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  1. Don’t forget the three tiny holes on each side of the collector’s edge!
  2. Yummy, that burnt iron effect on the collector ring Call me a pervert! I like the design philosophy on this kit. Enough detail to keep it simple and enough scope for super-detailing without having to turn to aftermarket stuff. Good WIP, Max. Great photos! Cheers, Quang
  3. Wise words. We all end up finishing our models to fit our own mind’s eye. Trying to do otherwise is a fallacy.
  4. At least she doesn’t need a smaller scale (1/32) one!
  5. Alas it’s a Jungmann not a Jungmeister. Much to my regret (nudge, nudge)
  6. Sculpted by Mike Good, painted by Mike Butler. What’s not to love? This is the creme de la creme
  7. Great! I will follow with interest. Cheers, Quang
  8. Let’s see who’ll be the first to do a WIP for this kit . I’m looking forward to it!
  9. Aaah what I wouldn't give for a 1/32 EVALINA in either Imperial Japanese or USAAC version!
  10. Even panel lines re-appear on my 1/48th Mustang puttied wings after a while. A simple effect of contraction between different materials –plastic v.s. putty. All the more realistic.
  11. Is it different with Americans?
  12. That's exactly what I think when I look at the 1/32 vacform Combat Models of yore.
  13. When you feel you need clamps, you’re already in deep trouble.
  14. Probably the wrong scale for most of you guys, but the AMK 1/48 is not half bad. Fouga Magister, Patrouille de France, 1968 season. Having said that, I’m waiting for Daco’s version with anticipation . Quang
  15. Here's the FLY 1/32 Battle of Britain Hurricane Mk.1 built by Olivier Barles
  16. The FLY Hurricane is the most accurate but be warned you have to be very, very, VERY committed to build one. Quang
  17. Nice build and finish . I like the minimal, subtle weathering albeit IMO the wheels need to be dirtied up a little bit. Which paints did you use? Cheers, Quang
  18. Yeah but you can pack 28 1/32 paratrooper figures in it. Makes a lot of guns
  19. I agree. The Dakota is the ultimate classic. With all the survivors still around, it would not be too difficult to make a very accurate mainstream injection kit in 1/32.
  20. quang


    FAKE NEWS! Rust-Oleum has NO intention of discontinuing the Testors product line. (At least, that’s what I read on my Facebook wall )
  21. Good idea. That way the decal would be embedded between two layers of clear coats. Just like the normal method with regular paints . Well worth the try. Tell us how it turns out. Cheers, Quang
  22. Ah I understand now. The decal film acts like a second clear coat in addition to the overall sealing coat. It’s a problem of reflection.
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