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  1. 'want' +1.... My wallet hurts. Best regards Paul
  2. Thanks for raising that point: can you clarify what the difference is between them? (meaning what is the angular difference as I've noted the detail in Derek's post). Best regards, Paul
  3. Wonderful story! The Vulcan inspired awe whenever it appeared. I saw one when I was a child at the Farnborough Airshow which followed two Lighting F.6's down the runway. The Lightnings did a rotation takeoff (i.e. vertical and punched up through the cloud base whilst the Vulcan took off and did the same full roll you saw. This was followed by two Belgian Air Force F104 Starfighters doing a full afterburner low pass. The crowd were completely deafened. Hammer of the Gods indeed ....Magic!
  4. Hi Thierry - yes you are correct. I'll not show an image here but I posted the link on my original post - Arthur did only GA outlines and wing sections.
  5. This is a fascinating thread: Accepting the limitations of drawings; What does this forum consider an excellent set of drawings for the Mk.I Spitfire? Arthur Bentley's drawings of aircraft are generally well regarded. Having looked at his website he has a set of Spitfire drawings but it appears he has put several variants on one sheet as overlays. Thoughts? https://www.albentley-drawings.com/drawings/british-aircraft/supermarine-spitfire/supermarine-spitfire/ Best regards, Paul
  6. HI Derek For the Lancaster: The aircraft was 69 feet 4 inches long (21.11 metres), 102 ft wide (31.09 m) and 20 ft 6 in height (6.25 m). For the Vulcan: Length: 97 ft 1 in (29.59 m) Wingspan: 99 ft 5 in (30.30 m) for the B1 and 111 ft 0 in (33.83 m) for the B2 Height: 26 ft 6 in (8.08 m) Therefore you are absolutely correct! Best regards, Paul
  7. My word Jennings, you are the Devil himself!.... It would be a tempting prospect to have one of those as with the demise of the WnW Lancaster project I went and bought the HK version: Having a Vulcan as a foil to the Lancaster seems like a natural but what about size and display? Looking at the relative sizes: the Lancaster has the greater wingspan (102 ft in 1:1 scale or roughly 3 ft 2 in versus roughly 3 ft for the Vulcan. The Vulcan at 97 ft in 1:1 is 1/3 longer than the Lanc' which is 69ft (therefore in 1/32 the Vulcan being about 3ft in length and the Lanc' being just over 2ft). So, methods of display? One could mount the Vulcan in a relatively shallow case flat on the wall without eating too much real estate or a 3 ft 3" square display cabinet of about 6 ft would do the job and accommodate a WnW Gotha G.IV and a Felixstowe to boot. Right I am off to persuade my wife that we really can fit that into the home office...wish me luck!
  8. That is incredible work. Thank you for sharing.
  9. I'd prefer to see British subjects (yes to a DH Mosquito B.IV please) but given the question, if it had to be American I'd like to see a P-38J. If they went over to the dark side I'd like to see them do a 1/24 Me 262 A1 as then they would have made a kit of all of the most beautiful aircraft of WWII (and I could do a giant size in flight diorama of THAT Roy Cross 'Dogfight Double' box art....)
  10. For me I do have several categories that I build and they do all have specific reasons: 1. My favourite period in history to read about is 1900-1920ish so early aircraft and the aircraft of the WWI shall always sit at the top of my list after reading Cecil Lewis' Sagittarius Rising' and researching my own family's history and it relationship to the RFC. 1/32 is the perfect scale so thank you Roden, WnW, CSM Aviattic et al! I also have a predilection for 1/32 Airfix cars (the two Rolls, the Darracq etc, that fit that period as I like to have a vehicle as a size comparator to the aircraft. 2. I used to work on ocean liners so have built a couple in 1/350 scale but still have Titanic and Lusitania to do which I am looking forward to 3. Le Mans winners in 1/24. I have been working my way back ward in time on those and do one each year. The first time I went to Le Mans Mercedes won then the next time Jaguar took the win. Just a single Jag' being chased by hordes of Porsches.... If you ever wanted to see tens of thousands of Englishmen in tears that was the day! Hooked ever since 4. German WWII armour: the increase in size and firepower as well as the changes in design so quickly over time fascinate me. 5. All civil aircraft kits in 1/32 I can lay my hands on: Revell have served us well in this respect; a nice series of gliders, the Dornier Do27 and Piper PA-18. I also like all aircraft that wear clown shoes - float planes are always fun! 6. Motorcycles in 1/12. This is primarily driven by the fact my Dad used to be a 'ricer'; AJS 7R, BSA Gold Star etc and also the bikes I have owned and ridden. I still fear to crack open the resin Honda VFR800 kit that I have though... Then finally, like many who have posted here, some things will just randomly pop up that I like and have no connection to anything, they are just cool models such as the Revell 1/48 Junkers Tante Ju in 1936 Olympics markings or the Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster or Airfix 1/72 Blenheim Mk IV in French markings. Sorry no pictures as I haven't figured that part out yet! I have enjoyed reading everyone's input into this trail! It is uplifting to see how deep many get into their chosen subjects and the passion they bring to it. Best regards, Paul
  11. Thanks Quang and Thierry! Perfect. best regards, Paul
  12. Hi All I am currently building the Matchbox Bf109-E and dressing up the cockpit. I am using airscale instrument decals and photo etch instrument bezels. the decals went down nicely. What is the recommendation for the best method of attaching the brass bezels? Many thanks in anticipation of your advice. Paul
  13. Beautiful view and a nice flare on the phone shot!
  14. The Kora Swiss Air Force decals look nice but I am told are not that accurate. I've got the kit but am waiting for some AM company to release some civil marking for it like D-IOIO or D-IMTT in 1/32....Techmod? https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1330102
  15. Agreed it will look spectacular indeed and I like the markings they are going with. I'd dearly love one but the price (based on the C-47 kit price) is way too rich for my blood.
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