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  1. Congratualtions! A model that deserves all the admiration! Florin
  2. Some models will fly out of the showcase!
  3. There is not the slightest chance! Do not get into my preferences. Neither B-24. But I always liked Ju-52. And for that, I have enough space. Florin
  4. After I changed the house, I was able to set up my showcases for models. However, I have not yet managed to arrange my work space. I hope I can do that soon. At the moment, the exposure space looks like that. The contents of the showcases will change over time, but at the moment, the whole space is busy. Florin
  5. What a beauty! Congratulations for this stunning build! Florin
  6. This year was a poor year in modeling achievements. I managed to complete only two models. I hope the year that comes is richer from this point of view. I wish you all to have a better year and may your wishes come true! Florin
  7. Happy birthday Radu! La mulți ani! Florin
  8. Absolutely beautiful! I would have liked my Albatross to be just as beautiful as yours! Florin
  9. Thank you! Certainly not a easy to do, but the ultimate satisfaction is much higher than for plastic kit. Especially if it comes out exactly how you wanted it. Florin
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