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  1. “stuffin’? I’m stayin’!” (who remember this reference?) More Jaguar pleeze!! Pigfighter
  2. hi John- thanks my friend! the placards are scrounged from the decal box... Airscale and many others. Often I’ll combine 2 decals to make one that closely resembles what I need. having fun! cheers Pete
  3. Can you see the progress? Slow grind continues! cheers Pete
  4. The milled clear dome is off the chart crazy good stuff! The insanity continues!, cheers Pigfighter
  5. Bring me the beau. Don’t care how much it costs- cheers Pete
  6. Hi Dave! ...looking forward to seeing yours come together! I ‘ve got only a few shots of all of the PJ’s “stuff” that accumulates on the aft bulkhead- one thing is for sure; the rescue birds are very cluttered- cheers Pete
  7. Hello all! slow grind on this, but am chipping away at it! Might not look like much progress, but I have spent waaaayyy more time looking at obscure reference photos of the ceiling, (most shot at weird angles) than I have building components.. more to follow! Thanks for all the words of encouragement!! cheers Pete
  8. Still plodding! the fat wire harness sections are simply picture wire cut to length and painted white. The smaller sections of harness were made with Timmy’s! Super awesome technique..folding over lengths of beading wire, twist and cut, then apply some of this nifty rubberized super glue. I use a micro brush to apply it then wick off the excess. It’s cool because your harness is now bendy but won’t come apart. Paint it up and yer good!! Thanks Timmy! Cheers Pete
  9. Hello all! the slow scratch building march begins! just have to go void by void- the cable ties are just strips of decal that go on after the harness section is in place, then a wash- you can see the difference as I plod along.
  10. Because of the Martin Baker seat in the F-35, the pilot flight gear is more similar to what is worn in a Typhoon than the F-16. The Gen III HMDS helmet for the F-35 is key to getting the "look" correct for an F-35 driver..Not a lot of help I know, but just using an F-16 driver kinda misses the mark if you are going for accurate- Cheers Pete
  11. Hi all- got some paint on. Now I’ve got to fill in all of the details- lots of wire harnesses, components, and black boxes in every open portion of the ceiling..plus the fast-rope and crew seat supports..and all the other “stuff” Looks a little rough right now- the camera is brutal- but I’ve got a vision! Stick with me :) thanks for for checking in cheers Pete
  12. Revell of Germany BAe Hawk- Fits the bill Cheers Pete
  13. Thanks my friend. Your -60 build is eye watering! Hope I can pull off something half as good- cheers Pete
  14. Hi Juggernut- thanks for checking in! Didn’t realize you were part of Sikorsky..was that Coatsville? I am partial to the Pavehawk because it was Sikorsky that brought us to CT- my wife was brought on as the USAF Program Manager, and was with Sikorsky at Stratford for about 10 years- To answer your question; no- I am not planning on installing the Robbie fuel tank- I have a bud from the Long Island reserve rescue unit who flew these in Afghanistan, and he told me they removed it to make more room for the CSAR mission- cheers Pete
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