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  1. Prerequisite Photos coming soon.
  2. I should pull out my first kit and get her done. I could, if I use my so wonderful organizing skills work back and forth from the Marder conversion (the ammo canisters are more tedious than track links). The Echelon kit deserves to be finished.
  3. This is now my favorite jet commemorative display camouflage!
  4. Tony T, I had know idea that the Aries items were designed for the Echelon kit. All the offerings do for the vac kit very well. The Echelon kit was out of production and hard to find when they were released.
  5. Hello Stefan, I have been enjoying your build. IIRC the spinner and the wheels were a “big controversy” when the kit was released. If you can tolerate the cost of postage from USA I can send you copies of the spinner and wheels from the Craftworks kit. Please send me PM if you are interested.
  6. Same here. For me the best thing about the release of the Trumpeter kit were the aftermarket gems; cockpit, jet pipes wheel wells etc.
  7. Very good work. Just the “right” amount of weathered look.
  8. Nice come back! I too have this conversion set. I was controlling plow ahead with the wind screen same as you did. The vac part looks ok but it looks different when compared to the rear canopy. I will send an email to John to see what he can do.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving. Nice spread. We cooked a duck this year. A nice change.
  10. Sprue Brothers has a nice supply of Japanese kits right now so if you are lacking… and many if not most are Hasegawa kits. Good overlap if a forth GB is Hasegawa.
  11. Been there done that and saw so much and cannot wait to go again. It is an awesome place. For posting your adventure.
  12. Mozart I will try to remember to stop by. When does your GB start?
  13. Dang this turned out to be a great thread. Thanks so much gentlemen.
  14. Wowa Mozart, your father must have be a very, very young man.
  15. Bravo Radu and the Revell design team! Seems to me I will need two.
  16. I feel that your observation has merit. The ooo ah aircraft models at the last two contests I attended showed great restraint. Gone are the uniform/same all over black and grey under painting panel lines and squares. No inked in panel lines. No dry brushing with silver everywhere. Big models need the paint surface broken up.
  17. Wow those Aerocraftmodels gear are very impressive. Thanks for posting Kev.
  18. +1 i have not paid much attention to earlier variants or configurations. The K variant/type is more interesting to me.
  19. Hmmm I do not think or feel that I am a “bleeding heart” but I could be wrong if I was told directly. Anyway a question for a Hurricane special interest person. If the wing has more or less gun openings in the wings for the intended type, does adding a gun hole change ammunition loading panel configuration on the top of the wing. I do not want to correct that error.
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