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  1. I hope that Revell corrects the canopy. I am out of Tamiya parts to swap. Anyone heard anything about this improvement? Rick
  2. Why do you say you are "overdue" for a move? Are these sites similar to bad landlords or storage sites that keep raising the rent While not fixing the toilets?
  3. Somtimes lately the site churns then nothing loads. Always after the first page loads at acceptable speed. At least the host site dose not blur everything. Rick
  4. It sounds like the paint should be dry by now so onward with the rub out and polish. Rick
  5. ... Trumpy kit out to pasture? The Revell Kit will put on some price reduction pressure I bet. I feel the Trumpeter kit is one of their best fitting kits. One does need a half jar of Mr Surfacer to tame the rivets. Part of life at the bench. Rick
  6. I will see when the kit arrives. It is hard to determine from a build-up when you do not know if excessive sanding and or putty was required. No one records and plays back the cussing or smiles either. Rick
  7. Nice book! Folks in the USA can order through Eagle Editions while supply lasts. Rick
  8. My copy of the new Hs-129 book came yesterday. It's a great read so far. I am glad I bought it. Rick
  9. Nope. I do not pay much attention to the aircraft. All I know is that they are big. I am willing to learn more so pass it on. Rick
  10. Just... general stuff. There is always plenty of it
  11. I am easy to market kits. No complicated formulas or speculations. I am anticipating that kits from both companies will continue to be great. I own the CSM Newport kits and WNW kits. The planned offerings are exactly what I have been waiting for. Although I have no more room in the stash nor display area for anymore twin engine monsters from either companies. So I will pre-order two or three Dr. I kits and buy CSM kits too. This should make up for folks that do not not for their own reasons. BYW I like the crazy butt ugly WWI planes too. Bring em on. Rick
  12. I am looking forward to all three of these kits. Rick
  13. Anyone have picture of the propeller end of this model? thanks.
  14. Flaps would be very nice. Slats even better <comment from a guy that already has three of the Dragon kits>. Rick
  15. I am not a fan of the Beau fighter as a LSP because most of the interior cannot be seen. Offer a clear fuselage in this big scale, then we can talk. Rick
  16. Late variant Spitfire Mk. 22 or 24! Rick
  17. The necessary donor kit is? Thanks for holding my hand, Rick
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