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  1. Thanks for the info. Andy Edit: Now I feel silly. No harm no foul, as the Meteor is still in primer. I just never noticed ALL of the pictures of silver Meteors I was looking at were in fact painted.
  2. Man you aint kidding. I spent most of the weekend playing around with Alclad on a paint mule. EVERY little flaw is magnified. I have been watching your build and a couple others that have been NMF, and using as much info as I can from you guys. It's a lot of work but the end result I got was a very nice aluminum finish, much like yours. I'm not looking for that air show restoration look. There should be some sheen but not polished. Thanks for posting. It's been a lot of help. Andy BTW, I bookmarked this thread for my P-47 build. Not sure when it will happen, but it will
  3. Thanks, I'll be picking up one then. Andy
  4. They are both about the same price point. I didn't know if one was a better kit than the other. Thanks, Andy
  5. I'm looking to add an F-80 to my stash. Special Hobbies and Czech Models both have 1/32 offerings, although I have never built anything from either company. Which one would you rather build? Any recommendations ? Andy
  6. I seen a lot of Meteor pictures, never seen that before. The size of the mesh of the screen doesn't seem to be small enough to provide too good of protection from FOD. Maybe bird strikes were common to the area of operation? IDK...
  7. Got most of the parts I have been waiting for from Fed-Ex today. Ammo bay, gun bay, and air brakes. Time to get back on this project. Doing some Alclad experiments today. I really want to get the right aluminum finish for this build. Andy
  8. I am doing some experimenting with Alclad. I have a 1/48 F-86 Im using as a test bed. Between the Meteor, F-86, and an F-100 I have 3 potential NMF aircraft to build/finish. NMF has not been my friend. I have done 2 planes NMF so far. P-38, and a T-6. Neither came out all that great. I have been reading a few threads, watching video, and taking notes from members builds on how to apply Alclad. I also picked up a new airbrush. Once I get the airbrush set up today, I hope to lay some Alclad down on my test bed F-86. Maybe with some practice I can get an acceptable result. At any ra
  9. Looking very nice Peter. This is going to be a good looking F-4U1 when done. Andy
  10. The Meteor showed up a few days ago. Since I had a minor mishap with my F-86, I started playing around with the Meteor. Nice kit, and builds quick. I see where it's lacking detail in a few places, but I guess that leaves more opportunity for custom/scratching detail.
  11. Yo Yo Ma ? Great cellist, child prodigy and all, but I dunno I want a figure of him though.
  12. There are really only 2 choices for a 1/32 F-86F. Hasegawa and Kinetic/Italeri. From what I have read, both kits have their shortcomings (never had the Kinetic/ Italeri kit), but the Hasegawa looks more the part so the, story goes. IDK....It would be great if someone were to produce an accurate high end kit of such an iconic aircraft. Andy
  13. Got the new fuselage sprues in today.Still waiting for some new resin and p.e., but I can start dry fitting things again to get the fuselage ready to join. Andy
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