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  1. I got the fuselage together and the camera upper and lower fuselage clear panels glued into place as of last week. This weeks progress so far has seen the installation of the wings. Posted below is the progress so far with the problematic seams noted in red. Lots of filling and sanding in all four areas.......
  2. That's whats happening here with this one. These go in first and you good sir....are correct. It is a pain.
  3. If you ask anybody closely associated with me in the modeling realm about my thoughts on landing gear, they'll tell you that I cannot stand this part of an aircraft build. To me it's the one thing that can absolutely make or break an aircraft build outside of a really obvious flaw or wing dihedral especially when it comes to shows. I judged aircraft at the last show I went to back in February and it was the one area of the build that was the deciding factor in a lot of the aircraft that were candidates for an award. Outside of the show and award realm, it's really irritating to spend a lot of time and put all kinds of work into a build only to see it either lean because the gear wasn't set up right or to see two landing gear legs that are waaay off in angles. I've got an Fw190 A8 build that I had such an experience with. It still sits in my display cabinet but has the flaw of incorrectly angled gear. I put all that time into the build and neglected to get the angles right and it really shows when it sits right next to my Fw190 D-9. So I get really nervous during this part of construction. This build is no exception to that rule and is IMO a lot harder to get the angles right because the gear has to be assembled in separate pods and then inserted into the fuselage as the halves are joined which is one aspect of this kit that REALLY sucks. I think I've got it though after a lot of time aligning and making sure everything was just "so-so". I didn't care for the RLM 02 that turned to more of a 66 after my shadowing attempts though, I can tell ya that!! Here's this (and last) weeks progress so far:
  4. Thanks fellas! I appreciate the very kind words. Thomas: I really appreciate the offer for the kit but I'd have no where to display such a big model. Thanks buddy.
  5. You've got a very keen eye for the details. Well done!
  6. WOW!!! I'm really at a loss for words Jay.
  7. Thanks fellas! Work has been extremely tumultuous and busy these days so it's been hard to get to the bench much less post progress. Will be posting some more on this build.
  8. What a scheme!!!! That thing looks great!!
  9. Nothing short of fantastic. I do like what I'm seein' here.
  10. I foresee that one day you'll be in charge of city planning somewhere. Great layout!!
  11. I managed to finish the cockpit tub and am now working on the side panels. After that I'll be working on the glass enclosure, which is a real PIA on this kit. Any ways, here's the completed tub:
  12. Thanks Kevin. Yes sirree I know about that kit. I think that there's another one available too but the manufacturer escapes me at the moment. There's no way I could build something like that because of my lack of display cases that big. lol!
  13. Lots of details. Looking good shadowmare!
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