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  1. Wow that IS a substantial overhaul of the site!!
  2. Go man, go! That looks fantastic
  3. Maybe I'm too young to enjoy them, but I find F4's even more yawn-worthy than the deluge of WWII german machines. Interwar fighters on the other hand...
  4. I love it! I hope Kotare keeps it up, so all these manchildren keep sulking. Whatever it is, given the team behind it, its going to be a brilliant kit and sell well, so Kotare know they're holding all the cards. Can't wait to see what it is, but for now the entertainment is priceless
  5. IS there a wrong type of p12/F4b lineage? They're all gorgeous
  6. Valid point. In that case I submit: P12 P26 P35 BEAUFIGHTER
  7. If it's a Staggerwing, they can have ALL my monies. I know, roden's kit rules it out, but a boy can dream
  8. It was great saying Gday today, Mike! Denzil (the only Aussie at the show )
  9. https://www.scalemodelpaintmasks.com/ Youll recognise quite a few of us over there too!
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