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  1. Pete Fleischmann

    Hornet is flying into the sunset...

    I think it’d be cool to put the Blues in the T-45. cheers Pete
  2. Pete Fleischmann

    F-16 ADF

    The fin base for the ADF was an "A" model; so starting with a "C" fin base is a bit more challenging that you describe. Cheers Pete
  3. Pete Fleischmann

    L-39 gear up landing

    Thanks Maru- We have the flaps off, and are tearing into it..getting there! She'll fly again! Just takes money and time- Cheers Pete
  4. Pete Fleischmann

    L-39 gear up landing

    That’s pretty cool
  5. Pete Fleischmann

    Greens and Pinks are back for the U.S. Army...

    Cool..but a bomber jacket? Really? This Air Force pilot cries foul on that- cheers Pete
  6. Pete Fleischmann

    T-45C Goshawk 1/32nd Scale Revell kit Conversion

    That’s how you do it my friend. Nicely executed. Love it! cheers Pete
  7. Pete Fleischmann

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Ridiculously good in every respect! boom. Pete
  8. Pete Fleischmann

    L-39 gear up landing

    Operational speeds are defined in terms of "V" speeds (V for velocity) For example Vle is "Maximum Landing gear extended speed", Vfe is "Maximum flap extended speed", etc Cheers Pete
  9. Pete Fleischmann

    L-39 gear up landing

    Hi Alan 120 knots for gear down, full flaps and speedbrakes extended is the normal approach speed. For the L-39, approach speed is not adjusted for weight; just configuration. If I had an AOA guage, I would fly AOA instead, and would likely see minor airspeed differences for weight. Bulkheads are fine..Landing in the grass is a really bad idea actually. I get that question a lot. The grass is an unpredictable surface; with the chance of something digging in way too high. The runway is smooth,hard and predictable..and I know how the jet is going to behave on the pavement..in the grass, all bets are off-way too risky. cheers Pete
  10. Pete Fleischmann

    New! Live Resin helicopter figures

    Yes..I got all of these for my Kitty Hawk HH-60G..and I had the same reaction. Fortunately the heads are separate, and Live Resin has some head sets that allow you to change the look of each- Cheers Pete
  11. Pete Fleischmann

    L-39 gear up landing

    Potentially not too bad..just expensive. The obvious flaps, sheet metal, nose gear door, speed brake actuators, antennas..The engine will need an inspection. Not sure about all of the foam that got sprayed into the cockpit... We're sorting it out- Cheers, Pete
  12. Pete Fleischmann

    L-39 gear up landing

    Truer words have not been spoken.
  13. Pete Fleischmann

    L-39 gear up landing

    Thanks Nick- It road down the runway on the nose gear door, flaps, and the speed brake actuator fairings..not too much touching the pavement. Cheers Pete
  14. Pete Fleischmann

    L-39 gear up landing

    Maru my dear..you are always there with a kind word. Anytime you want to fly, you just let me know- best Pete
  15. Pete Fleischmann

    L-39 gear up landing

    Thanks Alan, the fighter pilot prayer coin coin has two sides: “God please don’t let me screw up”, and “I’d rather die than look bad”. lucky for me that everything went our way. I will never forget the sound in the cockpit of the jet sliding down the runway. Hard to describe. cheers Pete