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  1. F-111 = range and payload. It possessed an extremely accurate radar/inertial all-weather/night bomb-nav system and highly sophisticated countermeasures suite. Its weapons bay could also house an M61 20mm rotary canon and Sidewinder trapeze. A reconnaissance pallet was made for a few RF-111Cs, using conventional framing and panoramic cameras, dual band IRLS and a TV system. The rest got the Ford Aeronutronic Pave Tack targeting pod. Later, the aircraft got a digital bomb-nav update, and long-range missiles including Harpoon (and tested HARM). The RAAF also bought a bunch of attrition replacements and ex-SAC F-111Gs, so took delivery of about 46 F-111s in all. Mountbatten, who hated TSR.2, wanted Britain to sell Australia the Blackburn brick, but the Aussies went for F-111. The wing issue caused deliveries to be put back from 1968 to 1973, during which time the RAAF leased F-4E Phantoms (which they quite liked). F-111 was the Pig in RAAF service and, as the old saying goes, "...when I see Pigs fly". Sadly, they stopped doing that in 2010, after up to 37 years of service. Tony
  2. Hi Dave, concerning the F-4E sheet Jon Freeman was apparently suffering from an F-15/F-16 size mindset and may have just shoehorned things in to make a pretty sheet. That's why he did the serials 12" instead of 15". The insignia I drew ten years ago or so were forensically accurate, based on measurements from photos. Too many cooks... The National insignia needs checking. Note that c.1978-1981 the wing insignia was the same size as the fuselage stars/bars. They went regulation bigger on the wings after aircraft were repainted during depot maintenance at CASA Getafe, Spain, c.1982+ If you're really stuck and want to do, say, 66-370 with the Air Forces Iceland insignia over the vari-ramp stripes, I might have a couple of the Draw Decal versions of those insignia knocking about. Tony
  3. It's good (I have a copy) but Gary at GT Resin claimed the IP was slightly undersize. Looks okay to me. Tony
  4. The Luftwaffe Phantoms at George AFB were F-4Fs - FY 1972 ab initio slatted wing Es with an unslotted stabilator and no TISEO. I believe the same machines were transferred to Holloman. Tony
  5. It's likely the old Black Box/Avionix set or an 'updated' copy of that. It was of an era, but the solid casting let it down. I'm hoping the Wolfpack-Design set provides a hollow nose, preferably in clear resin, with some depiction of interior sensors; also the rounded camera hatch style on the RF-4E. Anyway, it's got to be better! Tony
  6. Ditto. Want a blue "sea scheme" Woodpecker, but the Korean "box bird" would look awfully nice too, as would a vanilla RF-4C from Alconbury or Zweibrucken. I really hope this goes ahead. Tony
  7. Send them a message and let us know the outcome... https://www.barracudacals.com/contact.php HTH Tony .
  8. They probably did exactly that for both Mirage boxings. And not a bicycle wheel in sight. Tony
  9. Suffrin' succotash; that's one slick model. Maybe if I got some ruby slippers, clicked my heels and muttered "there's no plane like Italeri's"... Or maybe not. Tony
  10. Imagine: 1/32 Convair Sea Delta, Hustler, Deuce and Six, Fairey Delta FD.2, and also balalaika wing Russian interceptors, Gloster Javelin, Mirage 4000, a new tool Eurofighter and — for the hell of it — an XB-70 Valkyrie. Even Dan's flying wings: Northrop's B-2 Spirit, and not a twang of rigging to be seen a n y w h e r e Tony
  11. As opposed to icecream cones and wafers held together with lots of rigging spaghetti ? I'm still waiting for the 1st April announcement of a 1/32 IM Vulcan, Hustler, Deuce or Six — can't understand anyone who doesn't like delta winged designs. Tony
  12. Currently not ordering anything that can't be easily stuffed through the letterbox, with the exception of groceries and booze Tony
  13. Yes, if you need to remove it. IIRC from Block 26 or so F-4Bs had the inboard BLC wing flap fixed and inverted slotted stabilators added, à la F-4J. This combo was then retrofitted onto surviving earlier F-4Bs. Inverted slot stip and attachment points was added to the vanilla version. So grind orf if not required. If your F-4B subject is pre-1967 you're probably safe; if later, check whatever photos you can lay your hands on. HTH Tony
  14. Looks fantastic — essential too. Thanks for correcting and adding detail to the kit parts. Ordered a set today. Many thanks. Tony
  15. I'm 100% sure it's a Special Hobby re-pop of the Mk.V plastic with new decals slid into a bigger box. Who injects plastic and how Covid-19 affects this and other releases is a moot point. I'm still waiting for Airfix's re-pop of the 1/48 Sea Vixen announced over a year ago. But I'm buying. A Tempestuous year most definitely. Tony
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