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  1. Yeah, i hate when life gets in the way of doing things you like to do..
  2. I just bought some to try Dennis. I read your post about how you use it, and thought I would try it. Tamiya curve tape is going to be part of plan E. Thanks Andy
  3. I finally spent a little of my fathers day, trying to make some progress on this thing. I'm still working on the fuselage invasion stripes. Plan A was to use the kit decals. They aren't even close, so on to plan B. I'd have to paint them. My first attempt masking wasn't very satisfactory. Now we move to plan C. I tried to make some masks but I'm finding the compound curves in the fuselage are making that less and less likely (a little over my head). Plan D... I took a good long look at the Tech Mod decal sheet that Bill gave me. No dice with those either. They just don't fit. So now I'm on plan E...lol Plan E is to revert back to plan B and mask them off again. I'll just have to do a better job this time around. Those black borders are _ _ _ _ _ _ _ killing me. Next time I build a P-47, I'm going NMF, with no D-Day stripes
  4. I did pretty much the same thing more than once on my jug. Still trying to figure out what to do for the gun sight that got ate by the carpet monster...
  5. I watched it with my wife last weekend. She told me on the way to the theater, not to pick it apart (like I do every time she put the original TOPGUN video on). I sat there quietly, while she enjoyed the movie. There were a few too many "Miracles" for me to just sit back and enjoy the show. Not that I ever expected the movie to be 100% accurate, but I was hoping for something a little more plausible.
  6. Thanks Maru. I kind of stalled out, but not by choice.. I think I might start bring my modeling stuff out of town with me next week. At least some of it. I need a diversion from this job in the evenings. Im really starting to appreciate the therapeutic value of modeling.
  7. Looking really good Ernest. Can't wait to see the "Bunny" plane finished.
  8. Working out of town has severely cut into my modeling time. Even when I'm home, it seems I only have time enough for the honey- do's that I wasn't there for all week. I did paint some black boarders on some of the D-day stripes, but forgot to post any pics before heading back out of town. They do need a fair amount of touch up work. Nothing I really want to post anyway. Hopefully I'll have something to show this next weekend.
  9. I'm right there with you brother...lol
  10. Heads up Mike. It was easy to overlook opening the holes for the belly tank sway/support struts before joining the fuselage halves (that is if you plan to use the belly tank). Bill and myself both missed that on our builds.
  11. Thanks Ernest. I started doing the black outline last weekend. I wasnt all that happy with my efforts. Maybe it got better during the week...
  12. Laid down the white bands tonight. Next, black outlines on the upper bands, and the black lower bands.
  13. Bill, after all is said and done, your friendship, and help were the 2 best things I got out of this build. Thanks again Andy
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