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  1. Quite right Richard, getting old is a *****. I'm facinated by narrowboat ( or even the widebeams ) cruising. Although i would not mind going for a ride in a Longboat replica. Cheers.
  2. It's a beautiful thing John, i got hooked on watching Longboat videos ( started with In The Cut ). I will go rent one for a couple of weeks as soon as this Covid thing is controlled. Looks really peacefull Jennings, we all need to decompress every now and then. Hope you have a great time.
  3. Mine from ArtScale is in a FedEx truck driving around my neighborhood looking for my house. Supposed to get it today.
  4. A verry Happy Birthday Mike, and wishing you many, many, more to come.
  5. I had this when i was a boy. Wish they would reissue it, as i would like to have it again.
  6. Happy & Safe Easter Kevin & all my other friends here.
  7. I too would buy several sets for the Revell kit. Cheers.
  8. firefly7


    Thank you Ziggyfoos, i should have remembered that, I'm getting old, no wait, I'm allready old. Ohh! The humanities !
  9. firefly7


    Nice picture Jari, would that be the Desert Storm timeframe.
  10. Thanks verry much Tom for posting, excellent stuff. Cheers.
  11. Me, I'm verry much looking foward to the Whrildwind. Will pick that baby up as soon as possible. cheers.
  12. I too would buy it, love the landing gear.
  13. Thank you Jari, most interesting.
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