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  1. RadBaron


    That is super cool!!
  2. $17 for one of these bad boys. Thank you BF sales! It will be built as NL151AM. I want to try replicating the uneven, polished surface and it felt wrong carving up a tamiya P51
  3. Brusque is fine when it contains fact I'm not at all up to speed with Italian schemes, beyond looking through Stormo at RBrown's suggestion, so any insight is welcome
  4. Might have found a picture. And it looks like its got a yellow cowl just for some extra colour
  5. Andyshhq.com has a stack of eduard stuff on sale. 1/32 109e3 weekend edition for $22? Yes please!
  6. Happy thanksgiving folks! A few of us from work who don't have family around are having an "Orphans thanksgiving" to keep the spirit alive Eat well, be appreciative and take care
  7. Dang it, right when they got a full restock of MRP paint
  8. Spruebrothers sale is live with the code BLACKWEEKEND2020
  9. Not when there's literally a tamiya quality kit availiable Come on boys, only 5 pages worth? Speculate away!
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