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  1. Impressive model and beautiful presentation! Reimund
  2. Isar 30/07

    F-15I Ra´am 1/32 Tamiya

    WOW, the weathering is impressive! simply stunning! Cheers Reimund
  3. Isar 30/07

    FIAT G.91 R/1 1/32nd DAYGLO MODELS

    Piero, good to see your Gina on this site! Congrats to a very good looking model so far! Seeing your model I do remember my Gina which waits for further progress! THIS is motivating me to go on (if I only had enough time to....)! Cheers Reimund
  4. Isar 30/07

    F-117 Trumpeter 1:32

    I never had the courage to paint the F-117 the way you did it! But comparing to the original this looks PERFECT!
  5. Isar 30/07

    Revell Clear Parts Help

    G-Man, if interested then PM me the numbers of the damaged parts. Maybe I have them in my spare box as I did a C-4 nightfighter and a Mistel. Cheers Reimund
  6. Isar 30/07

    MiG-23MF East German AF

    Tim, I have this decal sheet and some reference pics. I´m at work this night and let you know tomorrow! Cheers Reimund
  7. Isar 30/07

    1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Butch Baby"

    ...and another winner! Very convincing weathering!
  8. Isar 30/07

    1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2

    WOW! Very unique camo! Like it! Congrats!!!
  9. Isar 30/07

    L-39 Albatros Romanian Air Force

  10. Isar 30/07

    ICM Bücker Bü-131D "Red 102"

    I like the subtle weathering! Very well done! Congrats! Reimund
  11. Isar 30/07

    F4U-1D, Capt. Phillip C. Delong, VMF-224

    Another beauty - simply stunning! I really like the way you do all the wear and tear! Can´t wait to see your next projects! Reimund
  12. Isar 30/07

    BF-110/ HE-111 Pic needed - damaged props.

    Gerhard, it seems to me, that occasions like that were no single cases. I recognize both pics posted by Mainstay - they are somewhere in my "library". Why do I say that these experience are not remarkable? I have read a book from a former German Ju 88 pilot who flew in anti-shipping missions from 1943 until the end of war. He flew the Ju 88 in the torpedo plane configuration (Ju 88 A-4/torp and the later Ju 88 A-17). On one mission in the Mediterranean during dusk/night his plane was chased by Beaufighters after he made an unsuccesful attack to an allied convoy. In order to evade he flew that low that he ripped off the propellor tips of both engines when touching the water. Despite the no longer balanced propellors he faced serious problems with both engines. This forced him to reduce the speed so much he could hardly fly. During the entire flight back to the French coast for hours he often thought of trying an emergency landing on the sea (not an easy task at daylight - at night a suicide for sure). Climbing and bailing out seemed no choice as the status of the damaged plane would hardly expect a happy ending. Beside that, bailing out seemed like another alternative to commit suicide since their radio was shot and nobody would ever know where they are. Luckily, they made it back to France and could land safely. Bodo Diemer, the pilot and author of his autobio, described a lot of touch-downs on (and most of them) into the sea - because of fear, attacks, inattention, mental or physical fatigue... So, it seems to me, that contacts between airplanes and the sea would have been some kind of common thing - most of them ending in MIA/KIA with no photographic documentation. I would highly recommend Bodo Diemers autobio which, as far as I know, was published in German language only: https://www.amazon.de/Überlebenschance-gleich-Null-sinnlosen-Torpedoflieger/dp/3869330422 Reimund
  13. Isar 30/07

    T-28c Kitty Hawk 1/32

    Very cool looking bird! I like the subtle weathering!!!
  14. Isar 30/07

    1/32 Marauder

    Alex, do legst di nieda! (Bavarian for: Oh my god, how impressive is that!) I guess, that kind of modelling will become a major part for the next years to come! I´m really impressed by the quality of those parts you have printed so far. Two questions: - would you offer these parts/castings for sale? - could you tell how much this model will be once you have finished it? Just to have an idea how expensive such a model would be Servus Reimund
  15. Isar 30/07

    Fiat G.91 R3 - Dayglo Models

    Hi Tiberio, a short break takes much more time than expected - sadly. This project isn´t cancelled - just stopped for a few more days to come due to some other things to concentrate on. Thank you very much for your support! The interior is not completed so far, so I´m very curious of things to be discovered on the facebook link. All the best! Cheers - Reimund