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  1. Hopefully something comes of their announcements, looks like great potential there!
  2. Sounds like Robin will have quite a few kits to sell when he's back on his feet!
  3. Sending positive thoughts from the UP, mate. Sounds like your mum is in the best hands and environment possible. She sounds like a very special lady and I hope her remaining time is the best it can be. All the best. Denzil
  4. Beautiful pictures Richard! The show was fantastic, even bigger than previous years according to the stats. I ended up getting around 4000 raw pics during the week, of which, optimistically, a handful will be useful! Glad everyone who was there enjoyed it, now we start the countdown until next year! Denzil
  5. I'll keep my fingers crossed for next year. Itll be great to see the '39 back in the air! Have you had her there previous years?
  6. It really is a mind blowing gathering! Before I'd been, I never believed that it wasnt possible to see everything over the course of the 9 days XD
  7. Awesome! This looks like a fun kit to build
  8. Any LSPers heading to Oshkosh?
  9. Jeeze that short nose is much prettier than the long nose version. Makes me want to grab one just to have a go at that paint scheme
  10. Yep, I'm excited for this one too!!
  11. Amazing story, and you're the second to mention it on this thread The part that intrigues me most, is the collateral damage caused by the wayward Mighty Mice!
  12. You're right, Jennings, and I appreciate the heads up, I'm just feeling like a glutton for punishment and want to do something a bit different
  13. I mean keeping the aircraft straight after digging the wing tip in, as opposed to cart-wheeling it.
  14. Gday all, I've decided I definitely need a 1/24 Hellcat in my life, but want something a bit more interesting than the standard schemes. Which leads us to the drones. Perfect. Nice and colourful. Plenty of chance to whether the thing, and minimal work to convert. Or so I thought. Check out the wing tips on these airframes. Neat little wing tip tanks. Reasonably easy to make, but does anyone know of any plan views or drawings of these? Plenty of interesting pics scattered randomly throughout Google. Here is a good starting point too: http://www.gmodelart.com/2017/09/f6f-5k-hellcat-vu-1-ua15-drone-oahu.html?m=1 If you wanted to really stand out, there are always these style tanks too. Do any of the F6F books give good ideas? Thanks guys Denzil
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