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  1. I think that it's kinda neat that while the topic is about a Devotion Corsair the F4U-4 Mr Potter had actually ended up painted in Tom Hudner's 205 when Doug Mathews bought it from him and stayed in those markings even when sold to Trent Latshaw... Now last year the new owner in Florida has repainted it in colors it wore while in service... Mike
  2. Jeroen - This is the color scheme it wore for many years before being repainted in the colors in the photo Rob shared... Mike
  3. When I started painting real aircraft back in the mid 80's up until then I thought white was white - LOL - then I looked at the imron color chart and realized there were 15-20 different shades or tones of white... Mike
  4. I was thinking the same thing... A 2 seater option and also the no tail hook "Fury" version as well... Mike
  5. Thank you all very much... Mike
  6. Does anyone make after market decals for the spitfire like the ones shown on top of the wings ? I'm finding the upper wing markings that are just red & blue - but can't find any that have the white in them as shown in photo... If I can't find them I guess I can try to paint them... Thanks in advance, Mike
  7. Sorry if this has already been posted and I missed it - but last friday 9/2 while on a test flight preparing for the upcoming Reno Air Races starting next week - Sherm Smoot lost the engine right on takeoff on the highly modified Yak-11 with a P & W R2800 and cut down Skyraider prop and unfortunately both were lost... Czech Mate hadn't raced since 2016 and they've been doing a lot of prep work to get her ready and many thought that this would be the year that "The Giant Slayer" would take the unlimited gold... Thoughts and prayers for the family and friends... Blue Skies Mr. Sherm...
  8. It took quite a beating in it's off runway excursion... Fuselage wrinkled behind the cockpit and in the photo's the one wing is messed up pretty good and looks like maybe the landing gear broke about half way up - BUT - with all that being said - my stepdad used to use a phrase "it's just a function of money"... But the way it goes with some of the major restorations shops it seems now days you can start with a data plate and build a brand new airplane around it... I think that someone with the proper cash flow will buy this project and we'll see it fly again one day... Mike
  9. I found 1/2" black masking tape that looks pretty good as it has a texture to it like wing walk... When I used to paint actual aircraft you could buy the wing walk in a roll that had a adhesive backing or I have also sprayed it on as well... Mike
  10. And also the -7 and F2G Super Corsair... Mike
  11. I also ordered off eBay from Lithuania and only 16 days from ordering to arriving at my door yesterday... And I also echo what a very nice kit it is... Mike
  12. Maybe pilots didn't care for them so they removed them... I worked for a company in the mid to late 80's and early 90's that did maintenance and restorations on warbirds and they went out to the boneyard in Tucson, AZ to recover 3 "B" models and the boss was the first civilian owner - but all 3 of them had the green shields as they sat in the boneyard... I do remember that a couple of them were scratched really bad so we took them out because they looked horrible but never the less they did come with them... Here is a T-28 book and the Navy one on top clearly has it installed... Oh well, who knows the real answer... Maybe I'll get on some T-28 forums and see what kind of responses I get... Anyway, thanks everyone for the input... Mike
  13. Thanks Brian, I was already looking at options in the event I couldn't outright purchase it... Mike
  14. Greetings everyone, I have a question concerning the 1/32 T-28 kits out there and if this has been discussed and I missed it I do apologize - but a lot of T-28 pictures you see have a green plexiglass sun shield inside of both the front and rear canopies that you could pop in or out... I've looked over the instructions and don't see anything mentioned and I was curious if someone had done this as a after market item... Thanks for looking, Mike
  15. It's been awhile since I bought them - but best as my cruddy memory is - I'm thinking that I bought a set of B-24 props off of ebay... May have to reshape a little bit here and there but nothing major and they look good to me... All my models are built based on warbirds or air racers past and present and I haven't seen any Wildcats flying on the airshow circuit with the type of prop blades provided in any of the kits... Mike
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