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  1. Cannot speak for Chuck, but that is my preferred method of gluing longer joints. I often use a toothpick for it as well as you can vary the width of the opening quickly by pushing in / pulling out the toothpick a bit, plus wood does not damage the plastic like a blade could. Works a treat on wings and fuselages.
  2. I haven’t, so they’re very helpful! Thanks a lot! In the first (Yugoslav) video that flap area appears to have a different color, but it could be just corroded aluminium. Especially suspect when compared to the clearer ZC yellow visible at the aileron. Will go for natural metal in a different shade for now. Many thanks!
  3. More work was performed on the right flap today. The Eduard hinges are quite fragile, and I was wondering if they would stand up to the load and thought about soldering a brass pin to the end that goes inside the white Evergreen beam I glued into the wing as a support and alignment help. It turns out the inner upper surface of the flap can be glued directly to the overhang of the top wing, making my apprehensive musings concerning strength moot. All you see is a dry-fit with nothing yet glued. I significantly thinned the trailing edges of the flap-halves, something I ne
  4. I reduced the size of the part in my opening post so it would amply fit. But, when installing the gunsight now the windscreen would again NOT fit, touching the gunsight. I simply removed and discarded the aforementioned part and just installed the gunsight. The windscreen was masked inside and out, painted, and I installed it to get past this debacle. Life is too short. Not very serious, not much can be seen. I have strong doubts anyone at Eduard tested their set though... On to the Eduard flap inside detail. I removed existing detail according to the instructions, and
  5. Once I was walking towards the bin to dump this one after getting frustrated with the engines and some other less important annoyances, but didn't because of the hefty price tag. "Die another day", I thought to myself and put it aside. Well, glad I did not bin it. Once you prepare for and get past the engine assembly, this is truly a very enjoyable and very well fitting kit of a magnificant floatplane. Paints used were MRP Sky, EDSG, and Slate Gray, the beaching gear was enhanced with added detals. All markings except "Royal Navy"and te serial number are airbrushed. Thanks for look
  6. Just a little while longer for the RFI thread... Edit: RFI thread added.
  7. Wow, great stuff! I just love the things I am seeing here that were impossible before, now accessible thanks to 3D printing becomeing mainstream and affordable. Will follow this one for sure. The Lincoln’s was a magnificent beast. Good show!
  8. Thanks for the heads-up, I am aware the IIAF had two squadrons of F-84Gs, what I meant was that none of them flew in that camouflage scheme of the one in the museum. Personally, I am not in to demo-team liveries, I like operational anonymous schemes. I guess a colorful Korea bird will do. I will do some research. Edit: tempting, this one....
  9. The Kingfisher’s wash is drying, all that remains is buff it up and mate all sub-assemblies. This got me thinking on what to do next: start on the Focke-Wulf Kanguru conversion, or beat the F-84G in to submission that has been sitting on the floor for ages. I decided to do the latter, so here goes. I don’t remember exactly why I lost interest, but a few thing come to mind. 1. I had lot’s of trouble to get this part to sit and stay put in the cockpit. It’s Eduard PE plus kit parts. It kept breaking off. I added fictions bracing plates to give it more stability.
  10. Mitsubishi F1M Pete Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk
  11. The base coat and airbrushed main markings are on. Had a blast masking, removing, and remasking to get things done, especially the type C1 fuselage roundels, but they sure are nice this way. Colors used were MRP marking yellow, red, and blue. I think they are a very good match, much more so than the kit decals but that is not surprising.
  12. She is in the paintshop. The scheme is mostly speculative, but following AD.1160 (Admiralty Directive??), also seen on Fireflies , Skua, Barracude, and others. No clear images of Kingfishers showing more detail of the Temperate Sea Scheme are know to exist (to me).
  13. Thanks Radu. I put a note in the box of the 262 as a future heads-up. Much appreciated.
  14. Riddo, welcome back to this great hobby. I have been building on and off since I was ....oh...seven or so (starting with those tiny LS 1/144 kits). Looks like a great start of a classic model. I can second the simplicity of Imgur. You can upload you pics and easily crop and resize from within Imgur, and use a direct link to insert images here.
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