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  1. Smeds

    HK Lancaster

    NOT !!! Been there, done that. Twice, no thanks lol
  2. Smeds

    HK Lancaster

    £340 posted @ veteranus model kits on Facebook. Apparently, the RRP is £400.
  3. Smeds

    HK Lancaster

    Luckily, I'm not married
  4. Smeds

    HK Lancaster

    Just placed my order for the HK Lancaster. All paid up, now waiting........
  5. Smeds

    Couple of my recent builds

    Thanks guys.
  6. Revell Lynx cross kitted HAS.3 & Mk.88 to produce an HMA.8. Pitot has since been moved under the nose to its correct location. Revell Red Arrows Hawk T.1a. Pilot form an F-4 Phantom, metal pitot probe and Airfix 1/24 stand, otherwise OOB.
  7. Smeds

    F-100 U/C doors

    I have the Trumpy F-100. I have seen pics of Hun's parked with main gear doors open and closed. I assume its a hydraulics thing. Does anyone know for sure.
  8. Smeds

    Revell Hunter FGA.9 Questions

    If you can find one, True Details do a resin cockpit.
  9. Smeds

    Kitty Hawk Open 1/32 Poll.

    OOhhh AArrrr a Jagwaaaar
  10. Smeds

    Airfix Typhoon

    Sorry guys these are the only pics I have.
  11. Smeds

    Airfix Typhoon

    Thanks guys
  12. Smeds

    New Tornado kit? Computer says yes?

    I worked on 617 Sqn, and when our jets were parked, the flaps n slats were deployed unless we were on detatchment, they were raised after the lineys had checked them.
  13. Smeds

    B-25 Mk.III

    Thanks guys. I'm wanting to build a kit with invasion stripes, so I guess I'll have to go with the gun nose version.
  14. Smeds

    B-25 Mk.III

    Guys, I'm wanting to build an RAF Mitchell Mk.III. Can it be built from HK's 'J' glass nose ?