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  1. Oh yes. Didn’t watch it as it was on at 2am here and a subscription channel.
  2. Shame, I’ve just had a look at this and it’s $71 to the UK
  3. The engineer has given me them from the Bell maintenance manual. I too hadn’t heard of them so I’m going to spray plastic and offer it up against the real thing. Steve.
  4. I know nothing about the Mustang, but I know that’s brilliant. Steve.
  5. I’m doing a commission build of a Bell 212 (ZJ969). I’ve been given the paint codes of: Olive green CAB300/220 Grey CAB300/637 Orange TT43/C4214 Is there somewhere I can colour match these against other brands, Xtracrylix etc...... Ultimately I will just do spray test and offer them up against the aircraft. Steve.
  6. What a great idea. Excellent skills. Steve.
  7. We should stop all this expectational chat, wars have been started over less Steve.
  8. God this looks good. You’ve made me put one in my eBay account under watched Steve.
  9. Well it looks great in the photos and a very good match for the paint job. We’ve all done a “Never again kit”
  10. Matt, those look great but just check the angles of the trim tabs. They look very over extended. Steve.
  11. I’m the same also at the moment. I’m building a 1/32 early Tornado GR.1 and it’s taking me ages (near 8 months). I keep saying to myself this is the last build and I’ll sell up. I’ve then been asked to build a 1/48 Bell 212 for a leaving present at work. So the Tornado has been put aside and I’m in the middle of that. Again I can’t wait for it to be finished. Spring is round the corner with Gardening and garden projects looming (I’m turning into my Dad) and modelling is getting the way. After the 212 I will either take a long break or sell up and find something else. Steve.
  12. Don’t forget Marmite (may be known as something else over there). It’s easily placed with a tooth pick and you can vary the size of the chip you want. Steve.
  13. I love it. For me the simple addition of the lights takes this to another level in modelling. You’ll fix the wheels, sharpe scalpel etc.... Steve.
  14. Hi Mark, I’m building a Tornado at the moment. If using the Airies exhausts be aware that it interferes with the rod for the tailerons. You will have to cut it out or cut down the cans. Looking at mine I’m not sure I would have purchased the Airies cans having seen the kit parts. I would suggest fitting the tailerons and melting the joining rod to secure it then fitting the exhaust. Obviously not a problem if you fit the kit parts. Steve.
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