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  1. Well that sucks, a guy gives a very good crack at producing a kit in a very small market and is forced away from the game by short sighted twats. Makes me not want to spend a bit of my lump sum retirement coin on having a CA-27 scanned…
  2. Oh yeah, a T/A 37 would be nice, there’s some great markings out there (especially from the VNAF). So, I’ll upgrade my wishlist from just a Lysander, to a Tweet and now that I think about it, a Beaufighter, preferably a Mk21.
  3. A Lysander would get my money
  4. Maybe we owe it to Ben Lexan, Allen Bond and the crew of Australia II for wrestling the cup out of the hands of the NYYC
  5. Unfortunately I was rather rapidly promoted to a position where I was in command of a section of 5 Mogs, but had to ride a little Suzuki DR 250 (aka, the hemorrhoid machine) for some crazy reason (I think traffic control was the historical excuse) . The only redeeming aspect of riding that little, thing, was that I no longer had to carry a long arm, it was an SMG on my back and a Browning high power chaffing my arm pit from there on in. Unfortunately we had a lack of 9mm blank in those days, so Imissed out on the joy of scrubbing carbon out of my shooters. On topic, for a short time we did have lwb soft top troopies, they where great (better than our old series 2and 3 rovers) but if you let them sit for a few weeks the fuel system (diesel) grew algae in the lines and blocked pumps and filters. If you need some panels for your early Cruiser, this place The Fibreglass Factory has been doing quality work for a decade or so.
  6. Nice little buggy. I got my first company car at the tender age of 17, it was a Mercedes turbo 4wd, with sunroof, 8 speed gearbox (forward and reverse) and it looked a bit like this My first company car
  7. I’ve been a Lab and GSD guy all my life, I love them but my fantasy dog's would be a Great Dane, a Newfie and a Berner, and I’d have to throw a kitten into the mix just for the comedic effect. To bring this back on topic(ish) I’ve been researching how I’ll spent my cash when I become el supreme Dictator of Australia, and this is what I’d love to build 6x6 79 Series Dual Cab Ute
  8. Pete, I’m now even more jealous! They’re beautiful, and I bet they make great hot water bottles on a cold winters night
  9. I like your FJ, it’s amazing how well they age aesthetically, but I’m even more in love with your Berner, they’re beautiful pups!
  10. Why do we need any film? I’m more than happy that a British writer and director may create a new movie about the Battle of Britain.
  11. No worries, I tend to have ideas beyond the norm and forget to explain that the connection between my mind and reality is tenuous at best Anyhow, this is the pink I’ll be painting mine in Vallejo PRU Pink and I’ll probably use some masks to do low vis style roundels, and use the kit decals for stencils.
  12. No pics, it’s just a WIF that’s fermenting on my fermented potato juice beverage “enhanced” brain
  13. It looks like a great kit, I’d love to build 2 of them as wif’s, a pink PR version, and one as a Polish ground attack SQN aircraft I just need to win a little bit in the lottery and maybe I could do a 3rd, a RAAF Clive Caldwell Darwin Defender type.. I need more money, more time and more talent!
  14. I’m a fan of the Alclad Aqua Klears, they work well for me
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