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  1. I'm in once the Fiat G50 is finished! This one is the plan, It'll be fun to build a straight forwards hasegawa kit for once
  2. The last time I shared this kit on sale at spruebrothers (a few weeks ago) noone seemed to want to dive in. I couldn't imagine why? I'll bet if you just bide your time, you'll find them up for sale with regularity.
  3. Speaking of, she now (temporarily) stands on her own feet! And what a big beast she is! I was concerned about just how strong I could make the attach points and I think I've got a good compromise of plastic and wire structure, to endure carrying the weight of the finished model. Right now the gear is just sitting in place, with no regards to alignment, that'll come next now that I know I've got a solid attachment. Those are the kit supplied wheels, I'll try it later with the larger 3D printed aftermarket ones to see how it compares to references. Back to the bench! Denzil
  4. Thankyou mate, I appreciate the compliments! Despite the hurdles, It's been a surprisingly fun build with no unfixable issues. There's been no need to re-invent wheels, just building a model the old fashioned way
  5. Thanks guys, much appreciated! Definitely don't buy one until it's on special, sprue brothers has them at half price every 6 months or so Otherwise, find one second hand with all the resin, seems lots of guys jumped in with both feet initially, and then the build reviews started to come out... Get into it, guys! Prove the nay-sayers wrong! The "grind" culture exists everywhere else in our world but has gone away from models in favor of instant gratification. Let's bring it back
  6. Thanks mate, and you're absolutely right, it's just a plastic model and only our own personal desire for a particular subject will determine whether or not it crosses the finish line. My motivation is fueled primarily by my sh!t-stirring need to build the "unbuildable", so I imagine someone who genuinely wants a helldiver in their cabinet will do a far more comprehensive job than this build Cheers!
  7. Awesome pics, Max, thanks for sharing them! In particular, it's views like this that I love the most. We think of these things as being highly technological pieces of equipment, flawless and items of perfection, but at the end of the day, no matter how well kept and maintained they are, they're still hand made pieces of machinery, built to do a job, as evident by the hand beaten metal fairings. It adds so much character to them, and I love it Thanks again for posting
  8. Fantastic work! Great to see some Civvies being built
  9. Well, here it is, back again for the third time. In between wresting the Infinity Helldiver, little bits of work have been done to get this thing across the line. Previous attempts can be found here Can't rush these things... Anyway, the G50 is too cool looking a plane to let go to waste, and besides, THIS paint scheme is screaming to be replicated! Where I last left, the fuselage was together and work has begun on straightening the elevator hinge lines. Here's a quick summary: Easy fix, right? File down the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizers to pivot them forwards, to make a straight trailing edge. Derp. This made a large gap between the elevators and the fairings. Nothing a bit of shimming and sanding can't fix In this pic you can also see the soft corners of the fairings where they meet the elevators. I made a razor saw cut down the middle of the fairings, superglued in some parts from a photo etched fret and filed them to a fine point. Also installed were representations of the control surface hinges. This was all sanded and trimmed to size and primed, and now the tail end is done. Test fitting parts Primer coats to see where surface details need re scribing. And that brings us to now. Some more surface detail work is needed, but she IS getting close to paint Denzil
  10. That is a really sharp build!
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