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  1. Great subject, wonderful done! Congratulations!
  2. Are there any photos of the badly damaged "Ye Olde Pub" after arriving in England? I´m searching for a while but all I see are drawings. Reimund
  3. Perfect looking Würger and very interesting camo! Like it a lot! Reimund
  4. EXCELLENT idea! Like it very much!
  5. Born and raised in Munich, I agree completely to Lothar. If you would like to explore the region between Munich and the alps, I would recommend the cities of Tegernsee, Bad Tölz or Rosenheim (approx 45 mins from Munich by train) - beautiful landscape and cities. If you choose Rosenheim, why not have a trip to lake Chiemsee and spend a few hours on/at the lake https://www.chiemsee-schifffahrt.de/en/timetable/timetable-winter-from-24092018. Both suggestions make sense when weather is nice. Another idea is a trip to Salzburg/Austria by train (https://www.meridian-bob-brb.de/de/meridian/linien/linien-und-fahrplaene-des-meridian/linie/munchen-salzburg). Beautiful city and a lot to explore. For further informations/questions send a PM. Reimund
  6. https://probuiltmodel.com/ tried it from Germany with no problems. there is an ebay-shop as well: https://www.ebay.com/str/probuiltmodel HTH Reimund
  7. Jennings, so sad to read this! My sincere condolences! It´s a very painful time for you, your family, friends,.... Everyone has to deal with this pain on his own, but all the replies of this community here can help a little bit. Reimund
  8. OK, it´s winter. Maybe this device helps to reduce/eliminate turbulences that causes "fog" to the windows of both rear gunners stations.....? I´ve never read anything about such problems but maybe that´s the answer to that question. Reimund
  9. Jennings, when reading your post(s) and all those people replying to this, I am deeply touched since I lost my mother Betty at the age of 92 in February this year. She was in a hospice for 6 weeks after she collapsed in her apartment a few days after christmas. When she was brought to hospital due to pneumonia later in February, there was a moment when it was somehow clear to see that she had no will and no energy to fight against it. My sister and my wife spent a lot of time next to her. No one wanted to see/accept that she was going to pass even it was clear to see. The day before she left I spend the entire day next to her - laughing together (and crying when I thought she would not see). In the evening she fell to sleep and this was a very peaceful moment. I left her late this evening and wanted to come back the next day. On my way to the exit I came across a little praying room in the hospital and sat there for a long time praying, listening to the silence and was very close to her in my thoughts. In my prayer I said "God, it´s OK if you take her home - she had a long life and I can let her go even it´s a terrific pain. We (my mother and the family) were able to spend time in these last moments together." Early next morning the hospital called that she has gone this night. I´m absolutely convinced that she wanted to go when she was alone. Despite the pain losing my mother I am deeply grateful that we all could say "thank you and goodbye" . Jennings, wishing you, your beloved mother and all those people around you these very special moments! All the best! Reimund
  10. Chuck, I´m at work this night, so I can´t post any pics now, but have a look here: https://www.ruag.com/en/products-services/air/wing-periphery/northrop-f-5-tiger/wing-flaps-ailerons-vertical-ruder-horizontal-stabilizer This photo doesn´t "explain" those holes but it´s the best I could find on the net. As Brian wrote - there are flaps and not just holes. Reimund
  11. Very interesting type of camo - like it very much! Very well done! Reimund
  12. I don´t know yet as there are some decal options out there and Eagle Strike has announced another sheet. I did this one some 15 years ago using Hasegawa and parts made scratch. http:// http:// http:// Reimund
  13. Brian and Jerry, thanks for sharing your finished model and explanations! Reimund
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