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  1. Glad I could be of help. Coincidentally I have also been planning to do 'Sugar's Blues with the HK kit I have in my stash. Who does the decals for the nose art? Kind regards, Paul
  2. Well hush my mouth! Great build Tom
  3. Don't forget 'Sugar's Blues' (and that is a great choice of scheme by the way) was a MkX Lanc that had a Martin Mid Upper turret: Different location, different shape.
  4. It is as much Mike's website design and presentation as it is the models. Really slick! The .pdf documents are hugely useful. Well done Mike!
  5. Hello all, link: http://igavh2.xara.hosting/#xl_xr_page_index Enjoy! Paul
  6. The name of this website is ‘Large Scale Planes’. The clue is in the title Jennings. Saying this is ridiculous is like going to Hemming’s Motor News and claiming a car for sale is ridiculous because it’s an old car. This is ‘Large Scale Planes and I applaud anyone for producing large scale planes. This is a truly golden age of modelling and I am thrilled to see the choice we have.
  7. You are really not! It is good to see that WNW will be doing something at the airshow and may also sell some kits further afield. If more are available of their previous line-up then I'll be buying an AMC DH.9a and a Roland DVIb. Should the Lancaster and the Bloody Paralyser appear I'll be very happy to buy those also.
  8. Hey Max, Good call on that choice. Just a short note to say 'thank you' for doing all of the work that you have put into this. I am crawling along with my Matchbox DH.82A floatplane build and so I have had a great deal of interest in this thread. What has come across to me very clearly is that, whilst I am delighted with the ICM kit release, the old Matchbox kit is pretty accurate though basic. I've read many posts on various modelling websites about Matchbox kits that feature the words and phrases 'unbuildable' and 'the mad trencher drew the panel lines' but here at LSP it is g
  9. Happy, Happy, Happy - especially following Max's DH.82 comparison review. ICM are on a roll. Impressed. Thank you for posting this Juraj! Best regards, Paul
  10. I love pantographs (oh wait that dates me horribly.....! )
  11. Y'know I just remembered that I bought the Russian boxing of the CSM Nieuport and that is superb....
  12. 1. Lukgraph Dragon Rapide (its De Havilland and I never thought I’d see that this lifetime. 2. IBG PZL 11c. (The surface finish is technically jaw dropping). 3. ICM Gladiator.... gotta love a Gladie! note: nada from major manufacturers last year that excited anyone so far. Oh how the world turns...
  13. Honestly I cannot figure out why they have not done a Val in 1/32. Surely that would sell in their home market and the US. But then in Japan smaller scales are what they go for I guess. Thanks for everyone's thoughts. Kind regards, Paul
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