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  1. Do Italeri have a stand at Shizuoka ? Tony
  2. F-22 would have to be done rack-of-the-eye then we would all complain about it not conforming to somebody's annotated photos, so it's therefore an unbuildable dog and so on. That's after someone's spent £125 ,000 on tooling. There's plenty of arguably more interesting and popular stuff that may be LIDAR'd, including the missing Century Series, but as it seems to be only the Chinese, Czechs, Germans, Ukrainians and Japanese making a few new tool 1/32 kits it has to appeal to them as investors. Ergo, from the modern hangars, we're more likely to see a J-10B Vigorous Dragon or (another) F-35 Tony
  3. Ditto. Norwegian RF-5A, and American RF-101C, F-101B, Deuce and Six. I can even hear the whistle of their turbojets shaking up my tinlets of 16473. Tony
  4. Oh, and the pure idiotic never-will-happen fantasy is, amongst other subjects, a Tamiya 1/32 F-111E or totally new tool F-14A Tomcat. With rubber tyres. Tony
  5. I'd take a Tamiya Aardvark in any double digit scale. Hasegawa should have made a 1/48 series but didn't. Tanmodel have a stack of research material I sent, as have others to help it along, and may still yet make one (though I'm holding out for their big Sea Flanker and whatever scale Buccaneers). What happened to the Kitty Hawk 1/32 SEPECAT Jaguar? It was a goer at one time then seemed to have been dropped, like the much wanted Thunderstreak and Thunderflash. If we get a Tamiya LSP this year the realist says it's a new tool Bf 109G or new Mosquito variant, the dreamer in me wishes for an RF-4E, Beaufighter VI or Seiran. Tony
  6. Yes, but that's purely passive and not much good for contacting them to plead a case (for Mosquito wheels/tyres), which is what I think was intended in that post. "Yous can lewk, but yous canna say nowt" Tony
  7. Cybermodel[l]er claims: Revell Fw 190A-8 Sturmbock 32 3874 May-19 Tony
  8. Absolutes like "wouldn't ... ever", then softened with a get out clause "unless something changes" is a bit meaningless. After last year's trauma and with the success of Revell reboxing (especially) Ukrainian kits, no new tools may well be its pattern of business in 1/32 aircraft for the near future. After all, Revell has a fillet finned Mustang, Me 262 A-1a, F/A-18F and G in the landing or holding pattern, plus whatever ICM do, like the Gloster Gladiator, to rebox. I would hope there is scope for some other neue variante, like a Ju 88 C-6. It all looks healthy to me. And I said "such as Revell". ICM, FLY, Special Hobby, Italeri et al are all contenders for 1/32 new tools too. AFAIK there's a car door Typhoon, Tornado and Tunnan to add to the aforementioned aircraft subjects that we know of. Tony
  9. I don't do Facebook. And haven't for eight years. Hopefully the range will do well and expand on its own merit. Now all we need are fabric seat belts for jets Tony
  10. A pity. The P-38's a nice looking plane. Some nicely priced old Trumpy Jugs if Tamiya doesn't offer any retail therapy this year... https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/dawngrocerystore/Trumpeter-1-32-Aircraft/_i.html?_storecat=3658423018 Those, and the forthcoming Revell Me 262 A-1a. Anything powered by paraffin or a mix of old oil and schnapps appeals. Tony
  11. The A-26 doesn't tick any of the Tamiya boxes. They haven't done one in 1/48 scale, which seems to be a filter factor for WW2 prop subjects. The Mosquito was fairly compact as well as offering a host of new FB and NF subvariants, though some are betting on a B.IV bomber with new nose parts and V-shaped wndshield, which would be nice if it also came with cameras for a PR.IV. Of course, that's all flawed logic. If Tamiya want to do a Sturmovik they will. However, 1/48 is designed to fit with the military miniatures (tracked and wheeled creepy crawlies) series, whereas there's nothing comparable in 1/32, so an F-35J is just as likely. Tony
  12. It's the Walther P-38 and it's in 1/35 scale for a Wehrmacht figures set. The Lockheed one would be pretty cool, but isn't the Trumpeter Lightning supposed to be quite convincing and a good build ? Tony
  13. Too big for Tamiya. More of a HK Models type of project. The Americans really need to start a model company to make their favourite LSPs, or lobby the Chinese. I can say the same thing about the SAAB J.35 Draken series. It's about time a European company such as Revell did it in 1/32. Waaaay overdue. FLY, at least, are releasing the quite peculiar but welcomed Tunnan, and Italeri are apparently making a new tool PANAVIA Tornado. ICM are the heroes right now: Gloster Gladiator. Shizuoka is the big reveal, seeing if there'll be anything other than motorbikes and R/C stuff under the Tamiya mystery shroud. I'm also hoping Hasegawa might soon add another indigenous 1/32 prop to its range. Tony
  14. Rubber vinyl tyres: stick a pencil through the hole and run them back and forth across glasspaper, emery paper, semi dried paint and any other medium you want to roll them over. Hey, it works! And the hub/tyre match is perfectos. There's only one thing I hate more than flattened resin tyres; it's propellers that don't turn. Talk about nothing getting better since you were six. Tony, wanting rubbers for my Mossie!
  15. Tony T


    Just about every Trumpeter kit with Mavericks included. I couldn't throw them out fast enough ten years ago. These should be abudant from those who have not. Tony
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