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  1. Having looked at your pictures I think you are pushing the boundaries of making too many assumptions that there is a side window under the open canopy, just my thoughts there is too much glare and enlarging the picture does not help. As a little bit of further information I am looking to produce some decal options and some conversion and detail sets for the Hellcat, and some of these include points raised just in the few posts above. I do not want to divulge too much information just yet, hope to in the next 2-3 weeks have some further details. (Just in case you do not know me and or my products, you can find me at aerocraftmodels.com) i already have some undercarriage and tyre options for the Hellcat. Ali
  2. Hi Guys I hope that these should please many of you there are some new sets in production for the BIG CAT.......... Brass undercarriage set and doors for the Hellcat https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/airfix-hellcat-brass-undercarriage-and-wheel-doors Three different tyre options for the Hellcat https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/airfix-hellcat-tyres-cross-hatch-type https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/airfix-hellcat-tyres-straight-running-tread https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/airfix-hellcat-tyres-cruciform-block-pattern cheers Ali
  3. Hi Guys I have a new set of brass undercarriage in production for the MiniArt Triebflugel, please see my website https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/miniart-focke-wulf-triebflugel-brass-undercarriage cheers Ali
  4. Hi Guys Just a quick one, I have just posted some details in the vendors section, where I believe that it belongs, so pop over there and have a read.......... you guys can drag it back in here if you like to chat further. cheers Ali
  5. Hi Guys I have and I am still working on some replacement turrets for the Hobby Boss B-24 Liberator. These are proving to be a lot more difficult than would first appear, and I have already done and discarded a few basic masters already. It is not only just how to make the master but then and or also how to cast it. I need to get the master good, and figure the assembly of it all to enable the clear domes to be cast and then how to integrate the, gun slots and the 'bulged' metal sections as separate parts. Before anybody asks yes I do have the Hasegawa / Eduard 1/72 scale kits and am trying to use those as a basic design pattern, BUT it is a lot more tricky when upscaling it all and designing it all to work with silicone moulds and resin. Over the past few months I have spent quite a lot on reference materials including kits and books, casting materials, and have just sent sketches to be drawn in 3d for some parts that I will get printed, some are only sections to help me do casting. As with all of this there is a lot of trial and error, and once I have the basic 'shells' correct I will have to look and see what will need revising for the interior parts to work. There is a strong possibility that the interior parts will need changing. So far with my investigation the front turret requires the most changes the top and the rear less so but changes are needed. As many of you know there are variations on the turrets but first of all I will be working to represent the Emerson nose turret, the Consair rear turret and the Martin top turret. At this stage I cannot and will not be able to provide a time scale and or price, but the sooner the better for me, but I am only human and I need to complete the two projects mentioned below and the turrets are going to take some time to get them correct. Although I will try my best there could be hurdles along the way, and I am not easily beaten BUT, it needs to work for me and work for the customers. Non LSP information, but just to keep those interested in the loop 1/48 Hunter T.7 masters are progressing well, decals are currently being drawn for the first two box options, there will be a few releases of this set in a few different guises. I hope to have some pictures and more information up in the next two weeks. I need to get back to the high altitude 1/72 Wellington, but I can say that I and Franta of DK Decals have been working together on the project and I can tell you that he has already drawn three schemes all quite different, that will be placed on a various decal sheet in the near future. The other tricky part is the clear resin, to keep that part short and simple I have been testing and working with some new clear, and it is yielding varied results but I am getting better with it and I really need a break through with it as ALL of the above projects require it to work. Also once clear works well I can hopefully get the P-51 canopies out, well I am re-working the masters for those as well... they may come out sooner than the B-24 stuff...... So please be patient but for now you know what I am working on, however I hasten to add this is all in my 'spare' time after the day job............ cheers Ali
  6. My input is much like ziggyfoos, also as a aftermarket supplier, the vendors board is the place that is designed to be used by us vendors as such to promote our products. I think where D.B.Andrus was also making a point is now in the 'turret topic thread' you 109ace started talking about and asking for ideas on and thoughts on totally different scale and topics to that of 1/32 scale turrets for the 1/32 scale Liberator. So it is up to the Moderators to decide how and where you and or I or any other vendor posts, on various new products and especially when it concerns differing scales and subjects. Ali
  7. Alley Cat was mine, but 4 1/2 years ago Alec Smith took it over from me, my new little venture is Aerocraft models, but Alec has most if not all the product that I made and developed. Just look for Alley Cat models on the web. Ali
  8. Thanks Dave you found some really great pictures there, thanks for sharing cheers Ali
  9. Thanks Ray, this has made my day just the markings I was looking for my favourite little FELIX.......having seen the decal sheet I know and or almost 100% sure all the decals that I really need to fit, will fit, others can be adjusted or painted. Had no idea that these were even printed, went to the afterburner link at bottom of review that no longer works so I presume they are no more. Did a search and found some in stock at Sprue Brothers......so they are now on order, just need to wait for the delivery. Ali
  10. Cool news, I have just purchased a 1/48 scale kit, but to do one in 1/32 will be even better.......looking forward to this release....wow so many exciting choices these days Ali
  11. This is a really frustrating topic as just before this 'PHANTOM' Phantom kit was announced by HKM. I was all go to start pattern making on a conversion for the Tamiya kit. I had gathered loads of information and had even gone on a special trip to a museum approx 100 miles from where I live, to take pictures and some measurements of a real Phantom, I even dragged my wife along and promised her a good day out, a picnic and a cup of afternoon tea and cake at a garden centre, well somebody was needed to hold the other side of the tape measure. When this was announced I packed it all up and started waiting for baited breath for the kit to appear, here we are 3 1/2 years later with still just hope and wishes. I do sympathise with HKM a little, that is why I have stopped announcing projects before I have really got things in order for a release, before announcing it to the world, I got caught out many times before. BIG lesson DO not tell everybody what you are doing before you can deliver. Many companies do it and succeed but I recon more announce and fail to deliver, I am talking from cottage industry all the way through to large model companies. I know I could have developed and produced a conversion at a much better price that the CE conversion, even at 'normal' price for that conversion, never mind the silly prices that they reached. Any how I have moved on and like the rest of you live in hope we will see one one day, reasonably accurate and at a 'reasonable' price. Ali
  12. yes these ones are being done by DK Decals, their decals are really good and work well, just used some on a 1/72 Wellington see http://www.dkdecals.cz/ DK decals are sold by Hannants and other retailers, I think this set is due out in a month or two Ali
  13. Thanks guys for all the orders, many of you would have been notified your orders are on the way. For the ones that have not been notified as yet fear not yours will be sent soon, when the next batch is delivered from the casters, should be within the next week. Nice new picture of actual parts cast in brass cheers Ali
  14. Just incase some have missed it, there is now a set of u/c internal parts available through me. see the vendors section for details, or go directly to my website. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/internal-undercarriage-set-for-hobby-boss-b-24-liberator cheers Ali
  15. Thanks guys, thanks Iain for the link correction, I have fixed that now, cheers Ali
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