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  1. Hello everyone, This is my recently finished 1/32 Revell Fw 190A8/R2 with the markings of “Double chevron” from IV./JG3 Cockpit modified with Eduard Löök instrument panel and seat belts. I have used Eagle Parts external weight propeller set and Eduard wheels. Paints: Gunze Sangyo acrylics Decals: Eagle Cals #99-32 FW 190A8 Sturmjager IV./JG-3 Happy modelling
  2. Hello Judy, I am so sorry for the loss of your husband, Jerry. It is schocking to lose him just a few days after the symptoms of COVID. My condolences On the other hand, I am glad that Eagle Editions will continue. I have been using your products with pleasure for years and I plan to use them in the future. For an example, I am sharing the picture of 1/32 Fw 190 A8/R2 finished two weeks ago. In this project, I have used beautiful Eagle Cals decals and Eagle Parts propeller set.
  3. Very sad news indeed. RIP Jerry My condolences to Crandall family.
  4. It seems that I will get the Mk.5 I have to convince my treasury secretary for the new expenses
  5. Really great and at the same time expensive set. But Revell's kit is lost in the market!!! Herr Revell, will it be available again ???
  6. I am totally agree with you. I've just been starting to think it might be a white wording too. The location of the panel in question is almost the same. Thanks a lot Thomas, much appreciated indeed. Cheers
  7. Hi Yes again a P-47 question. Hope that I am not boring you with my p-47 questions, but be sure that each question actually strengthens the foundation of my projects in the near future. This D-25 42-27339 coded MX-S from Duxford has a bizarre figure on the fuselage. Is this a paint damage or a kind of nose art?(red ) And it has a kill markings also under the canopy (yellow) Thanks in advance.
  8. Well I started a P-40N-1 last week and already put the fuselage parts together and moved on to the wings. As before, I painted the inside of the side windows int green. I can't fix it after this time Please don't remind me that the color is wrong when it's finished
  9. Thanks for the clarification In this case, can we say that in the later painted P-40s (desert camouflage), sometimes the side windows are removed and painted, while sometimes the old color is left as it is? In the below Kittyhawk , it looks like the inside of the window is left in dark green. Middlestone is not applied. Agreed??
  10. When I saw the wreck picture which is attached below, It seems that ( with the help of broken glass) inside of the rear side window painted camo color Middlestone. So the same application of my previous pictures.
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