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  1. Loft insulation would be a thing of the past
  2. These are the white tanks which were converted fuel tanks to hold a different liquid. They were filled via the nozzle on top of the tank just aft of the nose. Simply triggered by the pilot and dispensed via the outlet at the rear. I’m told the tanks were filled by Porton Down staff (even though there was no chemicals) and flown by any of the resident fast jet Test Pilot aircrew. They would “attack” the Army on exercises around the UK during the NBC phase. A colleague in my old work said he’d been attacked on exercise in his barmy Army days and it did change the colour of the detection paper, and made it easier for DS staff to see who’d been contaminated.
  3. I sharpen the toothpick to a point (lethal sometimes) and have had a good success rate.
  4. Or turn the heating off for a day Or you could argue the £67 gizzit from the Government actually means the kit is only £30 something pounds
  5. Same, but also my gut feeling said no. I hope this a leap forward over the old kit.
  6. As per my Sea Fury just posted this was finished only a couple of weeks ago. This is the 1/32 scale FGA.9 kit made up to be 601 in the proper colours in my view. This is how I remember it when working at BD and I never felt it wore the ripple paint scheme very well. So it was my intention to build it up as a TWCU aircraft with some nice shiney SNEBs, however soon as I started those voices said otherwise. The kit is as has been mentioned with the usual pit falls but mainly it a very underestimated kit and super value. The cockpit had the extra couple of instruments added and all along I intended to add a pilot (courtesy of PJ) and in this stance. I wanted to imagine that the engine is running just prior to leaving the line. The Porton tanks were made using extensive references and I used my 3D printer for the flat noses. First time I’ve used it in anger and they were mated to the kit tanks. Then the very visual weld lines and the filling cap above the nose was added. The spray dispensing tube from round rod and drilled out. I then added 10 thou plasticard wrapped around the body of the tank. I left a small join line on the sides and used decals to replicate the tightening braces on the sides. They were both then sprayed Gloss appliance white. The fuel tanks sprayed red and a little wear on the noses added by using the dabbing of a sponge method. Aircraft was then painted and some sun bleaching added to some panels of the red spine. The badge on the fin is of A squadron which they added on some of the fleet occasionally. The square non standard item under the cockpit in leu of the gun compartment is a TACAN system added some time ago, but over the years it had various colours added to it. Oh the worn white outline on the fin flash is on purpose!. Airbrushed with my badger 200 and I used Xtracrylix and Revell paints and Matt varnished with Windsor & Newton.
  7. Hi all, I finally managed to take photos this morning of a build I finished a couple of months ago, having got a decent base which I received yesterday. The base is 45 x 45cm and is my generic base for Boscombe Down a/c in the 70/80’s. The colour is actually quite sandy and was sprayed with various shades of browns and some dirtying up. Equally of the period, there are no follow me white lines just the white parking spots. I found a photo on the internet of the Swiss hunters parked up from the IAT, so took my join line references from that. I purchased this kit from a very good friend on mine that I’ve known for yonks and has always helped along the way. I built this as a therapy build having dislocated my knee cap whilst gardening. So whilst waiting for a operation this was to stop me going mad whilst mobility was restricted. it’s the Fisher Item and I’ve built his Hunter T7 conversion but this was my first full resin kit. Overall I enjoyed the kit with some fit issues but we got there in the end. Made up as the A&AEE aircraft (pre-crash) using reference photos from the internet and old colleagues from Boscombe Down with additional antenna on the upper wing and period RBF tags made up on a word document and scaled down. Not much else to say as others have already done so.
  8. I used this when it first came out and was a massive step forward in silver paint. They say you should use black as an undercoat, but I experimented with all sorts of colours to give different panels shades and it worked. Generally gloss black will give you an excellent silver panel. After I sprayed it I even matt’d off a couple of panels, which proved quite effective. Have a go experimenting though on a test piece though before risking your hard work.
  9. Well I was looking in scalemates and came across this - Tornado Falklands; https://uprise-decal.ru/urs4813 and these https://www.scalemates.com/kits/uprise-urs329l-tornado-adv-f3-low-high-viz-stencils--1402368 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/uprise-ur32134-urxx134-tornado-f3-adv-25-sqn-anniversary--1301588
  10. When I used to do the show circuit in the UK it was always a lottery transporting the kits, I think I was quite lucky. However there was one member of the club who was a very accomplished modeller who could show the circle of life of a kit - Make/Complete/disassemble in one fowl swoop. He’d always turn up with a box of bits and spend the show repairing it. With regards postal/courier shipping, I’ve sold some on eBay and they have gone mainly to mainland Europe with a variety of success. Aerials being the weakest part. I used to pop into my works stores department and use their packing facilities and use the eBay courier service with a disclaimer in the sales script. Never had any come back though as the buyers were pragmatic about what they purchased…….
  11. Well I’ve never seen anything like that before. A massive accolade for being different. Now I’m not really into my Spitfires (strange for a Brit), I like them but wouldn’t have a clue about variants etc….. Yours is crying out for a Dio though with ground crew and battery trolley etc, that’s a competition winner all day long.
  12. Blimey, I hope it all goes well for you both as you both go through this tough time.
  13. That’s a blast from the past!. We had this when stationed in Germany, we called it a Chunder book.
  14. Well I don’t know how I missed this, but I did. As above I don’t see the attraction with biplanes, but that is blo*dy brilliant. Your exceptional eye for paint has made up for what others would have thrown a pile of AM at it. A gentle reminder that it’s not always needed. Tremendous.
  15. Yep a good site and equally a good interviewer. My favourite is with Dave Southwood as I was ground crew when he was going through ETPS.
  16. Is it a non-restricted show this year, ie pre-COVID.
  17. Just what I was thinking
  18. Me to. When Iain posted that thread of Tims creation, I just couldn’t believe my luck. The more Iain posted I was more determined to get one. For me this was a JETMADS VIGGEN moment; I had to have it……
  19. Those fuel tanks are the same as the similar sized 4 fin’d tanks, but they would remove the top 2 fins which meant the tank could then go supersonic. 4 fin’d tanks were limited to subsonic. Watch the height of the kit NLG as it’s too long and will make the kit sit obviously nose high!. Excellent work so far though
  20. Here you go https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/c/132-resin
  21. Hi Rod that’s a very nice build and your photography is flawless and with a phone!. I thought modellers had to be photography enthusiast as well with all the gear, I’m definitely not. if I may and I’m probably wrong, just check the dangle of your main rotor blades, are you sure they droop like that?.
  22. Equally I was also thinking if this was still on after your recent Slingsby posts. I’m definitely still interested and can’t wait. I’d be happy with just the kit in any form Tim produces. I’m personally inclined to the Testing aircraft and the ETPS one that replaced the Lightning. I’m sure we’ve all got white letters & numbers in the spares decal file but as kagemusha says the pink taileron marker and wings walk ways would be appreciated. But then a decal sheet may make it more attractive purchase as a job lot. Steve.
  23. Cool subject but I’ll hang out for a T.11.
  24. Once it’s out you’ll never get it back in
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