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  1. Thanks Jeff! I had a really good time building this one. Went alot quicker than most of my builds do. lol
  2. Lookin' forward to the progress on this one Kevin.
  3. Beautifully built Mosquito!!! Really like this one alot!!
  4. YIKES!!! Looking forward to the recovery efforts GDW.
  5. I managed to get the engine installed and the headers painted and attached. Those couple of items may not sound like a whole lot but believe me....there was a whole lot of planning, test fitting and modifying to make just those few items happen. Added a small amount of blueing to the end of the exhaust outlets. Not much.....just enough for effect. I also painted and installed the driveshaft. About all that's left here is to fabricate some steering linkage and the bottom side will be done save for some scratch built wheelie bars.
  6. Thanks go out to both of you guys as well as everyone who "Liked" this car. Yeah a blank interior to me is just plain boring.....no matter what the subject.
  7. Yeah.....inquiring minds wanna know.......
  8. Woooooooooooooooooooow!!!! Man that's perfect!!
  9. Late last year I saw a build review of this kit in Fine Scale Modeler. I've always been a fan of the older Beetles and have also wanted to build a model of one from WWII so needless to say I just had to have this kit. Soooo....my wife got it for me for Christmas. I've been waiting for a slot in which to build it so I finally got one here a month or so ago and I had a lot of fun building it. The only real problem that it has is in the windshield fit. There's alot of sanding that needs to happen with the glass itself if you want it to fit perfectly in the opening. I managed to get it to work for
  10. That's some great information. Thanks for that Slade!! Thanks Kagemusha!! You should grab one of these because they are truly great kits. Just pay close attention to the windshield fit.
  11. Thanks Gaz! You know.....now that you mention it....I really don't know but I have to assume that they were probably leather. Thanks Chris! This has been a really relaxing and fun build so far. I didn't realize there were 4WD versions of these floating around out there till I got this model.
  12. Looks like you've been at it a lifetimes worth. Wow!!!
  13. Windows are installed along with a lot of knick knacks on the body like tail lights , headlights, rearview mirror and little stuff like that. I was finally able to install the chassis into the body and mount up some tire/ wheel assemblies for it as well so she's on wheels now. The only real shortcoming I've found with this kit is in the windshield fit. Man......after all the good fortune I've had with it I found the Achilles heel in this model. The windshield.....good Lord the windshield. Make dang sure you test fit the heck out of it because you're going to have to sand the living daylig
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