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  1. Does historical accuracy count at competitive shows outside the U.S.? Because over here, it sure doesn’t! cheers Pete
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Jaguar GR1 a single seater? cheers P
  3. yer right! lets talk AT-38 rudder pedals! P
  4. I like the Mk 904 nose fuse arming wire on the bombs- often missed detail! cheers Pete
  5. Thanks all for the nice comments-really appreciate it! here’s a belly shot- cheers Pete
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words! I put a few more photos of the completed model up in the “Ready for Inspection” forum- cheers Pete
  7. Hey all, test fitting here... The Black Ops bulkhead, seats, and instrument console look like they’ll work with some adjustments. I was also concerned that the pilots outboard feet might interfere with the windscreen, but I think I’m ok. I’m trying to identify any fit issues now and address them before I start doing any detail work. I wasn’t sure if the instrument console would interfere with the windscreen- looks like I’m good there too. you can see the Blu Tak holding the instrument console in place. The base of that is a little short- it should come all
  8. sure! I use Vallejo Panzer Aces 336 for the green, and whatever light grey you like for the leather portion/
  9. Hey all- Here are a few shots of the completed Pavehawk. Link to build is here: Build link to the figures is here: Figures I started the figures before I had the kit. The first post about the figures was 25 April 2019- a two year project from start to finish. Following photos were shot by Rick Ciaburri: thanks for looking! cheers Pete
  10. Thanks Kev for the opportunity! Should be a fun project- looking forward to it! cheers Pete
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