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  1. RadBaron


    I really love the simplicity and clarity of the Matchbox 1/32 range. The Tigermoth is a standout!
  2. From memory, probably an original Matchbox Tigermoth, 1978. Bought purely because of the box art. That series of large scale Matchbox kits had the most gorgeous artwork!
  3. Forget your LED lighting, HERE is the most important upgrade! https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/m/10620193
  4. From the above linked review: "Even though the length of this list below would make it appear otherwise, the general shapes are good enough and most of the details are accurate enough that a good-looking facsimile of an F-100D can be built straight from the box." The intake is off, and the leading edge of the vertical stabiliser needs sanding back to reduce chord. Other wise its panel line and specific airframe detail issues. Am I missing the major gripe that makes it an unbuildable?
  5. Yes! The Noords would be a relatively simple fire-wall-forward conversion, and offer all sorts of different scheme possibilities. Just for its, uh, "unique" looks, this one might be an interesting build...
  6. That's a no brainer! At least 2 for me, one civvy and one military scheme!
  7. Darn it, that makes good buying on the zoukei mura KI45
  8. Dang ICM are really getting their act together! She looks very tidy!
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