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  1. I managed to do some work on and off. Here's the current state of affairs. The engine looks quite nice built-in. Yes I know the panel lines I engraved are horrible Need more practice... Since it does look good, I went through the trouble of making a new, thinner engine cover, made from a beercan, leftover PE fret, and Evergreen strip. The details on the inside are artistic licence and not accurate (as far as I know). The cammo is done too, some minor touching up left to do.
  2. The HGW seatbelts arrived and are in. I opted to use the kit door parts instead of the Quickboost ones, they fit a lot better. I had a stab at engraving a few panel lines and accentuating others. I still have a long long way to go before I even begin to master that.... The one on the nose came out acceptable though. Time for a base coat of MRP white primer followed by my MRP orange-mix.
  3. Good show! You can find some decal options in this thread.
  4. Fabulous job, and such a unique subject in this conversion. Very inspiring! Well done!
  5. Very impressive finish, well done. We are all spoiled with new and modern kist full of details we would not dream of 45 years ago, but you sure brought thuis beauty up there with them.
  6. I have them and use them, but still go back to Surfacer sometimes. Still getting to terms with them. MRP primers are very thin. I think I need to learn to use them differently than surfacer (very opaque) to get the best out of them and not try to build a completely opaque layer. The MRP primers do come in almost all base colors.
  7. See here for details. Wheel and skis.
  8. Today my two Microdesign PE sets for the ICM Gladiator arrived from Chelyabinsk in the Russian Federation. They do look lovely! I usually buy Eduard PE but find that a lot of it I don't bother with. When my build comes up I wonder how this one suits me.
  9. Surely that can’t be right, right? Have you contacted them? You could ship 1:1 engines for that amount.
  10. Personally, I think ICM have their act together in all (1/32) aspects: choice of subjects, accuracy vs design compromise, styrene quality, price point excellent, decals. I will buy anything 1/32 that slightly interests me just to support them and help make 1/32 a succes for them so they make a ton of money and keep pushing out new ones. Frankly, all their kits so far were great fun to build.
  11. Very nice, the PE really enhances this one!
  12. And quite contagious just by reading posts here.....
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