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  1. The angled front appears to be a go-fast bolt-on fairing. Somebody who used them in the 1960s-1970s needs to give us their verdict. Tony
  2. It's a Bitburg F-4D with empty inboard Falcon missile rails. Spooky background music and all a bit sinister. The only kit I ever remember including a Mk/B-61 thermonuclear bomb was the Testors/Italeri F-117A, which offered two. Tony
  3. I'm still up for some AM like an Eduard Löök cockpit IP (if one emerges) but am getting pickier. Resin can add detail and flaps a lot of character but it's such a PITA using cyanoacrylate adhesives. Still waiting for an honest fit review here on LSP (as opposed to one of those sales brochure "reviews" elsewhere). Tony
  4. №600 Sqn operated Mosquito NF.XIX's in Italy Jan-August 1945, but these were in regulation green & grey. Coffee and sand schemes were worn by Beaufighters in North Africa, principally by №46 Sqn, which is another reason we so badly need a Mk.VI (stuff the TF.X torbeau). Tony
  5. If it were £100 with postage I'd probably buy-to-build as it looks to be a genuinely fun kit, though that old school Tamiyaesque fitting of the canopy to its frame might create an ugly seam. (Paint the clear part's edge black and attach using PVA canopy glue, and hope the fit is perfect?) The RAM "tape" adds some character but this subject needs to get some real colour on it to appeal at full sticker price. In 1:1 scale the US Navy ought to paint an early production airframe in gloss scarlet to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of sustained transonic flight in the D558 Skystreak "crimson test tube". They could then follow that up with a gloss white one to commemorate the supersonic Skyrocket (and then a blue one for the Blue Angels' 80th). Tony
  6. Thanks. Useful to have QDS-32108 as A-6A/Bs with Mk.5 seats had orange upholstery, though I'm doing a 1972 PAT/ARM A-6B with Mk.7s (probably) so the green might work after all. This and the F-14D set are going to wipe out my Infinity Vampire budget. Tony
  7. Thanks so much for making such excellent aerospace ground equipment, and for braving the Brexidiotureaucracy. Must get a big order in later this summer: 1/32 Houchin, Coleman, Dash 60, tow bar and the MA1A dual set. Is it better done in two packages? Tony
  8. I was intending to go down this route too, which really means a thimble nose and AI Mk.VIII installation, but the AI Mk.IV "bow and arrow" nose and interior would be tasty, with uppy tailplane. That just leaves the wheel wells. Fantastic work MM. Tony
  9. Waiting for the Draken (and possibly the D-558-II pointy Skyrocket) but Infinity have suggested they're doing a J.35, one day, and I prefer plastic. The X-3 Stilletto is a fantastic subject but I'd probably impale myself during the modelling process, assuming I could make it without a wonky nose. Good that I've got some Tamiya F-4 one piece fuselages to whittle and rescribe. Keeps me out of mischief for hours. Tony
  10. I was referring to weathering on 1970s-1980s subjects in general, but yes the USN Tomcats, Corsairs etc got very spotty with paint touch-ups, including primers, and F-4s always had horribly grubby bottoms. Personally, I think matt finishes and weathering are a fantastic way to hide paint or build defects. Quick spot sand, squirt of paint. To do an immaculate finish — such as a Blue Angels paint scheme — is arguably much more challenging. Weathering or dirtying-up to one side, I am amazed by the matt finishes on some models: how do you get that without the milky look from modern formula milk bottles clear finishes? Tony
  11. Yes, I'm definitely in for a Standard Trumpeter Set as emailed yesterday. (Tamiya Standard also, later, depending on how long these might be available.) Tony
  12. Quite like the noun "kitset" even though no paint or glue is included with the "model kit". Kit, used alone, makes me think of a baby ferret. Tony
  13. I'm going down the same route Ben. Everything necessary to build the (VF-31) Trumpeter F-14D, along with a — although it may get done first — (VF-111 probably) Tamiya F-14A with just the aforementioned legs, Quinta seat and cockpit sets, new decals and lots of scribing. The latter will be done calmly, carefully over a couple of months here and there aided by a couple of glasses of whiskey. And I agree about the overdone weathering. Some stains and multi-toning over grey primer doesn't go amiss, but restraint yields more realism. Tony
  14. Received my Yak today. Beautiful-looking kit with decals for the wing fuel gauges and cockpit IP, some of the main markings including aluminium or silver ink. Well done ICM. More, please. Tony
  15. In all probability the Tamiya late A just needs Aerocraft legs, a Quinta cockpit set, some appealing new decals and a scribing tool. I wish I had gone down that route. Instead I have the Trumpeter — the cat in a box with a carrying handle — with Zacto inlets (will modify the kit to match rather than irreversibly hack up the lower fuselage), wing fold bladders, Phoenix pallet fronts, Aerocraft legs on the way, two aftermarket decal sets for VF-31, turned metal pitot and AOA spike, and a bunch of other stuff lost to failing memory. It's a suitcase of work. Cost so far? £250 with another £60 envisaged. If I could wind the clock back I would buy three 1/48 Tamiya Tomcats for the same £ $ ¥ € and have that joy of modelling feeling. Just saying Tony
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