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  1. D'accord. A terrible way for such talent to slip away. I'll appreciate his work even more now (which already is a great deal). Tony
  2. Lovely looking "train". Tony
  3. Stunning. Like the Polish "battenberg cake" insignia too. Tony
  4. I lost a quarter of a million, had my a** kicked abundantly and generally life sucked for ten years — and still does because of PTSD, or equally what I call PTSC or pre traumatic stress contemplation. Cats, ferrets and dogs die, Moms do too, so do Sisters and Dads: sh** happens. Sorry, but it just does. There's always an ape just around the corner that wants to kick your goolies and, preferably, do it on-line like the genuine jerk they are. We have to stop bitching here and just enjoy the hobby. REM: everybody hurts, sometimes. Sorry, Tony
  5. I knew of them as I provided a bunch of insignia etc for F-4E 300 & 370 drawn in Corel Draw and am eagerly awaiting the F-4E sheet Ray promised me. It should do well. Not my input, but there's also a spectacular WT 1976 F-4C sheet coming out too: https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/shop/euro-decals-ed-32125-mcdonnell-douglas-f-4c-william-tell-1976-132/ Tony
  6. If KH could just get the 1/32 Thunderstreak and Thunderflash out, preferably before we die, that would be even better. Tony
  7. Yes, you're right Jennings. I used to draw the clear layer in purple as the top layer but it wasn't printed last. Tony
  8. There's a lot to be said for this. I personally would have no qualms ordering a basic snap-together kit that had a good outline shape and would be built "on a stick" with a gloss blue canopy and wheels-up overall Alclad chrome finish. I don't need the "in a field near Stalingrad" finish and would be very happy with the sleek metallic trophy look for a great Lightning, Mirage, Flagon, Fishbed, Starfighter etc., with just basic markings. A superdetail version could add cockpit, wheel wells and U/C and clear canopy if those were offered as "detail sets". Quite how "quiet" the prices might be is another matter, but they might offer the snap-together kit ready pre-chromed. Tony
  9. And agree about Tan Model and its Su-33 Sea Flanker. Go on Baris, you know you want to. Also, what happened to the Fly Tunnan? Tony
  10. Rafale? Please point me in the right direction as I'd love one. Tony
  11. In IM plastic it's a 100% thumbs-up here. Just needs glue, and a pig Tony
  12. 1/32 is Scalextric slot car scale. It's also 54mm figure scale. Napoleonic soldiers can service a Formula One in the pit stop. Revell are doing a new tool E-type Jag this year in 1/24. Would go nicely with a new tool Airfix E E Lightning F.6. Tony
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