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  1. I can’t help but think that history is being made here. This is so beyond what anyone has been doing up to this point- this changes everything I think. brilliant. Cheers P
  2. $162? nope. Mines on pre-order from Freetime Hobbies at $110 https://freetimehobbies.com/1-35-kitty-hawk-hh60g-pave-hawk-helicopter-preorder/ Good news on September though! Thanks for the update- Cheers Pete
  3. Sigh.... the L-39 is still in rework down at FMC in Gadsden AL. Maybe next year- cheers Pete
  4. Paul, your favorite CAD artist already has all the work done on the T-38....just sayin. cheers Pete
  5. Ahh... I see they’ve made a sequel to my favorite science fiction movie. cheers Pete
  6. The B-1 nozzle set in 48th scale looks nice! Although not an LSP, the kit is large! Cheers Pete
  7. Adam- you win the internet today! cheers Pete
  8. You are the best. Its that simple. Cheers Me
  9. There is no way I can call finding this picture a waste of time! And yes- I will try to work harder. you ol’ Weisenheimer you! P
  10. Calling the combat K9 done (except for a few touch ups I just noticed-) I wont likely pose the dog with a PJ specifically as shown here- don’t think PJ’s are trained as dog handlers- but you get the idea-
  11. Thanks Buddy- if he was a Marine I suppose! lots left to do on him- been an interesting challenge- P
  12. Pressing on with the combat K9! Not done, but getting there! cheers Pete
  13. Looks like a very nice kit. I'm not a huge Lancaster aficionado; but I think this kit would be a blast to build..and I'll likely buy it just for that reason. Cheers Pete
  14. Hello All- I've done a bunch of L-39 flying for MiGFlug. Philip is a good friend of mine; and the story of how this company got its start is funny and fascinating..but I'm not sure if I'm able to share the details! If you call or email MiGflug, you will likely talk to my wife Kristi, who is the North American rep; as well as several other titles. Great company. Cheers Pete
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