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If model possible in 3D printed version what 1/32 aircraft do you like to buy ?? Give the type of aircraft which have not been released in this scale before by any brand?


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Hello Everybody

I would like to ask for your opinion and see how in common we have needs in the modelers world building 1/32 aircrafts. Maybe you like to buy 3D printed kit even if will be in limited small batch editions. Re-batching and releasing with demand.  Let it find out. I will be very happy if you give your type and maybe put quick comment with your choice.

Have a great day

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My list is not too long for this time being but I would like to hold the following in my hands


P-51B Mustang

Allıson engine early Mustangs

Spitfire Mk.22/24

Spitfire Mk.XII

Bristol Beaufighter

F-5A Freedom Fighter

etc etc

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I guess my top ten would be;

TF-51D Mustang

F4U-5 Corsair

F4U-7 Corsair

F2G Super Corsair

F7F Tigercat

P-63 Kingcobra

A-1E / AD-5 Skyraider

P-51 Mustang Modified Air Racer

P/F-82 Twin Mustang

F9F Panther



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I would like to see conversion sets

For example, a rounded nose option with cockpit and belly parts to turn the Tamiya F-4C/D or E into an RF-4C/E Photo-Phantom.

Yes, Revell did but the overall kit had terrible shape issues. Yes, Black Box/ Avionix and Phantom Phreaks have made resin noses, but these are cast as solid assemblies with a stupid, unrealistic camera fit. 


The same to turn a Tamiya F-4J into an F-4K/M Spey Phantom.


With Red Pills Models working on an F-4B etc in 1/32, there will be a lot of stashed Tamiya Phantoms screaming out for a conversion set to refresh them.



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