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  1. Center pylon? Gun pod and fairing?
  2. With all the 3d printing out there, has anyone done some new pylons, exhausts, and a gun pod? I know aires did a pit and wheel wells, is there anything else I can throw at it? Thanks
  3. Did anyone ever do a sheet of phantom walkway decals for the USAF birds (similar the the Speed hunter graphics sheet 48-021? Thanks Rob
  4. DBL check the wingtips.....some USAF A-1s did not have the wing tip lights. Rob
  5. Was wondering...... are you going to do the thimble nose and the vertical tail fillet/strake/extension (what ever you call it lol)? thanks
  6. I would like to see hasegawa expand the line. I like the approach......very good out of the box and relatively easy to build. Perhaps spin off into early jets. Retool the F-86, add the panther/ cougar (I know the Fishers kits are out there but sadly they are gone/ very pricey), throw in some banshees, and add a new tool (hasegawa level) f-80/ t-33/ F-94 line........that would keep me busy for a while lol.
  7. Did anyone ever do a resin seat with belts for the 86d? Thanks in advance, Rob
  8. Thanks for the replies.....! Rob
  9. I was wondering did anyone ever do seamless intakes........also new landing gear? I know SAC made some but they are a little lacking. Thanks Rob
  10. Sharp build....love the markings. Wish they were more easily obtained.
  11. if you are not happy with the quote....you could always add "another" scheme and the ATARS jet.
  12. Amazing!....If this file were to be made available.....it may force me to buy a printer and learn something new.......limitless potential
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