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  1. Hi folks, I have a 1/32 Tamiya F-14 on the next to do list. If I choose to put the crew in, would I bother with a AM resin cockpit, or would it be waisted because you wouldn't see any of it.
  2. Can you put a bit of angle on the rudder, or is it self centering at rest?.
  3. I'd be interested to know who was selling the Tornado extras?.
  4. I love that tank firing and I'm not even a tank guy. Great modelling. How is that flash achieved?
  5. I won't be there either this year. My 1/32 Tamiya F-15C will be on the BDAC table as they're my local club.
  6. I'm the other way. I don't think it's worth it for me. In the times I've chosen to be an infrequent member it was fundamentally just for the extra hour you can get in to Telford. I don't belong to any IPMS clubs or have any desire to do so, finding that these forums meet my modelling needs with like minded people and the knowledge to tap into is vast. When the magazine came through its a brief read but also I don't buy modelling magazines. So without sounding too negative and for balance, it's not for me.
  7. I've got the book but am just about leave home for work. Will have a look tonight.......
  8. Same. I'd like a steer on decent snips/side cutters. Sick of cutting parts from sprees and taking a scalp of the kit with it. Equally cutting the sprue and then having to file or cut away the stump left behind. There has to be a solution. I use a Tamiya tool for scribing and its quite effective in 32 scale. https://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/tamiya-74091-plastic-scriber-ii-tools-accessories/?gclid=CjwKCAjw-KipBhBtEiwAWjgwrP597wvux7jT041hxOO-8WeAH1hVGqhx7J4849UQ6b36wXh8kXdS3hoCiDEQAvD_BwE Steve.
  9. So when did the seat head box change?. Equally is there a list of aircraft number over the time period the 527th were at Alconbury?.
  10. Thanks very much for replying. The kit offering is a 1978 aircraft, however my memories are from 1987/1988 where they flew in/out of Alconbury. So I'm torn to use the kit seat and as is in 1978 or perhaps the same aircraft with the later seat (if it was still at Alconbury then).
  11. I'm just starting the Revell 1/32 F-5e and I intend to build it as an Alconbury cab as per the kit decals. However my pre-build research shows that the seat (especially the head box) just looks wrong. Now I've never built one before, so if there is a correction how to build could you please give me a link. Equally are you aware the kit sear is wrong. Any help is appreciated please.
  12. I used them for my F-4J build and purchased the drogue chute. It was a great quality bit of 3D printing, very well packag3d for going around the globe and arrived in good time. Go for it.
  13. It's either a mistake or skullduggery. If they get difficult about it, it's probably safe to assume it's skullduggery. If they're embarrassed then it's an error. But you have to ask, just to show that you noticed it.
  14. What a gentleman of the hobby. I've purchased from you and was very lucky to get a F3 conversion giveaway. It's the right thing to do as life's too short. However please return the moment you can. Steve.
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