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  1. I have recently accquired the HKM Dambuster Lancaster kit. I am looking for the Large bomb aimer bubble window without the small round aerials. Anyone know of anyone making any? I know Iconicair did a few, but seem to be not making them anymore..
  2. I am building a Tamiya F-4J as an F-4J {UK}. I have the Yellowhammer decals but paint is causing issues. I like to use Humbrol aerosol acrylics, I need 165, 166 and 167. I can get 165 but no 166 or 167. So, I am looking for other manufacturer equivelant, any one know of any ?
  3. "I’ve added seat cushions from Milliput, the gunners seat would really give you a sore a***" I believe the crew sat on their parachutes.
  4. Hi Keven H,h ave a look at LSP info. Basically what I do is on the reply box, you see "insert other media" bottom right corner. Tap on that, insert your link to pics from URL or existing attatchment. HTH
  5. Nose and tail turrets under construction.
  6. Thanks for the info Cees.
  7. Does anyone know if the Dambuster Lanc had the early or late bomb aimer blister. I have searched on line, but can't really tell from the pics I have seen.
  8. You are correct, the leg restraints were indeed blue.
  9. Made a tentative start on the HKM Lancaster. Will build mine as a Dambuster using the Icinicair conversion set. Pilots seat not glued in yet. I'm not the fastest builder, so will update as and when.
  10. The Trumpeter A-10B N/AW sold quite well. Only one built !!
  11. Got mine for £340 posted from Veteranus, delivered the day after they got them in. Very happy bunny.
  12. Or, how about an old warbird being restored !!
  13. Great start mate. Tornado has MB type 10A, Hawk has MB type 10B. I believe the main difference is the Tornado seats have arm restraints. I worked on Hawks at No.1 TWU RAF Brawdy and 4 FTS RAF Valley, Also maintained the seats at Scampton for the Reds. Never saw the drop tanks fitted.
  14. Looks great mate. I've got the HKM Lancaster coming and I have Kits World decals for Bob Knights KC-A DV385. I would really like to do the Dambuster especially as 617 is my old Squadron.
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