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  1. Thanks for the kind words Steve- so much more to learn about figure painting- I see some work out there that is truly inspiring from guys none of us have ever heard of- growth is good! Cheers Pete
  2. Not exactly the wabbit hole I ended up going down...:) but funny! P
  3. Combat K9- first time I’ve looked for reference images of dogs-
  4. That top image of the Hornet- the pilot is a friend of mine. The photo was taken when he was at VX9- he said the jet was a pig with this load- His callsign is “Swag”. He eventually ended up in the Wisconsin Air Guard Flying a better jet cheers pete
  5. Hi Andy, Timmy! has 3D printed parts for my big AT-38 with similar attach points. I had good luck removing them with a hot #11 blade- Cheers Pete
  6. You are my Yoda. Nice to see some paint flying too!! Now stop reading and get back to work!!! Cheers Me
  7. While were at it, Any clues out there about the HH-60G Pavehawk release schedule? Cheers Pete
  8. Thanks Maru!! Your comments always make me smile and chuckle a bit cheers! Pete
  9. Thanks Shark! You are one of my all time favorite modelers- love your work! here is a group photo: while I wait for the kit to be released, I’ll work on a collection of SAR gear etc for the cabin. Might add a working K-9 from Legend... wondering if I can do a passable job painting a dog- fur looks like an interesting challenge. cheers Pete
  10. Not sure what you mean- are you referring to the F-4? because the F-16 is everywhere and still being built. cheers Pete
  11. Thanks Kev- still don’t consider myself a “figure painter “, but I’d like to be someday. Maybe a few hundred more figures and I’ll “figure” it out cheers Pete
  12. Thanks Tim. Looking forward to the kit. I feel like I’ve got a solid connection to the Pavehawk. My wife was the USAF Program Manager at Sikorsky, my bud Gemo flew them in combat, and we worked SARCAP/RESCAP with them when I was a Viper driver. I would always volunteer to be the “survivor “ for our rescue SAREX, and I loved it. Love this helo- cheers Peye
  13. All the figures are finished- I’ll have them all together for a group photo soon. meanwhile; here is the flying pilot:
  14. Thanks for the kind words Pete! Looking forward to your figures! I think you’ll really like working with them- cheers Pete
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