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  1. I foresee that one day you'll be in charge of city planning somewhere. Great layout!!
  2. I managed to finish the cockpit tub and am now working on the side panels. After that I'll be working on the glass enclosure, which is a real PIA on this kit. Any ways, here's the completed tub:
  3. Thanks Kevin. Yes sirree I know about that kit. I think that there's another one available too but the manufacturer escapes me at the moment. There's no way I could build something like that because of my lack of display cases that big. lol!
  4. Lots of details. Looking good shadowmare!
  5. Ok gang I've got some pics I think are worth sharing so you guys know I'm still building an aircraft. lol . I decided to do before and after photos because just looking at it the cockpit at first doesn't really look like I've mad a lot of progress. There are a few items more however and yes....................it's been tedious. This is where I left off: and this is where I'm at now:
  6. Pilots seat is done and installed. I'll be working on the back wall where the battery and other details are and working my way forward after I take care of the nose gear bay on the bottom side of this whole assembly. Here's the progress as of this morning though: ( The seat belts are actually dirtier than they look in the picture-here they look practically brand new....wow)
  7. You've got no kick coming with this one Tom. This plane is pretty dang huge. Good progress.
  8. Thanks fellas. Camel color theme........... The seat and seat belts have taken me longer than I have wanted but I've got it to a point that I think I can show some progress now. I have to pick out some aluminum details on the seat belts with a toothpick but here's a pick just to show some progress anyways. I still have the armrests to go on this bad boy so I aint finished with the construction of the seat yet.
  9. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!! Very good paint scheme and very convincing weathering. Awesome!
  10. Tuned in and watching. This promises to be one for the books.
  11. Thanks Ringleheim! Completed the black basing here: And then managed to shoot a base coat of RLM 66 emamel. I then hit the highlights with a little acrylic RLM 66 with a drop of white in it on the high points. I set that aside to dry and then hit it with a coat of Tamiya Clear and allowed that to dry. I followed that up with a wash of MIG Productions dark wash lightened some so as not to be overbearing with it. After that dried under a lamp for a while I brought out all the details and dry brushed some silver over the corners and over some of the more frequently used controls through out the side consoles. I then went over everything with a coat of MM flat clear with a drop of grey in it to give the sun faded look. I still have to install the instruments at the R/H front console and at the upright panel at the front of the L/H console and then it'll be down to the PE details, resin pieces like the control yoke and seat with belts and then the main instrument panel. There's alot more stuff I didn't mention but the list is just too dang long. You get the picture though(no pun intended).
  12. I cut the side panels from the resin mounting blocks today. This stuff is super thin so cutting it from them was a slow process to avoid breaking the dang things. Looks like everything is fitting here so far: and still mates up to the fuselage as good as I've ever seen from an Aires set
  13. If he did that he'd be minus a section of ceiling from all of the weight. lol Fantastic progress on this.
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