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  1. Hey Troy, i have you beat by 4 years, how time flies. Falsifying aircraft maintenance records is a criminal offense. Flying and operating high performance a/c is extremely expensive. Doing it correctly is even more so. Not just parts but personel, inspections, ndt, paperwork ect, ect. We should wait for the final report, but it's not going to be good for them or the warbird community. One bad apple... If you ( company, oranization, whatever) can not afford to do it right, you should not be allowed to do it at all. It's not fair for those that correctly operate their business.
  2. I'm going to have to get one because one, i like these tugs and ( more importantly) two, i want to support Graham for making this in 1/32.
  3. Hey, i remember that kit, man that goes back a long time. Simpler days.
  4. Thanks for the info. Rafju, in that case I'm off to find one for sale. I love these pre/early ww2 planes.
  5. Is this a/c an IM model ? I assumed it was resin, but the sprues look injected. Beautifull model, where can i buy one, i cant seem to find the info on their website. Thanks.
  6. Jari that's one of the grungiest aircraft I've ever seen. What a great photo. Thanks for posting it.
  7. Gonna miss you Kevin, thanks for all the years. Hopefully you'll be posting with the rest of us.
  8. Thanks Brian & Lothar for vid. & pictures, enjoyed them greatly.
  9. I've been waiting for this little guy for a looonng time, must have 2 at least. Hope price is not astronomical.
  10. Absolutely, brilliant suggestion Brian, a Wilga (radial engine please).
  11. Kevin, i think it's the 1/32 SR-71 that will supposedly be coming in resin.
  12. I was thinking the same thing Scott. Count me in.
  13. Wow indeed, fantastic news thanks Dutic.
  14. Thanks for the info & images Pvanroy, much appreciated. However you misunderstood me, i have zero interest in an accurate representation of an experimental a/c. What a want is a Luft46 might have been. So i'm free to paint & build as i want, without the need for any accuracy whatsoever.
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