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  1. Need to get these 2, my credit card just ran away, gotta go find it.
  2. Dam it, i went to order the H-0 & it was out of stock. I hope your right Michael, but there's no way to order the kit.
  3. You guys probably know this but if not it might help. In multi speaker systems, most of the dialog comes from the center channel speaker. So if you adjust the center bias higher, it should help with the dialog.
  4. Thank you Harold, PM inbound for a few seats. Ruben.
  5. Can i use this seat in the Hasegawa kit Harrold, will it fit ? Thanks.
  6. The B-17 is in 1/48, unless I've seen it wrong.
  7. Thanks for the building tips Juggernut, much appreciated. If mine comes out half as good as your beautiful model, I'll be overjoyed.
  8. Thank you for the info RedBaron, hopefully I'll pick up a 152 on the 29th.
  9. Could it be a Boulton Paul Defiant?
  10. A Hudson, what a lovely aircraft. If i remember correctly, Saburo Sakai recounted a story about battling one for a long time, he could not line up his guns because the Hudson maneuvered to escape. He finally maneged to shoot it down, but he always admired that pilot. Long after the war, he tracked down the relatives and conveyed his sorrow for killing him & his ( the enemy pilot ) skills. Sakai said thet he considered letting him go, but he could not do it. I would buy one in a second.
  11. I'm in the U.S. and i have a great interest in a Brit Phantom Nick. I suspect a great number of non Brits want to see one in 1/32. Hopefully soon. However, i would be ecstatic if it's a B-26.
  12. Cuting edge (fine art of the decal) has some very nice ones. Both camo and natural metal.
  13. Interesting site Chek, thanks for posting it.
  14. I understand Richard, I'm not usually into figure busts, but I'm making an exception this time. Maybe sell the figure separately, who knows. I hope Meng brings out other boxing's to make all of us happy. Cheers.
  15. That's the boxing i want, I'm going to jump on it the second it's available. This one is going to go fast and we're not going to get a better one. To steal a phrase from one of our esteemed comrades on this site, i don't give a " flying rat's ass " whose mold it originally was.
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