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  1. Greatest movie of all time: The Rocketeer! Always Air America Porco Rosso (a cartoon, but dont let that stop you from watching it) Waldo Pepper Strategic Air Command Dive Bomber I've not seen it but on my 'To-watch' list is Cloud Dancer. People might recommend Dunkirk, which whilst not being terrible, isn't anything spectacular.
  2. Fox moth is essentially just a new fuselage too, but a few more seats to make
  3. Wow, wow, wow!!! Nice to see someone taking the plunge with the conversion. Those parts looked nice, but as said multiple times above, yowza on the price! It all comes down to how badly you want to build it Awesome progress sofar, shes going to be a beaut when shes finished!
  4. Stunning!! The clear doped linen look that you've achieved is fantastic!!
  5. Great work, very pretty The Koster stuff was always of absolutely fantastic quality, pity he didnt do more!
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