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  1. Thanks for the pictures Jennings. That would be nice if used as a doorbell.
  2. I agree with you 100% Jennings, if possible would you show us what the kit casting looks like.
  3. Whoa, just got notification that the Felixtow has been shipped to me. How they transferred it to the warehouse so fast is beyond me. Oustanding service from this company. Ordered 4 hours ago.
  4. I just now got the Felixstow F.2A late for $ 225.91 U.S. with the 10% off deal, that,s less than the original price on the WNW website. It's not in the warehouse, but in one of the stores. They sent it anyway. Thank you so much Is it windy yet? for letting us know about these kits.
  5. I'm with you Juggernut, also ordered one up although i don't even recall what version i have. Better have and don't need than need and don't have.
  6. Hi Erwin , my apologies i forgot to put a comma at the end of B-29. I do not know Jennings entry. It sure is beautifull though.
  7. Man, it is almost impossible to pick just one the Hornet,Arado 234, Tigercat, J7w Shinden, Bearcat, Do-335, B-29 Jennings entry. But i think the Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star is the one.
  8. I hope you're right Scotsman, i do not know much about the Tornado except that i like it. I'll wait for the F3 my favorite, then I'll buy. Otherwise i allready have 2 Revell kits, as i want to build the sharktooth & one of the pinups the older kits are probably a better option. I'm not sure, i could be wrong.
  9. Square waffle pattern of course. Extremely bad power to weight ratio, extremely good firepower however. Needs an extremely long runway with an extremely high cliff. Was verry, verry hard to control in a dive. Thanks cbk57, picturing this modified Taub made my day.
  10. Hello Fred, i would buy one in 1/32. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Kevin, one hell of a good review.
  12. Thank you Mark for sharing this. Watching this made my day. Ruben.
  13. Thank you Marcel for showing this to us. Looks great.
  14. Yes Marcel, please do a review, and thanks for the info on this.
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