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  1. Ouch! I better go check my copy. This Is indeed sad. Rick
  2. WhY did I click on This post.... Ouch
  3. eh...Not interested. I want a few French airplanes; pre-WWI and during WWI. I will however be happy for those that get B-17.
  4. I bought a few years ago when the Hasagawa Bf-109G kit was released. The spinners were all undersized. MDC sent me replacements. It was larger problem for them at the time. Subsequent spinners fit perfectly. Yours could be older? Good recommendations above. RIck
  5. 1/48 scale! Yikes! IIRC the Revell bomber nose glazing ice cube-ish and was ripe for replacement when the kit was released. Cool kit during it's time for sure. Vac over the kit nose glazing using two layers (second clear layer over the first non-clear layer) may enlarge it just enough. Rick
  6. Hmmm. The HP 400 with the wings folded may just fit in my hobby display area. Rick
  7. IIRC someone is building one within the works in progress section right here on LSP. Rick
  8. I like your setup K2. My short tank is chained to the wall. I wrap it in colored paper to manage its ugliness. I changed to a tank source years ago so no noise and to eliminate moisture problems. Rick
  9. I feel that Locked threads leave a consistent history of examples of discussion that is not acceptable or is just done etc. The moderators always provide summary and reasoning of why thread lock was squirted on the posting. I think that the moderators are very even handed. Rick
  10. I picked up the WNW early and late Halberstadt varients at my LHS yesterday. These are fine looking kits. Rick Rick
  11. Please ensure you have photos of the key surface textures. For all our sake please measure the depth of the cockpit! I cannot go through another thread about shallow cockpits. I would appreciate it if the price is $65 or less. Thanks in advance. Rick
  12. Kit Instructions: Those interested can now down load the instructions for this kit from the Revell Germany website, Download page. Look for "03875". Have at it boys and girls. Rick
  13. The thing will look nice next to my 1/35 Luftwaffe helicopter. A family group. Rick
  14. Sir! I bet changing PC operating systems will be more than a tweek. At least the book is not 4 inches thick. All my best, Rick
  15. OK got it. I too have that kit Rick
  16. Thats a relief. LOL Have fun always, Rick
  17. ThIs seems to be a large kit so... How and where will it fit in with the other two just as large kits? I would have to close off one whole room. LOL Rick
  18. Darn... I really do not need an N variant. But it is I suspect great for those that missed the Hasegawa kit. Rick
  19. The Revell sIte has not posted the instructions.PDF yet else we could figure this out. Rick
  20. Makes sense to combat fraud. So i needed to change PayPal to primary source is credit card or pay directly with card and all the fees; skip PayPal. Maybe next time. I bought books instead. Rick
  21. "Ghost presence approach", I like that. Variable thickness primer should be good. Rick
  22. Stabilizer... Would the wood design be all/look all that different? Maybe the rudder was different; smooth with no rib details? Rockets?! Details, details. I can use the rockets on another kit or portray a different aircraft. Hope they have fins. I have decals waiting. Revell just needs to focus and get this kit out on the Market.
  23. I could not get the WNW site to work with PayPal. Dumb bunny thing dove off to PayPal before calculating and including shipping. Infinite loop after that. So they get to keep 4 kits. Rick
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