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  1. Out of curiosity what needs doing on clear parts?
  2. Thank you for the input Dave, I had heard that once or twice before that is why I was doing a bit more of a poll before I spend time and money on developing a set.
  3. Thank you for this Andy. I am never quite sure if I can promote in this area openly, but quite agree when I do put a comment to a post or get coverage here the footfall and interest is much higher, in my products, so it would be great if the guy’s do look around the areas on the website.
  4. Hi Guy’s a quick sort of snap survey how many would be interested in a set of brass/ 3D printed undercarriage for this kit. this would be done in a similar way to the way I have done the 1/48 scale set for HKM. I did a full brass set for the 1/32 HKM kit BUT THAT IS VERY EXPENSIVE (£70.00) and due to price increases that would now need to go up even further so I estimate I could do a hybrid brass/ 3D set for around £45.00 to £50.00 for the Border kit, this would offer improved strength and some better detail. AS A GUIDE AND ONLY A GUIDE THE SET WOULD LOOK SIMILAR TO THE 1/48 SET…….SEE LINK BELOW https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/avro-lancaster-brass-and-3d-printed-undercarriage-set-for-the-hk-models-kit The next thing is would anybody in the U.K. be interested in purchasing the development kit from me when I have made the undercarriage? I would suggest U.K. ONLY, due to size and cost of shipping. IF it all works OUT, I would sell the kit for £600.00 and include a set of the new upgraded undercarriage parts, BUT, some parts would be off sprues. For a sale to an address in the U.K. the price would include a delivery, other than Highlands and Islands. for the survey purpose this will be from now 8pm U.K. time 30/6/22 to 6pm 01/7/22 I have a kit on back order but due to the high cost I am wanting to get some kind of indication.
  5. No idea to be honest, I am using kit parts that are on loan to me for the two kits, and this alone has and is being enough of a challenge. I am doing some parts in brass, some will be 3D printed and then others you will be required to use parts from the kits. So the combinations become endless, with all the parts that make up these u/c sets. If I was to choose one of the sets to MAKE fit say the Revell kit, I would go for the Tamiya set. The reason being without knowing what you get in the Revell wheel bays it will be much easier to create ‘sockets’ in the wheel bays for the U/C parts to be located in. it is quite interesting to see how Trumpeter copied many ideas from the Tamiya kit, and then put their own spin on it, but mostly I say the Tamiya design is better, but Trumpeter win with better crisper detail being the newer kit.
  6. just a heads up I am hoping to release these sets in the next few weeks, brass parts are being cast at the moment cheers Ali the design has been tweaked and changed since these pictures, a big one for the Trumpeter set the main undercarriage brass parts now go all the way into the attachment point. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/93241-132-f-14-undercarriage-sets-for-tamiya-and-trumpeter-kits-now-under-development/
  7. FANTASTIC MODEL, exceptional finish and details
  8. Tom that is absolutely fantastic, exceptional work, well done. ONE OF MY FAVORITE ALL TIME MODELS.
  9. Thanks for the shout out Robert, looking forward to seeing the kit built up. see my website for the instructions if you have not seen them as yet.
  10. I was not aware of these decals, and some of the others they do. Not making any promises let me see what I can try and arrange during next week. South Africa is my place of birth and the first 38 years of my life. I still have contact with some of the ‘LOCAL TRIBESMEN’ that also happen to be modellers, and one even lives in Durban. Their website is confusing as in one place they say they will ship overseas and that it will be calculated at checkout, but then there is no option when you try that? I am sure I can work something out, to get some to me and then I can send them on to you. Should anyone else be interested do let me know in the next few days, and then I can add to the order perhaps. Ali
  11. I fully agree with you, my main point it is one thing filling sanding and painting over everything, just then to reinstate what you want or need is tricky. This may turn out a lot better than I / we think, so time will tell. Many will not even worry about it and just build it, but if it is priced similar to the Helldiver basic kit, then in U.K. terms £100.00 is creeping up on price for a kit that MAY need a fair bit of work for a good finish. In the past and even on some current releases Airfix and Revell get serious criticism for panels lines that I am sure are much better than what HPH are providing. So my hope HPH will evolve and improve as many other companies are. At the end of the day it is a VAMPIRE, and at least one will slip in my door.
  12. I mentioned the rivets on Britmodeller and I got shot down saying we should be grateful in getting a Vampire. But to be honest they look far too over done and soft on the pictures they have shown so far. The airframe is a lot smoother and to correct this detail could be tricky and a lot work. I bought the Helldiver and then sold it because of the surface features, but I will probably buy a VAMPIRE, because it is a favourite and I may even see what sets I could do for it for my Aerocraft range. It would be great if they could start improving the surface details, as there are other future releases I would like to get as well, like the VAL.
  13. For the later Mk.1 you just need the tail modification, the early ones had a different canopy.
  14. Derek I have a set of drawings that were drawn by Stewart Hargrave in 1991, with the Echelon name on it, I will email you about it.
  15. I am sure all the mask making companies will do some soon, Eduard I am sure will do some, but every day I look I seem to see a new mask manufacturer, so I cannot see that being a problem
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