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  1. Might be of help for the canopy https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/english-electric-lightning-replacement-canopy-set-for-1-32-trumpeter-kit
  2. Just bagged myself 2 x Trumpeter Lightning F.1A/F.3 kits. One came with some AM goodies
  3. I paid a lot, but then there are not many around for sale and we all know what happened to Paul Fishers property/business a few years back. So, expensive, yes, but will we see another kit anytime soon?? Personally, I think Airfix should give us one in 1/24 scale along the lines of the Typhoon and Hellcat.
  4. In the UK, yes.
  5. Bagged a complete not started Trumpeter A-10A N/AW for £40. Upon opening the box, it had a Verlinden resin cockpit set and unknown resin wheels. Kaarrcchhiinngg !!!
  6. Well, I'm one happy camper. I have just taken delivery of a Fisher Sea Fury And just bagged a Hobbycraft Sea Fury
  7. That gun pack looks the mutts nuts !!! Exactly as I remember them when fitting/removing them at Brawdy.
  8. I am surprised no one has produced a 1/32/35 SeaKing yet, apart from the Sunray one that is.
  9. Here you can see the cross at bottom right of the door. https://walkaround.rajce.idnes.cz/McDonnell_Douglas_Phantom_FGR.2/322546629
  10. We sure did. There was a dayglo cross on the right hand side of the front undercarriage door for quick harmonisation of the gun.
  11. There is the Merit 1/18 Dauntless 3/4. No AM as I know of, have been searching but found nothing yet. I have found some 1/18 seat belt buckles for cars though, so ordered those.
  12. Those bomb winches are type C hoist, might help in your search.
  13. Hi Tom, I have an Avenger TBM-3 stalled project. If the radome is any good to you, its yours. It is attatched to the fuselage though.
  14. Braz do a TBM-3W conversion set, includes the radome, could you use that ?
  15. I have recently accquired the HKM Dambuster Lancaster kit. I am looking for the Large bomb aimer bubble window without the small round aerials. Anyone know of anyone making any? I know Iconicair did a few, but seem to be not making them anymore..
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