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  1. Thanks Tom, info greatly appreciated. I'll buy this one if i can get through to them in time. This new website of theirs stinks to high heaven.
  2. A Barracuda maybe.
  3. That's a great video, thanks for sharing. I'll try to get the movie, hope it has subtitles in english. The wingtip kissing the water was a fabulous scene. Cheers.
  4. +2, Perfection is the enemy of the possible. I hope all is well with Mr. Coreman & he can get the project done. I really wanted to buy this a/c. The pictures of the prototype looked incredible.
  5. Thanks for the info, I'm getting one of these.
  6. Beautiful work as always Dave, could i use them for a Vietnam era Crusader. And if so wich one should i use. Thank you.
  7. Just received the MH-60S Nighthawk kit from Spruebrothers, and the rotary cannon was in the kit. It came in its own little plastic box.
  8. Spruebrothers still has both Mirages at a reasonable price Kevin. And if you go over $ 200 on the order shipping is free.
  9. I followed your build Oliver on another site. It was a work of art. Ruben.
  10. That's a very generous offer John, it's greatly appreciated. Hopefully we'll get the cannon in the kit, I'll let you know as soon as it arrives. Thank you again, Ruben.
  11. I too just bought the MH-60S from Spruebrothers, specifically for the cannon. It's supposed to be in the kit, if it's not there when i receive it I'm sending it back to them.
  12. I'm getting a " your clock is ahead " messg. when clicking on the djparkings.com site. Anybody know what's up with this ?
  13. Thanks for posting Jari, extremely interesting.
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