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  1. I asked earlier in the thread if the order book was still open as I’d rather have this than any rendition of a big Lancaster. However have just spent £3683 on a major service and some rectification work to my car, I just cannot justify the cost
  2. Me too, 10 years ago now. I was fit and not a big sugar lover then bang. My mother and Grandmother were Diabetics so perhaps it was a question of when. I’m 50 now but it doesn’t affect my day to day life or modelling.
  3. Stevepd


    1/32 for me has to be the Tamiya F-15c and not forgetting the Matchbox artwork in 1/72. Some of that just made you buy the kit. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-60304-mcdonnell-douglas-f-15c-eagle--131023 https://www.pinterest.co.uk/peck0859/matchbox-model-kits/
  4. As above you’re the first and it looks great, it caught my eye. Excellent spray job but on the photo looking along from the nose, the taxi/landing light panel is wonky.
  5. ETPS Boscombe Down is what I’m thinking. I’ve done a 1/72 version some years ago now. It was on display in the Salisbury model centre. Somebody wanted to reverse engineer it to make a mould but I couldn’t let them do it. It’s now intact in the BD Museum at Old Sarum.
  6. Mmm I’m tempted by that. I know nothing about it and I’m not on Faceache. Any reviews of what has been made to date that we can view. 3600yen is about £251 in Brexit money. Steve.
  7. The P.1127 linked above is mine. I wanted to build an early RAF operational one which quickly became apparent was not possible. Plan B resulted in this which was hard work with a lot of changes and I liked the challenge, but never again. When I saw the kit at Telford being re-released I thought noooooooooooo. its now in the Boscombe Down Museum at Old Sarum. Steve.
  8. I had one recently but had it for years and sold it on here. For some reason I think the kit just didn’t take off (pardon the pun). With regards to reference there is a fantastic thread on britmodeller on the Typhoon from somebody very knowledgeable about the aircraft...... Steve.
  9. PM inbound for 4 please. Thanks for taking the time to do this for others Steve.
  10. Just found this on britmodeller: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061469-132-buccaneer-anyone/page/6/
  11. I’ll do it as I’m at the other end of the country - How did you get on
  12. Mine only arrived yesterday and I can’t stop smiling.
  13. Well it arrived today, a great surprise coming home from work. Opening the box, it’s massive I mean massive. My wife says I’m acting like a child again
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