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  1. firefly7


    Excellent news Andreas, thanks for the info.
  2. Fantastic, that's what we need more off. I will be getting both bars for sure. Waiting for the tractors.
  3. My mistake, still 14" is verry usable for fighters and armor. Perhaps i could put a large, short single or double cabinet on top of each unit for larger stuff, if secured properly. You would need a high wall & stool for placing the items on the top cabinets, but it might be feasible. I'll stop by IKEA and take a look and report back. Thanks again for the info.
  4. Thank you Jennings, just what i'm looking for, 36" deep & cheap. Also easy to get at IKEA, put 3 or 4 together and your done. I'ts a beautifull thing, great find.
  5. Yeah, baby!!!... about time, Lets hope.
  6. Wow Gaz, that's beautifull, i had to do a triple take to see if it was a model. Great work.
  7. Thank you Miniart, 2 for me as soon as available in the us. Keep these types coming, and we'll keep buying.
  8. When the golden co. finds out who is Jhon's father, i think the tables are going to be turned on Cercei. Maybe they killed the other dragon in such a stupid way to save money on special effects. Same for sending Ghost up north.
  9. Thats is a hell of a beautifull car Vince, great choice, wish you the best of luck with it.
  10. Thanks verry much for the info K-47, just orderd all 4 kits. Great deals, and i think they will sell out real quick.
  11. Hi Alan, if you want, i can order one from barracuda and send it to you. I'll find the cheapest mail & let you know. Ruben.
  12. Great work, much needed sets, i will be placing my order soon. And a verry happy birthday Feri . Ruben.
  13. Outstanding, a patroville de France & a colorfull training a/c for me.
  14. Thank you Kevin, for this review, and thanks Milan for making it.
  15. Hi Kevin, if you need them, i can go to the USS New Jersey & take pictures for you. Wonderfull model you are creating. Ruben.
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