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  1. That's beautiful work Lain, i would love to buy it just the way it is.
  2. Thank you Juraj for the info and Kevin for showing us your beautiful model. I just got the 1/8 kit from Cozmic. The company has outstanding customer service, they responded & solved my problem almost instantly ( I double ordered the kit by accident ). They have some interesting subjects inbound. Cheers, Ruben.
  3. Whooah! I feel like I just went through 12 rounds of boxing. I got 4 of what I wanted, but had to eject some more as the $ really added up. Good thing some were sold out before I could come back & order again. Man that add up quick. Put in for notifications guys, there's a chance you will still get what you want. Cheers, Ruben.
  4. Thanks for the pictures Denders, much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the info Derek, verry exciting news.
  6. Double Yes to the F-11 Tiger, long or short snout. Preferably both.
  7. Oh yes, a Boston definitely, most definitely.
  8. Thank you for the info Chrish. Cheers.
  9. Your most welcome Paul, be sure to get the early one to get the decals. If Gecko produces the C-47 ( although I would prefer 1/32 ) I will be over the moon. I always wanted to make " Tropical Tilly " from the movie " The thing " Cheers. Ruben
  10. Hello Paul, the Gecko kit is much better than the Airfix one, in my opinion. It's much more detailed with a much higher parts count. I got the early Ambulance and it comes with a figure of the Queen. It also has decals for her Ambulance in ww2, plus the famous Ambulance from the movie " Ice cold in alex ". The airfix has neither, If you like simplified kits then get the Airfix as it's easier to build. Otherwise I recommend the Gecko, a beautiful kit. Cheers, Ruben.
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