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  1. IMHO the best kit released by PCM and you created a masterpiece Tolga! Congratulations Reimund
  2. Good morning Jan, received my set yesterday! Thank you very much for a lightning fast shipping and perfectly casted parts! Reimund
  3. It is always impressive to me how you build your models like this one without any aftermarket stuff! Your A-6E is fantastic! I like the very realistic weathering a lot! Reimund
  4. Alain, you created a masterpiece! A unique model, perfecty done and a magnificent eyecatcher. This is so inspiring! Reimund
  5. Rich, I hope you´re OK! Let me ask, if there is any progress? Regards Reimund
  6. How about an Henschel Hs 126
  7. WOW - THIS is a masterpiece for sure! I like the worn camo a lot - very realistic! CONGRATULATIONS Angelo! Reimund
  8. WOW - what a beautiful bird! I love this camo! GREAT JOB!
  9. Hi John, very interesting things for a longtime planned Fw 190 wreck! Any news on the Bf 110 C-6 conversion set? Reimund
  10. Alain, this is impressive, inspiring, motivating.... simply stunning! Cheers - Reimund
  11. You had fun building this model and the finished F-16 looks PERFECT! That´s how modelling should be! Congratulations!
  12. John, you created (once again) a masterpiece! Congratulations! Cheers - Reimund
  13. Phantastic choice of markings! Can´t wait to see some more progress. The ejection seat looks great! Would like to see some pics, too.
  14. Tim, looking at the photographs again and again the more details come out! I like the conversion, painting and weathering a lot! Congratulations! Cheers - Reimund
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