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  1. Yes, the Sea Flanker CAD looked enticing, and they even cut some moulds for the wings. I wouldn't give up on the Su-33 completely, or the smaller scale Buccaneers, but unfortunately dreams of a 1/32 new tool RF-4E/F-4E and F-111A/E seem a little beyond any attainable life horizon. At least Hypersonic are producing a 1/48 SR-71 in company with Gaspatch — another one of those "in the absence of a one thirty-two, a nice 1/48 will do". I've gone down that pathway for most Soviet PVO and American ADCOM subject matter. Were not Kitty Hawk Facebookhinting an F-5A and RF-5A at some stage? Dinky 1/32 jets seem their thing. Tony
  2. Worst cases are the two A-7Es on my shelf-of-nonprogression, though they're not that far away from fuselage closure. Aires wheel wells and seats, complete Zacto correction sets, enough Eduard etch to go bonkers (including placards) and decals galore (including complete stencils). The big kits are usually the worst offenders: Trumpy Thud Weasel, Trumpy Flanker B and Tamiya F-4E/Js. Tony
  3. You just hold it with one arm out and go "wheeeeeeee...."
  4. And the instructions etc? I heard that the earlier nose arrangement with the twin array was based on the Ukrainian museum example they measured up, which was otherwise a later recce airframe but not representative of a true RBT. The mod parts were added in time for the Revell edition (and I assume later ICM releases of the kit in question), but I can easily imagine things getting jumbled — ICM's prodigious output of subvariants of multiple aircraft types is mind-boggling! Wish they'd do a 1/48 Su-15 Flagon and scale-up the "flat pack" Foxbat to 1/32, but am guessing that's as likely as them scaling-up their rather nice Dornier 17/215/217 kits. Looking forward to the Gloster Gladiator. Tony
  5. I've done further rummaging and it looks like MM767 is O after all. D would likely be MM456. HTH rather than hinders Tony
  6. It's designed to go with Eduard's Brassin 1/32 Falcon missiles. Tony
  7. MARU likes his capital letters though I seldom understand his main emphasis, which is almost random. I'm having delays from Alec Smith at AlleyCat Models — still awaiting a £42 order placed on 22 March. I realise that small firms may be badly affected by personal difficulties, boilers or cashflow, but they should not accept money if they can't deliver. Tony
  8. An amazing project. Congratulations! Packing kits in double-walled cardboard cartons protects them from inadvertent kicks and scuffs, but it is nice to sit in what looks like a model shop. I think I'd just sit there with a whiskey and admire the collection — after all, you don't have to do any actual plastic modelling. Tony
  9. References do seem to indicate it was D, although the photo of RA-D is ambiguous. According to Chaz Bowyer (who doesn't mention MM767 in his "aircraft examples" from 410 Sqn) the unit flew 456 D, 457 Z, 462 K, 477 U, 499 C, 501 V, 570 B, 571 Y, 702 H, 749 N, 755 W and 788 Q. I would stick with D unless somebody has definitive proof. Curious how you got a Mossie XXX in 1/32. Been wanting one for ages. Or is it based on the Airfix monster? Tony
  10. I wish I had the room, time and money. Would be nice to ogle the new parts. Tony
  11. I am trying so hard not to buy this with a Navy sub hunter in mind T
  12. My philosophy. But I broke it with the Finnish MiG-21F-13 I started in early 2005. Fourteen years is a bit extreme, but the model actually gets better every couple of years. As Frank might have said, I'm doing it "...my waaay!" If I work out how to post pictures here since photo kicked its bucket, I'll let you have a chuckle. Tony
  13. Caracal decals recently reprinted their Deuce sheet http://www.caracalmodels.com/cd48013.html Bought a copy myself for the Hawaii option hth Tony
  14. Way too sensible for Tamiya to do. Tony
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