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  1. I wonder if John Vojtech, UMM's owner, would be able to help? It's probably worth emailing him and asking. I understand he's a nice guy. john@umm-usa.com
  2. Very good work, indeed. Looking at the craft I have to wonder just how close these came to being suicide subs. I can't imagine many people surviving to command more than one or two missions, especially as they appear to have no hydroplanes or fins.
  3. Two TV shows. The first, "Then Came Bronson," which aired from 1969-1970, was running when I first came to the United States as a youngster. I was very impressed with the freedom, the ability to ride wherever you wanted. The second, "James at 15," ran in 1977-78. I remember it not because it was some terrific piece of entertainment, but because it was running when I came back to live permanently in the United States. For some reason it just stuck in my mind all these decades later.
  4. As a kid in S. Florida in 1969, I remember seeing ads for that kit. Didn't it retail for around $10?
  5. Here ya go: https://www.trengovestudios.com/acrylic-ice You can find several manufacturers of acrylic ice these days.
  6. Excellent work! I'm really glad I got to see this somewhat difficult kit built to such a high standard. Well done!
  7. I'm afraid the images are all gone.
  8. I suspect they did their best to keep them clean, because dirty planes don't perform as well and hide issues which need addressing.
  9. I think it looks great, especially once you get done with the weathering, etc. Don't sweat the paint being pulled off. It's like a natural law - has to happen at least once.
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