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  1. Wow - she is a real beauty... I wish one of the aftermarket companies would produce this canopy conversion for the 1/32 scale TBM / TBF Avenger model...
  2. I think they're still waiting for them to arrive as I ordered one from them back on June 23rd and it still hasn't shipped yet... Mike
  3. Hey there Ade, If you think that you could modify the B-17 wall mount to work on your B-25 kit then I have a B-17 kit that I don't plan to wall mount so you're welcome to it for whatever the postage would be... Mike
  4. Hey Graham, The counter rotating prop arrived today and looks great !!! Thank you very much, Mike
  5. Here are a couple more angles showing it's shape compared to the 150 gallon tanks... I think I like the looks of the big 300 gallon centerline in this style...
  6. Which 300 gallon version is this one and is it available on any 1/32 scale aircraft out there ? To me it looks like the same style, shape and design as the 150 gallon tanks also seen on this Skyraider and used on Corsairs, Bearcats and Tigercats... Just curious, Mike
  7. With the talk of Spitfire conversions I'm just curious - has anyone every done the 2 place dual control Spitfire conversion before - or has anyone heard any rumblings of something coming in the future ? With so many different versions that you can convert to - I can't believe I haven't seen that one... Mike
  8. I had purchased a Mk XIX conversion kit from Grey Matters that is used with a Revell or Hasegawa Mk I / II and it includes all pieces you mentioned... Thanks, Mike
  9. Well Mr Jim - I have to concur with everyone - they both look excellent... After reading your notes about the prop on page 1 - I do like the looks of the prop that you used so I hope someone does a aftermarket prop because I don't have a donor kit to rob a prop from to use on mine... Mike
  10. I believe your correct about an inexperienced pilot... When this happened - I followed posts on several of the warbird forums and a lot of the comments I read were basically - you never apply the power that fast on a griffon powered spitfire... BUT - at least the pilot walked away from it and the last I heard the airframe is being restored again...
  11. Yes I seen the video of the take off incident... That was wild to watch happen...
  12. Hey Graham it's funny that you mentioned this was a Shackleton prop set and you also thought a Shackleton Griffin... Well I started digging through my old Air Classics magazine collection and found this Spitfire on the cover of the September 2002 edition... As I read the article it stated when looking for an engine / prop combo that was affordable and that they could use - the best price version to go with was a ex - Shackleton Griffin 58... Again thanks for your help and everyone's input... I'll do a "WIP" when I start it... Mike
  13. This is the Spitfire I'm wanting to do... Formally owned by the Planes of Fame is a PR XIX N219AM... What a beast...
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