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  1. Honestly I cannot figure out why they have not done a Val in 1/32. Surely that would sell in their home market and the US. But then in Japan smaller scales are what they go for I guess. Thanks for everyone's thoughts. Kind regards, Paul
  2. 1/32 Hasegawa Aircraft Kit Announcements: January ... nuthin’ February.... nuthin’ March.... zip, zero, nineteen, nada. was it something we said?
  3. It’s the Large Scale Kit famine of 2021 I tell you!
  4. That would be is a shoe in for me: Stelio Frati knocked it out of the park for looks when he designed the SF.260. All I need now is for a 1/32 Sequoia F.8L Falco to go with it! kind regards Paul
  5. For me, I have bought the wunderkits from Tamiya, HK, Hasegawa and WNW but so far my favourite 1/32 aircraft is the one I am crawling along with: The Matchbox DH.82A Tiger Moth: it fits together, it’s surface detail is not egregious, I can add detail where I want : i.e. fix the inaccurate seat and redo the instrument panels for a start, add detail to the floats. And it is a cheap kit if I make a mess of it: I am learning to improve my rigging and trying out some new paint techniques without fear of trashing a £200.00 kit. though there my be less challenge in a Tamiya S
  6. Is anyone seriously saying we DON’T make propellor and machine gun noises when we build a model anymore? Well my finger is definitely not on the pulse of model making these days...
  7. No one will ever do this in IM but I would like to see a Yak-18T.
  8. Great images John! Both kits are actually pretty stellar (I have built the Trumpeter kit and have the Revell version). I agree on the discrepancies in respect of the gun bay doors (having just done a dry fit of the Revell kit's. Otherwise no complaints from here. In terms of the rivets: There is much that was puttied over in terms of panel lines as shown in your first image. This is shown in higher resolution of Classic Publications Me 262 Vol 1 Page 202 where the horizontal rivet lines do appear quite distinct from a distance of what looks like 8-10 feet.
  9. I know that kit development is expensive and that as the volume goes higher the price can go lower but the HpH C-47 was too rich for my blood. Almost double the price of the HK Lancaster for a simpler (no turrets, no bomb bay) and smaller kit is not a recipe for a sale to me at least. I honestly wanted the DC-3 version of that kit nd in the Continental Airlines livery that they planned to put it out in but not at that price. Even $400 USD for the Bv138 looks steep (though it is a fairly complex shape to mould) if it did appear at that price point. $329 for the HK Lancaster at Spru
  10. BE2c all the way. I do hope Copper State or Roden do one of those...
  11. I too felt like Christmas had been cancelled when WNW wound up. I had bought a paltry 15 of their kits (and have now built a whole two of them). I so wanted the Lancaster but, at least HK came through so I can now get another one of those. best regards Paul
  12. The burning question in my mind....Does this mean a ‘Capricorn 1’ diorama is now possible?
  13. Why oh why oh why must they do this to us?!? I love all floating aircraft and this is now a must have... It is a strange looking bird for sure but has a weird elegance to it. I truly hope this is a success because if it is maybe they will do the incomparable Dornier Do-26 in 1/32. Best regards Paul
  14. If you want to delve into research on a particular Spitfire airframe in the MkIX series then I can recommend two sources: 1. Morgan and Shacklady’s Magnum opus ‘Spitfire’ 2. Spitfire MkIX and MkXVI Engineered by Paul H. Monforton. Kind regards, Paul
  15. Excellent! What an elegant airframe!
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