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  1. I don’t think so- I’ve never actually been to the NATS.. should put that on my bucket list I suppose! maybe NOREASTCON? But really that would just be to see my friends..like Bob Beary..who is the greatest modeler you’ve never heard of. Gotta get him to post his work- cheers Pete
  2. Thanks Matt- This one has certainly forced me to learn some new techniques and use some new materials- it’s been fun! Growth is good..but I’m sure more challenges are coming- all good! cheers Pete
  3. Thanks Tom- woody is a genius- I am blown away by how good his rivets are. Super easy to apply, extremely rugged..they are the best. cheers Pete
  4. Hey all- the very fiddley right/aft countermeasures are up- I added a few Archer rivets to the boxes, decals, and power cords and connectors. a little grain to the paint here and there that I’m just noticing..hmm. Might need stronger cheaters! cheers Pete
  5. Yep! That’s it! And that is the vendor I used. Super nice folks with a store in Daytona Beach. Every time I order from them they send me a personal email of thanks. cheers Pete
  6. so true! I made several until I had one that I felt was good enough. The Zactomodels one worked out great- it is a multi-piece affair of resin and photo etch that builds up very easily. cheers Pete
  7. Thanks Jeff- appreciate that! Hi Tim- I was mistaken- I used the HIQ Parts Mirage Green Seal on the disco light. Although the name implies that it is “green”, it’s still iridescent, and flips between gold and red mostly. I used the SMS film for the large lens of the FLIR. The SMS film is sensitive to the background color you apply it over. In this case, I masked and shot the lens background black on the FLIR, then applied the SMS film over that- the black patches at the top of the FLIR turret are carbon fiber decals, cut so that the strata on the decal were horizontal
  8. it was “Transparent Chameleon “ made by SMS Products- I found it with an online vendor that sells Sci Fi/ Gundam models- HTH Pete
  9. Hi Tim- I wrapped it in three strips: top, middle, and bottom-
  10. Thanks Tim- maybe someday? Perhaps a Coast Guard Jayhawk- I really like the yellow ones..but even the standard Coast Guard scheme is really cool. Maybe if Floyd does the decals it’ll push me over the edge? I do want to do the MH-6M with the SF figures riding on the outriggers- that’d be another Archer rivet job- it’d be a fun build.. cheers Pete
  11. I can’t speak for his wife, but the General was notorious for charging for autographs- I saw him do it. he also tried to sue Airbus because one of their executives used Yeagers name during a press conference. Apparently Chuck trademarked his name.. your mileage may vary- cheers Pete
  12. Hey all, finally got the “disco light” figured out- I made several of these; starting with the kit part, 2 different ones from Shapeways, and then finally grabbing this one from my very excellent Zactomodels OH-58 Kiowa Warrior update set. I tried several different types of adhesive iridescent film- finally using one from Japan who’s name escapes me right now- Dave Roof makes an excellent disco light as well, but I never got to it- I’ll use it to replace the light I stole from the Zactomodels set. Creating a convincing, reflective disco light was one of the mo
  13. Thanks Tim ...so those rubber boots at the hub end of the blade..do the blades pivot under those? P
  14. Hi Tim- looking great! Will follow your lead when I get to the tail rotor! Thanks! question for you- where do the tail rotor blades pivot? I need to throw a lot of pitch into my tail rotor blades for the hover- cheers Pete
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