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  1. The online prices are high. I attended a car large enthusiast show during November 2021. A big vendor had a larger number of 1/32 “previously owned” aircraft kits including Hasegawa at good prices. These of course were sourced from no longer needed kit stashes.
  2. What to do with my Eduard kits? The E-1 “Weekend” kits and later the “over trees” were very good value for conversions to earlier variants. These Cyber Models offerings have a good reputation. We shall see.
  3. I missed the first round/offering (under a rock, maybe?) so I need at least the E-7.
  4. A long long way from Max..Ma Ma Headrom. Kind of hard to believe. The bot even has the sometimes irritating head movements that one sees in cosmetics advertising.
  5. I passed one of the conversion sets with the canopy to someone with in this group years ago. Doesn’t hurt to ask.
  6. Great guitar players were part of the band.
  7. I cannot imagine you unhappy. This kit is very easy to build and is a good built up size on the shelf for a /16 scale model.
  8. I have you covered. I will make you a resin copy of two red top missile bodies and give you 1/32 drawing for the fins and mounting/launch “brackets”. I have no extra technical data decals for them.
  9. Ah yes. Thanks for the reminder. The Echelon kit IIRC provides the technical stencils and a few flourishes for the missiles.
  10. And. … we would need the cast metal parts too. Amazing kits these were and still are.
  11. I am not week I am interested in crazy engineering especially why things fail.
  12. My kit arrived today. It is very well done IMHO. I will not be able to check the fit etc. for a while. Too much on the bench for that distraction. I like the third markings option. The beast seems to be painted so as to masquerade as an airliner. I just down loaded a large set of pictures of the thing when it was abandoned. An interesting project it will be.
  13. So many of my favorite rockers and blues men have been “leaving the building” during the last 3 years or so. Makes me feel old also. RIP
  14. I hope it is not a rebox of the PCM kit. Nawwww
  15. Eduard has after all these years we have had the PCM kits has produced smoke ring decals in 1/32. I bought some last year and I was suspicious about why “now”. Hmmm…
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