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  1. My apologies to all for not being read in. I’m all for keeping the peace. The turkey made me do it.
  2. Sorry, I’m a little confused here. “Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving folks, “Safe travels....”, “raise a glass....,” “Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday” are offensive?? How?? Nobody said a word about that which apparently cannot be named. John 1 was just telling us what he saw and some of us commiserated because we too remember how busy IAD used to be and wished him a safe and speedy trip home. Has the grinch stolen Thanksgiving as well?
  3. Yer missing wheel is going to be in the last place you look. Or, like my old art professor always said, “Jeeeez! You look but you don’t see!”
  4. Wow. The fact that you were able to fly at all is something to be thankful for. Have a good one and remember to raise a glass for everyone who will be somewhere other than home on Thursday.
  5. Actually, you do have the skills to paint your models, you just don’t know it yet. The only difference between what you are looking for and what we do here is size. We often use a paint mule - a junker model - to practice on. You can do the same thing. The equipment and paints you’ll need might be a little different because you will have more area to cover and your model lives in a different environment, but the principles are the same. Some of the discount tool supply stores sell passable compressors, air brushes and even small paint guns that will work for BIG models for less than you’d
  6. Just finished mine and loved every minute of the build. Listen to Starfighter because everything he said is absolutely true. This is not a big model and with the four blade rotor disk, it takes up less shelf space than you’d think. Werner wings will be your new best friend.
  7. Believe it or not, airplanes are people too. Each was has its own personality. Some have a heart of gold and you just love ‘em to death and others can be as nasty as a contrary wife or a pissed off pitbull.
  8. I so dislike being talked down to. (Not you, Mike). Perhaps I should have used my small words. What I meant to ask is why are old Revelogram kits becoming popular again? Are they better than we thought they were compared to more recent releases? Is it a nostalgia thing for older modelers? Better value for your money? What? The trend is certainly up and I was wondering why.
  9. I’m in one of my “I don’t understand” modes and am puzzled by what appear to me to be some pretty healthy asking prices for even the most mundane injection molded kits. I know I’m old and often wax nostalgic for the good old days when you could buy paint for a nickel a bottle and a decent kit for less than a dollar, but I also know that those days are behind me and that I live in the now. These days retro kits are selling easily for ten times what they cost when originally released decades ago and it’s the same kit! No improvements! Does anyone know why we’re seeing this spike in older kit
  10. Models and kids and people who care. All is right in the world.
  11. I think we all fit that description to some degree. I’m entering my eighth decade soon and until recently had stacks of old black and white aviation related magazines from my early teenage years. Mountains of the stuff. And as soon as I got rid of it, the next day I needed an article from the pile. Which is always the way it goes. And, as for digitized stuff, I find I don’t retain information I see on my monitor the way I do when I glance at a photo on a page. Besides, imaginary ones and zeros and pixels just aren’t the same as a nice cuppa and a book in your lap on rainy day.
  12. I’m always surprised when I pick up an old kit from the place where my kits live until I build them and find the box to be heavy. I shouldn’t be - almost all are chock full of page after page of hard copy research material. Like Mike said, no need to keep the entire mag when only a page or two will do. Pondering further, why do we feel so evilly good about passing our never-used bookish stuff on to someone else who will himself in a couple of years wonder why on earth he agreed to take it? Present company excepted, of course.
  13. And then there is the North American Aviation Vigilante, which no one bothered to mention so far, lusting as you are after an aging and somewhat pedestrian Hawker thing. Pure aeronautical erotica.
  14. Tanks have jacks???? How can you have a flat tire in a tank??
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