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  1. Hi Jan, very interesting model and built that I will follow. Can´t wait to see the weapon bays installed! BTW - thank you for a safe and speedy shipping of these parts - they look fantastic! Cheers, Reimund
  2. PCM kits are no shake-and-bake-kits. Your Macchi looks terrific - I like the camo a lot. THIS must be another time consuming job! Congratulations! Reimund
  3. I`m dreaming of..... - Hs 126 - Do 17 - BV 138 - He 115 - Do 18 - Do 24T ICM - wake me up and make (my) dreams come true
  4. I`ve got this kit in my stash - will follow with great interest! Cheers Reimund
  5. Beautiful 109 - interesting camo! Very well done, Sandor! Reimund
  6. Sean, a beautiful Witwenmacher (widow maker) - the often used nickname in German. Like it a lot! Reimund
  7. Miloslav, the Bf 110 looks terrific! Can´t wait to see some color on! Reimund
  8. I bought one sheet once DRAGON released their Bf 110 C-7 with no stencils. The decals look like they are for a 1/24 scale kit - not for 1/32 scale. I tried to contact Peddinghaus with no reply at all - OK, so they don´t get my money anymore... Beside this experience I can´t tell anything about the quality. The colours look quite pale.
  9. Jan, count me in for one set! Cheers - Reimund
  10. John, good to see the C-6 set is ready - order already sent! Reg. the correct German: 'spinners in Gruppe colour with tips in Staffel colour' Others might point out that ´spinners in Gruppen colour with tips in Staffel colour´ would be correct but this would be a mix of English/German. Cheers - Reimund
  11. Paulo, wow, an ambitious and very interesting project! I´m trying to get a chair in the front row! Cheers - Reimund
  12. Stunning model, great photography! Thanks for sharing! Reimund
  13. Thanks for pointing this out. Here are the photos: http:// http:// http:// http:// HTH. Reimund
  14. Fascinating build and camo - not often seen! The clean camo looks unsual at first sight, but is as the original. Very well done! Reimund
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