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  1. Pilots, specially triple 7 captains, not many, just some. Talk about a God syndrome. Have to be reminded that it's not their a/c until i release it. I've had a nunber of surgery's, and in every one I've made it a point to thank the nurse anesthesiologist beforehand, just in case. Ruben.
  2. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.
  3. Thanks for the review Mitko, love this stuff.
  4. Exellent Brian, i'm going to be following you on this. Verry much looking foward to this kit, and even more to the Tunan. Fly and special Hobby have become some of my favorite manufacturers. Ruben.
  5. Helo Lain, I'm waiting for the glass nose version, but i'm going to buy the aftermarket gear now, just in case it disappears later. I assume it's the same as on the J, could you verify that it is. Thanks, and thank you for all you do for us. Ruben.
  6. Oh yeah, an S-3 Viking maybe someday.
  7. Hi Barry, i think it's because we want the subjects. T-28, Bronco, ect,ect. Your right, of cource, but no one else is producing them. Better a flawed kit than none at all, Maybe ? I,m sticking with hasegawa for the F-5.
  8. Thanks for the review Paul. Nice kit, but i think i'll get the Hasegawa, simpler & cheaper.
  9. firefly7

    New Huey

    just seen on Brit.mod. that KittyHawk are going to release a 1/35 Bell UH-1 Huey chopper. About time, well see.
  10. Great news, Lain, there's 2 of them in the picture.
  11. firefly7


    Excellent news Andreas, thanks for the info.
  12. Fantastic, that's what we need more off. I will be getting both bars for sure. Waiting for the tractors.
  13. My mistake, still 14" is verry usable for fighters and armor. Perhaps i could put a large, short single or double cabinet on top of each unit for larger stuff, if secured properly. You would need a high wall & stool for placing the items on the top cabinets, but it might be feasible. I'll stop by IKEA and take a look and report back. Thanks again for the info.
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