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  1. I still think it'll look F*A*B dressed up as a fire eater from Always. Would like a 1/32 Holly Hunter or Richard Dreyfuss, and maybe John Goodman with a big brolly and case of iced beer. The fire eaters lacked the upper nose transparency (not sure if replaced or painted over) and I don't mind the kit's slightly slack fuselage shoulders. Just need the decals, and possibly Aerocraft brass legs. Wonder what Hobby Boss might do next ?! Or are working on ? Maybe an affordable Catalina, or (in my dreams) even a Halifax or B-58 ? Suspect a B-29. Tony
  2. There's hope. I'd buy it even with the Kitty Hawk pockmarks rivets all over and French bombes. In fact, an early 'seventies Armée de l'Air example in a glossy camo finish would be dandy. So many goodies on the Reskit site. Soon time for a direct order me thinks. Tony
  3. It is an astonishing project. If I hadn't such a penchant for antique silver coin the funds would have been there — is the kit available well into next year? I don't think Alan need be apologetic about the Buccaneer being a modeller's project. It looks fabulous. My only concern is his F-4K/M announcement. I really hope to be able to get a Hong Kong Models plastic edition next year and hope that's still firmly on the glidescope. On the Ark theme, a 1/32 Gannet AEW with the wings sold in sections would be a pretty cosmic. Tony
  4. No offence meant Mike — I cite Wiki myself on occasion! I still think Kitty Hawk could successfully scale up its Voodoos. They could keep the AM decal industry in business for a couple of years, as could a big Deuce and Six. Tony
  5. Frank Mitchell's done it... http://hyperscale.com/2009/features/f107a32fm_1.htm Tony
  6. I love the way Wiki is used as supreme court of adjudication. I would submit that the qualification "entered full scale production" is not a contemporaneous definition of what constituted a Century Series jet. The 1962 DoD streamlining of nomenclature turned the USAF F-110 Spectre into the plain and simple F-4, although curiously TFX remained F-111. In the 1970s, when the term Century Series seemed to be at its peak, it belonged to a generation of stick-and-rudder high performance jets that used partial tape instruments, red upholstery on its ejection seats and titanium alloys in its aiframe and engines and had the F one-hundred-and-something number designation. That would have included abandoned types like the XF-108 Rapier. The term Century Series was no doubt corrupted in the 1980s by the Red Hat squadron calling its MiGs F-113 etc over the airwaves, and the FSD Lockheed stealth attack jet as the F-117, all of which clearly were either a/ foreign or b/ new designs; ergo, not Century Series. So, today, Century Series means just a Hun, One-oh-Wonder, Deuce, Zipper, Thud or Dart. And we're still missing half of them in 1/32 IM styrene. Tony, clearly with time to burn
  7. You posted while I was composing and have expressed the sentiment far better! Tony
  8. No, just one or two RF-101Cs flying at a time, and I'm probably in a minority in having seen as many as that. That's the problem. It all happened 55 years ago and no one makes documentaries about Voodoos. Stukas, Spitfires, Mustangs, yes. Even the mighty Phantom has been supplanted by the Tomcat in people's hearts and memories. If you're burning to build Voodoos go 1/48. At least you'll get to have one, and it won't stop a 1/32 from happening. Tony
  9. The two seater '-101B/F Voodoo is an acquired taste but the long-nosed RF-101A/C recce model in natural metal, cellulose or polyurethane aluminium, Aircraft Gray or even camouflage exudes slick beauty. Gimme! Whatever others think of the kits, I'd be very happy indeed if Kitty Hawk scaled-up its 1/48 Voodoos to 1/32. French Connection UK the errors — we can deal with those. Unfortunately reconnaissance jets don't score with modellers because of their relatively benign mission. (That's why the RF-4C Photo Phantom always gets second best treatment or is ignored.) Give them a nuke option, which most could carry, and create a box top with a Voodoo etc pulling Gs with a nuclear fireball in the background — and ker-ching! Sale! The Six also appeals but twice shy after seeing an April's Fools Day Trumpeter offering twelve years ago. Holding of breath not advisable. Tony
  10. I came back to this after an hour at the doctor's surgery! Utterly bizarre but it all makes perfect sense, sort of. Do continue... Tony
  11. I'm hoping Trumpeter scales up its Su-11 Fishpot and considers an accurate Su-15 Flagon. ICM could rework its excellent Foxbats up to 1/32 scale, stuffed in somewhere between its big scale biplane programme. Most of all, I hope Tan Model gets the resources to cut its 1/32 Su-33 moulds and put out what would probably be kit of the decade. Tony
  12. Absolutely, though an RF-4C/E is fairly high up on my wish list after an FG.1 / F-4K. A thick wing RF-4B would fall within the RF-4C/E bracket. Also agree with Darren: a really good all-new F-105 Thud with the correct canopy & nose profile would be great too. After sixteen years laying idle in its box, I'm going to say "stuff the cold mould lines" on the Trumpeter F-105G canopy hoods and attempt to build the beast before next Spring. Tony
  13. The 1990s World Air Power Journal series may well be the best concentration of C-130 info. I believe they ran Hercules over a couple of issues or sixty or so pages. Otherwise, wait for the HMH doorstop volume K2 mentioned above. If Neil's looking for a 1/48 project kindly suggest Avro Vulcan. Tony
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