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  1. I love bikes but don’t ride one or have a license!. I nearly took the plunge until I saw an accident on TV and the lad wasn’t messing about but fell off and broke his thigh = this swayed the desire. SWMBO says no and divorce if I get one. I’m just about to turn 50 and did drop a hint but I got the look of death. Think I have more chance of getting the WNW Lanc
  2. Take that to SMW Telford and collect your trophy. Steve
  3. Went there years ago and took my Dad. I remember it like yesterday, you don’t forget an experience like that. Steve.
  4. That is lovely. I know nothing about the aircraft or kit but a refreshing OOB build is a good thing. I’ve seen these on eBay now at around £99 and value for money that puts it in the Revell Hawk & Hunter league for me. Steve.
  5. I didn’t even know this existed in 1/32. Steve.
  6. I sat in the one at RAF Spadeadam whilst on exercise one. It’s a tank with blades, truly impressive lump. Steve.
  7. I thinks it’s bloody brilliant. I said I wouldn’t buy one even as impressive as they are. But you guys keep putting shots like these up I’m starting to convince myself to get one. if there is one thing on your build. The engine photo’s above this post you can see the grey plastic/primer on the forward face of the upper cowling just behind the spinner. I’ll add further info if I haven’t explained enough. Steve.
  8. An excellent day out. Haven’t been since the Victor bump, I took my Dad who loved it Steve.
  9. I finished this on Saturday having taken me 4 months. It’s a commission build for somebody leaving and it’s been made from the Italeri 1/48 212 kit. I work at MIddle Wallop so have popped into Hangar 3 when I needed to for reference. The colours are the Hataka range and are a very good match. The orange is the old orange as they changed spray painters and the current is very err orange, but this is what the guys wanted. It got delivered yesterday so I thought I’d get a couple of shots. The worst part of the kit is the front windscreen absolutely shocking fit. After all the effort I thought this would detract from the finished article, but perseverance paid off. Now back to my 1/32 Tornado. A2CD482B-61DB-4430-AEDB-61196F61B3CE by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr FFBD5189-DB02-41F9-A7D1-29E6178FE649 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 5FE5B1D6-986F-48EE-A48A-54A7A8066B2C by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 1EDEC436-B08D-445E-9EC9-ED52011FEE1F by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr D2D6369D-79B7-4916-A581-606DD3D0AA03 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr Steve.
  10. Hi folks, my my son is a qualified forensic scientist and he’s currently doing a post-graduate course in Balistics, coming towards the end. He’s aware the US military dabbled with the game DOOM in the 90’s, in that dipping their toe into early stages of virtual reality soldier training. Has as anybody in their circles got any info or preferably link he could read for referencing on the DOOM experiment. Steve.
  11. The company my wife works for had a member of staff flying out of there just after this incident (time), he may have even seen it. Steve.
  12. What an iconic shape of the war. Never made one myself but I’ve nearly purchased a few, that is a massive amount of glazing. Steve.
  13. Wow, I’ve never heard of this. It looks huge Steve.
  14. Same. My first job was at Boscombe Down and I used to strap the pilots in and do the see offs/In’s. Lightning was always a favourite especially stood in front of the nose “staring down the barrel of the gun” with engines running. Tremendous aircraft and happy memories.
  15. I did the T5 Whirlybird with Airies exhaust. I found the exhaust cans a very tight fit almost like they were designed for another kit!. If I remember the side walls had to be made paper thin Steve.
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