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  1. Does anyone make cockpit decals for a mig 29a? The kit instrument decal are not the best. Rob
  2. What color are the intakes all the way back to the fans? Are they the same as the underside color.....natural metal....some type of gray/white? Thanks, Rob
  3. Built these 2 a while back. The A-4c is a hasegawa kit with an old Condor conversion applied. Lady Jessie is a Trumpeter kit with a few extra parts added. Honestly I thought they were pretty close in shape. After filling, sanding, and rescribing.....they are about the same shape....close enough for me. Your mileage may vary.
  4. Wow your Nesher looks fantastic. Thanks for the information! Rob
  5. I have used the Rhino intakes on an E build....worked great. I hope Red Fox or Quinta will do a F-18F cockpit set
  6. Kinetic did a F-86-40......The kit has the wing tips as separate. It gives you both the long span wing tips for the slatted bird as well as the short span wing tips. It has the ideal wing to do a short span slatted wing found on Canadian and German birds. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/kitdb/details.php?kit=1187 Rob
  7. Looking for a nesher conversion and Israeli decals for the Italeri kit. Any one know if such a set exists? I know isra did one for the revell kit. I am looking for something that is designed to work with the newer model. Thanks Rob
  8. Was wondering, can I decal directly over the paint? I know, gloss before decal......but I was hoping I could get away with it. Thanks
  9. Thanks all.....I have done a few fixes.....sorted the wing/ fuselage positioning. Not even going to try the belly tank....I may shorten the main struts a tad.....the model will be buried in my case and will not see the light of day lol.....that said....I just cant get past that intake because the nose is front and center. O' real quick.......is the cockpit of a F1/3 gray or black? I have seen both......I think lol.
  10. Was wondering.....has anyone come up with good way to complete the intake? Not sure what trumpeter was thinking. Thx!
  11. Seamless resin intakes for the Tamiya phantom that use the kit intake ramp, I am a little spoiled as the last couple phantoms I built used the Dmold and the Rhino intakes. I have found those easier to paint/ deal with......Don't get me wrong the SH and GT parts look great but I have yet to master the use of kilz without making a monster mess. Does anyone know where I could find the Rhino or Dmold intakes? thanks
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