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  1. Tony T

    Some of my Russian Jets

    Great models. Inspired me to get a diddy T50 and 1/48 Su-33. Tony
  2. It helps to turn a bit of a pig of a kit into, well, er, a hog. Tony
  3. Tony T

    Anti Drone

    I raised that eight years ago. Think those at the helm have been authorising the development of countermeasures for some time. Tony
  4. Tony T

    Anti Drone

    Should be banned. Looks like the perfect terrorists' weapon. Tony
  5. Sorry for the confusion. He looks how I feel. Just got a bit depressed looking at all the new Chinese kits of Wehrmacht armour and realising it's the same old subjects. Had hoped we'd all be a bit tired of Panzers after fifty years. But then there's a whole generation who have yet to rediscover 54mm Waterloo figures, horses and cannons. Or, more likely, 1/16th scale now. Happy modelling Tony
  6. Tony T

    HKM Lancaster 1st Edition (availabilty update)

    Yes, according to the big H the clear parts have the internals but the exterior is smooth. HKM are moulding a bunch for the first edition and then adding the exterior skin detail which will also be included in the first edition in regular grey. Subsequent editions are just getting grey parts. Tony
  7. Tony T

    New bridge or big Voodoo?

    Except that the 1/48 RF-101B was released in May-June this year.
  8. Tony T

    Bad news

    Sorry to hear of your sad loss Harvey.
  9. Tony T

    New bridge or big Voodoo?

    And there's already resin wheels for it: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ARAW32304 Tony .
  10. And that's the reason we get so many models of national socialist hardware. Which doesn't say a lot of nice things about our society. I don't blame the manufacturers; they are responding to demand. But why is that demand there? Why don't people prefer to build something relatively peaceful or peacetime like a 1/32 P-51H or 1/72 DC-8? Or, perhaps, it really is a sellers' market. The sheer quantity of 1/35 armour kits still being produced, seventy years after that terrible war ended, is quite shocking. I would not buy them for my children if they were still young. They could have a fire engine or building machinery instead - if you could find many of those. Tony .
  11. Yes the US Nats. Where you get to see the unicorns. I love the look of their stuff, but that's as good as it gets. Tony
  12. Tony T

    New bridge or big Voodoo?

    I bought two Kittyhawk 1/48 F-101B/RF-101B Voodoos which I got mid-June. This year is 2018. So, why advertise that as a 2019 release and state "our biggest yet" The way the kit is broken down, I honestly believe - or wish to - that Kitty Hawk is going bigger with the Voodoo. I'm lovin' the fantasy Tony
  13. Tony T

    New bridge or big Voodoo?

    I'd be in for two.
  14. Tony T

    New bridge or big Voodoo?

    What xactly is wrong (cf most kits) that render Kitty Hawk unusually flawed? I can count the Voodoo errors on one hand and other manufacturers' errors need at least both. Tony