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  1. Perhaps i missed it.....but it seems the rear gunners fire control is missing. Not to mention. The rear "glass" appears to be more like a water bomber/ A-26k.
  2. A cylinder short.......could explain the small looking engine cowl.
  3. I know it has issues.....My question is does the Revell He-219 "need" the brass gear? I know the kit requires a lot of nose weight? Do the brass gear fit? Thanks Rob
  4. While I agree with the most of the comments here the "smaller" jet aircraft would be pretty slick in 24th. They would probably sale. I would certainly buy one, however if you are going to dream...... F-4, F-8, F-100, F-104, F-101, F-106, F-102....and Yes a 105 ( i know they would be huge) but hey it cant be worse than the wing span of the 32nd Lancaster or Liberator right? F-15, F-16, F-14, F-18......The 16, 14 and 18 were produced in 1/18th ......so at least 24th would be smaller LOL. Rob
  5. I was looking to get a few parts from Zactoman, I reached out through the zacto website email to ask about availability. I have not recieved a response...is everything ok there? 2nd GFactor brass landing gear for an Academy F-18.....where can you find them? I have looked all over. Thanks
  6. Makes u wonder, how do u get the b fuselage correct in length and the d/g wrong?
  7. I was wondering? Has anyone compared the fuselages (trump B vs. D) ? I was wondering if the B has the correct length. I have an airfix parts kit....it is missing the port fuselage and cockpit. I thought about using the engine, cowl, and spats as a conversion kit......thoughts? Thanks
  8. A Seiran would be pretty neat.....I would prefer a Jill, Kate, Grace, Myrt, or Dinah though.
  9. Any Chance you will blow the A-7 intake up to 32nd? You could get a B or E intake. Thoughts? Thanks!
  10. It is my understanding that during the second deployment to Vietnam the 104s were painted in SEA and RWR gear was added ( I may be off here). Did the 104s still perform escort duty at this time? I though I saw where they went up with a gun only due to NVAF reluctance to engage the starfighter. Does anyone have a pic of a SEA painted bird with 4 external tanks (2 wing tip/ 2 under wing)? Thanks
  11. How do the decals line up with the meteor mk IV kit board? Do they fit it? Thanks Rob
  12. I think this is the same plastic...... review from "way back" Old HS 21c 1/18 262 review
  13. If it is the JSI/Merritt/ 21 Century......it will have flaps and slats.......I suspect there is a 2 seater as well. I hope our friends at MPM/HPH, who did an 18th scale 262, can put together a detail set for this kit.
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