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  1. Did people get this involved when Accurate Miniatures closed up? I was too young to really pay attention when it happened, but their kits were also game changers. AM DID release kits of wanted kits, yet they too dissappeared I'm sure there have been plenty of other companies in similar situations. Did they get the same attention surrounding their demises. If not, why do you think that is?
  2. See my clarification above, which goes along with what Gazzas said.
  3. fantastic build! It makes me want to dig mine out of the stash!
  4. Fantastic work, mate! Youre really making me want to have a go of one of these kits!
  5. Northern Washington and the smoke haze has been thick for a few days. Luckily, there haven't been any major fires around my area (knock on wood!) but who knows what's in store for the next few weeks Heres the sun trying to penetrate the smoke at midday. Denzil
  6. Alumilite mold putty. Handy stuff, mix the 2 parts together and then you've got a couple of minutes to make your mold before it cures to the consistency of dried RTV silicon.
  7. Bit more work on this one. During a move, the landing gear broke off, happily cleanly. This wasn't the worst thing in the world, because I wasnt happy with the stance. Out of the box, it sat a bit tail-high for my liking: Heres how it should look: And here's how she sits now: Its a small difference, but it looked like she was on her tippy toes before. The change was simply a matter of filing down the landing gear legs. One less job to do! Denzil
  8. I should have worded my response more clearly. I meant uncommon in broad terms of aircraft subjects, as opposed to the usual messer-spits etc. Yes, during the "On The Bench" interview, it certainly sounds like the REALLY esoteric subjects (as much as I cant wait to build my Gotha G1, PJ chose THAT!?!) were the death of the company. I know they were tight lipped about sales, but i'd be surprised if the regular WWI aircraft, Camels, DVII's and Albatross' etc weren't good sellers. Think of how many releases sold out long before the company's demise, and subsequent rise of the WnW coll
  9. Thanks mate! Its been a long time since I've built anything other than box-stock, so its a welcome return to building rather than just assembling
  10. One thing that WnW did, was show the business viability of high quality kits of uncommon types. Before WnW came along, there was a bit of interest in largescale WW1 aircraft, but nowhere to the degree of how popular it became after their kits were released. Everywhere you looked, people were trying their hand at a WWI Biplane. Sure, that meant that most of the other WW1 kits were overshadowed, but hopefully now that the seed of interest has been planted and the fear multiple-winged aircraft has somewhat dissipated, more people will try their hand at building other brand's WW
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