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  1. I have the 1/35 scale Greek warship Bireme by Amati. Plank on frame kit, fairly simple ( as wood ships go ) but complete. Nice kit.
  2. FIGHTER SQUADRON , P-47's galore. Supposed to be representing the 56th fighter group.
  3. Paths of Glory number 1, The Blue Max number 2, Flyboys number 3.
  4. Yak-28 all the way. In plastic, thank you.
  5. Is that a mast on top of the 238 fuselage.
  6. If it's IM i will absolutely get one. If it's resin, maybe. It's true that 34" is getting up there in size but it is a 3 engine a/c and one of my favorite seaplanes.
  7. Thanks for sharing Maru, verry good videos.
  8. I'm going to seriously look into getting this one.
  9. Hello Dutik, i would take a Mig 13 for sure. How about a T-37 ?
  10. There's another factor to consider Oldbaldguy. A segment of the buyers are not modelers and could not care less about buildability or accuracy. They are kit collectors, or in some cases kit boxes collectors. To them the kit rarity & box condition is everything. Cheers.
  11. I nominate the B-58 Hustler. 2nd place the Grumman F-11 Tiger.
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