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  1. A little update for all those hoping that Santa will bring their kit at christmas. I asked Jetmads if there are any updates on their shipping delays to Germany (in my case). Here´s their statement, dated 21.12.2021: Hello, No status change yet unfortunately. We are currently unable to ship to Germany, UK, Poland, Netherlands and Belgium. We are checking with Turkish Post everyday, your Viggen copy is ready to ship and we will send it out the day Germany starts accepting packages again. We will definitely let you know when your package is shipped. Kind Regards, JETMAD Team
  2. Nightfighter #3 and a beauty as the other 2. Excellent work! Reimund
  3. Iain, a FANTASTIC Würger, too! A few years ago I did the Fw 190 A-7 nightfighter in the markings "yellow 1" from the same decal sheet. So, it´s very cool to see this wonderful model! Reimund
  4. I recently did an Op Granby Tornado (the Revell kit) during taxiing (which meant canopy closed and crew in) for a German model magazine. I used the Aerobonus Tornado crew (Bundesluftwaffe) and did a correction on their helmets. This was no major task - it took more time to find photos from that period that showed the details/differences from all angles. I did no further research for differences in clothing, gear and so on, since little will be seen once seated in the cockpit. Hopefully I can present this model once it is published.
  5. Dan, I did a few years ago a diorama depicting a crashlanded Bf 109 G-6 using the Revell kit. The plane suffered some damage caused from a fictive Thunderbolt and finally due to the crash landing. I wanted to do a bent fuselage as sometimes seen when looking at shot down planes. Therefore I removed a panel behind the cockpit, strenghtened the now in 2 pieces fuselage, glued some sheet around these open fuselage parts and then lead foil to "replace" the missing fuselage section. Once, the lead foil was puttied, sanded and blended into the fuselage, I carefully bent the section using little pressure - less is more. You can do some additional wrinkles using nearly every material that is stronger than lead foil. i. e. tooth picks, rod and sheet. Using a ca. 0,5mm thick lead foil I could even use the egde of a coin to imitate some speficef damage without risking to do a hole into the lead foil. Beside that I tried to imitate an slightly bent wing tip. This time I used my Dremel and slightly removed the plastic on the inside from both wing halves. I did this very carefully not to overdue it and cause some wholes. After that I glued both halves and when they were sanded and ready to be painted I bent them using my fingers. The spinner and the wing roots were treated slightly different: First, I used a soldering iron to do a soft edged dent. After sanding the impression of a damaged spinner during this crashlanding was perfect. To create additional damage by some objects on the ground, I used my Dremel once again. Careful drilling from the inside until you can see the light - and then do some holes from the outside using a needle or just the tip of a sharp knife. If I would do damage again, I would use lead foil as my favorite material to create the wrinkles. HTH Reimund
  6. My order n° is 10653. I´m waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, ........ Could somebody who recently got his kit tell his order n° ? PLEASE
  7. Ordered my copy from an Italian vendor yesterday for 110 € plus 15 € shipping. As they told me they expect the kit in the first week of November.
  8. Let´s share some photos of the kit and some thoughts, but don´t want to do a review: the marking options: the decals - have a look below the decal "seatbelts" ....in coop with Eduard... the new sprues K, L, M) with a few suprises some of the new parts My conclusion seeing rockets, different canopies, another gunsight and provisions for the radar antennas on the tail - maybe there is a PTO/Korean War P-51 D or even a P-51 K in the pipeline... Reimund
  9. The postman brought the first pair of them last saturday. Since last week the kit is available in Germany. Reimund
  10. Robert Schatton from German vendor Schatton-Modellbau (Modellbau Schatton in Ascha - Startseite (modellbau-schatton.de))asked me to make an announcement here. He has produced a conversion set to convert the Zoukei Mura Hs 129 B-2 into the B-3 carrying the 7,5cm BK. He did a hollow belly pod (resin) and a brass turned gun barrel including 130 holes in 3 diameters. Conversion set is available for 19,50€. As with former sets, he did an additional set containing 7 grenades and 7 empty shells made from brass which is 10,30 €. Anyone who has one of his former items knows about the accurate work he is doing. Please have a look at his site as there are a lot of barrel sets, radar antennas and even a conversion set to do the Me 262 V083 carrying the 5cm BK. Unfortunately there is no retailer outside Germany. These items are not listed on his website yet. If interested, send him a PM to: info@modellbau-schatton.de Sorry for the poor quality of the photo as this set is brandnew. Made an order for the conversion set and will post another photos soon. Reimund
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