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  1. What a thoroughly nice guy, who knew his jets. Thanks for sharing. Tony
  2. Tony T

    Throwing a wild F-4 question out there!

    If you saw the stripped airframes in colour the metal areas would have the etch/alodine iridescent brassy finish of hexavalent chromium, other areas primed in lemon zinc chromate. The only areas left bare metal comprised the Inconel stainless steel empennage and titanium keel, and jetcans which — up to the time of the smokeless mods of the early 1980s — rapidly got very sooty. The glassfibre radome was covered in a thin black or white cured neoprene 'sock', so you might occasionally see a creamy or beige raw radome. I don't believe any were painted in the (absence of camouflage) default polyurethane aluminium finish, as FS 16473 Aircraft Gray had become the new normal default colour for the USAF by the mid-1960s; USN light gull gray over gloss white. Tony
  3. Tony T

    By to the A380

    We'll see. It's the little processes that go on with parts that may suddenly become cheaper in Dusseldorf or Nantes rather than Gloucester. Ironic that Airbus delivered 747 aircraft last year. Tony
  4. Qué? Kev's interpretation is considerably sooner, and plenty enough time to get utterly sick of making Tamiya F-4Js so that you wouldn't even desire a conversion set. Tony
  5. I seriously doubt the Hong Kong Models F-4K/Ms will cost as much as £445 or €505 each, so isn't the conversion set topic dead? It's likely there will be a healthy demand for aftermarket, especially decals and underwing stores. Two of each, unlikely, although maybe if the first is a FAA F-4K. I reckon they will be sub £300 but not by much. As long as I'm alive that's about one a year. Tony
  6. Tony T

    By to the A380

    Agree, no one's getting locked out. The issue is timely movement of high value parts across trade borders for just-in-time production. Tariffs and paperwork. We'll see. We need more instability like a hole in the head. Tony
  7. Tony T

    Trumpeter 03219: F-117A Nighthawk

    Great review, which gives a lot of useful information on the quality of the kit — sincere thanks. If you can get it, AFV Club make a canopy part with a more realistic looking coating. Same mould, just coated. Not in indium tin oxide but it looks the part. Disagree about the separate canopy panes = lots of scope for glue smudging and misalignment. Trumpeter have done the right thing with a one piece clear hood and grey plastic insert to give it interior chunkiness. If only Wonderland still had them going for £50 !! Tony
  8. Tony T

    By to the A380

    It's bye-bye over the next two years; it's not like a stop-work directive. Just a sort of fizzling out. Tony
  9. Tony T

    By to the A380

    Doubt any doors are going to get locked in Blagnac or elsewhere. Way too much Airbus production to let such big spaces sit idle. My concern is Britain post Brexit. I think the Franco-German aviation bond will grow, including a sixth generation fighter jet, along with greater strides in CMC hot engine parts, avionics and we'll be left selling whisky, gin and vacuum cleaners. Tony
  10. Tony T

    By to the A380

    Wonderful exemplar of aviation technology, particularly in manufacturing. Unfortunately it came along just as the Lehman brothers/sub prime lending collapse plunged the world into ten years of economc austerity. Bit like Concorde straight after Yom Kippur and OPEC quadrupling oil prices — bad luck timing that could only be seen with the benefit of hindsight. It'll keep flying as long as Rolls Royce support the Trent. But I agree with Jennings. Passengers like flying on new airframes, cargo doesn't give a sh** taking a ride on an old piece of junk. Tony
  11. Always think that F-35B is the prettier daughter of the Yak-141 Would love an accurate new tool SLUF in 1/32 Tony
  12. I'm in for one of every boxing. The naysayers can now get stuffed, my former pessimism included. Tony
  13. Tony T

    1/32 F-4K/M. Conversion Set for Tamiya F-4J

    After the Lancasters I'm prepared to believe anything is possible, even a decent OOB LTV A-7E. Tony
  14. Tony T

    1/32 F-4K/M. Conversion Set for Tamiya F-4J

    I pop ibuprofen like M&Ms. Especially effective with Laphroaig single malt. best to you both. Back problems are a real pain near the @$$ Tony
  15. So, after another excursion around the teddy bears' picnic garden, we have determined that: a/ a conversion set for the Tamiya J is not viable for 2019, if ever again b/ the CE Wild Hare set is really just a rare unaffordable collector's item with a few errors of its own c/ we still don't know the status of the formerly announced HKM kit In the absence of this RAF Phantom icon, the Kitty Hawk Jaguars and any other 1/32 Cold War era jets I'm skipping back to 1/48 pending Iain's Lightning updates. Revell have just repopped the FGR.2, Airfix are repopping the Sea Vixen, and that's plenty for this year. But I would switch back in a moment if and when HKM has anything positive to tell us. Tony