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  1. Very interesting type of camo - like it very much! Very well done! Reimund
  2. I don´t know yet as there are some decal options out there and Eagle Strike has announced another sheet. I did this one some 15 years ago using Hasegawa and parts made scratch. http:// http:// http:// Reimund
  3. Brian and Jerry, thanks for sharing your finished model and explanations! Reimund
  4. Miguel, here are two pics (instruction sheet shows nothing helpful during construction process): http:// and after giving a quick shading http:// As you can see Revell took as with the former Fw 190 A-8/R11 the wing from the F-8 and inserted the specific parts for the R2. This creates some imperfections around this new part but a little sanding helps. I don´t know if the line around the ejector is correct - but sanding flat is no Major task. HTH Reimund
  5. This is not a review, but after a quick research there are some Questions/Critics: - the glass add-on armour on the canopy was srewed/bolted on. The flat backside of those often called "Blinker" leaves a gap when attached to the curved canopy. Revell did this not very accurate on the canopy as the Blinker are molded on. Experten might cut the Blinker from the canopy, sand it down and polish it and add it to one of the two canopy parts without the add- on armour. - Research on the decal sheet was carried out by AIRDOC. I´m not sure on "yellow 3", if the JG 3 badge was placed correctly on the side armour. According to my reference the badge was seen on the black cowling or wasn´t added at all. Next are the Colours on topsides: Revell says, RLM 75 and 82 are correct, but I would likely use RLM 74/75 as this a/c was in use in early summer 1944. Later this year they omitted the white fuselage band and the black cowling… Having a look at Eagle Productions there is a sheet for Sturmböcke, available in 1/72 and 1/48 only: http://www.eagle-editions.com/aircraft-decals-for-the-modeler/48/fw- 190s/eaglecals-8-48-fw-190-a-8s-sturmj-ger-part-2.html "Yellow 3" is pictured using a "Krebs-Gerät" instead of the auxiliary fuel tank. As far as I know, such a "Krebs-Gerät" is not available yet. For those interested in: The "Krebs-Gerät" was a single 21cm rocket that would fire backwards. The idea was flying though a bomber box and fire this rocket would cause some serious Damage to the bombers due to the blast and/or the shrapnels so that these damaged bombers are an easy target once the left the cover of the bomber box. The "Krebs-Geräte" had little to no success and made the Fw 190 less maneuverable so they so little action. Creating a "Krebs-Gerät" should be no Major Task using sheet/plastic profiles and one of the Werfergranten 21 from Edaurd, HPH or Schatton Modellbau. According to the instruction of Eaglecals "yellow 3" was a Fw 190 A-8 - no R2. A quick Research couldn´t answer this question.... - If I would build the "Raubautz" I would paint the spinner black using the white spiral which makes much more sense to me than using a red spiral on a white spinner in order to confuse pilots/bomber gunners in a head-on attack. Good to see, Revell adds both opportunities. I´m a lucky man as I could get my Sturmböcke for 29,99 € as an offer on eBay/Germany. Cheers Reimund
  6. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  7. Gents, here is the Revell Sturmbock: http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  8. Gents, my 2 Sturmböcke have arrived yesterday. Just a very short (!) look at the kit yet: new fuselage halves including side armour moded on, 2 different canopy parts (one with Blinker - the add-on armour glass - and one without as a lot of Sturmböcke dismounted them due to the tendency to get foggy at different heights) and two colorful markings. As written - this was just a very short first look at the kit. Tomorrow I will post a few pics. Reimund
  9. Andreas, thanks for sharing! These photos are amazing! A lot of inspiration for a diorama! Reimund
  10. Bonjour baffozac, your Macchi is amazing!!! I´m not sure if I want to go on with my Macchi after seeing your skills what makes a plastic kit to a real replica! Reimund
  11. I´m building the SH Mk VI/F.6 Tempest at the moment (photos will follow later in the RFI section). Behind the pilot´s headrest there are 2 bottles. According to the Valiant book about the Tempest (1st edition), these bottles are water bottles. As far as I can see, these bottles were carried in the Mk VI/F.6 only. Has anyone any informations about these bottles? I guess, these were some kind of first aid to the pilot in case of an emergency landing in the desert? I couldn´t find any photos showing them. In profiles their colour varies from interior green to red. Thanks! Reimund
  12. Larry, this is a real beauty! Most interesting to my eyes is the wonderful engine! CONGARTULATIONS! Cheers - Reimund
  13. Bill, interesting question. Doing a little research and found two photographs of a well known crash landed G-14 at Operation Bodenplatte, clearly showing the rod in the cockpit after releasing the canopy. As far as I see (and interprete the photos) the canopy was jettisoned before crash landing. http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2013/09/more-maxis-ivjg-53-bf-109-g-14.html I´m sorry, can´t put the pics in at the moment. Hope that helps! Reimund
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