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  1. I suppose the good news is that the dash looks like it’ll be very easy to clean up in preparation for these new tangled 3D printed aftermarket instruments
  2. Thanks John, I hadn’t heard about that, I’ll keep an eye on the KH new releases
  3. They don’t model in 1/35th scale, they are 1/35th scale I’m really looking forward to this G model Cobra, God only knows how many 1/72 Matchbox ones I build in the 70’s, all of them with my gluey thumb print on the canopy! If the do branch out into UH-1’s, I’d love to see them do a B model, a RAN version would look great on the mantle piece RAN UH-1B
  4. I’m not a scaleist, some of my best friends are 1/35th scale, I’m all about the subject matter, and ICM are really putting a dent in my wish list. Now that they’re doing the Vietnam era, I wonder if it would be too much to ask for a 1/32 tweet to go with the Cobra?
  5. Will I be hung, drawn and quartered for saying it’s in the wrong scale, it should be 1/35 ? Nah, I can see this being a very popular release even if it’s 1/32, I’ve read so many posts wanting a G model that if even 10% of those who said they wanted it buy one, ICM will be very happy with their ROI.
  6. We all know it’ll be the long awaited 1 /32 B-29. (Afew years ago, that would have been a ludicrous thought, but with 1/32 B17’s and Lancs being released...who knows)
  7. I suffer from that syndrome myself, I call it pessimistic optimism.
  8. I’d be happy with any 1/12 scale car, or 1/6 scale bike!
  9. No worries Mark, I wish I could have been more helpful, but fling wings aren’t my thing . Shane
  10. Mark, Defence models have done some AAAvN conversions in 1/35th, I think they might sell the parts but I’m not sure. Southern Sky sell a 1/72 conversion other than that all I know of are decals.
  11. I figure that I’ll solve that problem by building one in 1/3 scale, putting a couple of turbines in it, and then I’m sure I can provide all of the necessary vomit, sweat and fear just prior to it’s maiden.
  12. I’m still waiting for their 1/18th Tweet and 1/72 Wedgetail, but if I have to buy a Lear Jet in the mean time, that’s a cross I’ll just have to bear.
  13. I think it’s what the cool kids call a humble brag
  14. Just to save anyone having to go and grab a calculator, the dimensions would be; Wingspan : 95cm /38 inches Length : 1.11 metres / 45 inches Height : 32cm / 13 inches.
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