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  1. Has to be jets: Su-15 Flagon series Su-33 Sea Flanker MiG-25 Foxbat series I’d also add two-seat MiG-23UB, MiG-21PF and MiG-21PFM Tony, going back into hibernation now as I pass this new iPad back to its owner — the old iPad2 I use daily no longer interacts with LSP
  2. And the MDC Suisen 2 conversion is very nice. The beaching doodar is fragile but it's a nice little collection of bits. (IIRC Out2gtcha rebuilt some of his Rufe's trolley in brass, and I might use thin steel sewing needles in lieu of rigging, for that enduring confidence - overscale, but nothing's going to snap, rust, or render me blind). ICM have got a winning streak but they certainly seem to be giving Aerocraft Ali a bit of trade. I always havelikened ICM to Hasegawa or Tamiya moulding finesse combined with Trumpeter plastic — you need Ali's brass bits for a confident buil
  3. Sorry to go slightly off-thread. Have you got the QMT jetcans and how do they compare? They're designed for the Revell but I'm wondering if they'll work with the Tamiya — I can get two QMT sets for the cost of buying one American GT resin and having it shipped across the pond, and I need three sets! Best F-4E I've seen built. The finish is so realistic. We so need a resin drop-in version of that gun breech access door you've scratched. Tony
  4. Thanks for scotching the rumour. I'm happy with my Revells in this instance and still hope they might kit a G-2 or -4, although I'd rather see a Ju 88 C. Am not expecting anything new in 1/32 from Tamiya, though still dream of them doing 1/48 "Century Series over Japan" to supersede the ancient Revellogram kits. Tony
  5. What says it's 1/32? And the FB link is someone in Taiwan. Dragon? Not sure I want to add any Gustavs to my Revell stash of four (complete with Brassin legs and Barracuda bits'n'bobs), but if it does turn out to be Tamiya I might succumb to one. Still have to catch up with their Spitties, which I know will turn my potmarked Revells into instant trash — but the Revell 109s may be quite sufficient. Tony
  6. 1/32 ICM subjects are likely to be dinky and have a trainer and/or European bias and possess a propeller. I know therefore that a big Foxbat is highly unlikely. However, the 1/48 scale kit's design is "flat pack" in nature and not inaccessible. So, Foxbat (and Flagon) Cold War dreams aside, there are a lot of "smaller" jets that deserve attention that fit into ICM's portfolio if they can let go of propellers every now and again: especially a decent MiG-21 Fishbed family which could start with a PF. Something without licensing baggage which Eduard are too reserved to tackle i
  7. In coffee & sand it'll sit nicely next to the Airfix Vulcan and Victor, though I'm probably more interested in a USAF special mission configuration. Also have my eye on the Zvezda 1/48 Su-57 — the new tool titchy one is great, which bodes well for the medium sized offering. Zvezda, that would be utterly stonking in 1/32 scale. Tony
  8. Scaled-up MiG-25 series, with sensor pallet detail in an RBT. The smaller scale ICM Foxbat kits are exquisite. Others have made the same wish about the firm's Do 17/215/217 series. But maybe these are all too big in 1/32. Tony
  9. Stunning. Which brand jetcans did you use (the first time around)? Tony
  10. The suspense is killing me. Is this going to require an announcement or will it just dribble out ? If you're talking about the grey-green-brown "dielectric" panels, just put us out our misery. These were near and in the Sparrow wells. If you're talking about the metal cap on the tip of the radome, we know. If you're talking about the shape of the MLG doors (cf Navy), we know, and the extended oleo guide rods on the MLG too. Go on, kill the suspense, we're dying to know! And I bet it has nothing to do with pylons and rails (please). Tony
  11. I'm hoping for the slightly earlier Sukhoi's. Trumpy did a great job on the smaller scale Fishpot/Maiden, even if the Flagon series was slightly botched (but I'd take any of them as-is pantographed up to 1/32). Their Six is pretty slick too, but if they do a biggie they should include bubble and framed canopies — a major omission in the 1/48 offering. A big RF-101C and Su-15TM are top of my wants, along with the Spey Toom, Deuce, Six, Vark and Draken, but I'm not holding my breath. Wonder what companion firm Bobby Hoss has up its sleeve on the heels of the Invader? Probably WW
  12. Just dropping everything to slow down for a photo? But he's a very long way from RAF Turnhouse! Wonder if it had the range (?) I'd prefer a T.11 but an FB.5 will do nicely as a starter. Will go nicely with the Hong Kong Models/Fisher Meteors. Tony
  13. Great build, and love the gatling gun sticking out the back of the crew pod. Tony
  14. Thanks for that. The common parts look identical to the earlier D releases so I'll get a new nose scoop but as Renaissance no longer make the drop tank plugs — they just told me so in an email — that means buying Zacto or AMS parts from across the pond. Is Harold still selling the nose scoop and tank plugs (or whole new fuel tank front ends) set? I couldn't see any at Sprue Brothers. Tony
  15. Wondering if they'll stop with the TBD and F-100C or if December's 2021-2022 catalgue will add anything new in 1/32. Would be nice to see the missing subjects in the Century Series line-up, especially the Voodoo, Deuce and Six. Tony
  16. I admire your unquestionable talents Radu, but we are all entitled to our opinions, including you. Tony
  17. That has been adapted to take the shorter quarter panels. If you look at the tips you'll see small slivers of green where some kind of sheath or fillet has been fitted. It's easier to see on grey RAF Phantoms later in their career. Tony
  18. Off and on, I've been building model kits since 1965, but I've never been a craftsman, just an artist. It's quite alarming to learn that's it's the more skilled model makers and paint finishers who find this new technology so threatening. Frankly, if I could buy 1/32 kits ready made and just tart them up with details like correct countermeasures pods, antennae etc I'd buy them. My modelling these days has focused more on resin ground accessories. Tony
  19. Parts are on show... http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=3575&l=en You'll still need a new inlet, tank extensions and need to check the canopy hood profile but looks tasty! Tony Link activation edit
  20. Probably true. However, subject to a poll, I think you misunderstand older people who like new stuff that makes the boring bits speed up so we may focus on external shape, painting, form. We are artists and aviation historians, not forensic robots, and really honestly a lot of model jet cockpits have that "pick out some details" bubblegum machine look. I think they are utterly ghastly, and inferior to 2D Eduard placards. This new stuff cures the issue, so super advance. And not everyone wants to spend ages turning a 1969 gem into something wonderful; they seek the Tamiya-category l
  21. This is phenolic fibreglass reinforcing tape applied under the transparencies. It was customarily visible on McAir new deliveries. It was often left unmasked and painted over during resprays. Because the longer windshield quarter panels became smaller in later long-nosed McDonnell-Douglas production, the quarter panels on earlier jets was — during depot maintenance — replaced by the shorter newer panels and contained within a sort of pale grey phenolic sheath, which was outside as well as inside. I have been beating my head against the wall over this for four years b
  22. Partly true but most of the modellers on LSP are some way up the learning curve and not novices. Indeed, one set of variables people often ignore is that health, vision and dexterity decrease as you get older. Technology that makes it "easier" and to get a better looking model is not to be scoffed at. And good tools and materials do instil confidence and create a certain joy. Incidentally, I take far better photos on a purely manual 645 medium format camera using 120 roll film than I ever have with digital, seldom use ready meals as opposed to cooking from scratch, and still prefe
  23. I wasn't knocking the review process on LSP, far from it. We say thanks with genuine gratitude for the detail pics — which allows us to assess the kit visually — and people are at liberty to make constructive criticisms of the kit. On one other site the reviews are really just a shop window and moderators start axing posts or giving out "holidays" if they don't like the members' feedback; it seems they exist to serve the manufacturer and not the modeller. Ultimately, the pictorial review with any obvious pluses and minuses is what we need. SME can chime in then we start looki
  24. Yes, I was assuming someone on LSP who was intending to buy one regardless could provide us with a warts and all perspective. The other sites' "reviews" merely serve to show us the box contents. Am a little concerned that the vortex generators (thrust reverser deflectors?) on the fin are made up from fiddly bits of etch, but if the slots are fine and deep it is an elegant solution (and much preferable to nondescript lumps of plastic à la Revell). Hoping there's inlet trunking on the yet-to-be-seen engine sprue, but this kit is looking to be a nice model, even if it
  25. Yikes! I'd very much like a Tornado, but it's going to have to get stellar reviews for me to spend even more money I don't have. I'm figuring £125 for the Trumpeter F-100F, which is my normal "ceiling", but that may be being optimistic and £140 for a quality 1/32 jet model may be the new norm — which means one kit a year, allowing for the inevitable AM bundle. Tony
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