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  1. I may have asked this before.......i did a search and could not find it. On SEA camo'd starfighters what color are the inside of the intakes? Are they natural metal or where they white (like a phantom). Was camo masked and hard lined or sprayed in a loose fashion? Thanks Rob
  2. Any chance they will the 22000 Grand slam Lancaster? thanks
  3. Perhaps.....the trumpeter kit is larger than 24th......we know there is a difference in length vs. Airfix....I compared the kit outer wing sections. The theory was I could use the outer wings to create a G1. The airfix outer wing is much narrower in chord. It was not even close. Either trumpeter is to large or airfix kit is to small.
  4. I would guess your going to do the extended part of the vertical and the "thimble nose".....how much for the full blown TF X set?...not my kit in the image....cred to the modeler who built it
  5. Zots did an F-8J sheet. They can still be found.
  6. Does anyone make a single aircraft display case that will hold a f-104? Thanks, Rob
  7. Any thoughts on blowing a couple of these up to 1/24? Thanks
  8. if it were 32nd......that would be awesome. Big ole' mean cold war jet! I would be in for 1. Rob
  9. There is a Fw-190F8 that is shown as NM. The bird is on an Eagle Editions decal sheet........Just saying......
  10. Awesome work.....! looking forward to the finished product(s)........AM guys wheels, wheel wells, and pit would be nice for A5 and A8........has anyone done decals or a mask set yet?
  11. Great pic. It really shows the difference in the kits.
  12. Quick question.....does the 1/24th Ju 87 A have this issue? It would seem the same fuselage would be used in both kits (maybe not)? I have not heard this issue raised in regard to the Anton. Rob
  13. Great stuff..........so where do you cut it for the fix?
  14. Did anyone ever do a vertical for the ADF birds? Who did it where can I find 1? Thanks Rob
  15. I picked up the harrier for Christmas.......this pit is looking killer. I hope with this kind of support we end up getting the corrected part to go between the gun and other pod......a center pylon/ targeting pod, and a few new weapons (lgbs, mavs, cluster bombs)......Brilliant work!
  16. Does the outboard cannon stick a little farther out? In some pics the outer cannon appears to be longer and in others all cannons appear the same length. Thanks
  17. Has there been any word on brass barrels for the 1/24 Ju 87 g (Ju 87 d-5 kit)?.......I have all of the other fixes (proper cannon bodies and prop blades). Thanks
  18. Didn't VFS say they were going to do a 1/24 corsair sometime back? I thought I saw that over at HS.
  19. So many options......... Any below would work for me! Me 262 Meteor Corsair Hellcat Later Mk Spit Sabre jet Mig 15 P-51b Sea Fury Tempest P-38 P-40 E/F/L/M/N Beaufighter P-39
  20. I picked one up......The kit looks pretty good. The fit thus far is exceptional. i was fortunate enough to get the "other" cannon I needed from my brother's kit. Does anyone do brass barrels for the defensive mg? Any chance there is brass barrels for the under wing cannons? Resin wheels, I know AMS did them for the airfix kit and I wonder if they will fit the new kit? I imagine I can use some of the eduard 24th 109 pe, perhaps some airscale decals to dress up the cockpit. Some hollow exhausts would be fantastic. i can only hope some detail parts come out soon . The stuka goes together as well as the trump hurricane. O'.......its big! Rob
  21. I noticed it was out and was wondering if everything is in there to make a G2? Can anyone comment on the shapes/ kit? i know zip about trumpeter stukas. thanks Rob
  22. Post away.........looking forward to your pics/ review.
  23. Had the oppertunity to look at one.....I'm a little disappointed they give you the blown canopy not the standard causing he decals not to match up! It appears wheel wells and a cockpit would resolve most of the issues, perhaps some new wheels as well......Can anyone comment on shapes, how does it measure out?
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