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  1. ...Oh and of course a 1/32 P-38 to the standards we anticipate from this team surely could not miss?
  2. You know...you're right Rick. Good call. Spectacular callout Super B! You honestly made me snort tea with the Nixon comment. But you are correct, the Hasegawa kit is old, good for its time but old.
  3. I honestly hope they do all of the big sellers first. The vast majority of modellers and Kotare will win from that: Kotare will hopefully be on a sound financial footing from the sales of the big sellers (Spitfire, Bf109, P51D Mustang, Fw190) and we will also hopefully have more state of the art kit choice. that may seem boring but Tamiya have made a business model out of choosing the safe bets. Then Kotare can do what they want! Just my tuppence-worth.
  4. Thank you! I was a bit boggled when I saw resin Dunflops in one of the photos but was in a hurry so had not probably understood what they were.
  5. Interesting photos, were the Japanese really using Dunlop tyres on their aircraft at this time?
  6. My view: If scale unification is really where we want to go and we want the same scale vehicles next to aircraft....will SOMEBODY please start making 1/32 vehicles that are appropriate; refuelers, trucks and whatnot. Making 1:35 aircraft just feels wrong somehow.
  7. I wonder if this is a unilateral move toward scale unification? This would only make sense if we got a 1/35 Zero and 1/35 Val! But then I'd really rather we had all 3 in 1/32....
  8. Love the CAD images. Such an elegant little airframe.
  9. Mine just arrived from Andy's HHQ. Thankfully the clear parts are undamaged. For such an expensive kit that is a really flimsy bit of packaging and poor layout in the box on Border's part. I feel very lucky it arrived undamaged.
  10. You're not the only one... I think a Sequoia Falco F8L will be as close as I will ever get though.
  11. I would imagine if they get a good return out of this Lancaster hey may be interested but remember what they are putting out here is a kit where a lot of the hard yards had already been done. I would guess the answer would be 'highly unlikely'. I am willing to be wrong though.
  12. Meh, that was thirty years ago when they used to have a show.
  13. Fantastic! CSM have scored every time for me in their choices of aircraft. I am very pleased to see this airframe in 1/32 kit form.
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