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  1. Stevepd

    The cold

    The CEO has changed her wardrobe over to the winter set. She has just come back from Norway and it’s officially “fecking freezing” there. Heating has been threatened to be put on, all the logs are chopped up and ready to go. It was 3 degrees (37.4F) on the drive in this morning. Still in shorts & T-shirt though.
  2. Welcome. Any questions fire away. There is a lot of experience and knowledge on this site. Steve.
  3. I love it. I remember an airfield attack by 2 of these on exercise in the 80’s. Someone on here I think was selling the kit + decals earlier this year. I nearly bit the bullet but then read the decals could just fall apart because they’re aged now. How was yours? Steve.
  4. I’ll be there on the Saturday only though. At this time I’ve no idea what I’m going to buy, but I’m sure they’ll be something. Steve.
  5. You’re correct. The material is wood and painted grey, so you’re spot on.
  6. Great progress and it looks very cool. The floor panels in the back is actually wood. Until the end of the contract in Mar 18 I was on the Lynx donor programme disassembling Lynx’s (9/9a+8s’) for common parts for the Wildcat and previous to that the Blade Bay Inspector, overhauling main & tail blades. Steve.
  7. Love, just love it. Will it be at Telford? Steve.
  8. That’s just so cool. Steve.
  9. Absolutely tremendous, modelling at its finest. Steve.
  10. If I was looking at doing a BoB mk1 Hurricane with no real subject knowledge, which kit would you recommend: PCM or the Fly kit?. Steve.
  11. Well if you say you’re a bit rusty you’ve still got your eye in for a great build. I’d be pleased with that considering it’s no Tamiya kit. Steve.
  12. I’ve been toying with the idea for months and I’m getting excited for Telford now. I haven’t had that chat with the CFO yet but it’s our 30th wedding anniversary in Nov so this was my line of enquiry to steer her for a pressie. I’m sucked in on the quality of WNW kits as I have no experience of their products but everyone can’t be wrong, right?. Steve.
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