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  1. firefly7

    Revell (Italeri) Mirage III good price

    Thank you for the info Chek, good deal, just ordered.
  2. firefly7

    KH 1/32 F-11 Tiger

    Just seen that Freetime hobbies has this listed as preorder. Kitty Hawk F-11 Tiger fighter. In 1/32 # KH-32017 price TBA. I've been waiting for this forever, hope it's not a fluke. Also listed is the mirage 2000C.
  3. firefly7

    Bf109F-4/trop mit "dicke Kreuze"

    I am buying one, thank you.
  4. firefly7

    Bf109F-4/trops mit dicke Kreuze (fat cross 109s)

    One 1/32 sheet for me please. Thank you, Jennings
  5. Hi guys, HLJ has a 1/35 AH-64D apache longbow by AFV listed as a future release for $29.28. The old one was 1/32, so may be new instead of re-pop, but price seems too low.
  6. firefly7

    An interesting Bf109F-4/trop - Anyone for decals?

    I will take one sheet in1/32, thank you jennings. And the best of luck in new mexico.
  7. firefly7

    Chinese Nationalist decals

    Hi, message me with info ( where to send ) and I will mail you the decals. Ruben
  8. firefly7

    Chinese Nationalist decals

    Tim, I have the new hasegawa taiwan F-5E kit with dark blue roundels, 7/16" wide, I'll send them to you if you want them. Ruben
  9. firefly7

    F-15C Oregon ANG 75th Anniversary

    I will take one sheet, thank you. Firefly7, Ruben.
  10. firefly7

    sale on bf110e-2

    Thank you for the welcome D. It was your post back in march that told us how usefull this kit is. Ruben
  11. firefly7

    sale on bf110e-2

    Hello everyone, the cyber hobby bf110e-2 tropical 1/32 is on sale at the dragonUSA website for $49.98. Free postage if you buy $90. Subject came up a while back and some of you might be interested. Ps. Look in the 50% off section. I think sale is only good till 6/20. Bye. Ruben.