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  1. Stevepd

    Swiss F-5E

    I love it. For me the simple addition of the lights takes this to another level in modelling. You’ll fix the wheels, sharpe scalpel etc.... Steve.
  2. Stevepd

    Tornado IDS

    Hi Mark, I’m building a Tornado at the moment. If using the Airies exhausts be aware that it interferes with the rod for the tailerons. You will have to cut it out or cut down the cans. Looking at mine I’m not sure I would have purchased the Airies cans having seen the kit parts. I would suggest fitting the tailerons and melting the joining rod to secure it then fitting the exhaust. Obviously not a problem if you fit the kit parts. Steve.
  3. Stevepd

    1/32 Trumpeter Eurofighter Exhaust

    If you google 1/32 typhoon exhaust early on one page then open another doing the same for late. The early exhaust on the inside of the feathers has horizontal ribs which the late one doesn’t. The early exhaust in the photo has the upside down Y actuators which have some V “thing” that is inside the Y which the late doesn’t. I’m not sure how much you will see when they’re constructed together......... Steve.
  4. Stevepd

    looking to blood moon

    Absolutely nothing, cloud cover as far as the eye could see. Steve.
  5. Stevepd

    Airfix's big Typhoon

    That’s the first thing I noticed as well. Most of the ones I have seen are very weathered, so this is different. Steve.
  6. Stevepd

    F-100D Super Sabre 1/32 Trumpeter kit

    Very nice I’m going to do one of these one day. Can you explain what the pylons/Strakes are on the wing tops? Steve.
  7. Stevepd

    Your favourite paints?

    I just use warm tap water and it’s free.
  8. Stevepd

    Your favourite paints?

    Xtracrylix & Revell (little blue square pots). I used both for painting and Airbrushing. Steve.
  9. Stevepd

    Mirage 5 from Italeri Mirage IIIE/R?

    Mike I’m doing the same thing and I’ve posted on here if you search (sorry on the iPad in work). There is a french company that does a conversions in 3 sets seats/cockpit/decals (renaissance I think), but in my thread it was highlighted about the nose and somebody on here (Harold) was looking at cast some more accurate pieces. No idea about the film though. Steve.
  10. Stevepd

    Farewell to the Tornado soon.

    I’ve got a few memories. Childhood memories of GR.1s’ (which I now know were pre-production batch) at Boscombe Down (BD) flying around Salisbury Plain with the white fuel tanks and ECM pods. Whilst working at BD in 85 we flew up to West Freugh in a Beagle Basset to drop trials equipment off and the return trip via Walton to collect Avionic gear to replace U/S items for the F2 at BD (still in the prototype livery). TOEU at BD in 85 doing various operational work ups for weapon delivery. The F2 arrived for the ETPS at BD to replace the EE Lightning, but it just didn’t have the same impact. But keeping with the times and all that..... I was driving a Bedford 4 tonner and stopped at RAF Spadeadam and this Tornado GR4 came over at probably 100ft with reheat engaged. I didn’t see it coming and it scared me to bits that I nearly crashed the truck!. Down in the Falklands I got a jolly in a C130. The ramp came down and an F3 was there and it edged its way in towards the ramp. About 5 of us plus the loadie we’re taking photos and you could see the pilots eyes and it felt like you could touch the pitot probe, overwhelming noise as the engines were constantly adjusting. I cannot put into words how memorable this was. 95-98 stationed at RAF Bruggen. Ali Al Salem during Gulf War 2 - an Aircraft coming back overhead the airfield streaming smoke. Word has it that it was hit coming back in, a blue on blue situation but they managed to land. Lastly a good friend of mine who was a photographer and was in the back seat of an F3 taking shots of the other F3 firing the new Meteor missile over the North Sea. Steve.
  11. Hi all, I’m building the 1/32 Tornado as an RAF GR.1 in wrap around camo and I’m at the spraying phase. Now always keen to try new methods so thought I would ask at this key stage. I spray the whole kit in the grey first then apply the green. I either use white tack rolled to give a feathered edge but it can be very time consuming and have to be super aware of overspray. Alternatively I will use 1mm tape and tape the pattern on followed by masking the grey parts that I don’t want coloured. This obviously gives a hard edge. So before I start how do/would you do yours? Steve.
  12. I cleaned the airbrush as it hadn’t been used for some months prior to the Tornado. The paint was left in the airing cupboard and occasionally shakes. I’ve resprayed it this afternoon and it’s worked a treat. I suspect I did not shake the pot enough having sat around for a bit, so human error. Steve.
  13. I’ve checked in the airbrush paint pot and there is no floating film. I’ve decanted it back into its pot, given it a rigorous shake and put it in the airing cupboard to warm it through. Steve.
  14. I had time today to progress my Tornado. I almost always use Xtracrylix and up to now have never had any paint issues. However I sprayed the model DSG and brought it inside to go off (freezing in the garage). I came back to it a couple of hours later and saw this brown stain patching effect all over the model. Any ideas or habve you seen this before? Steve.
  15. Stevepd

    Revell Lynx HMA.8

    The green’n’grey ones are mk9As’ & the grey ones are mk8s’. All are stripped for common parts for the wildcat and V&A commercial items. It takes approximately one month to process each cab with 10 people. They were then sold off to a contractor for pittance whom then sold them to buyers. Steve.