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  1. mustang1989

    AMT 1991 Silverado 454 SS-Engine Progress-12/07

    Thanks Shawn! 'Preciate the good word Gaz. It depends......being a Day 2 build I won't do it but I have been known to rust up exhaust's alright. Thanks Chrish!
  2. mustang1989

    AMT 1991 Silverado 454 SS-Engine Progress-12/07

    Ok folks....update time. This kit has a pretty decent engine with lots of parts. The chrome parts all got stripped to include the rocker covers but other than that it's a pretty complete and detailed engine. And here we are with the assembled base engine and transmission. Believe it or not....this IS some big time progress for me.
  3. mustang1989

    Meng Kids B-17G kitbashed into a Fortress MKIII

    This is pretty neat Shawn. Will be watching.....
  4. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino-COMPLETED-11/21

    Isn't it funny how much stuff we see when we become directly involved with the subject?
  5. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino-COMPLETED-11/21

    Thanks fellas! Thanks HC and these have never been my favorite car either. The kid I built it for liked it and wanted me to build it for him and I couldn't say no. lol
  6. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino-COMPLETED-11/21

    Thanks Kevin. 'Preciate that Shawn. It took a little bit to get the stance right but I felt pretty good about where it ended up. Thanks Gaz. Yeah that BMF is a real pain but is worth the labor. Next time I'll be clearing over it though instead of saving it for last.
  7. mustang1989

    AMT 1991 Silverado 454 SS-Engine Progress-12/07

    Shawn: Right you are about the displacment!! Kevin: Very cool subject!!! Gaz: No but I'd be open to give it a shot. It would take a little planning. Scott: Dude! That is AWESOME!!! I'm at no shortage for a reference because I own a 1994 Silverado Extended Cab truck. Late last year I got the hankerin' to yank the 350 and replace it with a warmed over 383 (that still utilizes TBI injection but with Vortec heads) with a freshened up 4L60E, 2000 rpm stall converter and 3:90 gears. It's alot of fun.
  8. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino-COMPLETED-11/21

    Thanks fellas. I really appreciate you guys comments. This build all started around 3 months ago for a friend of my son Joseph. He received this kit for a birthday gift and after coming over to the house, asked me to build it. The kit is an old mold and is quite crude in quality but I think I managed to work some of the bugs out of it anyways. I didn't do a whole lot of research on this car and the avid enthusiast will be able to pick up on that pretty quick but still I'm pretty happy with the turn out. I've just about perfected my painting method on autos and I got ALOT of practice with bare metal foil. Thank you to all who followed or commented along the way with this build. Engine photo and drivers side photos coming soon. The engine photo had a dang dog hair in the middle of it and I forgot the drivers side photo shot. Now............onto the 454 SS build....
  9. mustang1989

    F-18 ATARS

    Wow!!! and I DO mean me some WOW!!! Brilliant work and good show!!!
  10. mustang1989

    Revell '30 Ford Touring

    I'll be watching for that !
  11. I picked this one up a couple of months ago while I was working on the El Camino. This is not only a Holy Grail build for me but also would be a Holy Grail 1:1 vehicle for me. If I could ever get my hands on one for the right price...…. . To be very honest about it, these were not fast trucks from the factory. I think the horsepower rating was right about 225 hp and in 1990 it had a TH400 transmission behind it with 3:73 gears. The transmission being only 3 speed automatic made things difficult in an everyday driver due to the 3:73 gears. I guess GM wanted to captivate a middle age audience with the 454 and the nostalgia of the Turbo 400 automatic. In any case in 1991 they got smart and stuck a 4 speed overdrive transmission behind it to help the driveablity out some. In any case they produced on heckuva good looking vehicle and opened the gate for a slew of fast trucks to follow..... and they are HIGHLY sought after now. Anyways, Here's the kit: and for giggles.....an original advertisement photo:
  12. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino-COMPLETED-11/21

    Thanks Shawn. I'm looking forward to getting this thing done. I've developed a love/ hate relationship with BMF over this build. lol
  13. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino-COMPLETED-11/21

    Thanks guys. Yeah there was a lot of BMF work on this bad boy. Way too much if you ask me but I'm pleased with the results. Ok fellas....some more done here. "El Camino" badges and door key lock bezel, headlights, grill, bumpers and little chrome accents all installed. Still have to work on the hood fit, tail lights and some other small issues but it's all but there.
  14. mustang1989

    Dragon's Sturmpanzer IV- 9/Dec./2018

    Looking forward to that Gaz. Could you give a step by step of the metalizing and weathering for me please? I'm considering trying my hand at an armor build after another auto build or so.
  15. Man this is first class stuff right here. Brilliant construction, painting and weathering being displayed.