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  1. I was thinking the same thing Scott. Count me in.
  2. Wow indeed, fantastic news thanks Dutic.
  3. Thanks for the info & images Pvanroy, much appreciated. However you misunderstood me, i have zero interest in an accurate representation of an experimental a/c. What a want is a Luft46 might have been. So i'm free to paint & build as i want, without the need for any accuracy whatsoever.
  4. I'm definitely in for 2 maybe 3 as soon as they are available in the US. I love these luf46 types. Thanks Jan for letting us know.
  5. As much as i dislike resin, this one ( DH 89 ) i must buy.
  6. Great news, i was afraid this was a goner. At least 2 for me.
  7. Beautiful model Scott. Verry nice stand, I'll have to try to make some stands like yours. Thanks.
  8. Perhaps an even bigger question is, why is Airfix not in 1/32. They're triying to go more to the U.S. market ( as per the Hellcat kit ) so why not jump in ?
  9. Me too, in less than an instant.
  10. Wow!, This is one of the best tutorials i have ever seen. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us the info Jens.
  11. A verry Merry Christmas and a verry great and Joyful New Year to all my friends on LSP.
  12. Gorgeous build Dart, the weathering is just about perfect. If mine comes out half that nice i will be ecstatic.
  13. I'm buying one the minute it gets to the U.S.
  14. Colin, on Britmodeler, the maker stated that he is only making an extremely small number of kits, so i would hurry and reserve one. I too love the Buc., but i'll wait for the ( hopefully ) IM kit.
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