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  1. I’ve been up there a couple of times and have been entertained by you all. I must be on the moon as I didn’t know you’d all been asked to vacate. Good luck with the relocation and at least you’re still able to run, silver lining and all that.
  2. As usual 2 sides to every story. Great link thanks, saved for my night shift reading
  3. Love it and some great modelling skills there. If I may suggest to weight your wheels as that would finish it
  4. I know what you mean. I’d call it the Cold War.
  5. And my confirmation email has just been received
  6. Submitted a reservation request.
  7. I use just exactly that or yellow. Just be conscious of the paint collecting at the edges of the canopy frame.
  8. I had my photo taken in front of 607 in 83 at a cadet camp at RAF Waddington. I was also stationed at Waddington in 92 and it used to stop traffic when it was taking off. I feel very privileged to have experienced it closer than most. You just don’t get bored of it. I have read that at the upper level this could/would out turn interceptors.
  9. I hate you. Makes you think why we buy any AM stuff at all, when you keep reminding us it’s not always necessary.
  10. I was also toying with an F4 but have only built the Revell offering into an F-4F, which turned out quite nicely. Is the Tamiya that much better but not top draw Tamiya, as it is aged but still commands top dollar
  11. Can you imagine it in that splinter camo
  12. We watched it just as they were crewing in and we were both glued to it. That was our first comment was on how quickly it was out of the blocks after ignition, nothing like letting the oil circulate around the turbos before giving it beans. Our Son and his girlfriend came to watch it at T - 45 and after the second separation they buggered off, next generation I suppose
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