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  1. I’ve got 3 1/32 kits to be built it gets rid of the problem on what to build next
  2. It’s a great conversion not frequently seen. Good luck and enjoy it, the model I mean
  3. And to add to Thiery’s list also, The RWR fairings need thinning & shortening for an RAF aircraft (RWR is country specific and the shape is different). The Wing Pylons are not correct for an RAF aircraft. The wing fingers above and below the the join, I razor sawed the grooves, set the wing then glued them to the wing for strength.
  4. Well in our house the CEO is always watching murder mystery stuff, so god only knows what they think is going on in here oh and did I mention the Crystal Meth lab (we’re watching Breaking Bad at the mo).
  5. I backed the gap with plasticard, then filled it with filler. When it was just pliable I put in the lines and it gave the saggy look https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235059607-panavia-tornado-p12-xz630-1978/
  6. You could have put a dot beside a rivet head or fastener, or 4 straight lines around one
  7. I suppose with all of us it depends on how far you want to go. I had the kit but sold it (wish I hadn’t) but as above there are some great builds out there and I never knew it until you’ve referenced it above. Choices choices..........
  8. This is great, I’m blown away
  9. I’ll be honest I wanted to build this. Did some research and purchased the kit. I just couldn’t get on with it, as you’re aware nothing fits etc. All I wanted was a simple build and not modelling, so perhaps I was in the wrong frame of mind, I waved the white flag. One of the few kits I’ve actually put in the recycle bin.
  10. That’s a great price to the UK and with it being a large aircraft anyway this would make it a viable purchase. As above I’d buy one.
  11. Just paid for mine. Is it March yet!
  12. I just use Tamiya tape. For WW2 or modern jets I secure the front piece of the canopy then mask away with strips going sideways. Luckily I’ve not had an incident yet.......
  13. Hi folks like most I’ve got an idea bouncing around in the grey matter. I know the GR Tornado sweep was commanded by the pilot, but what speeds dictated him/her changing the sweep angle. I know the Test Pilots used to practice landing with the wings swept back, but in operation squadron use........ Steve.
  14. I’ve given up on the news completely. My wife and I sit outside each morning having coffee and breakfast; my daily question to her what’s today’s weather and anything in the news. I get a full weather report followed by not really - suits me fine. I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden pottering in recent times and when not in it I’m modelling in the garage listening to Absolute 80’s.
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