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  1. Thanks all.....I have done a few fixes.....sorted the wing/ fuselage positioning. Not even going to try the belly tank....I may shorten the main struts a tad.....the model will be buried in my case and will not see the light of day lol.....that said....I just cant get past that intake because the nose is front and center. O' real quick.......is the cockpit of a F1/3 gray or black? I have seen both......I think lol.
  2. Was wondering.....has anyone come up with good way to complete the intake? Not sure what trumpeter was thinking. Thx!
  3. Seamless resin intakes for the Tamiya phantom that use the kit intake ramp, I am a little spoiled as the last couple phantoms I built used the Dmold and the Rhino intakes. I have found those easier to paint/ deal with......Don't get me wrong the SH and GT parts look great but I have yet to master the use of kilz without making a monster mess. Does anyone know where I could find the Rhino or Dmold intakes? thanks
  4. I missed them last time. I cant recall did you cast the just the tails and exhaust?
  5. Had a quick thought....perhaps it has already been said.........The Tamiya tomcat is made for this type of application......Just saying if Quinta is watching this space.....Do the Tamiya cat!
  6. Who makes a good ...I think it was a C1 seat for a USAF F-104c? I need one to finish out a Hasegawa kit. Thanks Rob
  7. Noticed this at HLJ for Oct 2020 release. This one caught me by surprise........Wonder if the mig 15 will follow? https://www.hlj.com/1-18-scale-f-86-sabre-hob81808
  8. A while back .....Hyperscale did a review of the 21c 1/18 262. The review copy was un-built........ http://www.hyperscale.com/2007/reviews/kits/me262ab18previewmb_1.htm
  9. When the 104s were repainted in SEA camo (1967 Udorn)....did the struts and and gear bay get over sprayed or did they remain silver/ NM? Thanks Rob Colvin
  10. Did anyone ever do an early va 35 bird? Right around 67 the big panther was painted on the tail....the kit version is awful. Thanks
  11. Is there a corrected windscreen out there for the trumpeter 105s? I know ce did one way back but that part is no where to be found. Thanks
  12. Off hand does anyone know if the F-104s out of Udorn in 1967 performed any missions with 2x wingtip tanks and 2x underwing tanks? My thoughts were escort of some type (B-52s)? Thanks
  13. I know the italeri kit is better. I have this hasegawa 104 my father started before he passed a few years ago. I decided to finish her up......add part, add a seat, fix this, sand that.....see where this going lol. Here is my issue I have engraved the majority of the kit and now that I am down to the end I cannot get the panels mid fuselage near the spine to look correct. Is there a template for the panels? Open to ideas. Thanks
  14. Adc birds... did the adc grey paint extend down the intakes like the sea wrap and euro-1 wrap aircraft? Thanks
  15. Found the orig thread....shortened the fuselage. Now is there any brass for the guns? Thanks all!
  16. I was wondering.....has anyone done brass barrels for the 37s, wooden prop, brass tail mg, or anything else.....wheel spats, wheels etc? Fuselage.....to long? What is the final ruling? I know compared to the airfix kit it is longer. The airfix kit is a B model and do we know for sure that airfix kit is not to short? Thanks
  17. Perhaps i missed it.....but it seems the rear gunners fire control is missing. Not to mention. The rear "glass" appears to be more like a water bomber/ A-26k.
  18. A cylinder short.......could explain the small looking engine cowl.
  19. I know it has issues.....My question is does the Revell He-219 "need" the brass gear? I know the kit requires a lot of nose weight? Do the brass gear fit? Thanks Rob
  20. While I agree with the most of the comments here the "smaller" jet aircraft would be pretty slick in 24th. They would probably sale. I would certainly buy one, however if you are going to dream...... F-4, F-8, F-100, F-104, F-101, F-106, F-102....and Yes a 105 ( i know they would be huge) but hey it cant be worse than the wing span of the 32nd Lancaster or Liberator right? F-15, F-16, F-14, F-18......The 16, 14 and 18 were produced in 1/18th ......so at least 24th would be smaller LOL. Rob
  21. I was looking to get a few parts from Zactoman, I reached out through the zacto website email to ask about availability. I have not recieved a response...is everything ok there? 2nd GFactor brass landing gear for an Academy F-18.....where can you find them? I have looked all over. Thanks
  22. Makes u wonder, how do u get the b fuselage correct in length and the d/g wrong?
  23. I was wondering? Has anyone compared the fuselages (trump B vs. D) ? I was wondering if the B has the correct length. I have an airfix parts kit....it is missing the port fuselage and cockpit. I thought about using the engine, cowl, and spats as a conversion kit......thoughts? Thanks
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