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  1. I agree with Max; the Texan has issues, including the landing gear being in the wrong place. Not unfixable, but why should you have to wrestle with that in your earlier projects? Also, natural metal finishes are very challenging to do well. I'd start with the Tamiya kit, or one of the P-40s, save the others for later.
  2. Thanks for these posts, ChuckD. Most interesting to watch you "fly," and the lesson on instrumentation shows how complex it all is, and how you really have to be alert at all times. I'm sorry to read MSFS isn't very realistic, as I would have thought buyers would want as close to real an experience as possible - an affordable flight-simulator.
  3. They want nearly $100 more for the same kit as Lukgraph, and that's without shipping. I'd far rather give the money directly to the people at Lukgraph.
  4. I'd buy it to make a Havoc Turbinlite!
  5. It sounds as if you may be suffering from "fisheyes," which occurs when the paint is contaminated with water, an incompatible solvent, or some other material that shouldn't be there. It's possible your white paint is contaminated, or perhaps your thinner, or something is happening in your airbrush, like water getting into the air line. Here is more info on it: https://cs.finescale.com/fsm/tools_techniques_and_reference_materials/f/18/p/145184/1542851.aspx Sorry I can't offer you a fix other than starting over.
  6. Ah, but which Judy? The one with the radial engine or the one with the inline engine? The dive-bomber or the night fighter? Perhaps the single-seat kamikaze bomber?
  7. https://twitter.com/Jakepor21/status/1236587135223902208/photo/1
  8. I believe they've run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible, in that they've stopped trading. Britmodeller has a thread on the topic.
  9. Perhaps HpH/Infinity can follow Lukgraph's example and do entire kits this way. I sure hope so. I'd like to see them do their 32nd scale MiG-15.
  10. And according to their FB page, Lukgraph's early yellow wing kits were mastered by hand.
  11. Well, as a reminder, Lukgraph, to the best of my knowledge, is a small shop. However, their kits appear to be outstanding quality with none of the issues that seem to dog HpH and Infinity. I followed a couple of WIP threads regarding the Helldiver, and let's say that (a) the builders in question are very, very good, and (b) one of them said he would never touch another Infinity kit again, this one was so bad. Woefully inaccurate interior, poor parts fit, soft detail, and so on.
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