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  1. The radio hatch merely needed indenting on the Airfix fuselage interior to facilitate tidy removal. And on the subject of cost, I'll now reappraise converting a stashed 1/32 Revell IXc to FR.IXc, which will save me 75%. Tony
  2. That's what I'm intending to do with the new 1/24 Airfix IXc (and, failing that, the Revell 1/32 IXc). Just the one camera, so not an epic except the slightly convex left fuse camera port which should be ~9.3mm in diameter in 1/24 and 7mm in 1/32 — Aerocraft make a set of camera windows in 1/32. It puzzles me why Airfix haven't made the hatch a separate part on its new big Spitty, which would have facilitated an AM drop-in hatch. Oh well. If anyone wants just the one camera from the AIMs set I'll buy the remaining cameras and decals etc from them (for use on a PR Mossie). Tony
  3. Agree wholeheartedly. My for-Trumpeter set arrived last week and it looks super. F/A-18 cantilever MLG to fit the 1/32 Academy legacy Hornets would also be handy. (The 1/48 scale ones look the business.) Tony
  4. Liking these a lot, including the oil canning, except for the a-la-Airfix canopy framing which will require a custom kabuki mask that fits perfectly. Definitely intending to buy both kits as they're just so different from mainstream subjects. Thanks for posting the pics. Tony
  5. Hi Jeff, You'll find walkways like these useful... https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MPEC32005?result-token=1Hq8g Ignore the fact that Hannants say F-4B. It's good for the F-4J. The main thing is getting the Navy type walkways. HTH Tony
  6. I'm planning on going Tamiya A + Quinta once there's peace, but am not buying for the timebeing. The Aires resin in a Trumpeter Tomcat sounds good: I've got a D in its suitcase which is going to get plastic crated (promoted to a build in progress) after a very big pink Spitfire, with Zacto stuff paid for and Aerocraft legs coming soon. Nice to get a thumbs-up for the Aires but does the Aires-for-Trumpeter fit the Trumpeter kit or might I be better off just tarting-up the kit parts? Tony
  7. I'm really liking the № 16 Sqn pink FR.IXc. Think I can scratch the mod too (scaling up the AIMS RAF camera set) as the only camera peephole was put in the port fuse radio hatch. Just need to know the porthole diameter and if it was flush or convex (visions of pushing pens into heated coke bottle plastic). Think this will be my winter project. Tony
  8. A Northrop T-38 would sell by the container load in multiple editions (as would the basic F/RF-5 Freedom Fighter). Fighter props that were around for 5-10 years seem to rule as kit subjects over jet trainers that have been around for forty-sixty years. Tony
  9. Such an utter contraption: it may be a superb mojo restorer built OOB with contacta cement and rattle cans. (I am thinking the same thing about the ICM Tahre. There's some really goofy helos out there!) Wonder how much it will cost in the shops after the container plonks down on the dock sidings. Tony
  10. No, just the Infinity plastic for me. The further I get from cyanoacrylate adhesives the happier I am. Getting the Border then having to hide it behind the 1/32 subject matter so it didn't look out of place would be depressing. Or do you put it on the 1/35 follow-on kits of the Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Hiryu, Shokaku or Zuikaku? Coming to you in 104 weekly instalments and doubles as a wine fridge? Tony
  11. No breath being held. But it wouldn't surprise me either... ...as the F-105D/F, RF-101C and F-4B-J series, inter alia, were Vietnam War workhorses. The subject that would really sell 1/35 to me would be an HH-53C Super Jolly, but with a selection of Tamiya and Hasegawa Japanese prop subjects in 1/32 the Infinity Kate is a more natural acquisition. Tony
  12. I still want a 1/35 accurate Vietnam era Thud and recce Voodoo, as that scale now seems to offer the best LSP hope for either. And if it's successful add F-111A, RF-4C etc. Don't throw out the baby with bathwater please mods! I am sincere, not joking nor maligning 1/35. That scale is offering LSP kits, not resin. Good on them. Ditto ICM's Tahre. It may represent a seismic shift in scale. Tony
  13. I believe Panzerwobble was kidding. But maybe not. This kit appeals to me as an almost OOB build — I would get a Sutton harness and drop-in IP — for building on the proverbial kitchen table (my study desk, more accurately). Quite fancy doing a pink FR.IXc If decals emerge for one and Barracuda makes a camera set for it. Tony
  14. Maybe an old post but we could use a new tool of the jet Corsair: the A-7E Tony
  15. I like the Deft aquamarine stuff that's replaced the irridescent & lemon hexavalent chromium alloy treatment on fast-movers, but I'm waiting for an F-35B to do in mint choc chip. Sorry Italeri, sorry Trumpeter. You can try making an F-22 to get my money. Tony
  16. Airfix do a 1/24 F6F Hellcat. If you want 1/32 the best hope is indeed Tamiya rekindling its key role in that scale. They have been missed. I wish Airfix would do a 1/24 E E Lightning F.6 with a follow-on F.3/T.5 kit. I would just buy and build every edition. Or Hobby Boss go mental with a 1/48 heavy like the Handley Page Victor or Avro Vulcan. Tony
  17. It was due out April in Europe. Wonderland in Edinburgh seem to have them (nothing says pre-order) but everyone else remains in pre-order limbo. Tony
  18. The angled front appears to be a go-fast bolt-on fairing. Somebody who used them in the 1960s-1970s needs to give us their verdict. Tony
  19. It's a Bitburg F-4D with empty inboard Falcon missile rails. Spooky background music and all a bit sinister. The only kit I ever remember including a Mk/B-61 thermonuclear bomb was the Testors/Italeri F-117A, which offered two. Tony
  20. I'm still up for some AM like an Eduard Löök cockpit IP (if one emerges) but am getting pickier. Resin can add detail and flaps a lot of character but it's such a PITA using cyanoacrylate adhesives. Still waiting for an honest fit review here on LSP (as opposed to one of those sales brochure "reviews" elsewhere). Tony
  21. №600 Sqn operated Mosquito NF.XIX's in Italy Jan-August 1945, but these were in regulation green & grey. Coffee and sand schemes were worn by Beaufighters in North Africa, principally by №46 Sqn, which is another reason we so badly need a Mk.VI (stuff the TF.X torbeau). Tony
  22. If it were £100 with postage I'd probably buy-to-build as it looks to be a genuinely fun kit, though that old school Tamiyaesque fitting of the canopy to its frame might create an ugly seam. (Paint the clear part's edge black and attach using PVA canopy glue, and hope the fit is perfect?) The RAM "tape" adds some character but this subject needs to get some real colour on it to appeal at full sticker price. In 1:1 scale the US Navy ought to paint an early production airframe in gloss scarlet to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of sustained transonic flight in the D558 Skystreak "crimson test tube". They could then follow that up with a gloss white one to commemorate the supersonic Skyrocket (and then a blue one for the Blue Angels' 80th). Tony
  23. Thanks. Useful to have QDS-32108 as A-6A/Bs with Mk.5 seats had orange upholstery, though I'm doing a 1972 PAT/ARM A-6B with Mk.7s (probably) so the green might work after all. This and the F-14D set are going to wipe out my Infinity Vampire budget. Tony
  24. Thanks so much for making such excellent aerospace ground equipment, and for braving the Brexidiotureaucracy. Must get a big order in later this summer: 1/32 Houchin, Coleman, Dash 60, tow bar and the MA1A dual set. Is it better done in two packages? Tony
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