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  1. Probably closer to Christmas which is 99 days away
  2. When I was in the R.A.F I used to make models for people that were leaving the service, predominately retiring and I really undercharged myself. Later on in life I was asked again to make models for people retiring but I never really enjoyed it at all and it actually became a chore, so now I respectfully say no.
  3. Is there actually any decals in 32 for the TWCU & CFS aircraft. When I’ve done my sporadic eBay searches there seems to be nothing, I hope I’m wrong.
  4. Thanks to Tom for explains how to post photos.
  5. Hi folks, I finished this yesterday having started it on 19th Apr 20. This is modelled with the crewman manning the GPMG and a 14 Int photographer in the other door way. The blades are 1mm clear Perspex which was roughed up and lightly sprayed. To get rid of the droop I glued in a 1mm carbon rod which has worked quite well. Now I built this on another British forum as I had access to more ex-Puma guys and knowledge, so if the links not allowed I’ll remove it. (https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235071542-132-hc1-raf-puma-northern-ireland/) Thanks to Jack, your donated pilot is now the door gunner crappy photography I know, not my strong point. Steve.
  6. I’ve just bagged a 1/32 Fisher Sea Fury T20 for £50. Sold from a good mate of mine who also got it cheap. Christmas come early.
  7. I’ve built 2 of these and got another 2 in the stash. Great value kits and I also have the am options. Good luck
  8. That looks brilliant, I’ve always wanted to do one having been attacked by one on an exercise in the 80’s. You just don’t see many of them either made or for sale.
  9. I know, I’ve built one with the Whirlybird conversion as the ETPS cab. With regards the kits they must be on Mars as you just don’t see them at all
  10. As JH said above, the usual media suspects I’m afraid.
  11. Anybody got any tracking details or info for the first batch dispatch. I’m not on any social media and haven’t had an email. Steve.
  12. Very impressive and some technical painting to achieve that look.
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