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  1. Sorry to hear this! Unfortunately, this life is not how we plan it, but we must be optimistic and move forward! Thank you for everything you have done for our common passion and I wish you good health! Florin
  2. Thank you for your appreciation! I'm glad I managed to make another model that you like. Unfortunately, it took me too long to complete it. If it took less than a month from opening the box to painting, it took me a year to make the decals and present it. Shame on me! It is true that in the meantime, I started another model, and this is not my usual thing, but even so, a year passed without me making a model. My rythm is two, maximum three models a year (yes, I work slowly), but still I'm embarrassed that a year has passed, without presenting anything. I hope that this year will be more prolific, from a model point of view. Florin P.S. My next MIG 21 Lancer A, Romanian Air Force
  3. Hello friends, After I started this project, a year ago (yes, I managed to not finish any model last year), now, finally, I finished it. It was not a difficult model to assemble, but I got complicated, as always. I aspired to make the rivet on the plane, to make the curtains (which are extremely visible, on the real plane) and to paint the model, after a single color picture, found by chance. The history of photography is as follows: Eastern Front, August 30, 1943. They were decorated with the Order of Mihai Viteazul Cls.a III, four aces, Cpt. Serbanescu, Lt.Greceanu, Lt.DiCezare, Slt.Milu, by G-ral Jienescu. All these aces returned from the awarding ceremony with this plane. I used masks for crosses and custom decals for data stencils. The whole model was painted with MRP paints. I hope you enjoy! Florin
  4. I appreciate your appreciation! I hope that next year, I will be able to complete more than two models, as I managed this year and to be as good, if not better than these. Happy new year to everyone! Florin
  5. Multumesc mult! Mai ales ca tu esti autorul moral!
  6. Thank you! It's not a really easy kit to make, but I didn't have any problems building it. Maybe a little attention to the root of the wings. Florin
  7. Hello friends, At the end of the year, I managed to finish a plane that I love. It was a birthday present from a dear friend, whom I thank once again for the gift. This is my vision for this aircraft. Except for the data stencils, everything is painted! Fully painted with MRP. HAPPY NEW YEAR! L-29 DELFIN, Romania, around 1968
  8. Merry Christmas to everyone! Florin
  9. I am always happy when I see someone making a plane in Romanian colors, but especially when I see such a well done work. Not too obvious, not too little! Keep going! Florin
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