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  1. Makes u wonder, how do u get the b fuselage correct in length and the d/g wrong?
  2. I was wondering? Has anyone compared the fuselages (trump B vs. D) ? I was wondering if the B has the correct length. I have an airfix parts kit....it is missing the port fuselage and cockpit. I thought about using the engine, cowl, and spats as a conversion kit......thoughts? Thanks
  3. A Seiran would be pretty neat.....I would prefer a Jill, Kate, Grace, Myrt, or Dinah though.
  4. Any Chance you will blow the A-7 intake up to 32nd? You could get a B or E intake. Thoughts? Thanks!
  5. It is my understanding that during the second deployment to Vietnam the 104s were painted in SEA and RWR gear was added ( I may be off here). Did the 104s still perform escort duty at this time? I though I saw where they went up with a gun only due to NVAF reluctance to engage the starfighter. Does anyone have a pic of a SEA painted bird with 4 external tanks (2 wing tip/ 2 under wing)? Thanks
  6. How do the decals line up with the meteor mk IV kit board? Do they fit it? Thanks Rob
  7. I think this is the same plastic...... review from "way back" Old HS 21c 1/18 262 review
  8. If it is the JSI/Merritt/ 21 Century......it will have flaps and slats.......I suspect there is a 2 seater as well. I hope our friends at MPM/HPH, who did an 18th scale 262, can put together a detail set for this kit.
  9. Thanks for the conformation and link.....I wonder if the bay was repainted later in life?
  10. I know early on the av bay was that metallic blue green color.....I also know at some point the av bay was painted white....I think it is around 1980 but can't confirm it. When did the change occur? Also if an early jet went through depot mtc say in 1990 would the blue green get changed to white? Thanks
  11. RoG Eurofighter I seem to recall someone did the extra pylons and some other parts for the eurofighter.....Who was it are they still available? Does anyone know how the Aires engines and cockpit fit? thanks!
  12. I wonder if the fuselage is correct length? i know there was discussion the D/G was to long.
  13. is there a review of this kit any where? I get the cockpit issue....how is the rest of it shapes etc? Thanks Rob
  14. Are you going to re do the tails? The lack on the exhaust held me off last time. Now that the exhaust is available.......i would go for 2 full sets if possible. Rob
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