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  1. Not an aircraft, but a rare kit that was on sale: Ancestor of the reknown German WW2 8-wheeled heavy armored cars. elmarriachi has built one here at LSP. My copy has the number 183. Enjoy! - dutik
  2. Very nice one! With all this extra armor and armament allaround you can use it as a pillbox in case of an emergenca landing Regards - dutik
  3. Nice effort so far This is the really old FW-190 kit. They missed the exhausts on the belly... I've tried to correct this (have this kit on the shelf of doom) but this is a major effort. In hindsight: go with this kit as is, it is not that noticable with the bird resting on is legs. Same with the rivets: If you lose some of them, just scrap off the same rivets at the other side of the aircraft to get a symmetrical look, and everything is fine. If you sand down all the rivets a bit and add a dark latewar camouflage it will have the right look and feel of a Fw-190 and everything will be fine Regards - dutik
  4. Wonderful. Simply amazing. Michelangelo would be proud of your work. Well, there are no stars, so I give you five smileys Regards - dutik
  5. This turned out really nice! Congratulations! Well, the odd camo was the reason too I've build mine. It is a much too nice canvas to miss it Wasn't aware that the lower antenna is retractable. Showed it folded down. A small correction to be made. Thank you for showing! - dutik
  6. About the "less than 25%" rule: Is a single seat fighter kit still qualified, if the main wing parts were glued together before (i. e. one piece lower wing and the two upper halfes)? Of course I will not finish this build in time if I join the GB. It's a tradition (or a curse, depends on your point of view ) but nevertheless I am still trying then and when... Regards - dutik p. s. If it is a point of interest: We are talking about the Avia B.35 czech fighter prototype and one of the very rare Legato kits.
  7. More stuff: Buchon conversion for Hasegawa Bf-109:: Available since some weeks, but it looks so nice: Kitty Hawks "Pave Hawk": Not LSPs, but cute! Indeed: You know the Gladiator, P-51, A-26B from other threads, so here no images of them. Enjoy - dutik
  8. There is a lot more of LSP stuff: Wingnut Wings Lancaster testshot: HP 0/100: Fokker DR.1 Also a late one, in another boxing of the kit. WNW announced a new kit: A Hansa-Brandenburg D.1 "Star Strutter" One more variant of Miniarts Autogyro: Enjoy! - dutik
  9. Watch that sexy Grillpan S-300V radar behind the Invader... Yummie! Ups, I disgressed. The red and black gunnose Invader is tempting. But the camouflaged Invader would make a nice addition to my Biafran AF collection. OK, Kitty Hawk. Please give us an Il-28 Beagle now! Regards - dutik
  10. What a pity! Wish they would make it in 1/32! - dutik
  11. Folks, Hobby Boss revealed a Yak-28PP "Brewer-E" at Nurenberg toy fair! Link here. That is a true WOW! Enjoy! - dutik
  12. Nice progress, Brian! Will watch this closely with the same kit fresh on my pile, but with another japanese subject at the workbench now (Pit roads IJA 28cm siege howitzer). Got the resin wheels too. Have to check the shape of my tailwheel. BTW, I am not sure if the Yahoo dashboard is the correct one for this subtype. ZMs instructions show both subtypes (with and without the circular instrument at the lower centre) depending on the aircraft you are building (marking option A vs. option B ). But for tonight I have had my share of Pinot noir (from the Black Forest, "Cool morning", indeed, yummie!), so i am not able to make it down into the basement to my workbench to check this one - or at least not to make it back to my pc Happy modelling! - dutik
  13. It is a museum model. Here at the HPH homepage. One of it's kind. More images: You see, they know their stuff. The 1/32 IM kit should become a nice one. Regards - dutik
  14. Porco rosso by HPH. (It's their 1/18th resin kit, iirc) Duck and cover - dutik
  15. Good choice! I've build this kit (Armee de l'Air Version) some years ago. Build blog here. The front bulkhead of the cockpit was a bit tricky. Also faced a large gap at on wingroot. Placement of the UC flaps caused some headache (IIRC they overlap somewhat, but the instructions are not very helpful here). Everthing else went smooth. The Montex masks are highly recommended. There is or was a replacement prop/spinner/front end set from Poland (didn't use it, was hard to get so I skipped the idea). Nice idea to build a Finnish one! Have fun! - dutik
  16. Err, Mirage 2000 this is. Something French, somehow Regards - dutik
  17. LEM kits is still busy pumping out LSP kits of aircraft never made as LSP kits before. Not one or two, but a fistful every year. I wish Tan Models would release it's Su-33, but I guess things in Turkeys economy are going sideways nowadays. ZM is busy. They offer new LSP kits before the last had hit the shelves in Europa. That's fast! HPHs injection molding line is looming at the horizon. Let's se what Nurenberg toy fair will bring. We've got brand new kits of both the F-5 and the Rafale. Today there are even both a Mig-23BN and a Mig-27 available. Great times for jet modellers! With 55 unbuild LSP kits in the stash (counted them at years end) my true wish for this or next year is just a re-release of Revells Ju-88A-4, without all that expensive tech gimmicks. Would be a shame not to build up these nice AIMS conversions I have at hand... Regards - dutik
  18. Yepp, it's great. Don't wait, grab your copy while available! Regards - dutik
  19. Finally the Ki-45 Ko/Hei has arrived in Germany. Just a week prior Xmas. Grabbed my copy immediatly: Also got a truly massive russian Bereg SPG from a sale and some nice resin wheels too (on top of the box). The book is a gift from Santa. This one is really amazing - telling the story of the german armor in the Endkampf for Berlin. Inside is a vast collection of photos from wrecks and abandoned vehicles shortly after the fighting as well as from boneyards and also scrapping right in the streets of Berlin. A map of Berlin showing the location of many of the wrecks in the streets - and there are QR codes connected to Google Streets showing you the locations today! Some eyewitness reports and the stories of different attempted outbreaks too. One unit made it from Berlin to Wittenberg at river Elbe... There are photos of the well known big german cats as well as some really odds and ands: A Mark V Hermaphrodite(!), polish 7TPs and FT-17s, a Panzer I with 7,5cm StuG gun, a Kugelblitz, Pz IV turret strongpoints and at least one Panther F that took part in the fightings (well, with a A/G turret, not the Schmalturm, but nevertheless). Really rare and weird stuff, indeed. I am happy, man! Very happy! Regards - dutik
  20. Thank you very much. There is a reasonable offer from a German hobbyshop that fits my wallet, without the need for oversea shipping. Just waiting now for Friday to come. Regards - dutik
  21. Thank you! With upcoming Black Friday sales I am looking for prey... Regards - dutik
  22. Well, just to get it right with the F-5Es delivered from the US to Ethiopia: Which kind of nose cone, pointed or platypus? Which size of LERXes, short or long? Any advice about RWR, flare dispensers, antennas and other small details to get it right? Regards - dutik
  23. Is it possible to build a Peruavian 2000P? And were to get proper decals? Or are there any plans by KH to add more variants? Rgards - dutik
  24. Good day, there are two material variants of gaspatch turnbuckles - resin and metal. Any advices about the pros and cons of these? Which one is better to use? Thank you in advance! - dutik
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