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  1. Thanks for the interest guys. I may look at this, but I need to see what changes will be needed to the fuselage and or canopy rails. HOWEVER one thing at a time, I need to get the one lot of patterns finished first.
  2. Hey guys, I am not a moderator and do not pretend to be one, but I would much prefer to see everyone discussing the models than taking swipes back and forth as to how much people choose to sell items for. you decide a price, if somebody pays that price or bids up to a price then it is up to them, no one forces anybody, it happens everyday in life HOWEVER CAN WE KEEP THIS TO LIGHTNINGS
  3. It is almost ready for release, a few niggles in the way, I was hoping to have that and the F-14’s released a week or so ago………however nothing seems to go to plan watch this space hopefully there will be a result this week
  4. Thank you for that, I was almost sure but thought I would confirm
  5. One thing at a time, not saying no but neither yes just at the moment,
  6. See my home page under vendors
  7. This has been hanging around for a while, Ben Standen, did the original CAD work, the files are printed as can be seen, I need to do some corrections and add surface details. The canopy is still the biggest challenge, but I have some trial parts in development for this. I intend to resin cast the major parts, the smaller parts and the cockpit details will be 3D printed parts along with some decals. I am wanting to keep the price as competitive as I possibly can and therefore at this stage I am not intending to do engine detail, other than a cylinder detail that can be seen through the intake. I intend to offer separate flying surfaces, but what is the thought on the flaps being separate parts, as when parked I think that they are mostly in the neutral position. At this stage I cannot commit to a release date, but realistically it would be summer 2023.
  8. Oh that sounds good my BIRTHDAY….. pity I will not be able to open it on the day though!
  9. From a thread in Britmodeller it looks like these two kits have been re-released in China, and the news is that they will be released in the U.K. in the coming weeks. I had a quick look on ebay and a few sellers in China have them for £105 to £120.00 for either of the kit options.
  10. Hi Cees which set did you purchase, I am just curious GENERAL NOTE Thanks to those that have given me a vote of support in this thread and the forum, and to those that have purchased sets. I am investigating ways to offer more undercarriage sets in the future but I need to see how to reduce or eliminate get the brass cast, as that is the very expensive part and I have no control over the price I get charged. However due to material and labour increases world wide this is not going to improve, and there is no way I can set up to cast brass in production myself. The one set that is hugely expensive is the Lancaster set for the HKM kit, the price is due sheer size and actual weight of parts and size of the mould required. I am pondering to do it for the Border kit, but possibly with some changes.
  11. Tony is that what they have said, even if you have a really accurate kit in out line but it is over complicated and does not fit well, then you may as well not worry in my view. However I am really interested to see these get released as and when, along with the ‘make up of the kit’ along with the pricing structure. I still cannot but think they have made a huge commitment for a new company with the three kits they have announced. However they will have my full support if they pull it off.
  12. I am sorry for the delay, there is no real excuse anymore for this delay, but I promise it will happen but I am not going to commit to a date right now, I do not want to disappoint any more than I have already, man I must be mad I have had decals printed and in safe storage for 2 years………… time to get the rocket up my……and move this along
  13. Thank you Richard for this post, it is appreciated. I will always strive to do my best and fix whatever I can, I also try to do as much as possible to the best of my ability and offer good products at favourable prices. THIS IS NOT POINTED AT YOU SPECIFICALLY as we have now reconciled this point and issue and no further discussion is required. BUT MY BIGGEST ISSUE IS THE FOLLOWING If anybody has any issue with any product not just mine, approach the manufacturer in the first instance no matter what it is, and even more so if it is a small company or a one man band, to often really decent companies or products that have taken years to established are torn down in a matter of milliseconds, due to a small error or omission. Thanks for the support Chris, you are a really helpful chap to have around, by the way guys, many of you got the F-14 undercarriage thanks to Chris being kind enough to loan me parts and help, with developing the sets.
  14. Superb, very well done for a good kit but it is pretty basic, with lots of work required.
  15. If I was you guys with the FISHER KITS, I would either build them and enjoy them OR hold on a few more months to see IF and when these other kits materialise. As we know they still have the Scimitar and the Hornet to release. I always take these big adventure announcements a little cautiously until we really start seeing more evidence that the product will be produced. I really wish these guys the very best BUT to commit 3 large subjects all with injected moulded tooling, I really do hope that they have very deep pockets or amazing funding. I do hope that they come off as I would certainly like a SEA FURY and a HORNET, two of my all time favourites, however pricing will be another crucial point.
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