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  1. Also 1:35 helicopter kits unbuilt in the attic don’t need any vehicles. Paul
  2. I was delighted to see that IBG models have issued a Bedford QL refueler. “Great!” I thought “just the thing to pose with my 1/32 WWII RAF aircraft.” But then I noted the scale: 1/35. This appears a bizarre choice of scale for a vehicle that one would probably only position next to a WWII RAF subject ( which are only in 1/32 ). I do wonder why there are not more airfield vehicles in 1/32 as the size difference is noticeable. best regards Paul
  3. Spitfire Mk VIII with the standard elliptical wing. Designed before and used throughout... and I’m going to cheat for the second: Erwin nailed it straight out of the box. Me262 A1a. Designed in WWII and (barely) used. both are stunning. Now I am feeling like I cheated the Mosquito FBVI.
  4. We appreciate the huge efforts the moderators go to. This is the best moderated modelling forum on the internet. That is why it remains a friendly and inclusive place to come and engage in our LSP passion. Thank you to the moderators!
  5. So desperately cynical...but nonetheless true for being it.
  6. ...and a Demoiselle. Yes! I want them all! You can say that out loud for sure - we can but dream Grant...
  7. Fully agree that the Etrich Taube is an interesting aircraft. I get that it may not be well known outside of die hard WWI buffs who, to this day, spend their spare time hanging out at 'The Aerodrome' but it was a significant aircraft (the first to bomb Paris I believe) and I was pleased WNW made it. It looks almost as much of a bugger to rig as a Fokker Spinne (Spider) though!
  8. Nice finish on the Charger. What did you polish it with? I agree with Rick; this is interesting thread drift into technique.
  9. Generally Ti is flammable only in powder or swarf form. It has to be at ridiculously high temp to ignite otherwise. It does ignite when machining it (ask me how I know this) if one is too aggressive with the cut and the piece and the small pieces of swarf heat up. Ti powder is another ball game entirely...
  10. Soooooo....this rumoured (non) Tamiya Bf109 G6.... (and yes I totally agree on Tamiya's Large scale motorcycles - they are utterly jaw dropping).
  11. Whilst I too like Japanese girls (and many aircraft with floats), I am delighted that a Val is becoming available and hope that a Kate will also be released by someone. I'd love to see the attack aircraft of the Kido Butai finally available in 1/32. Best regards, Paul
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