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  1. Stevepd

    RFI - Extra 330 SC - N73KG

    Absolutely love it. What a contrast to the usual camo stuff we see. I can't express enough how good that is. Steve.
  2. Stevepd

    Panavia Tornado resin info required

    Yep but trying to find one for sale....... Steve.
  3. Stevepd

    Panavia Tornado resin info required

    Now I try to be different with my builds and I was thinking of the mesh covers as fitted when doing engine runs, a bit of a distraction technique to take the eyes away from the trunking, or just slap on FOD covers. Steve.
  4. Stevepd

    Alclad help

    As said above you can use any colours as a primer for variation, but gloss black for the shiny bits. Again you must be patient and let it fully cure so you can mask. Don't forget you can put a Matt varnish over the top which can also be quite effective. I did a Revell Harrier as an early P1127 in NMF and experimented and it came out really well. Steve.
  5. Stevepd

    MH-47G 160th SOAR Nightstalkers

    I've got one of these in the stash but mines going to be a UK 7 squadron cab, when I build up the courage to get going. If you haven't seen these kits they are massive = BRILLIANT
  6. Stevepd

    Another lost spark stuff post

    I haven't built anything in near 8 weeks since finishing my 1/48 TSR2 for the Boscombe Down museum. I hated the build as I said yes to the commission but it's not really my scale of choice but the subject matter was made for me. I keep analysing what I have in the stash (some 7 kits) and thinking what I'm going to do with them, which I still remember from when I purchased them, as I'm not really an impulse buyer. Currently I'm looking at my Tornado which will either be the camo prototype (white tanks, ECM pod & those red/black bombs) or an 80's cab but with no ordinance just pylons with everything open. My thoughts are at the moment of starting and ballsing it all up! as that's just a waste of money and time. Recent weather hasn't helped and major changes at work have been quite stressful waiting to decide if I have a job or not plus small DIY projects at home....... I'm the same as you in that i probably build 2 a year, but at this rate Steve.
  7. Stevepd

    Panavia Tornado resin info required

    Thanks everyone I've got the Paragons flaps/slats, also Aires airbrakes/engines & a cockpit set. I'll investigate further as it will sway which way I go with the kit. Steve.
  8. Hi folks, after a long break I'm thinking of a Tornado. I have some resin but want to know is there anything for the avionics panel on the side of the nose. I have checked scalemates and come up with the CAM IDS detail set p/n NR.32-034. Does anybody have any info on this and is it available? Thanks for any info. Steve.
  9. Stevepd

    To hot out here for moddelling

    Don't you love this global warming! steve.
  10. Stevepd

    1/48 Kinetic Hawker Harrier T4

    Hi everyone this has had a bit of a revival. The FOD covers are filler, I put 10thou plasticard behind it and filled it as the bags have a texture to them and I was able to mould them when it was going off. This was my second to last build of 1/48 kits and it's a great kit with some fantastic builds out there but old eye dictate 32 from now on. Steve.
  11. Stevepd

    Not Enjoying the Hobby

    I'm exactly the same at the moment, I last finished a kit 6 weeks ago and I've also got no desire to make any of my 7 kits in the stash. Currently I just don't to have the time yet nothing has really changed although I find myself sitting with the Chief executive watching the regular tv shows. I'm not too worried as mentioned above when the summer has finished I will return to the bench. Steve.
  12. I'm definitely going to get a Mirage and somebody here posted a link to Belgium decals so that will also get purchased. I might get the new Starfighter at the end of the year at SMW Telford. Steve.
  13. Stevepd

    MiG-29 "blue 05"

    Hi, I've only recently opened up the Flicker account and yes those builds are on here. All my other builds are zapped with the photobucketgate issue. Steve.
  14. Stevepd

    HK Models Spey Phantom Update

    I was once told by an ETPS tutor that the only reason a Jaguar (Sepecat) gets airborne is because of the curvature of the earth. Steve.
  15. Stevepd

    Lots of birthdays today.

    Thanks everybody, 49 years old. The UK was lovely and sunny 28 degrees C, Indian curry, World Cup followed by F1. Steve.