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  1. Tony T

    Academy SUFA

    It's in the 2019 Academy catalogue, so looks set to be re-released. Tony
  2. Aha! So fewer radial bars on the later engines. Note that the Aires 'pits depict the rectangular radarscope display at a comfortable looking reclined angle. That, in all probability, was based on a widely circulated shot of an atypical fit. Apparently most were fitted perpendicular - staring at the pilot's chest to reduce glare. One of the best acquisitions is G Factor brass landing gear. I have a set and it is exquisite, and differs from the kit parts for the right gait or sit. I also have a Rhino resin seamless inlet, but it might be more trouble than a help - am planning to create a hybrid of the front kit and rear of the Rhino inlet parts. There's a hideous amount of etch from Eduard which might appeal. Am using some to tart up the variable incidence wing and fuselage interior. HTH Tony
  3. I like doing this exercise near the festive season. Seven and a half years ago... <<< Posted July 16, 2011 WWII RAF / FAA Bristol Beaufighter VI.f DeHavilland Mosquito Avro Lancaster BI/III H P Halifax BIII Post-WWII USAF / USN Grumman A-6 Intruder Grumman EA-6B Prowler General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark McDonnell RF-101C Voodoo Convair/General Dynamics F-106 Delta Dart Lockheed SR-71A Lockheed TR-1A/U-2R or S Post-WWII RAF / Royal Navy McDonnell Douglas FG.1/FGR.2 Phantom II Blackburn/Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.2 Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A + T.2 Post-WWII Russia Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25RB/P Foxbat Post-WWII Canada / Europe Saab J.35 Draken family Dassault-Breguet Mirage III/V Dassault-Breguet Mirage F.1CR Lockheed TF-104G twin-seat Starfighter >>> 5 out of 20 in 7.5 years. So, only 22.5 years to go. One key reason I resumed buying 1/48: scores 16 out of 20 Tony
  4. Tony T

    Phantom of Keflavik, Iceland

    Okay, found several of the plastic parts but still lacking the F-4E fincap parts (which were passed to Dave six years ago) Anyone got a full Tamiya F-4E fin (vertical stabiliser) they would scan? Looks like Fantasy are looking at the F-4Cs with chequers too. Not sure. Cheers Tony
  5. Tony T

    Phantom of Keflavik, Iceland

    REQUEST Ray Horwell at Fantasy Printworks needs flat scans of the inlet vari-ramps and vertical stabiliser (with fin caps) for fit-checking designs I drew which he's tweaking. Can anyone help. I have only resin inlet parts and gave away the F-4E fin cap parts to Dave / Lightning 770 many years ago so can't provide the necessary scans. please help! TIA Tony
  6. Albatros kits, in a one-plane-per-box reissue, as in the word "reissue", meaning same-as-was. Tony
  7. Tony T

    VF-1 Tomcat decals!!

    Really nice markings. One of the best schemes for an A-model Tomcat from the shiny days, alongside VF-41 and VF-84. Tony
  8. Tony T

    Phantom of Keflavik, Iceland

    The material I am passing to Ray includes two full names options for 66-300, the commander's jet, in the 78-80 era scheme (and one full set of names for -370 in the 83-85 era scheme) based on L and R views. -382 was at the 1983 IAT but I have lost the pictures I took that day and since passed all my Phantom images to Andreas Klein for the Double Ugly books, so don't have the refs but have drawn all the extra insignia! Perhaps Jake would bypass these two tails - 300 & -370 - for the sake of deconflicting with Fantasy. Tony
  9. Tony T

    1/32 Aim-120

    Have responded and will put them aside for you. Tony
  10. Look super. Just need Tan Model's future RF-4E kit; the Revell Photo Phantom kit needs a new tool canopy to pass muster. Tony
  11. Tony T

    1/32 Aim-120

    I have a set of CE Slammers with LAU-128 rails in the original polythene bag, with instructions. The bag's seen better days but the parts are as-new. Kansas is a long way at Xmas time without Dorothy's ruby slippers or tonto to fetch, but if anyone nearer home needs or desires them in the early New Year please let me know. Tony
  12. Tony T

    RF-101 model At Smithsonian

    The model is lovely but please, somebody, straighten the all-moving tail. That's even beyond its limits. Secretly hoping Kitty Hawk scales up its RF-101C next year, as murmured in a rumour. Tony .
  13. Tony T

    Phantom of Keflavik, Iceland

    Hi Ray, have emailed and will pass on what I have this week. Will be great to see these done. Tony
  14. Tony T

    Phantom of Keflavik, Iceland

    If Fantasy or Speedhunter want to do this they are welcome to my Corel Draw files, in exchange for a printed sheet for my own use. I have done the pattern for AF66-300, ca.1979-80 with lances, and have also drawn the later generation 57th FIS, ADTAC and AFI insignia used ca.1983-85. They are drawn in two layers and trimmed for digital printing, so need tweaking for silk screen. The black & colours layer may be separated further, though the ADC insignia needs redoing as vector art - hence my delays as I gave up trying to look for a digital print firm. Tony
  15. Actually, peeps, I just like aircraft. That's why I buy models. Some get built, most don't. Having that box in the stash is already part of my perhaps imaginary built collection, and makes up for the fact that I can't have a hangar full of 1:1 real scale from the 20th and 21st Centuries. Yes, the packaging does matter. Accuracy? Unless it's a dog, it might still be fun. Revell are like the quirky, good looking strawberry blonde in the class. Masses of fun, some cursing, she needs to be left alone sometimes, but she mostly leaves you with a happy memory. Z-M is a too high maintenance date, like being with a very pretty girl in a fleapit cinema and having to sit through Liv Ulmann's Seven Stages of a Marriage spoken in Swedish with French subtitles with only a packet of Gitanes for comfort - don't ask me how I know! Tony