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  1. mustang1989

    ICM Model T Ambulance

    There's alot of parts to this lil' sucker. Progress is lookin' good so far!!!
  2. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino

    That's almost always the same for me. There's very few kits that I've retained the OOB wheels or tires. Now that the Willys is finished it looks like we're starting up on this one full time fellas.
  3. mustang1989

    Revell 41 Willy's -"Demon II"-Completed 09/07

    Thanks Kevin. This............is a true rarity in getting this one done in under the 5-6 month marker. It usually takes me 6+ months to get ANYTHING finished. 'Preciate that Gaz! Thank you all for following along on this build. Now...................we're off to the El Camino.......
  4. mustang1989

    TU-134 A BG Air Force A-Model 1/72

    This thing is really going to take some nice shape Chavdar. Lovin' the details buddy!!!!
  5. mustang1989

    Just some 1/48 armour fun

    Man this is just BRILLIANT work Dan!! WOW!!!
  6. mustang1989

    Revell 41 Willy's -"Demon II"-Completed 09/07

    I'll be looking forward to that!! I'd like to thank everyone with followed along and/ or commented. Thank you for allowing me to show my auto builds here among some true pros at aircraft modeling. I finished this one up this morning. To recap: Started out with these two kits and a Pro Street vision. I did end up using a few parts from the old Revell release such as decals (for patterns) , rear license plate and a couple of small items here and there. The Street Demons paint scheme on a Pro Street car was what I was after. I've always had an eye for Revell's "Street Demons" series back in 1983 but I don't really care for the gasser look that a few of 'em had...……..this one in particular. In staying with the theme I set out to change things up a little bit in the way of a slight color change up, stance, powertrain and interior. Powertrain: Super Stock 426 Hemi came from the Revell 1968 Hemi Dart kit with upgrades to the ignition, fuel and throttle linkage systems. Wheels: From Future Attractions. I had my machine shop at work cut the rear wheels in half due to the fact that they were just too dang wide to use with the tires I had. Aftermarket Items: Too many to list. Paint: Testors Icy Blue Lacquer, Testors White Lightning Lacquer and Testors Wet Look Clear all decanted and shot through an airbrush. Decals: Speedway Decals Additional Interior Shots: Additional engine shots:
  7. mustang1989

    Revell 41 Willy's -"Demon II"-Completed 09/07

    Thanks Ray! I've always liked these Willys rides and would love to build one in racing form. Got any pics of your superintendent's ride?
  8. mustang1989

    Revell 41 Willy's -"Demon II"-Completed 09/07

    Yeah.....I found out about that AFTER the I shot the gloss on. Ah well.......I'm still happy with the outcome but would do things differently next time for sure.
  9. mustang1989

    Revell 41 Willy's -"Demon II"-Completed 09/07

    Thanks Kevin. Wet Look....................always!!
  10. mustang1989

    Revell 41 Willy's -"Demon II"-Completed 09/07

    The flames on the sides of the car are now complete and I managed to fill in the blank space at the front of the door by trimming the decals and inserting the missing pieces. Pearl White is on and the clear applied overall. We're almost there fellas.......
  11. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino

    I got to looking at the kit wheels and tires and there aint no way I'll be using any of the junk wheels and tires in the kit boxing. I found a spare set of tires from the Revell T/A Challenger kit and a spare set of Rallye wheels from a Camaro kit to help out here: Yeah...…………..that's more like it.
  12. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino

    Don you bring up a very valid point because I fight my OCD all the time with auto subjects. I built aircraft non stop till about 5 years ago and then I built my first auto build. Most of the cars I build take between 4-8 months to build just for the reason you stated. I know too much and try to replicate as much as possible and it takes up a bunch of time on any build.
  13. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino

    I do hope that's one thing that'll change in the auto modeling category. There's a couple of 1:1 cars that I've owned that I'd like to see in kit form as well.
  14. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino

    LOL!!! I'll be going with a 350 from a Camaro kit for the powerplant but will be leaving the rest of it fairly stock Mongoose. I may take you up on your offer for under hood shots and interior photos so I do thank you for that.
  15. mustang1989

    AMT '59 El Camino

    I think I'll be ok with the chrome trim. I've done worse..............believe me.