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  1. Ah flip.. How on earth do you link to flicker?
  2. Here are the JP233s’ from the above link on ebay. They are substantial bits of resin with engraved panel lines. I think a lot will be lost when you have to fit the 2 parts together and the obvious curvature at the joining faces will have to be made flat. The forward part where it would join the aft section is a few mm wider, so will need blending = lost engraving. Couldn’t work out how to post images so just did the links: Side profile Top view Front section Rear section
  3. I’ve got those 233s’. I’ll post up some photo’s.
  4. I bought the Buccaneer one when I got the IFA 1/32, also my Son got me the Lynx one for Christmas as I used to disassemble them when the UK military retired them.
  5. Reminded me of a scene out of iRobot.
  6. Same I did the prototype and it’s now in the Boscombe Down Museum. A big thanks to Iain & Tim though, fantastic effort just as extra info, I also frequent this forum and one discussion is: https://www.pprune.org/military-aviation/637527-tornado-f3-asymmetric-engine-configuration.html
  7. I have my radio on the table beside my bench and it is power shared with the overhead lamp, so one switch and all comes to life. Absolute 80’s for me.
  8. A friend in work brought his in, so I’ve had a look and I’m impressed with and great full we’ve got something with more options.
  9. I’ve just showed this to my wife. F*** O** no way she said
  10. Oh and when you’ve got 5 mins a twin stick rear cockpit would be lovely.
  11. She doesn’t or never has looked like that
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