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  1. One thing we all face from time to time: Searching up and down on a certain project but no information available what we are looking for. Ok, let´s do this without the questions answered (if I didn´t get an answer on my questions, then no one can say that I´m "wrong") - and after completing the project someone comes around and has the answers I was searching for.... Modeler´s fate. One last note of Bodo Diemers memories: When based in Norway, his Ju 88 A-17 coded 1H + NH (strange enough he describes his A/C as the one without the BoLa BUT the crew still 4!) was equipped with FuG 200 in late 1944. Happy to be enabled to detect allied convoys (and no more flights for hours and hours without any contact to an allied convoy) from now on, they soon realised the other side of the coin: Their so equipped could be detected by the allies as well. As soon as they realised this, the FuG 200 was no longer used (but still mounted). Let me see, if I can help Thierry. It might take some days. Reimund
  2. Inspired to build a Ju 88 A-17 (and maybe a Ju 188 t as well) was the book "Überlebenschance gleich Null" (hardly no chance to survive) from Bodo Diemer, published in Germany by Helios Verlag (ISBN 978-3-86933-042-6). This autobiography started when Bodo Diemer became a Bomber pilot and then a Torpedoflieger. He describes a lot of the training, the first missions in the Med, the Channel during Op. Overlord and finally the last missions from Norway in a very personal and impressive way. Unfortunately there are only a handful of photographs provided that don´t show any Ju 88 he flew. A few years ago, I contacted Helios as I hoped for a chat to Bodo Diemer, but he has passed away. Helios told me that there are no other photos available. I don´t know if this book has been published in english or french, but I would highly recommend this if interested in the missions flown by Torpedoflieger.
  3. Thierry, thank you very much - much appreciated!
  4. Thierry, very interesting discussion on here as one of my favourite projects will be an Ju 88 A-17 (having all the stuff to start with - except time). Had a talk to John/AIMS a few years ago and he told me the same - some modification on the wings had to be done. Could you post the picture of the KG 26 plane with the cutout here, please? Thanks! Reimund
  5. Alan, have a look here (Kagero Topdrawings #16). As Kagero´s drawings in the past sometimes were not correct in every detail, please make your own decision. To me the door makes sense as this was used in the later Ju 88 C and G series as well. Unfortunately, I don´t have any photos of this door but a research on Ju 88 C/G might be helpful. Reimund
  6. ...so sad to read this, John. Had the hope, you´re on your way to a (hopefully) full recovery when seeing your work on the Mistel over the last weeks! Thank you for providing me excellent conversion/detailing sets and decals! I still hope, your hands getting better some day! All the best - Reimund
  7. John, good to see you back in business! Hope your recovery goes ahead! If there will be a Vol. 2 on the JG 54, is there a chance to see decals for the FW 190 A-4/Jabo from 10/JG 54 "three white bars"? Cheers Reimund
  8. A little update for all those hoping that Santa will bring their kit at christmas. I asked Jetmads if there are any updates on their shipping delays to Germany (in my case). Here´s their statement, dated 21.12.2021: Hello, No status change yet unfortunately. We are currently unable to ship to Germany, UK, Poland, Netherlands and Belgium. We are checking with Turkish Post everyday, your Viggen copy is ready to ship and we will send it out the day Germany starts accepting packages again. We will definitely let you know when your package is shipped. Kind Regards, JETMAD Team
  9. Nightfighter #3 and a beauty as the other 2. Excellent work! Reimund
  10. Iain, a FANTASTIC Würger, too! A few years ago I did the Fw 190 A-7 nightfighter in the markings "yellow 1" from the same decal sheet. So, it´s very cool to see this wonderful model! Reimund
  11. I recently did an Op Granby Tornado (the Revell kit) during taxiing (which meant canopy closed and crew in) for a German model magazine. I used the Aerobonus Tornado crew (Bundesluftwaffe) and did a correction on their helmets. This was no major task - it took more time to find photos from that period that showed the details/differences from all angles. I did no further research for differences in clothing, gear and so on, since little will be seen once seated in the cockpit. Hopefully I can present this model once it is published.
  12. Dan, I did a few years ago a diorama depicting a crashlanded Bf 109 G-6 using the Revell kit. The plane suffered some damage caused from a fictive Thunderbolt and finally due to the crash landing. I wanted to do a bent fuselage as sometimes seen when looking at shot down planes. Therefore I removed a panel behind the cockpit, strenghtened the now in 2 pieces fuselage, glued some sheet around these open fuselage parts and then lead foil to "replace" the missing fuselage section. Once, the lead foil was puttied, sanded and blended into the fuselage, I carefully bent the section using little pressure - less is more. You can do some additional wrinkles using nearly every material that is stronger than lead foil. i. e. tooth picks, rod and sheet. Using a ca. 0,5mm thick lead foil I could even use the egde of a coin to imitate some speficef damage without risking to do a hole into the lead foil. Beside that I tried to imitate an slightly bent wing tip. This time I used my Dremel and slightly removed the plastic on the inside from both wing halves. I did this very carefully not to overdue it and cause some wholes. After that I glued both halves and when they were sanded and ready to be painted I bent them using my fingers. The spinner and the wing roots were treated slightly different: First, I used a soldering iron to do a soft edged dent. After sanding the impression of a damaged spinner during this crashlanding was perfect. To create additional damage by some objects on the ground, I used my Dremel once again. Careful drilling from the inside until you can see the light - and then do some holes from the outside using a needle or just the tip of a sharp knife. If I would do damage again, I would use lead foil as my favorite material to create the wrinkles. HTH Reimund
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