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  1. Gday everyone. I've been away from the bench for a few months, moving around the country sees all my gear Still in storage, but hopefully not for much longer! In the mean time, you guys will probably appreciate the reason for the move; back wrenching on REAL planes. Corporate jets are fast and all, but going home clean every, not stinking of 5606 and avgas? Wheres the fun in that? First task, get the boss' newest acquisition ready to bring home. A weeks worth of solid work our team had the old girl ready to ferry to her new home in East Texas.
  2. 100% this We are so close to losing the opportunity to fly these things, thanks to really facepalm-able decisions by some operators. It's beyond frustrsting/worrying to those of us who live for these aircraft. Thank goodness luck was on everyone's side and nobody was hurt. This time.
  3. That looks fantastic! Exactly what I'm trying to achieve, and i think yours probably looks more in scale than mine. Dust it off and get her across the line Thabks very much guys, I appreciate the support! This week has been a busy one, so not much bench time. A weekend visiting friends in Texas included some time spent aviating, backseating in this 1929 Curtiss Robin. Good Times! I got a few little things done on the G50, first up was a bit if tail surgery. The kit gives the option of long or short tail fairings, the ma
  4. I giggled at the joke MRP seem to be putting out all kinds of paint mixes, their range seems to be growing rapidly! Progress has begun! Plasticard pushrod and wire for the oil return lines Ignition leads have been started. The cockpit looked a bit bare, so I've added some wire looms, yet to be painted. The seatbelts on these things were chained to the aircraft. The kit provides photo etched representations of the chains, but these suffer from the usual photo etched foibles of being 2 dimensional and not b
  5. Awesome work! More so that it holds such value to you and your dad! Which museum did you work at?
  6. A Yak 18T of course! Because chick's dig 'em
  7. Mate that is bloody clever!! Love it
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