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  1. Wonderfull build Mike, for the first few pictures I thought I was looking at a real a/c. Great job. Cheers, Ruben.
  2. Excellent job as always Pastor, please let us know when it's available. Thanks. Ruben.
  3. Please put me down for 1 Trumpeter & 1 Tamiya, both in the standard configuration Ali. Thank you. Ruben.
  4. There's plenty of Hornet lovers in the U.S. and we can't wait for the opportunity to buy a i.m. one. Specially of this quality, I will leave the question of profitability to Kotare. Bring on the Hornet.
  5. Weee Waannntzz it, My Preciouusss.......
  6. placed my reservation today.
  7. Thanks for the info Ralphy. Cheers.
  8. Gorgeous build, I too would like to know about the tow bar. Cheers.
  9. The Rocketeer, excellent movie " go get them kid ". Hope Disney does not screw it up. She was also in Dark City, superb Sci-fi movie. Cheers.
  10. This is by a mile the best site on the net. Not to mention it's dedicated to Large scale models. Populated by the greatest bunch of guys on the net. Moderated by the greatest bunch of guys on the net. Adios.
  11. Hi guys, Spruebrothers has the 1/16 M3A1 ( late ) from Classy hobby for $99.99 in lighting deals. Seems like a good deal. Cheers. 0
  12. Although I understand and mostly agree with most of your points, for $100 U.S. I will have to buy one. As Ali said It's a Vampire and I love these early Brit. aircraft. Cheers.
  13. Thank you very much NewtonK for the info, just bought some. Cheers.
  14. Wonderful news Ryan, this will be my first 1/16 kit. Thanks for the info. Ruben.
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