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  1. Thanks, I'm pretty happy with it. I get a lot of inspiration from this forum to keep pushing the envelope of my modeling skills. It's my best effort to date, but still has a lot of bumps and warts. Each build I try to do something new. This one got a number of firsts. Some turned out good, some not so much, but I can't learn by just reading about how. Just like being a carpenter...you gotta do it to really learn how.
  2. She looks great Bill. Congrats on getting her done. You really did an outstanding job. Andy
  3. In construction there is a saying, "Want it nice, do it twice". I personally hate do overs...lol
  4. Coming down the home stretch Bill. It really does look good. Great workmanship.
  5. Really nice job on the plumbing Bill. On mine, I had to shorten up the mounting block that goes into the fuselage to get the sway braces to actually touch to tank. I probably removed 1 to 1 1/2 mm and the block ended up just about flush to the fuselage. Don't know that it's righ, but it looks good to me...
  6. No takers yet? I have a few aftermarket items for a Jurassic plastic Revell P-40, and have decals to do it up as a Kittyhawk MKI of Squadron 112 RAF, Tunisia 1943. That should fit the bill.
  7. Yeah.........I get that. I just found it ironic is all.
  8. The hard part of having a family is raising your own kids. The fun part is spoiling the hell out of your grandchildren (6 with #7 in the oven)
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