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  1. Me to. When Iain posted that thread of Tims creation, I just couldn’t believe my luck. The more Iain posted I was more determined to get one. For me this was a JETMADS VIGGEN moment; I had to have it……
  2. Those fuel tanks are the same as the similar sized 4 fin’d tanks, but they would remove the top 2 fins which meant the tank could then go supersonic. 4 fin’d tanks were limited to subsonic. Watch the height of the kit NLG as it’s too long and will make the kit sit obviously nose high!. Excellent work so far though
  3. Here you go https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/c/132-resin
  4. Hi Rod that’s a very nice build and your photography is flawless and with a phone!. I thought modellers had to be photography enthusiast as well with all the gear, I’m definitely not. if I may and I’m probably wrong, just check the dangle of your main rotor blades, are you sure they droop like that?.
  5. Equally I was also thinking if this was still on after your recent Slingsby posts. I’m definitely still interested and can’t wait. I’d be happy with just the kit in any form Tim produces. I’m personally inclined to the Testing aircraft and the ETPS one that replaced the Lightning. I’m sure we’ve all got white letters & numbers in the spares decal file but as kagemusha says the pink taileron marker and wings walk ways would be appreciated. But then a decal sheet may make it more attractive purchase as a job lot. Steve.
  6. Cool subject but I’ll hang out for a T.11.
  7. Once it’s out you’ll never get it back in
  8. Looks mighty fine to me. I have one on the to do list and I’d be most pleased if it turns out that good.
  9. I’ve got a few on display in the glass display cabinets there, all in 32. Good show but always freezing in there.
  10. Cheers and for the first time in years I’ve got today off. Do modellers find themselves scalpeling the present wrappers or is it just me
  11. I see it all as choice. Some may not purchase many kits and throw the kitchen sink at it (as they say). But like you say is it worth it, probably not and would another modeller even notice?. Personally I research what I’m doing then purchase the kit which may only be a choice of one kit. Depending on how I intend to display the kit depends on what get thrown at it. Most of the time it’s cockpit and/or seats. The rest I can take it or leave it and I don’t think it’s a lesser model for it.
  12. I’d arrive in a Firefox. Get out dressed in my Spaghetti Western gear and probably have some tell me “you can’t park it there”.
  13. You do know, now you’ve made those pivots you’ll find the originals.
  14. Have a flick through here https://www.stlfinder.com/3dmodels/aircraft-tripod-jack/
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