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  1. Hello all! the slow scratch building march begins! just have to go void by void- the cable ties are just strips of decal that go on after the harness section is in place, then a wash- you can see the difference as I plod along.
  2. Because of the Martin Baker seat in the F-35, the pilot flight gear is more similar to what is worn in a Typhoon than the F-16. The Gen III HMDS helmet for the F-35 is key to getting the "look" correct for an F-35 driver..Not a lot of help I know, but just using an F-16 driver kinda misses the mark if you are going for accurate- Cheers Pete
  3. Hi all- got some paint on. Now I’ve got to fill in all of the details- lots of wire harnesses, components, and black boxes in every open portion of the ceiling..plus the fast-rope and crew seat supports..and all the other “stuff” Looks a little rough right now- the camera is brutal- but I’ve got a vision! Stick with me :) thanks for for checking in cheers Pete
  4. Revell of Germany BAe Hawk- Fits the bill Cheers Pete
  5. Thanks my friend. Your -60 build is eye watering! Hope I can pull off something half as good- cheers Pete
  6. Hi Juggernut- thanks for checking in! Didn’t realize you were part of Sikorsky..was that Coatsville? I am partial to the Pavehawk because it was Sikorsky that brought us to CT- my wife was brought on as the USAF Program Manager, and was with Sikorsky at Stratford for about 10 years- To answer your question; no- I am not planning on installing the Robbie fuel tank- I have a bud from the Long Island reserve rescue unit who flew these in Afghanistan, and he told me they removed it to make more room for the CSAR mission- cheers Pete
  7. Hi all- did a little rivet work. This is mostly Archer rivet decals with the odd spots done with JB Weld- once this basic structure gets painted, I’ll begin to load it up with the wire harnesses, black boxes, etc that go in the voids- cheers Pete
  8. pressing on with the cabin ceiling- much more to do here..but getting there! cheers, Pete
  9. Just drop the mic already! Boom! You are the man- P
  10. This looks outstanding Paul! Keep going!! cheers Pete
  11. Hey all- I've started on the Pavehawk- I've linked the two builds together.. the HH-60 build for these figures is here click for Pavehawk build Cheers Pete
  12. Hello All! While I was waiting for this kit to show up, I completed the Live Resin figures.. link to that here click me The first thing that jumped out at me with the kit was the cabin roof. The later block of Pavehawk has most of the fabric sound-proofing material removed. I considered scratchbuilding the entire affair, but decided it would take about the same amount of time to simply re-work the kit part. The cross-hatch areas are what needed to be removed. Many evenings with a drill and file and I was done with the basics. This will get detailed further- Cheers Pete
  13. Hi Ryan, that is a pretty accurate analogy! whats interesting about the 757 however, is the fact that it is surprisingly heavy on the controls. The 767 was heavy in pitch, but light in roll. The 777 was very well balanced- cheers Pete
  14. Can I get another facepalm? Cheers Pete
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