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  1. I can't remember the last time I started an aircraft model. Sheesh! What's it been now........five years?? Just haven't felt comfortable with my painting and weathering skills until the finish up of my Ar 234 last year. Additionally, automotive modeling has given me a new spin on airbrushing. Well....I guess it's about time to bust out with one huh? We'll be going with Tamiya's offering So.....let's dance. Here's what's in the arsenal for this build:
  2. Man that's alot of work in a year!! Wow!!
  3. That's one fine lookin' Corsair. Love those Tamiya kits!!!
  4. This is SO looking cool!! That engine looks GREAT!!!
  5. Your persistence and patience are payin' off in dividends. Looks great!!!
  6. I've often thought of modeling a ship but then I see all the parts and the time involved and think to myself, "Man....my modeling MOJO would disappear after all the time it would take for me to finish something like this.". Great work so far.
  7. This turned out really good despite the troubles and problems presented by the kit manufacturer.
  8. MAN that looks like alot of parts. Looking good so far.
  9. I'm not much of a fan of eggplanes or tanks but you are certainly putting alot of good modeling efforts forth on this. Lookin' good.
  10. How big is this kit? Looks to be huge when completed. Great progress so far!
  11. Raise your hand if we've been there and done that before!!
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