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  1. I've been following one of the resin Helldiver kits on Ebay the last few weeks just to see how or if they will move with the injection molded kit starting to come out - it started with an opening bid of $295 and as time ran out no one bid on it - so it got relisted with an opening bid of $245 and as time ran out last night people started bidding and it ended up selling for a little over $350... I'm just going to wait until Hannett's gets them in stock and fills my back order... Mike
  2. I have two of them on backorder thru Hannants - but I haven't received any updates lately about when they hope to have them so they can start shipping out... Mike
  3. mkd1966


    Hey Hacker, If she says it's got to go - then let me know and I'll buy it from you - you know so you don't end up in the doghouse... I'm just looking out for the well being of a fellow modeler... Seriously tho - that's very cool... I had been looking for one for well over 10 years and finally found one on Ebay last November... Have a great day, Mike
  4. Good afternoon Andy, She is looking beautiful - AND I'm glad you're feeling better... Model on my friend - model on !!! Mike
  5. Those that might be interested - the photo below is the P-51D that Richard and I are talking about after being lost in a fire after an engine failure and emergency landing on a road that was operated by Dennis Bradley at the CWH back in the 80's...
  6. Awesome... Thanks for sharing Richard... Also a cool thing is that it closely resembles the first Mustang that CWH co-founder Dennis Bradley had (C-FBAU) which was lost in a fire after a engine failure and emergency landing - both pilot and passanger got out ok...
  7. That's great to hear... Thank you very much for the update... Back in the early 80's - we lived in Detroit, MI and my Stepdad had a T-6 we flew to airshows around the area and occasionally the CWH would send their 1st Avenger flown by Don McNall (super nice fellow)... Mike
  8. Just curious if there's any new information on this beautiful Avenger returning to the air ? Thanks, Mike
  9. I don't know either Sir - but I'm sure glad that you're working on a conversion... I build my models based on warbirds past and present - and I believe all of the Wildcats that are currently airworthy are all FM-2's except maybe 2... I'm looking forward to watching your progress... Thanks for what you're doing... Mike
  10. I can take some photos - that would be no problem or if you scroll up to comment from LSP Ray - he posted a review of the kit with some great photos - his review is what made my decision to purchase the kit... Mike
  11. The kit arrived today and is very nice looking... I was also very pleasantly surprised that it arrived in only 17 days from ordering from the Ukraine to delivery in Florida... Thank you for the awesome service !!! Mike
  12. Well after your positive comment and Ray's review - I decided to go ahead and purchase one... I look forward to seeing it in person... Mike
  13. I seen this on Ebay and was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of or built this kit ? Thanks, Mike https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-32-La-9-Fritz-Limited-edition-resin-kit/124507552436?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  14. Thanks guys I appreciate that... I do apologize for not being more detailed in my subject title... Mike
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