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  1. Thanks Wolf! one of my highest goals is to someday be able to paint like you! Your work is a constant source of inspiration for me- thanks for the kind words.. cheers Pete
  2. Hi Tim- I made those with tiny dry transfers on top of white decal film- cheers Pete
  3. Hey all- starting to get my head around the gear, clutter, etc that needs to fill the cabin- I have a ton of resin items and such..the trick is to match my references as close as possible while getting that haphazard look to the gear stowage. These medical bags are a “for sure”, the rest will hopefully come naturally- These are just set in place as a sanity check to see if they’ll work- basically the whole aft cabin bulkhead needs needs to be covered with “stuff”, and more “stuff” piled in front of it..”stuff” jammed between the cabin seats..etc- cheers Pete
  4. Why am I not surprised. there are so many bad players in GA.. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but the warbird world is rife with shenanigans.hopefully this doesn’t affect those of us in the warbird world who are working hard to do it right- cheers Pete
  5. Hi John, that’s funny! Already thinking about the next kit...would love to go crazy on a 1/48 AC-130U...still need to bang away on my 1/16th AT-38B.. thanks for the words of encouragement! cheers Pete
  6. Hey all- I slapped some decals from the spares bin on the fluid bags. Whatcha’ think? Flat coat them to “frost” them, or leave them as is? here he is a blood bag..just for you Tim! Me thinks that a bag of blood should be darker, perhaps- group photo Cheers Pete
  7. Hi Maru, even if I didn’t read your comment, I would know at first glance from these emojis that it was you! thanks for the chuckle- Pete
  8. Thanks Guy, You are one of the most thoughtfully talented modelers I know, and you have given me so many techniques that I use all the time..I also appreciate your kind encouragement and critique. Hope that you are well my friend! cheers Pete
  9. Awesome Tim! Just saw the PM- thanks for that! Cheers Pete
  10. Cool! QuickClot is good stuff. My middle son is an EMT, and advocates keeping some in your car- great idea! cheers Pete
  11. Looks great Tim! question- the crash axe? Do you know the part number? Unless I missed it..there doesn’t seem to be a crash axe in the Pavehawk boxing- cheers Pete
  12. Ohh- blood bag..cool idea! thanks Tim- cheers, Pete
  13. Thanks brother- I just woke up on the floor after looking at the latest on your Jaguar. Guess I passed out from over-stimulation! cheers Pig
  14. Thanks you guys! Appreciate all of the support! This was a head-scratcher..most of my references show the USAF Pavehawks with the cabin configured for CSAR; with tons of medical triage gear scattered all over. There are always I.V. Fluid bags hanging from the ceiling..but how do I make them? heres how: first; cut a blank out of clear plastic sheet. Drill a hole for the hanger- while you’ve got the blank on the wire, bend the wire into a hook- then mix mix up some clear 2 part 5 minute epoxy. Goober it on the clear plastic blank. Gravity is your friend- once these set up, I’ll maybe frost them with a flat coat..maybe a label? Not my area of expertise, but problem solved! cheers Pete
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