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  1. Thanks goes out to all who commented and looked in on this build. Modeling wise this was a big hurdle for me as it fought me all the way through the build. I'm really glad to be through with it because 1.) It's finally off of my bench and 2.) I'm fairly pleased with the outcome.
  2. Well fellas....It's finally come to an end. I started this kit over three years ago and ran into a lot of problematic areas with this kit. To say that this kit has now moved into #1 on my most difficult/ frustrating and sometimes angering build would simply be an understatement. It was so bad that I stepped away from aircraft building altogether for those 3 years. Some of it I brought on myself by making things more difficult than they needed to be and other areas were just plain ridiculous the way Hasegawa put this thing together. This kit is touted to be one of the best scale model representations of this iconic plane and on that point I'll agree once it's built. Getting there was the difficult part for me. Enough of that banter though. Thanks go out to all who followed, commented and helped out since its beginning. After 3 long years my Arado is finally completed: Finished cockpit photo In progress cockpit photo: aaaaaaaaand engine shots:
  3. To me this build is more along the lines of an art project. Truly good work going on in here Simon.
  4. Cool to see one of these built up!! Looks great bud!
  5. This build is really taking on some good shape Tom.
  6. Whew!!! I'm glad it was just a clear coat reaction and not one that affected the cals. Looking forward to the recovery pictures.
  7. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!! Man I'm really sorry to see that for you Don. Hang in there......that's modeling pal. Just back up and regroup.
  8. Don, when I bought the kit initially I merely wanted to build this aircraft as I've always thought a lot of it. What I found out along the way is exactly what you're describing with not only the amount of canopy work that was needed but the entire nose construction (at least getting the whole front section onto the fuselage and make it look like it belonged there without any botches) onto the fuselage. That, at least for me, was a daunting task just by looking at it and a real PIA to carry out and get to look at least half right. It was hard work but it paid off for me. I don't think I've built the best 234 ever but I do feel pretty good about it.
  9. I started up on the engine paint up this morning. I have really come to like these macro shots as I use them as a tool to go back and fix certain things that either I miss or made a mistake on. Found a couple of areas that need some attention in the shot below. Anyways....after a base coat, a very light wash just to bring the details out and a little bit of detail painting this is the latest progress:
  10. Thanks Kevin and the rest of the gang for the "likes". I'll be starting on the engine assembly and painting next. I've been doing my research so as to build as accurate of a 004 as possible. Stay tuned: Here's where the completed main part of the build is as of now....
  11. Very good job on this gun!
  12. Well.....I finished the screw head application but still need to weather the framing somewhat to tone the brightness of the screw detail down. They pop just a little too loudly.
  13. Progress is looking really good so far!!
  14. That paint along with the cals make this one "click" just right. Keep 'er comin' Don!!
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