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  1. Hi Zorro, Which AFI are you referencing? can you show me a link? If it’s AFI11-412, I’ve linked it here: Click me Could be semantics; but I can’t find anything that tells me that enlisted Crewmembers can receive an aeronautical rating in the USAF, which is what the term “rated” means. Can I ask what you did in the USAF? this is CH1 para 1.2 from AFI11-412 1.2. Aircrew Member. AFPD 11-4 is the source document for defining “aircrew”. Pilots, CSOs, ABMs, RPA Pilots, and Flight Surgeons are rated officer aircrew members. Enlisted members holding AFSC 1AXXX and 1UXXX are considered Career Enlisted Aviators. Some officer and enlisted aircrew members (e.g., 46F Flight Nurse; 4N0X1 Aerospace Medical Services Specialist; 1N5X1 Airborne Intel Technician) are non-career aviators, and are referred to as non-rated aviators in this AFI. A list of all non-career aviators can be found in the Air Force Officer Classification Directory and the Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory. and here is AFPD 11-4 referenced above: Click me here’s an excerpt from AFPD 11-4: The term “aircrew” as used in this directive and applicable for all implementing publications, indicates personnel responsible for the safe ground and flight operation of the aircraft and onboard systems, or for airborne duties essential to accomplishment of the aircraft’s mission. It includes the total complement of rated (pilots (manned/unmanned), navigators, combat systems operators, air battle managers, and flight surgeons), as well as career enlisted aviators (1AXXX/1UXXX Air Force Specialty Codes), and nonrated aircrew (K-, Q-, or X-prefixed Air Force Specialty Codes). Members in initial formal training for immediate assignment to an authorized operational flying position are also included. Individuals must be on aeronautical orders and assigned to an authorized position according to Air Force Instruction 65-503, US Air Force Cost and Planning Factors, or be nonrated aircrew not in an aircraft’s basic crew complement, but required for the mission. cheers Pete
  2. Rated? To me as an Air Force pilot, (F-16 driver..12 years) “rated” means an officer with a pair of pilot or navigator wings on the chest- I could be wrong, but I don’t believe any enlisted Crewmembers in the USAF are “rated”. Rated USAF Thanks for the Crewchief vs. Flight Engineer correction! Appreciate that- I hate to get stuff like that wrong cheers Pete
  3. All the pics that Gemo sent me from downrange had the Robbie tank removed- cheers P
  4. I have a friend who flew them with the Long Island Rescue unit in Afghanistan- he sent me a ton of pictures! P
  5. Thanks! eventually I’ll get after an MH-60T too- I learned a lot about the -60’s with the Pavehawk build- appreciate the kind words! cheers Pete
  6. I did build them; but only painted the parts that would be visible- cheers Pete
  7. I’m gonna buy it just for the box art. P
  8. Gonna knock this figure out for my son who’s heading for Ranger School in February…and then perhaps SF the book was required reading after receiving my massive Model Monkey Beaufighter update! cheers Pigfyter
  9. …Remember being pretty psyched about that- P
  10. Interesting configuration for an aggressor jet. The 2X 370 wing tanks make it a CAT III load; limiting the g available. The 188 pod on station 3 is puzzling too..I’d expect that on the centerline station 5 with the wing tanks uploaded. interesting coming along nicely! P
  11. My FJ40 has a manual, pull out choke- use it every time to cold start the engine. good stuff. P
  12. while I agree the Bugatti 100 is a beautiful aircraft; for my taste the propellers destroy the elegant lines. It should really be a jet- cheers P
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