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  1. Thierry, maybe I can help with that question. I have a book in german called "Rote Plätze" - in translation something like "air bases used by russian air force". This book discovers all the airfields/bases in the former GDR used by russian air force. A very intersting book indeed! Checking this book there are a four pics of Mig-27 wearing the Guards badge at the intakes. Later this evening I´ll send you these pics - maybe this answers your question. Cheers - Reimund
  2. WOW - this is very interesting! Can´t wait to see how it looks with RLM 76 on! Cheers - Reimund
  3. Chris, as written before - a very impressive build - I like the camo and weathering! Cheers - Reimund
  4. Wow wow wow! Congratulations! THIS is amazing! Your Corsair reminds me to start mine…. Reimund
  5. Christian, your Mirage is an amazing masterpiece! Congratulations! Servus Reimund
  6. Servus Joachim, looking at the "damage", I thought this wouldn´t look that bad - it´s a desert veteran that fought most against the elements. Correcting the mishap, now it´s a really war weary 110. Glad, you could fix it and it looks now more convincing to my eye! Can´t wait to see more Progress! Cheers - Reimund
  7. Servus Chris, simply stunning! The model and the rigging look perfect! Congratulations! Cheers Reimund
  8. Happ new year Joachim, hopefully you can repair this mishap! Did you do a "sealing" coat BEFORE you started weathering? I´m using Future every time I did a step in weathering (paneling i. e.). It is only slightly time consuming but very useful if the result isn´t satisfying - removing could be done without any damage to the previous steps. Take a breath, have a cup of coffee - and come back with this fantastic 110! Reimund
  9. Werner, good to see you here on LSP with your first model - an excellent looking 104 and a very impressive photography! Congratulations! Or how a bavarian would simply say: a pfundiga fliaga! Reimund
  10. A beautiful Kurfürst! The paintjob looks very realistic, i. e. the "late war style" faded camo! VERY IMPRESSIVE - cONGRATULATIONS! Cheers, Reimund
  11. Bernd, da legst di nieda! Perfect looking model, i. e. the riveting! And - it takes not much to present a model very spectacular! Reimund
  12. Thanks for sharing, Steve! A lot of interesting models and very high level modelling. Reimund
  13. Tolga, wow - another perfect looking model! I did this model a few years ago and I know what it takes to present the model the way you did! Congrats! Reimund
  14. For sure I will when it comes to stores in Germany.
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