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  1. I’ll get some up eventually! Perhaps I’ll include them with a build thread once I get the Pavehawk going- cheers Pete
  2. I agree Darren- I am painting them now- simply fantastic. cheers Pete
  3. Hi Walter, I have done a bunch of thermoforming with my rig over the years- feel free to DM me with questions- Cheers Pete
  4. CBU-87 was my favorite bomb. Selectable spin rate..4 dispensers per jet each with 202 sub munitions.. I miss those days.. Cheers Pete
  5. Awesome news Tim! any idea when the Pavehawk will be released? Cheers Pete
  6. I will be in for any Beaufighter stuff!! Been planning a USAAF Beau for 20 years- This is awesome news- Cheers Pete
  7. Years ago I found a closed resin GE-110 nozzle on eBay..used one on the Arctic Aggressor jet that made it onto the cover of FSM a few years back- Can't recall the manufacturer/vendor; but worth searching- Cheers Pete
  8. I think it’d be cool to put the Blues in the T-45. cheers Pete
  9. The fin base for the ADF was an "A" model; so starting with a "C" fin base is a bit more challenging that you describe. Cheers Pete
  10. Thanks Maru- We have the flaps off, and are tearing into it..getting there! She'll fly again! Just takes money and time- Cheers Pete
  11. Cool..but a bomber jacket? Really? This Air Force pilot cries foul on that- cheers Pete
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