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  1. Thank you all for the kind words! So many great modelers here- great friends as well. heres some more. Really; it’s not that bad to do- and oddly relaxing. Who knew? Started on the opposite side of the tail, and as before, moving forward towards the cabin, I find this side a little easier as I am left handed. cheers Pete
  2. I get it. My last name gets butchered all the time..which is funny, because Fleischmann literally means “meat man” ( butcher) in German. cheers Pete
  3. Just outstanding Rich! Love everything about this! forgive me if I missed it; but may I ask what you are using to attach the metal plate with? cheers Pete
  4. Fantastic Iain! you just helped me sort out an issue on the chin blisters of my HH-60G. very fine craftsmanship! cheers Pete
  5. Hey all- I needed to build something that would protect my crew chiefs arm while I riveted the opposite side of the fuselage. I tack glued it into the slot that the main gear fits into. It also serves as a stand of sorts- My plan is to rivet the other side up to the cabin like here..then fix the cockpit doors, windows, and windscreen in place, then do the fuselage sides around the cockpit, then finish up riveting the belly- cheers Pete
  6. That is gorgeous. Superb job. Like it a lot! cheers Pete
  7. Hey all I won’t torture you with every rivet picture- but this part took me so long I felt like I had to photograph it! cheers Pete
  8. Cool brother. did you decant it? cheers Pete
  9. A4 just refers to the size of the sheet- it’s about 8.5 X 11 cheers Pete
  10. Dude this is awesome! The water looks outstanding!! cheers pigfighter
  11. Honestly I don’t recall, it was several years ago when I was planning on using the Academy kit- but I do remember that Woody was a huge help, a pleasure to work with, and very reasonable on the cost. cheers Pete
  12. Hi Brett! thanks brother! Lucky for me my Pavehawk is overall Gunship Grey, so there will be virtually no masking over/across the rivets. Love the idea of riveting an SBD, but I’d have to think about how to best mask it! cheers Pete
  13. Not sure what “size”. I told Woody the scale, actual rivet diameter and rivet spacing and he made me an A4 size sheet- but I can compare them to some other Archer rivet sheets I have- In addition to the A4 sheet that makes up the majority of the rivets on the Pavehawk, I also have several different Archer sheets I’m using for the various other rivet runs on the helicopter- cheers Pete
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