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  1. Outstanding, a patroville de France & a colorfull training a/c for me.
  2. Thank you Kevin, for this review, and thanks Milan for making it.
  3. Hi Kevin, if you need them, i can go to the USS New Jersey & take pictures for you. Wonderfull model you are creating. Ruben.
  4. Harold, please put me on the list for 1 set. Thanks.
  5. Hello Paulo, can I use the tropical Bf 109E set on the DML kit. Nice work, thanks.
  6. Hello guys, apparently there is a Cessana L-19 / O-1 on floats being released by Roden. Seen it on Britmodeller, Info on Hobbyterra.com, great news, cant wait.
  7. I will buy one 1/24 late deck print. Shipping will be to N.J 08817. Fantastic work, thanks.
  8. Thank you for the info Chek, good deal, just ordered.
  9. Just seen that Freetime hobbies has this listed as preorder. Kitty Hawk F-11 Tiger fighter. In 1/32 # KH-32017 price TBA. I've been waiting for this forever, hope it's not a fluke. Also listed is the mirage 2000C.
  10. Hi guys, HLJ has a 1/35 AH-64D apache longbow by AFV listed as a future release for $29.28. The old one was 1/32, so may be new instead of re-pop, but price seems too low.
  11. I will take one sheet in1/32, thank you jennings. And the best of luck in new mexico.
  12. Hi, message me with info ( where to send ) and I will mail you the decals. Ruben
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