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  1. Update for those still waiting in line, my kits 10905 & 10906 shipped today. Gary
  2. Agree on the "exact shade" colour observation given that even in 2022 with computer matching, you still can't get the same paint from 2 different batches that blend seamlessly on a flat wall. As such, how on earth did companies subject to wartime restrictions on materials, the varying QC of them along with using (the Axis) slave labour ever really maintain a 'precise' RLM or whatever output. 'Ballpark' most certainly from different factories, but exact specifications even into the closing phases of the war when the enemy were (literally) 'at the gates'...really?
  3. Fantastic pictures thank you and this is how I always envisage the (actual) machine looked like in wartime. Given their operational life was often very short, how their cockpits came to be all 'faded' and 'chipped' everywhere as some modellers seem to imagine them (were pilots wearing mountaineering ice-clamp boots getting in and out of the pit?) is clearly fantasy. Thanks again for these fabulous and clear images which will be most useful indeed. Gary
  4. John. I have not used either set as it wasn't available when I built my first F-4J, however there is a small 'lug' to cut off as one would expect with a resin AM clear part. Clarity looks excellent on mine and given Ali's QC, I am confident it will remain so. Irrespective if you use the Tamiya part, the 'scar' will always be there and no matter how many polishes and 'Klear' dips I gave mine, it is still there and the eye goes straight to it when you know it is there. Regarding masking, the framework on a F-4 is about as easy as it gets with Tamiya tape and a sharp blade and so I imagine a specific AM designed set won't be necessary. I certainly didn't use one on mine and masked it myself and mine came out perfectly with about 45 mins of work. HTH Gary
  5. Buy with confidence (I have 2 x sets) and this AM set from Ali and they will save hours and hours of forlorn hope trying to polish out or conceal the inexplicably placed pour stubs on the Tamiya kit clear parts. Gary
  6. Plus 1 to the comments and observations of 'Phantom2'. A VERY nice set indeed. Gary
  7. I am 10905 & 10906 ordered on 29/08/21 (so well before you Alain) and nothing whatsoever received about any despatch of kits so far other than the usual periodic 'updates' by email and one has to proceed in good faith as to the content and accuracy of what they say about the project's progress. I have to say given the cost of these kits, I will be (very) relived to eventuality receive them as we now approach the first anniversary for order placement in 6 weeks time and this Jetmads order was confirmed well before I placed my order for the Border /WNW Lanc kit which has since arrived. Gary
  8. +1 to all the above comments. How many people want to put 1/35 aircraft in dios with vehicles as a ratio to those who just want a standard scale 1/32 model to place in a like collection..? What a missed opportunity for us IJAF/IJN fans. Gary
  9. Mine arrived yesterday and now I just need to pluck up the courage to unpack and check it all off...and then try and get it all back in the box again! Gary
  10. Trumpeter removing metal leg sets from their 1/32 kits (which originally had them) appears to be a common practice now in their 1/32 range and the first awareness you get is the instructions inside the box having a small sticker strategically placed over the metal parts illustration on the instruction sheet. Go for any older kits second hand and in good condition if you want the metal legs which are often all but essential. Gary
  11. Agree 100%. I am a member of several clubs and prior to C19, attended also lots of model shows both domestic and abroad and I have never once heard anyone say - "What we need is a 1/32 Sea Hornet". Likewise and prior to this announcement, any calls for it in magazines or online either. It is such a niche subject that even if it goes together like Lego, how many people will be paying £100 /$135+ for a subject like this just to go in the stash, for many, as a curio kit..? Also, all those saying "great" and a 'must buy" today, how many say 12-24 months hence when it is all tooled up and on the market will then actually pull the trigger and buy one when it is time to press 'Pay' on PP or reach for the credit card? I also think this site which has many experienced and highly skilled modellers and some of whom are into esoteric subjects even I have never heard of despite being in the hobby 50 years or so, are not representative of the wider hobby and buying market for kits. I know as well that many if not most modellers (myself included) are recently being much more circumspect in what we buy as both the disposable income diminishes along with the time which remains to build them all or even, a mere fraction of the stash in the case of many; myself included. As such, I think manufacturers will also be acutely aware of this too and whilst any new 'safe' releases may attract rolls of eyes and a chorus of 'boring!' in some quarters, not many companies will be taking big financial risks with subjects as the world moves towards global recession. Given this, the goals are wide open for Kotare or another quality manufacturer to do a (correct) 1/32 P-51B/C or an equally good 'banker' of a Spit Vb or, a Korea War era F-86 Sabre for the jet boys if we are playing the 'commercial success' game. The last suggestion would certainly make my day! Gary
  12. It looks excellent and it is nothing short of remarkable that ICM can keep producing kits given the conflict in Ukraine at the moment. Kudos indeed in all respects! Gary
  13. It is great to see a Sea Harrier (particularly an FRS1) in 1/32. Having seen the same company's 1/32 Buccaneer however, you REALLY have to want the subject to tackle the kit as they most certainly aren't Tamiya. If you are comfortable with limited run kits however, then I am sure some of the master builders will work wonders on the subject. Gary
  14. Plus 1 - the wait is agonisingly slooow..! Gary
  15. I think model companies must bang their head against the wall wondering what decisions to take in respect of "to rivet or not to rivet' on a new kit. Put them on and people complain about size, placement, realism etc and if they don't, then the inevitable chorus goes up from the other side of - "I'm going to have to use/buy a riveting wheel now to put all the rivets in that 'X' company should have included..blah blah" As Lydgate famously said - "You can please.......! Gary
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