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  1. I recall reading somewhere that the wing tips of the F (similar to the D) were different than the G. The G wing tips had antennas and relocated navigational lights. More inform members here will either correct or confirm the recollection of my fading memory.
  2. I used the kit LG on my build, and I used epoxy to assemble the LG. No issues with them sagging after 5+ years.
  3. Just catching up on your build and fantastic work so far! Looking forward to following the rest of the build.
  4. I definitely need to stay away from this hobby! https://m.facebook.com/reel/705883727597058/
  5. I have a 1/32 version of the kit, but I’ll buy one of these just to support a Ukrainian company.
  6. I'm in this GB with the Hasegawa's Ki-43 Oscar II. The build doesn't look challenging, but the peeling paint look will be. I'll have to search the web to find techniques on how to achieve the look. Thanks for looking in. Mike
  7. I'll be in, building a Ki-43 Oscar to go with the kit I'll be doing for the On the Nose GB.
  8. I'm calling this build completed. Had a let down when I removed the canopy masking. I discovered a small crack in the rear half of the canopy above the left side of the back seat. I must of hit the canopy sometime during the build . I applied some Future over the crack to see if would absorb into the crack but no such luck. What a bummer since the canopy is so prominent on this aircraft. After two failed GB builds, I'm pleased with the build; it has its faults, but what build doesn't. I'll be taking a break from LSP builds for awhile as I've discovered MFH multi-media kits. Never done a multi-media kit and I'm looking forward to something new. ARGH, after looking at these photos, I see I forget to paint the navigation lights! So I guess it's not completed after all, back to the bench..... Thanks for looking in on my build.
  9. Great progress on your build and looking forward to you detailing out the cockpit.
  10. Quick update The build has decals applied along with a satin topcoat. Now to get the landing gear and various antenna added to get this build completed. Thanks for looking in.
  11. Nice work on and painting of your build. Your build is tempting me to get my F-105F build of the SOD and complete it.
  12. Congrats on the retirement! Gonna expect a lot more WIP model building from you now!
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