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  1. Best news of 2020! See? This year isn’t a total dumpster fire after all!! Excellent Woody!!
  2. Thanks Oliver- Grateful for encouraging words from someone as talented as you! cheers P
  3. Hey Woody! glad to have you my friend- couldn’t have done this without you..I blame you and Timmy! you are right though..I do find this oddly relaxing and immediately satisfying cheers Pete
  4. Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on those Ben- you are a pro and certainly one of my favorite modelers! cheers Pete
  5. thanks Matt- that might actually have been easier! cheers Pete
  6. thanks Craig- that was a test of my patience for sure! Cheers Pete
  7. hi Chuck! holy smoke- I am ready to be done riveting..and realizing this, I am forcing myself not to rush the home stretch. cheers Pete
  8. super simple- I use Archer sheet AR88142 for those- its a sheet of rivet circles and curved rivet lines
  9. Hi Bill, looking at my very old notes from 2009, the actual rivets are 7/32 @ 3/4 spacing between rivets- however, let me check with Woody, because I believe that spacing I list above is rivet edge to rivet edge, and Woody needs center of rivet to center of rivet.
  10. If Floyd Werner does the Jayhawk conversion with decals, I would break my vow to not do another -60.
  11. Funny! I’d call that a cheap shot actually, (See also “mean comment”) considering the actual reason for my gear up.. But whatever. It’s all in fun, right? cheers Pete
  12. Why so much hate? Did you want to be a fighter pilot but couldn’t find the right recruiters office? So no L-39 ride for you. Too much drag with you hanging off the tail. as you say- all in good fun. kindest regards Pete
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