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  1. I have started to prepare the resin cockpit parts. I usually screw these things up somehow so taking it slow (not slow enough for the aft cockpit floor though ) Just a few photos of what the set gives you, compared to some of the kit-parts. Cockpit tubs: Aft cockpit decking: IP's: Front coaming: Seats. Nice touch to have different belt arrangements on the two seats. Dry fit after first cleanup: Other bits: Side consoles. I will remove the canopy locking mechanism from these castings to they will disappear under the cockpit tub rim. The Eduard PE bits that cover that area look nice than the resin ones. I'll post some more shots of the mid-cockpit coaming tomorrow. The refueling probe set and Reskit wheels arrived today as well, photos of those to follow too.
  2. The OOB nozzles look quite nice. I did not clean up the inner seams. The aft fuselage fit is not exactly a natural fit. Neither were Bianca and I, still were together firmly after two kids and 20+ years It will take some elbow grease to get it to fit though. I will attack one mating surface at a time. I knew this was coming. I had a friend in the 80s whose father was wrestling this kit at the time, and I can still hear him curse... After a lot of wrestling I'll leave it to dry now: In the mean time I've been studying the...uhhm..."instructions" that came with the Avionix cockpit. I think I will look up some builds that used this set (if I find any) before I start to cut anything.
  3. After eye-balling many photos I made a choice for the main colors. Personally, I am a follower of scale effect and after comparing my paint stash to the photos this will be it. Apparently MRP's L-29 Delfin line is an exact match, but I don't think so at all. I have started sorting the seam on the canopy. The age of the kit shows as the canopy is thick and distorted in places, plus it was already scuffed from living in a box for decades. This is after a first pass with a sanding stick, various grades of sandpaper, and a last run with sanding pads from 3200 to 12000, using toothpaste on the last run and buffing it out. When I am reasonably okay with the result it will get a bath of future. The Eduard set contains some nice looking canopy upgrades btw. We'll see if I can do them justice... Cheers!
  4. No, it just wanted to be a Skyraider and got carried away.
  5. As much as I want a Dutch F-16AM on the shelf....no!
  6. I was just glancing at the seam on the canopy. I would love to hear how you guys would tackle this. I understand it involves sanding and polishing What is a good method to smooth it out after sanding?
  7. Lovely shot! I feel a bit dumb for not noticing the obvious absence of the door ever before.
  8. Ah, hadn't noticed yet. Thanks Jennings! I dispise them all as well. Yet I realize that kids growing up on it regard it as normal and essential as breathing air. Age gap. That it has (in my view) degraded society is another debate and largely dependent on point of view without anyone being right or wrong. I try to put it (and every other mainstream regular media) in perspective because it would get to me if I didn't. A big plus is that sharing questions and thoughts about (for example, as a random instance) IIAF Tomcats has never been easier and more fun. Thanks for these as well Jennings. I'm convinced.
  9. Thanks for this Nick. I did compare the kit rims and tyres with the AM ones I got, and I really think the kit ones look better in terms of sharpness and definition. I am just not sure how the old rubber tires will hold up to the weight of the model over time. In the box, they still look and feel okay after all these years (I suspect the box I have is over 40 years old).
  10. I believe that image is at least partially shopped and not an actual IIAF/IRIAF one. Some people want to create scoops for attention or ego. Ultra-rare VNAF photoghraphs for example (not real, but one sometimes had to look real hard). I found a statement that they (some of them) were in fact delivered with the doors, but they were removed after delivery. If I find proof I will depict mine as it was on delivery, so with the door. If not, I will remove it.
  11. Thanks so much! Did they simply remove the door cover of the refueling probe compartment, and leave it open in flight? Wouldn't this cause a lot of drag? Sorry if I misunderstand...
  12. I am currently deciding on what external stores to put under the Tamiya F-14A in early (as in soon after delivery) IIAF colors. I can only find this one photo of an IIAF (well, IRIAF) F-14A carrying the external fuel tanks. But...this photo looks a tad like a manipulated image to me? What do you guys think? TIA. BTW I just looked and found I still have this left over from my patch collection. I bought it in the early 80-ies, it's an original one.
  13. Wow, wonderful stuff! Stunning! Imagine not having to rely on what kit manufacturers but just say to yourself: "I am going to build this or that", and to this standard even, way above mainstream kits.....Like a Fokker T.IX..wish I had the skill.
  14. It's secure in the stash. I am still looking for a nice scheme for one. Thanks Kev! Thanks you! Am done with B├╝ckers now though :o)
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