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  1. Received mine today, intercepted by the resident model post police. Thanks LH very much appreciated.
  2. Payment sent. I did read all the instructions
  3. It will come, I haven’t given it a second thought it won’t. Put it this way, it gives me more time to finish the current build.
  4. Excellent keep going, it’s looks tremendous. You must have a lot of blue cloth for the background colour!.
  5. My wife bought me this as a Christmas present. I didn’t even have to do the hard sell as she has a SAAB cabriolet (and a history of owning a few of them over the years) which I bought for her 50th last year, so my man reasoning was easy on this one
  6. I’m the other way. I’ve built 2 F-15s’ (E & C) and the Spitfire and to me I thoroughly enjoyed the builds and the quality of the kits. However I’m getting those voices about getting a F-4 Phantom with the 74Sqn decals.
  7. For a home made mix that’s a very good colour match
  8. These photos make it look fresh out of the paint shop or prototype type(esk). I know it’s not but it gives that feel if you know what I mean.
  9. There are other ways of weighing the wheels, I use an old iron but the cooker
  10. Tremendous and very different, certainly will stand out amongst all the others.
  11. Might have to get me one of these for my birthday. Looks great.
  12. Funds sent and thanks very much.
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