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  1. Servus Joachim, looking at the "damage", I thought this wouldn´t look that bad - it´s a desert veteran that fought most against the elements. Correcting the mishap, now it´s a really war weary 110. Glad, you could fix it and it looks now more convincing to my eye! Can´t wait to see more Progress! Cheers - Reimund
  2. Servus Chris, simply stunning! The model and the rigging look perfect! Congratulations! Cheers Reimund
  3. Happ new year Joachim, hopefully you can repair this mishap! Did you do a "sealing" coat BEFORE you started weathering? I´m using Future every time I did a step in weathering (paneling i. e.). It is only slightly time consuming but very useful if the result isn´t satisfying - removing could be done without any damage to the previous steps. Take a breath, have a cup of coffee - and come back with this fantastic 110! Reimund
  4. Werner, good to see you here on LSP with your first model - an excellent looking 104 and a very impressive photography! Congratulations! Or how a bavarian would simply say: a pfundiga fliaga! Reimund
  5. A beautiful Kurfürst! The paintjob looks very realistic, i. e. the "late war style" faded camo! VERY IMPRESSIVE - cONGRATULATIONS! Cheers, Reimund
  6. Bernd, da legst di nieda! Perfect looking model, i. e. the riveting! And - it takes not much to present a model very spectacular! Reimund
  7. Thanks for sharing, Steve! A lot of interesting models and very high level modelling. Reimund
  8. Tolga, wow - another perfect looking model! I did this model a few years ago and I know what it takes to present the model the way you did! Congrats! Reimund
  9. For sure I will when it comes to stores in Germany.
  10. Thank you very much for your comments! The model was airbrushed using XTRAColor paints. After priming and preshading I added some spots of the highlighted colors (RLM 70/71/65, 04) here and there. Next step was adding Maskol using a sponge to cover those spots partly. Then I sprayed these colors again - this time silghtly darkened and put some salt onto these areas once the color has dried (it was my first try using salt - it could have been done using Maskol again). After this preparation the camo was sprayed on and the panels were hightlighted more or less. Once the paint has dried the salt and Maskol was removed. I was satisfied with the result even those once salt coated areas did not show very much of the work. You can use dark aluminium as a base und add Maskol to represent chipped paint but I did not on my Henschel. Instead, I used a pen called "Faber silver chromos" (I bought at an art supply store) that you can use as a lead pencil once the final coat has applied. Shoeprints were made using rubber shoe/boot prints from Calibre 35 and pigments mixed with a few drops water. Using water is very handy as you can correct/remove it easily if you don´t like it. One thing I´ve noted using Maskol: Using Maskol in combination with XTRAColor was easy and I could remove all the Maskol without any problems. When using Gunze paints the Maskol has a strange tendency not to be removed….. Strange as XTRAColor takes much more time to dry. http:// http:// http:// Reimund
  11. http:// http:// http:// http://http:// http:// http://
  12. Gents, this is my Henschel HS 129 B-2 I´ve done a few years ago. This kit is challenging as it is partly very simple (landing gear i. e.) but was then the only model of this tank hunter. As I was inspecting the parts I came up with the idea of opening the port weapons bay (the fuselage side were so thin you could see the light). Ok - and when opening the gun bay, why not do a little diorama? My diorama depicts a moment prior to the next mission during the battle of Kursk, summer 1943. The gun bay was done scratch using a MG 151/20 from Aires. Figures and starter cart came from Verlinden, the squadron´s mascot, a German Shepherd (Mantis), lies beneath the port wing seeking some shadow from this hot summer day. Building this kit was fun despite some shortcomings - the fit of fuselage halves and wings/fuselage was far from beeing perfect - but I enjoyed this built as I had to improvise here and there. I´m pretty satisfied with the result. Now looking forward to see the ZM Hs 129, though the GREY MATTER FIGURES Hs 129 B-3 (the beast with the 75mm gun) is still waiting in my stash... Reimund http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  13. Once again a brilliant model! I like the realistic weathering including the small dent at the propeller hub (or do I see something that isn´t there?) Reimund
  14. Lothar, a good idea not to put the model into the waste! I love it a lot - some kind of markings not often seen! Very impressive!!! Reimund
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