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  1. LSP and Big Scale Tanks, BST? No mystery in that. I enjoy searching and finding the tank articles.
  2. Agree. I would bet that the Panzerjager with the 47mm gun would be a much more extensive tooling project. Much more of the interior can be seen from the top. The base kit is sparse.
  3. Sean, you need to finish your Ju-88 c-6 conversion first. Then while you are almost done the G-6 will be released.
  4. I like Japanese aircraft but Build either one then… build the other when you find more cash. They are both both very nice kits.
  5. I just bought a 1/33 scale paper model of a Polish Karas PZL P.23B. Starting this model should push the styrene industry all around the world to do a kit. I spent a bazillion hours laying out a 1/32 scale build for the VAL from a paper model kit and voila, a new model is announced.
  6. These were a pain but the track link pins were breaking all the time. I flew a few into the carpet. Not enough pins in the kit for a beginner like me. After that struggle, I have found metal pins for 79 cents / 150 at Michael’s in the jewelry area. They need to be snipped; 1/8 inch too long. The heads look just right to my eye. A small dot of CA glue holds them in place. I will use them on the spare track links. https://www.michaels.com/bead-landing-head-pins-silver-.75in/10443043.html
  7. The gun on this Marder of sorts is from the Stug. At least two companies has released a Stug. Interesting to find out where this all comes from.
  8. Indeed I want to see some plastic produced from the pretty metal.
  9. With all respect. I hope you are wrong. I really want this company to continue along the path of aircraft used by the Polish Air Force. The Hurricane I might buy but the .24 would be better.
  10. Oooo yes. Where did you see this? My CC is ready
  11. Hmmm…the kit is probably not for me. The wheels and one type of ordnance need to be included in the kit. I did not buy the Hell Diver due to the $$$ for the wing folds.
  12. OK then bring on more than few new parts. I will be waiting.
  13. The tiny, rubber saving high pressure tire is born. Who is the shorter pilot? A Japanese pilot before trying out his new ride.
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