. My aim is to fill in the hole in the hood and to change the induction up on the engine a bit. Gonna go with a late 60's Super Stock 426 dual quad setup instead: