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  1. Looking mighty fine, there.
  2. Looking very good there! Glad you stuck it out.
  3. This is looking terrific, it really is. Well done!
  4. Hi Kev, November only has 30 days . . .
  5. You'd never know there was once a seam down there. Well done!
  6. I can't help you directly, Thierry, but: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/310601-instruction-needed-cutting-edge-set-cec48040-ac-47-gunship/ This person got help, maybe they can help you in turn.
  7. Aw, shucks. 'tweren't nothing. Glad I could help. Just let me know if you need anything.
  8. Funny you should ask . . . I don't, but I do have this: https://modelingmadness.com/review/korean/ussr/thom3215.htm which shows someone's model of the aircraft, plus the information that the decals for this aircraft are available: Aeromaster 32-006, which was reviewed here: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=1200 and shows you what the plane looked like.
  9. All is not lost. According to the Squadron/Signal Walk around No. 40, "Walk Around MiG-15 Fagot," the "MiG-15bis Fagot-B (late) differed from early Fagot-Bs in having a revised antenna cable leading from the tail directly into the starboard fuselage. The NS-23 KM cannon was replaced by the NR-23 with short fairings and blistered shell ejection ports. The two-piece gun blast panel was replaced by a one-piece panel. The landing light was relocated from the air-intake splitter into the starboard side wing, and one-piece speed brakes replaced the two-piece speed brakes of previous models." (p.11) Assuming your model has all the above attributes, it's a late bis, and I found a couple of examples that are not natural metal. One is MiG-15bis Fagot-B "Red 684", serial number 2684, of the 101st Reconnaisance Wing of the Hungarian AF, early 1970s, in an attractive sand, green and brown topsides over light blue bottom sides, found on p. 77. Hungarian stars may be a challenge, though. In the 4+ publications book "Mig-15, All Variants," p. 32, a MiG-15bis Fagot B, "Red 16", of the 913th IAP in Korea, Summer of 1953, is shown. It has the Korean stars on white background, and a light brown (~FS 30257)/dark green (~FS 34128) camouflage pattern with a light blue (~FS 35448) underside. I don't know for certain if these were late -Bs, but I can't see anyone else having definitive proof they weren't either.
  10. I can second the praise. Ordered something Friday night, and it was here in my hand, half a country away, this afternoon. They're amazing.
  11. I can see your POV, Chuck. And I have no problems with it whatsoever. Model on, man, model on!
  12. This is a very interesting and timely discussion, since I'm looking at doing up Soviet jets from the early '60s to the early '70s. So, what was Soviet doctrine regarding BMF? I'm really interested in the MiG-19 and MiG-21 MF, so if anyone has any info, I'd be glad to receive it. Thanks, Mark
  13. Mark_C


    Or you could, you know, just not click on threads that are clearly about the subject? Just as people don't need to keep posting stuff over and over, other people can stop complaining when they're not actually being forced to read said stuff. Restraint could be exercised by both sides.
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