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    IBG PZL 11.C

    Indeed the IBG P.11C sets new standards for plastic air raft kits. Everything we ever dreamed of about a plastic kit is there. Except for one thing: the instruction sheet which is over-simplified and often leads to confusion when it doesn’t make you downright frustrated.
  2. A little something to whet your appetite BEWARE this is the 510 version with more powerful engine and slightly different radiator shape. Cheers, Quang
  3. We still have to wait for sprue shots of the Roden but so far the IBG PZL is truly a watershed in plastic kit production with ICM Gladiator a close second. Now Dora Wings Dewoitine 500 looks like a new contender. Whew! My poor wallet
  4. Very realistic rendition by French modeller Philippe Martin HERE. Believe it or not, model is ancient 1/72 Heller
  5. I think it’s more like green splotches on NMF.
  6. I don't know about Roden but the new ICM and IBG are more than reasonable considering their quality.
  7. Yes indeed. Back way when, daydreaming about the weird, wonderful and improbable interwar aircraft designs with exotic names like Airacuda, Bellanca, Loening,... I'd never imagine that it would ever come true. Nowadays, considering the watershed new releases from Eastern Europe, I'd say we are getting closer than ever. I didn't neither foresee the coming of the Covid virus but that's another story
  8. Uh uh the great battle of the interwars, RODEN versus ICM versus IBG
  9. quang

    IBG PZL 11.C

    It’s old news in here
  10. I’m not so sure about the khaki. In most photos, it appears browner and lighter but on some others it’s green like on your example.
  11. Hi Dave, I didn’t mean to criticize your build. I’m discovering this new kit myself and learning about the real plane on the way. I just thought my input would be helpful. I’m sorry if you may find it annoying. Quang
  12. Very life-like photos of a fine build, Dave! I guess your model doesn't carry a radio because it doesn't have antennas. As such it shouldn't have the fairing on the starboard fuselage either. The fairing houses the radio set generator flexible connector. With fairing removed Easy to correct though. Either remove the fairing, or add antennas. Cheers, Quang
  13. Indeed and numerous ones at that What a single WIP cannot convey is how rich and complex (not complicated) this kit is. The gull wing is an absolute masterpiece and the cockpit complete and beyond improvement. I thought the ICM Gladiator was good but the PZL is one notch above. I’m looking forward to many, many hours of enjoyment and thank you DrDave for leading the way. Best wishes,, Quang
  14. Superb result, DrDave. I have the kit and am currently sprucing up the parts off the sprues. No doubt your WIP will help me enormously in my build. Thank you! Sincerely, Quang
  15. Marmite? You mean the edible stuff?
  16. Thank you for the nice pics, DrDave. One thing though, IMO some general view photos would be also useful as they give us more information than extreme close-ups. The surface details are the best I’ve seen so far but cleaning up the sprue attachments is a real chore. I like the subtle paint chipping. Can you inform us of the paints you used ( acrylic, lacquer,...)? Keep on the good work, Cheers, Quang
  17. Great hip-huggin' decals!
  18. The leather on the head rest and the oxygen mask case looks really good. Very realistic. Is the Yahu IP part of the limited edition boxing along with the pilot figure and the brass barrels?
  19. Brings back memories. I used to own this vac together with the dual-seat Hunter bought direct from creator John(?) Brown. I was young(er) and fearless.
  20. A few weeks ago, the pics were fuzzy with the dreaded watermark. When I opened the thread yesterday, the pics were clear although smaller than I remember. Go figure! Quang
  21. The chap on the right, polishing the rudder is ...Polish.
  22. Not so fast, Max! The ground crew can work on my new PZL from IBG. That’s what causes the second hole in my wallet Q
  23. Dennis, The P-39 build was 4 years ago – a loong time by my modelling standard – I had to re-read my own log to recall how I did it. I did not note the exact length of the mod but I thought the pics accompanying the thread were self-explanatory. Now that was before the Photob*cket fiasco. You guys may not be able to see the pictures the way I do. What I can do is to make screen shots of the photos and put them together in a new thread to explain how I did it. Just give me some time to detach my eyes and fingers from the new P.11c Cheers, Quang
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