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  1. Like this, post war civilian three bladed props, with a floats option. I'm certain omitting the seaplane option cost Revell a lot of sales. Sad the Where Eagles Dare example pranged. Tony
  2. Infinity have announced plans for both a Beau and Sparviero. I quite like Mozart's suggestion of a Canberra. It could be quite a simple kit with multiple option growth potential and international markings and schemes. Mine's an RAF T.17 or Swedish T.11. Probably not though. If it turns out to be a Fw 189 or Me 410 I'll pass, but many of the other suggestions are appealing. There are no "vibes" here other than Bf 110 G-4, although I also love Jennings' suggestion of an F-106A. Quite fun guessing. Tony
  3. The Polish (caughtinthemiddle) guy who designs decals for some of HKM's WW2 subjects seems to know what the kit is, according to his post on BM in the rumourmonger section. But then he might know and not be behind the decals. I'm guessing Bf 110 G-4 or another nachtjäger but it could be a wild card like a Petlyakov Pe-2, Lockheed P-38 or Bristol Blenheim or Beaufort — but I'd go nuts for a Convair Six. Tony
  4. Old Woodpecker sqn is retiring its RF-4Es and RF-4EJs F-35A? Meh, bit like instant coffee Tony
  5. Amen to that. I'd even be very very very happy with a simplified one, à la Meteor. Tony
  6. That could be true. It'll probably mutate into something less dangerous by the time a vaccine can be made in quantity. I rarely go out more than once a month anyway, just as I have done for five years, so for me it's business as usual but without live tennis on TV. Tony
  7. This and the unknown new HK Models release. Will go dizzy when the Draken comes along. Tony
  8. Whoops! The pandemic is going to keep rearing its head until we have a vaccine, so likely right through the Summer and Autumn. My wife and I only leave the house every four weeks to plop some envelopes in the pillar box and give the car battery a charge — so three times since late March. Tony
  9. Yes Have some of Ali's brass and resin bits for the big Eurofighter, Rata and titchy Phantoms and really looking fwd to seeing the Foxbat legs and Thud canopy items. The brass legs are utterly indispensable. Tony
  10. All our subtle and not so subtle attempts to rule out what it isn't hasn't gained much ground, so whatever it is I hope it sells well so we get another step fwd in the wind, sleet and rain towards the reward of a Spey Toom. But I'm getting bl**dy freezing. If it's a simpler kit à la Meteor with a comparable-ish price and size and happens to have two engines but is engineless in kit form HKM have a sale. The Bf 110 G-4 suggestion is very appealing as it would fill a huge void. I still have a vibe that HKM want to create something with a funky surface texture to highlight their moulding skills, to help with the shop front image. Tony
  11. Oh yes pleeeze! Me too. A Holy Grail kit. Tony
  12. The Meteor 4 went into production in 1945. I'm secretly hoping it's a crazy outsider like an F-106 or the long awaited Spey Toom, but suspect it's another B-17 variant or a 3-in-1 Fort with multiple options therein (say, air rescue boat dropper, RAF countermeasures and regular G) or a P-51B. Tony
  13. The new item mystery icon fills a spot under the WWII tab. https://www.hk-models.com/hkm/shop/wwii/ Could do with something under the Cold War and Modern tabs, which so far remain empty. So, something with a propeller? Tony
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