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  1. Hey Pat! any progress on this beast? cheers Pete
  2. I did a web search of my tail number and found this N29VP Decals and paint masks (some markings from the previous owner) But a little too big- cheers P
  3. Hi Derek, Thanks! Yes- the F-5B is the most similar to the T-38 of the F-5 family. The biggest differences from the T-38 are the gear, intakes, leading edge extensions, and wings-
  4. Gorgeous renderings brother! Can’t wait to see how this prints! Fun fact: the silly canopy mechanism is pretty delicate. Certainly susceptible to high winds and jet blast. We took a 4 ship into Nellis AFB when I was a UPT student. My IP didn’t like the way I parked the jet on the transient ramp, so he grabbed the jet, whipped it around and out of the spot to line it up “ properly “. Trouble was, in his frustration he wicked-jet-blasted the -38 next to us, and knocked it’s raised aft canopy off of its gimbals, and it wouldn’t shut after that. And I, the savvy student, after he stopped swearing, yelling, and pissing his pants, told him “hey sir, that was my fault. If I had lined up perfectly in the first place, then you wouldn’t have had to reposition the jet. My bad. Beers on me tonight “ All better. cheers Pigfighter
  5. Typical scene in Idaho. Saw this on my way to Sun Valley. Dogs love trucks.
  6. True MARU; but the weather was causal in the Guam crash a few years ago..not this one. This one apparently was purely mechanical- cheers P
  7. ….and here again is a lesson for all: you are always pulled off towards the edge of the runway on the high drag side. Flat tire, missing wheel, or gear collapse…You know which way you are going. glad no one was hurt. Side note fun fact: Managed to keep this one on the runway- but it was a handful. I was responsible for a NOTAM that day, however. I shut the runway down for about 6 hours at Kerville TX. Good times. cheers P
  8. ok. I feel like the strut would ride too high on the cross supports of the wheel well. The way the original Tamiya parts go together have you inserting the strut underneath those supports- just my two cents
  9. They look nice, but as cast, I think integrating the Tamiya nose gear will be a challenge.
  10. Had the pleasure of seeing this model up close. It is absolutely stunning
  11. Awesome! anyone out there have a Kitty Hawk OV-10A they’re willing to part with? cheers P
  12. Damn Tom. Thats awesome! great job on what looks like a really nice kit! cheers P
  13. Busy getting ready for an influx of parts from Timmy! Bought these as rifle rests- temporarily re-purposed as ginormous model rests!
  14. …Yes. Quite the Diva you are
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