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  1. Good point Erwin. It will be .030 to .040 inch too large in places. I have decided to go ahead with my original plan to augment the kit’s OOB cockpit. It fits well but is too shallow (the top of the wing should show) and needs more detail overall Rick.
  2. Hello David, I did find the extra rear side windows from the Revell P-40E kit. Please send me a PM so we can complete the details. Rick
  3. The ID/Tigger Models vac is looking pretty good to me. One could incorporate some of the after market items coming out. I already have the correct engines.
  4. I just might have what you need. Else I could smash mold a pair. Send me a PM to remind me. Rick
  5. Yes agree. The warp seems easy to fix. I will work the hot water treatment today or tomorrow on the triplane wings. I need to do the same on the wings for my Dewoitine D.500. The D.500 wings defied clamping during assembly. Rick
  6. Oh My! I just stumbled over this interior detail set from HPM models. Scratch building not needed. https://www.hpmhobbies.com/high-planes-boulton-paul-defiant-detail-set-accessories-1-32/ not a bad price but will it get to my house in time to use it? I will explore.
  7. Sad news but good memories rushed back of pre show breakfasts with Bill, Charlie Metz and others before the IPMS Butch O’hare shows. Rick
  8. I was so happy to hear that the other arson was not true. The thought of arson and especially mindless copy cat arson is so depressing. First we have thoughtless people then...
  9. Windows is going away soon. How with this impact your site?
  10. Sooo we can be done with this thread? There are IMHO so many planes Tamiya could produce and others on this site have compiled wish lists. My drum beat for a few years now has been no more Bf-109s, Spitfires, Fw-190s and the other standards that companies think will sell. ICM is my company of choice right now. Dora Wings, and Meng are right behind. OK off my soap box Rick
  11. Wow nice and easy to read. I do a lot from my iPhone and this seems more compatible with a smaller screen
  12. Ouch. Big clamp needed for a big model. If I may... I would have nicked the axels with thin saw and used epoxy to reposition them. I fear potential for clamping distortion may cause bad fit at a future stage.
  13. The ship even has three sails! Expedited service?
  14. IIRC this kit was a sales thud years ago. Mine was very cheep and later I found some dolphin scheme decals. I have seen at least one delightful build at an IPMS national convention. Two reasons not to sell it off for now. I will be following along.
  15. Indeed build it using your own methods and the way you want. However you should keep your gluey fingers off the clear parts. LOL!
  16. Woo Hoo another Willow. The scheme you show is one of my favorites.
  17. Dennis, your wishes are mine also Lagg-3 series - Curtiss Jenny - PT-19/PT-22 I want some more Russian aircraft so how about Antonov An-5? My always list Avro Anson Fairly Battle Val Me-410 La-5 Rick
  18. Glad to see it. My LHS in Michigan still cannot get this kit from their distributor.
  19. The battery attached below the airbrush is too big for me. It is well thought out in other feature areas. I agree with you about the suitability.
  20. I have built one of these kits with fixes to the cockpit via some resin. It is at the external painting stage. I remember similar issues you are having. I bought 3 other kits to use as donors for B and D back dates conversions. These Weekend Editions are good value for conversions because one cuts the nose off so no troubles with the cowl fitting etc. Rick
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